7 Best Websites To Stream UFC Fights For Free in 2023

You might be here as a fan of martial arts and must love watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), right? I know as a fan you might be wondering where to watch or stream, UFC fights for free. But don’t worry we have here provided you with the best websites to stream UFC fights for free.

Best Websites To Stream UFC Fights For Free

UFC fights have been ruling the hearts ❤️ of many people around the people, especially those who are martial art lovers. Because the action-packed live streams provide people with the adrenaline that they have been yearning to want.

What Is UFC?

UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American mixed martial art (MMA) that is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC is operated by an American sports promotion company Zuffa, which is a part of Endeavor groups holdings- the largest MMA promotion company in the world. It showcases 12 weight divisions which consist of eight men’s and four women’s divisions. These weight divisions are carried under the rules and regulations put out by the Unified Rules Of Mixed Martial Arts.

Top 7 Free UFC Fights Streaming Websites

Best Free UFC Fights Streaming Sites

1. First Row Sports

website First Row sports

First Row Sports is a very famous sports streaming site that is also known as a streaming aggregator as it provides you with the links to watch your favorite UFC fight or any other sports for free. These links are regularly updated and it is made sure that they are working perfectly.

This streaming platform comes as a website only that you can access on any browser from any device. Also, you don’t have to register or go for any subscription on this site. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and enables users to watch any sport such as tennis, football, baseball, etc.

The user may encounter some irritating pop-up ads that will interrupt their streaming but choosing a premium and reliable VPN such as NordVPN will help them to protect their devices from such malicious ads.

Pros Cons
Live UFC Fight StreamingComes with pop-up ads
Easy-to-use interface
Regularly updated content

2. YouTube UFC Channel

youtube ufc channel

YouTube has become a hub for every type of video streaming content. The channels on YouTube offer a wide variety of content to its users. Anything and everything is nowadays available on YouTube. As YouTube has grown tremendously, it has also included the famous UFC fights in its library of videos. And that is how YouTube UFC Channel came into being.

You can jump to the YouTube UFC channel every time you need an action-packed dose of MMA because it provides you with matches that have happened.

Pros Cons
Live UFC Fight Streaming
Clips and highlights of UFC Fights
Pretty decent streaming quality

3. Crackstream


Crackstream is one of the famous sports streaming websites that offers you free live streaming of UFC fights from anywhere. They also offer live MMA streams, NFL streams, NBA streams, NHL streams, Boxing streams, Soccer streams, etc.

The only thing that you need to take care of is that you have to keep checking the website so as to not miss any live stream. This is because the site offers links to the live stream of any sports. So, stay vigilant and keep checking the website to watch your favorite UFC fight live stream on Crackstreams.

Pros Cons
Live UFC Fights StreamingNot a legitimate site
Allows access to other sports as wellComplicate website design

4. BT Sports 1- CricFree

BT sports 1- cricfree

BT Sports 1- CricFree allows you access to all MMA content. It also offers a wide variety of sports channels that are available for you to stream. You have to select the exact UFC fight channel amongst a large number of Sports channels that are present on this website.

The only disadvantage of this website is that you may be interrupted by the continuous ads that are displayed on this website. But you can easily get rid of these ads by going for a great VPN like NordVPN.

Pros Cons
Live UFC Fight StreamingPop-up ads
You can stream a variety of sports
Great streaming quality

5. Buffstreams


Buffstreams allows users to watch unlimited UFC content in HD quality and is the best website for all sports lovers as it offers the feature of live streaming to its users. You can watch any live sports on Buffstreams ranging from NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, baseball, hockey, tennis, etc.

There are no pop-up ads on this site when it comes to streaming but the only issue or major disadvantage is that this website provides external links to watch the live streams of any sports and these external links may be dangerous and can put your privacy at risk, So, it becomes important to use a reliable VPN such as NordVPN before accessing Buffstreams.

Pros Cons
Live UFC Fights StreamingExternal links
No Pop-up adsUnreliable

6. 720PStream


720Pstream can be called the search engine for online sports streaming. It is a very easy-to-navigate website where you can easily find the favorite UFC fight that you want to stream. It offers its users a great seamless streaming experience.

They offer you the best quality streams all over the internet. Apart from UFC or MMA fights you can also watch NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAF, Boxing, Soccer, etc. You don’t have to pay or register on this site, it offers you free and unlimited streaming of your favorite sports content. You can stream any sports from this website on your mobile, PC, Tablet, etc.

Pros Cons
Live UFC Fights StreamingMay contain ads
User-friendly site
You can watch other sports as well

7. Stream2Watch TV UFC

The UFC channel of Stream2watch enables you to gain access to unlimited UFC fights. You can also watch live streams of MMA fights on this channel. You can watch an extensive range of sports ranging from Boxing, Tennis, Motorsport, Rugby, Golf, MMA, etc., on this website.

You can watch the 24*7 sports live stream that this site offers on any device. Thus, it is a great option to watch your favorite UFC Fight from anywhere at any time!

Pros Cons
Live Boxing StreamingMay contain ads
User-friendly interface and design
Unlimited and wide variety of sports content

FAQs Related To Best Free Sites For Streaming UFC Fights

Where can I watch UFC fights for free?

You can watch UFC fights on the following website:
1. First Row Sports
2. Bufferstreams
3. Crackstreams
4. YouTube UFC Channel
5. BT Sports 1-CricFree
6. 720Pstream
7. Stream2Watch

What is UFC?

UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American mixed martial art (MMA) situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC is operated by an American sports promotion company Zuffa, which is a part of Endeavor groups holdings- the largest MMA promotion company in the world.

Are these sites safe to access?

Since these are free sites, they may contain some malicious and harmful content in the form of pop-up ads that may harm your device and put your privacy at risk but it is always the best option to switch to a reliable VPN such as NordVPN before accessing these free streaming sites.


These amazing and free sites ✨ that have provided you in this blog enable you to watch unlimited UFC Fights in pretty decent quality videos and apart from this you can watch a variety of other sports content as well such as football, tennis, rugby, baseball, motorsports, etc.

Moreover, these sites also contain malicious ads and may provide you with the desired content through external links which might harm your device and data. So, using a VPN like NordVPN is the best precautionary measure that you can take before accessing any free sites mentioned here and enjoy 😍 unlimited UFC Fights.

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