The 21 Best Korean Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

Want to watch the best Korean movies on Netflix? Then this guide is for you. Korean movies are an important genre for many people as they showcase some of the most compelling and powerful human emotions.

But with so many choices, it can be hard to decide what to watch. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 21 best Korean movies that are currently streaming on Netflix. Whether you’re in the mood for an action thriller or a touching drama, there’s something for everyone here.

21 Best Korean Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

Korean movies are some of the most interesting and captivating films to watch. They are diverse in genre, story, and style. If you’re looking for a new film to watch on Netflix, Korean movies are a great option. From romance to thriller, action to comedy, Korean movies have something for everyone. Here are some of the best Korean movies you can stream on Netflix right now.

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor vpnhelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

The Best Netflix Korean Movies You Must Watch

1. Psychokinesis

Psychokinesis is a popular South Korean superhero film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho and produced by Kim Yeon-ho. The film tells the story of a newly acquired superpower father who sets out to help his estranged daughter before she loses everything.

Year: 2018

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Starring: Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, Park Jung-min, Kim Min-jae, Jung Yu-mi

Runtime: 102 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 5.9

2. Alive

Alive is the most popular South Korean zombie film available on Netflix. This film is directed by Cho Il-hyung screenplay by Matt Naylor. The film story is about Jun-Wu who tries to stay safe by locking himself in his house while a terrible virus ravages the Korean city. As he loses hope, he finds another survivor.

Year: 2020

Director: Cho Il-hyung

Starring: Yoo Ah-in, Park Shin-hye

Runtime: 99 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.3

3. Time To Hunt

Time To Hunt is the most popular South Korean dystopian action thriller film available on Netflix. This film was written, directed by Yoon Sung-hyun and produced by Handae Rhee. The film story is about when the two friends Jang Ho and Ki Hoon plot a heist to escape the anti-utopian world, a group of young people become aware of a brutal killer.

Year: 2020

Director: Yoon Sung-Hyun

Starring: Lee Je-hoon, Ahn Jae-hong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Jung-min

Runtime: 134 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.3

4. Train To Busan

Train To Busan is a South Korean action horror film directed by Yeon Sang-ho and produced by Lee Dong-ha. The film story is about Seok-woo and his daughter who are on the train to Busan on his last birthday to see his wife. However, the trip turns into a nightmare when they catch a zombie epidemic in South Korea.

Year: 2016

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Starring: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Su-an, Kim Eui-sung, Choi Woo-shik, Ahn So-hee

Runtime: 117 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.6

5. Tune In For Love

Tune In For Love is a South Korean romance film directed by Jung Ji-woo and produced by Movie Rock, Seo Woo Film, Film Fenok, Myung Jin-kim. This film is based on a love story of Mi Soo and Hyun Woo while sharing stories on a radio station in the 1990s, but as their paths meet, the timing never seems to work out.

Year: 2019

Director: Jung Ji-woo

Starring: Kim Go-eun, Jung Hae-in

Runtime: 122 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.2

6. Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is a popular South Korean science fiction mystery-thriller film available on Netflix. This film was written, directed by Kim Joon-sung and produced by Hong Yong-su, Choi Sung-Joong. The film story is about a broken father Dae-ho, searching for his kidnapped son for three years, he tries to track down his missing son through lucid dreams.

Year: 2017

Director: Kim Joon-sung

Starring: Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Hye-jung

Runtime: 102 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.2

7. Night In Paradise

Night In Paradise is the most popular trending South Korean crime drama film available on Netflix. This film was written, directed and produced by Park Hoon-jung. The film story is after a brutal tragedy, a gangster with a target on his back hides on Jeju Island and meets a woman who has given up her life.

Year: 2020

Director: Park Hoon-jung

Starring: Uhm Tae-goo, Jeon Yeo-been, Cha Seung-won

Runtime: 132 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.7

8. Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Svaha: The Sixth Finger is a South Korean mystery thriller film directed by Jang Jae-hyun and produced by Kang Hye-jung, Ryoo Seung-wan. The film story is about Pastor Park investigates the mysterious and newly formed cult of Deer Mount, while a police captain discovers that his murder suspect may be from the same cult.

Year: 2019

Director: Jang Jae-hyun

Starring: Lee Jung-jae, Park Jung-min, Lee Jae-in, Jung Jin-young, Lee David, Jin Seon-kyu

Runtime: 123 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.3

9. Steel Rain

Steel Rain is a South Korean action thriller film directed by Yang Woo-suk and produced by Park Joon-ho, Kim Tae-won, Sun Young. The film story is about a coup in North Korea forces an agent to flee south, with “Number One” unconscious. While the North’s agents pursue both of them, the agents must work with South Korea to stop a nuclear war.

Year: 2017

Director: Yang Woo-suk

Starring: Jung Woo-sung, Kwak Do-won

Runtime: 139 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.1

10. Forgotten

Forgotten is a popular South Korean psychological thriller film available on Netflix. This film was directed and written by Jang Hang-jun and produced by Park Joon-sik. This film story is about the police Jin-Seok investigating a kidnapped person after he returns to his home.

Year: 2017

Director: Jang Hang-jun

Starring: Kang Ha-neul, Kim Mu-yeol, Moon Sung-keun, Na Young-hee

Runtime: 108 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.5

11. Seoul Searching

Seoul Searching is a South Korean comedy-drama film written and directed by Benson Lee and produced by Andrea Chung, Benson Lee, Brigette Noh. The film story is about a group of teenagers who meet at a summer camp in South Korea to share their experiences. Even though they all come from the same background, all teenagers have very different stories to tell.

Year: 2015

Director: Benson Lee

Starring: Justin Chon, Jessika Van, Teo Yoo, Esteban Ahn, Rosalina Leigh, Kang Byul, Albert Kong, Cha In-pyo

Runtime: 105 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7

12. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is a Korean post-apocalyptic science fiction action film directed by Bong Joon-ho and produced by Jeong Tae-sung, Steven Nam, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hun. The film story is about survivors of Earth’s Second Ice Age spend their days in luxury chariots traversing snow and ice. The train’s poorest occupants, living in barren cabins, wanted to improve their situation by taking over the engine room.

Year: 2013

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Starring: Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Bremner, Ko Asung, John Hurt, Ed Harris

Runtime: 126 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.1

13. The Drug King

The Drug King is a South Korean crime drama film written and directed by Woo Min-ho and produced by Kim Jin-woo. The film story is about a petty smuggler who joins the drug trade in Busan and rises to the top of Japan’s drug trade.

Year: 2018

Director: Woo Min-ho

Starring: Song Kang-ho, Jo Jung-suk, Bae Doona

Runtime: 139 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.2

14. High Society

High Society is a South Korean drama film directed by Hyuk Byun and produced by Kim Chul-yong. The film story is about a university professor running for the National Assembly and his wife, assistant curator at an art gallery, are considering an ethical exchange to join high society.

Year: 2018

Director: Hyuk Byun

Starring: Park Hae-il, Soo Ae

Runtime: 137 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 5.5

15. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Illang: The Wolf Brigade is a South Korean science fiction action film available on Netflix. This film was directed by Kim Jee-woon and produced by Kim Woo-sang. The film story is about an elite police force fights against a terrorist group that opposes the unification of the two Korean states.

Year: 2018

Director: Kim Jee-woon

Starring: Kang Dong-won, Han Hyo-joo, Jung Woo-sung, Kim Mu-yeol

Runtime: 140 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6

16. Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour is a South Korean romantic comedy drama film directed by Lee Gye-byeok and produced by Park Se-joon. The story is about given the opportunities and challenges in the real world, couples go through the ups and downs of trying to survive in a long distance relationship.

Year: 2021

Director: Lee Gye-byeok

Starring: Jang Ki-yong, Chae Soo-bin, Krystal Jung

Runtime: 103 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.7

17. The Witch: Subversion

The Witch: Subversion is a South Korean mystery horror action film written, directed by Park Hoon-jung and produced by Park Hoon-jung, Yeon Young-sik. The story is about Ja-yoon runs away from the government office but loses all her memories. When she enters a national television competition ten years later to earn money for her family, her life is turned upside down by people from her past.

Year: 2018

Director: Park Hoon-jung

Starring: Kim Da-mi, Jo Min-su, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hee-soon

Runtime: 125 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.2

18. Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers is a popular South Korean space Western film available on Netflix. This film was directed by Jo Sung-hee and produced by Yoon In-beom, Kim Soo-jin. After hijacking a crashed shuttle in a recent debris chase, members of the Spaceship Victory crew find a 7-year-old girl. They realized that she was a humanoid robot wanted by the UTS Space Guard and decided to demand a ransom in return.

Year: 2021

Director: Jo Sung-hee

Starring: Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Seon-kyu, Yoo Hae-jin

Runtime: 136 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.6

19. Okja

Okja is one of the most popular action-adventure film directed by Bong Joon-ho and produced by Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner. The story is about Young Mija, Okja’s constant companion and caretaker – a large animal and even greater friend – in her home in the mountains of South Korea. But that changes when the family run multinational conglomerate Mirando Corporation takes Okja and shifts her to New York, where an image-obsessed, self-promoting CEO has big plans for Mijs’s best friend. With no particular plan, but concentrated, Mija embarks on a rescue mission.

Year: 2017

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Starring: Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, Ahn Seo-hyun, Byun Hee-bong, Steven Yeun, Lily Collins, Yoon Je-moon

Runtime: 121 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 7.3

20. Squid Game

Squid Game is one of the most popular trending Korean survival drama series available on Netflix. This series was created, directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The basic story of Squid Game’s revolves around 456 debt-ridden people of all ages and walks of life who compete in six different rounds of children’s games to win huge sums of money.

Year: 2021

Creator: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Starring: Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, Jung Ho-yeon, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae, Anupam Tripathi, Kim Joo-ryoung

Runtime: ***

IMDb Rating: 8.1

21. The Bros

The Bros is a South Korean comedy-drama film directed by Chang You-jeong and produced by Yi Jae-min and written by Chang You-jeong, Heo Seong-hye. The film story is about the reunited in their hometown for their father’s funeral, two brothers meet a special lady who shares a mystery about her family.

Year: 2017

Director: Chang You-jeong

Starring: Ma Dong-seok, Lee Dong-hwi, Lee Hanee

Runtime: 102 Minutes

IMDb Rating: 6.2

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So here we have got information about some Korean movies on Netflix that are worth checking out. Korean films are one of the most aesthetically pleasing, emotionally engaging, and well-written films because you never know what you’ll get, and that’s what makes it so great. They are unpredictable, genre and expertly designed. Hope you liked this article and do share this article with your friends so that they too can watch their favorite movies on Netflix. 


Which is the most popular Korean movie available on Netflix right now?

All of these movies listed in this article are the best Korean movies of 2021. But Squid Game is the most popular trending movie on Netflix right now.

How to unblock movies on Netflix?

You can unblock movies on Netflix using a VPN like NordVPN. Connect to the server where the movie is available and reopen your Netflix App to see the changes.

How can a VPN protect you when you’re online?

A VPN diverts your internet traffic by obscuring the location of your computer, phone or other devices when it comes into contact with websites. It also encrypts the information you send across the internet, making it unreadable to anyone intercepting your traffic.

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