How to Access Netflix Content From USA and Other Countries

Are you a big fan of Netflix? Do you want to watch its catalogue which isn’t available in your country? Here is how to access Netflix content from USA and other countries.

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Netflix content varies from one country to another. This is because of various reasons like copyright regulations of the corresponding country, advertising or commercial agreements in the region, etc.

Let’s think that you are a member of Netflix India and you travel to a country where the platform’s catalog is substantially smaller or you want to see titles from our own country. Then why should be compromised?

Another important thing is to consider, you continue to be clients of Netflix India, a platform that currently has a catalog of 3,100 titles. On paper, it may seem like a bulky figure, but nothing is further from the truth: the Netflix United States has a catalog of 6,149, making it the country with the largest Titles in the world.

Now it is worth asking: is there a way from India to be able to unlock content that is only available in the US or your favorite country? Yes. And it is completely legal, it does not carry any risk, it is very simple to execute and, in addition, it is a service that can provide us with extra security in our navigation.

In the next paragraphs, I will tell you everything there is to know about using Netflix from any country of your choice including USA.

What is a VPN connection?

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To watch Netflix content in the United States or any country of your choice you will need a VPN connection. When you access a website, the computer or mobile that you are using connects to the server where said website is hosted. The server receives a request so that you can obtain information from the site and, in turn, that same server uses our IP address to detect the equipment you are using, our location, etc.

If you use a VPN connection, the web page you visit will receive the IP information of said connection, which is nothing more than a virtual network created by a server that may be hosted in another country. In short: Netflix will detect that you are in the United States instead of India and, therefore, will offer you the catalog corresponding to that country.

The procedure is completely legal in mostly countries. And it is very simple to do. To do this, you have taken as a reference to the NordVPN connection provider, very easy to use and setup, at this moment, it is the best VPN available in the market.

How to create a VPN connection to watch Netflix USA?

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The first thing to keep in mind is that NordVPN is a paid service. We advise against the use of free VPN providers, as they can pose a serious security problem on our computers. Without going any further, a leak of more than a terabyte of personal information has recently been detected when using a free VPN app on Android and iOS operating systems.

Once you have an active subscription in NordVPN, you must download its application in the corresponding system, be it Windows 10, Android or iOS. It must be emphasized that the procedure is very simple, safe and does not pose a problem for our teams.

How to connect VPN in Windows 10?

  1. As soon as you connect with our credentials on the official NordVPN page you will enter the ‘Download’ tab and download the desktop application.
  2. Once installed, open it. You will see many locations and dots as shown in the above picture.
  3. Now, you are going to connect to a server in the United States. You click on the icon that appears in the country and, right at the bottom of the page, you will see a pop up indicating that, at that moment, the connection is being made.
  4. When the connection is complete, it will appear as ‘ Connected ‘ as shown in the following image.
  5. Now you should have assigned an IP corresponding to the United States. To make sure, you can enter the IPlocation web and, indeed, it will warn us that you are connected from Freeport, New York (this time).

You then go to our Netflix account on the computer. And you see how the content of the United States already appears to us. If it is not shown, you should log out and reopen it, to update our Netflix account.

From now on, you can easily watch any series, movie or documentary that has the Netflix USA catalog without limits. As the things in this country tend to differ from yours, we advise you to be attentive to everything new that comes to the platform from your official Twitter account.

How to see the Netflix USA catalog from my Android mobile & iPhone?

Go to the Android application store and download the official NordVPN app. In case you have an iPhone, you will have to do it from the App Store

Steps to connect to a US server, both from Android and iOS, is similar to Windows 10. As soon as you open the app, you will see a map of the world. Now go to the United States and click on it.

In this case, you can even connect to a specific city in the country. You just have to click on it and the process will be done instantly. In a few seconds your mobile will notify you, in the notification bar, that you are connected to a VPN.

Now, Go to the Netflix application on our Android mobile. If you do not have it, you must download it. Now enter with your account and you will see how you already have access to the United States catalog. If your country catalog still appears, log out and reopen it.

How to connect from Android TV

One of the best options to view the Netflix USA catalog with a NordVPN connection is to do it through Android TV, since, if you want to see the content on the big screen, if you do it from the computer you will have to connect them to the TV via HDMI.

Watching Netflix USA on television is very simple and the process is similar to what we have seen before. Enter the Play Store of your Android TV and look for ‘NordVPN ‘ on app store. Now, download and install it.

The interface is a little different but just as intuitive. When opening the app for the first time and entering with your credentials.

In the sidebar, you have the ‘All Countries ‘ tab, chose the United States. The connection will start automatically. Then, the same procedure as always: enter our Netflix account, see that, indeed, the United States catalog already appears and, if not, log out and reopen it.

Can I see the United States catalog of other services?

As with Netflix, there are other platforms that are exclusive to other countries and that you could take advantage of in ours. For example, Hulu and Pandora radio in the United States or BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. You must do exactly the same as in the other case, except for the BBC, which will have to connect to a server in the country and to a specific server. How to do it?
On one side of the NordVPN screen you have the section ‘ Dedicated IP ‘. Here we must choose in ‘Country’, United Kingdom, and in ‘Dedicated IP’ look for server #896. Others may work too. That is the one we have tested effectively.

Why is NordVPN a good choice?

Given the effectiveness that the VPN provider has shown in offering us content from the United States on Netflix, this may be a good option to consider. Without forgetting that it is a company that has passed two audits in which it was proven that it does not record the personal data of its customers, ensuring their privacy at all times.

At the moment, the three-year subscription is on offer at a reduced price of $3.71 per month. We would be saving 68% compared to the normal subscription price on two years plan.

In case of problems while connecting to Nextflix you can contact NordVPN support team which provide excellent live chat support.

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