How does Netflix block VPN?

Netflix doesn't allow you to access content from another country whenever you try to use any VPN to do it, it blocks you immediately. Here is how Netflix block VPN and how you bypass it.

How does Netflix block VPN

Netflix is one of the main streaming services available on the market today. Along with HBO Go and Prime Video, Netflix managed to get a fair share of users, creating hundreds of exclusive productions and buying copyrights for series, films and documentaries from around the world.

But unfortunately, it may happen that the series or movie which you want to watch is not available in your country. But for this when we try to use any VPN to bypass geolocation Netflix block VPN.

Now the question arises how can we watch these movies and series online easily? We found the perfect solution for you! Here is how to do it.

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How is the American Netflix library and other countries?

Due to copyright and content licensing agreements, different countries have different programs within Netflix. Often, the service manages to buy the rights to transmit that material only in some places in the world and, in some situations, the UK is left out.

Even if the access address of the website is the same, the service reads your location when you access it and shows the content available in the country in which you are located.

It is no coincidence that many people want to access American Netflix.

As the service originally started in the USA, the library there is much larger than that of UK - but each country in the world has its original library, with German films available only in Germany, French films that only French Netflix offers and so on.

Netflix in the USA has the largest catalog in the world, with 40% of all titles available worldwide. To access the other contents, just access the catalog of other countries!

How to access American Netflix

How does Netflix block VPN

To access the Netflix catalog from the USA or any other country in the world, you need to be located in the country, or at least tell Netflix that you are in that country.

Can you imagine watching Modern Family, Twin Peaks or Big Bang Theory directly on Netflix? With a VPN server, you can create a link between your country and the country you want to access the catalog, making Netflix assume that you are connecting from elsewhere.

A VPN server basically acts as a "mask" that you put on your connection. This mask will tell Netflix that you are accessing the service for a specific country, and then it will show you the catalog for that country - be it Netflix from the USA, France, Germany or whatever. It depends on the country you choose to access your VPN.

All you need to do is have a VPN server that is not blocked by Netflix and that allows you to choose which country you want to use the connection from. This is important, okay? Not every VPN server works with Netflix. If you want to go straight to a reliable VPN server, click here and meet our best VPN to watch Netflix from USA and other countries.

Keep reading to understand more about why Netflix block VPN!

How does Netflix block VPN?

Netflix block VPN mostly which are free. The reason is very obvious, the free VPNs don't have as many as servers as any paid ones have. When Netflix discovers such IP addresses again and found it suspicious it blocks them.

But when we are using any good VPN then have a lot of servers in different countries and update their IPs time to time and hence Netflix can't detect them.

What is a VPN server

A VPN server (Virtual Private Network) allows you to use Internet with a kind of "mask" that lets you emulate where you are accessing Internet from. When you send your data, before reaching the destination website, the VPN forwards your address to the country you choose - and only after that sends the data to the website or service.

In addition, the best VPN servers on the market also help you access the web in a completely secure way, protecting you from any person or service that tries to access your data illegally.

A VPN service is basically an application. You can use it on your regular computer, your iOS or your Android with just one click. Just subscribe, download the app and activate.

Some VPNs allow you to choose which "mask" you are going to use for your connection, so you can decide to connect via UK, via the United States and even via Asian countries. And that's where the magic happens!

When using a VPN server and choosing the country "United States" to redirect your connection, Netflix will consider that you are accessing the service through the United States and show you the American catalog. Voilà! American catalog on Netflix. If you choose the country "UK" while you are abroad, Netflix will see that your connection comes from the UK and show you its service catalog.

The best VPN servers maximize your Netflix subscription, allowing you to watch your movies and series when you travel, and also access content from other countries in the world, often not available in your home country catalog.

In our guide to VPN, we explain all the details about how a VPN server works and which are the best VPNs on the market.

How to use a VPN to watch Netflix

Although many VPN servers are available on the market, not all servers allow you to use Netflix.

For years, Netflix has been fighting a battle with VPN servers to block access through it and prevent people from other countries from accessing the catalog available on American Netflix or other countries. They have a kind of blacklist with the name of suspicious providers and their respective addresses.

Have you tried using a VPN service and received an error from Netflix?

Netflix Proxy and VPN error

“Oops, something went wrong… You seem to be using an unlocker or proxy. Disable any of these services and try again. ”
Netflix is able to detect and block the transmission of its programs to subscribers using a VPN. They claim that this sets a precedent for a person to be able to access content restricted to some countries and infringe copyright.

In addition, some TV stations have the right to broadcast certain series or films and these programs cannot be made available by Netflix in the region.

Since Netflix cannot identify whether the user is using the VPN for security purposes or to access content that is not permitted, Netflix blocks any connection from a VPN.

It is important to remember that these restrictions are imposed on countries, not users. So the person who is traveling will play by the rules of the country they are using Netflix - not their country of origin, where they subscribed to the service.

The solution we found for this is easier than it looks: choose VPN servers that are always updating their addresses and avoid blocking.

We’ve reviewed the best VPN services for watching Netflix (and tested them all!) So you don’t have a problem.

The Best VPN To Unblock Netflix US Catalog

How much does a VPN cost to use Netflix?

Free VPN services cannot unblock American Netflix, so you need to invest a little to access all the catalogs you want.

If you want to take full advantage of the Netflix catalog worldwide, invest in a VPN server that will allow you to enjoy Netflix and everything it has to offer.

Many of the VPN servers will cost less than $12.00 for a month. By subscribing to the services for a longer time the price can drop by half and, let's face it, it is very worth it!

How to Access Netflix UK Abroad


If you are traveling abroad for a while, this change of catalog can also disturb the usability of the service.

When you live in the United States, Germany or other countries abroad and Netflix UK releases an original UK series inside, many times such series are not released abroad - or it will only appear months after.

A VPN server allows you to access Netflix UK from anywhere in the world as if you were in your home country.

Imagine that you are watching a series in UK territory. Before ending the season, you will travel to Germany. You arrive at your hotel, wants to relax and continue watching that season, and suddenly it is no longer available.

The same solution applies to this situation.

To access Netflix UK abroad, you need to be viewed on the website as if you were located in UK. This VPN server below is the best option to access Netflix from Brazil abroad and also access Netflix from the United States or other countries abroad.

How do I view the library for all countries on Netflix?

Want to see all the possibilities you have when accessing Netflix with a VPN server? On this map below you can see the number of series and films available in each country in the world. Check out:

In addition to the catalogs from abroad, Netflix UK has much more material than we see superficially when accessing the site.

Straight to the point: best VPN to watch American Netflix

If you want a quality VPN server that will not give you any trouble when accessing American Netflix or any other country in the world - even UK, if you are abroad - we suggest that you choose one of the following options:

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