Best Working VPN for Kodi in 2022

Here are the best VPN for Kodi which will allow you to watch any content available without any legal conflicts and any speed loss.

Best VPNs available For KODI

There are 36 million KODI users worldwide, which of the 12 Million users use it totally legally but the rest 24 Million use add-ons to access illegal contents or content those have copyright issues in their countries. Not all of us watch such contents illegally but it is hard to know whether you are doing the right thing or not. So to prevent yourself from such conflicts it’s better to use a VPN which will help you to maintain your privacy.

Currently, we have several different types of media players on the market, which makes the choice quite complicated. But a name that has stood out among the most modern options is Kodi, one of the most versatile players on the market.

One of the main points that define Kodi for PC is its ability to support a huge number of file extensions, whether video or audio. How about learning a little more about Kodi and how it works?

What Kodi is and how it works

Kodi, in fact, is a free, open source project, and is currently the most modern version of XBMC, also known as Xbox Media Center. 

The XBMC was originally thought for the original Xbox console, but over time it ended up being modified for the most diverse platforms. Today, the program already runs on Windows, macOS, linux, iOS and even tvOS, but only on Apple devices that have a jailbreak, and these are just the biggest names on the list.

One of the most important features of Kodi TV is the fact that it supports several extensions, which will add a number of features for you. It has the ability to record TV content, recognize image, video and audio files, either on the computer or on the external drive, and it also supports various streaming applications. 

But, for that, you need a good VPN. Kodi also recognizes several remote controls, which can be easily manipulated with the television control.

How to set up and install Kodi

Doing all the Kodi setup is easy, just like on other media player platforms. You just need to follow these steps here:

  • Download and install the version of Kodi that is most compatible with your system;
  • Start the software and go to the Add-ons tab;
  • Click on the box at the top left;
  • Select Install from repository, and then click Kodi Add-on Repository. Doing this allows Kodi to be installed and automatically download the sources from the appropriate repositories, creating access to the necessary extensions;
  • Now just go back to the previous screen and click on the type of extension you are looking for.

Using Kodi is extremely simple, as is installing its various extensions. The Kodi PC appeared in 2002, and is being used more and more today, with more than 38 million active users today, and most of them use the program to watch movies, series and other varied content.

Is Kodi a legalized program?

The answer is yes. Kodi is a completely legal program. What can complicate things are the add-ons created by third parties.

As an open source program, Kodi is always expanding its functionality, and some of these features may allow users to access content that is in a legal gray area. 

Why is using a VPN so important?

Nobody likes to have legal complications, especially because they are watching any movie. The laws dealing with this topic are generally very vague, constantly changing and depending on the regulations of each country.

To avoid headaches, it is important to use one of the best VPN for Kodi. We do not encourage any type of illegal activity, but we believe in freedom and privacy online.

You may have no way of knowing whether the content you are watching is protected by law or not, and for that reason alone you have enough reason to hide your identity online while watching something!

What to look for on the Kodi-specific VPN

First of all, a VPN is the best way for you to always stay safe while browsing. It is essential if you want to access a streaming content without problems.

However, when you’re choosing the best VPN for Kodi, it’s important to know what you’re looking for, because the options are almost endless. How about learning to identify the one that is right for you?

VPN for Streaming

If you want to use Kodi, it is important to have a good connection speed available. See how to identify these factors. The size of the network that your VPN offers is important, the more options of servers and locations, the better for you!

If you want to access content that is blocked geographically, you must use a VPN that has servers available in the countries where the content is made available.

Best VPN for Kodi

Nord VPN: If you have decided to buy a VPN for Kodi then I will strongly suggest you give a try to Nord VPN. It is at #1 on our list because of its all-around performance. It has the fastest servers all around the world, provides AES-256 encryption, and easy-to-use apps even for beginners, all at a very competitive price.

Express VPN: Express VPN has 3,000+ high-performance servers in 94 countries, at 164 global locations all over the globe. Speed of ExpressVPN is impressive. And it is also ranked among the best VPNs available for Streaming.

CyberGhost: When our team tried to test Cyberghost with Kodi in different regions in servers across USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands. I was able to watch content from connected countries all the time and get connected in the first attempt. And the speed of my connection was far better than the other VPN for Kodi which we haven’t mentioned in our list.

You can bet on any of these and be sure of success!

What are the most used add-ons on Kodi

Currently, in the top 8 of the most used Add-ons for configuring Kodi, you will find, in order:

  1. Exodus Addon: Add-on for watching movies and series
  2. Tempest: Complement to watch films and series
  3. I Am Ego: Complement to see films and series
  4. Seren: Complement to see films and series
  5. Rising Tides: Complement to see sporting events and games
  6. Sport365.Live: Complement to see sporting events and games
  7. Numbers: Complement to watch movies, series and TV channels
  8. The Crew: Complement to watch movies, series and TV channels

It is important to remember that before you can use any of these Add-ons you need to be protected by a quality VPN! In addition to add-ons for Kodi, you can also find other free streaming services over the internet, many of them in excellent condition to date, such as Popcorn Time.

But among those that stand out the most among current Kodi competitors are Plex, Stremio (which has been very successful due to its unique interface), Roku and Firestick.

All of these, as well as Kodi download, request the use of a VPN so that you can access the content offered with peace of mind, without having to worry about any type of malware invading your computer, let alone with legal problems due to some misunderstanding!

Now, it remains only to choose from the numerous VPNs offered on the market and prepare to watch the most animated movies, the latest series and even TV channels!

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