Best VPNs for Chrome

After reviewing more than 150 VPNs we have created list of top 10 best VPN services. All of listed VPNs are great for:

  • Access the websites & Apps blocked in your country
  • Stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime, Disney+ content from any country
  • Change your IP and location to access sensored content
  • Chrome and Firfox Extensions Available
Best VPN Chrome

Best For:

Hiding IP
Hiding IP

Updated on 30th August 2020

Compatible with:
windows android ios macos linux chrome firefox androidtv

What is a VPN?

Did you know that several online services are based on the data you deposit on the Internet?

Do you remember doing a search for a certain product on a shopping site and, in the following days, having your inbox floohded with "offers" of the same product? Have you seen the price of an item in an online store and, when you went back to buy it, realized that the price had changed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have noticed that the Internet works like a radar that captures, stores and passes on all the activity you do on it. If you are not happy with this situation and want to browse with more privacy and security, then you need a VPN.

VPN is an acronym for “Virtual Private Network” is a service that allows users to access the web safely and confidentially, route connections through the server and hide your activities in cyberspace. It is called a private network because the connection is encrypted, you are the only one to browse it. The VPN serves as a mask for your IP address, making it “point” to a different location than you are.

Benefits of a VPN

Your online privacy protection and improved security are the main reasons for using VPN. By using VPN you can prevent internet providers from accessing your data, watch streaming services which are not available in your country, securely connect to public WiFi networks, avoid being hacked, watch Netflix and sports streaming from other countries, remote access to your office for teleworking, download torrents, access geo-restricted content and many more.

Choosing the right VPN

Choosing the right VPN means considering what you think you will be using the VPN to do. For instance, some VPNs are a better choice if you will be doing a lot of gaming, torrenting, and downloading of movies. Others are more appropriate and geared towards those who want to access vast libraries of e-books and podcasts. Some VPNs are best for accessing Netflix and Hulu. The one you choose depends on how you intend to use it. Of course, the choice also comes down to reliability, and how much you want to spend.

Advantages of a VPN for Business

If you are running then you better know how important security of your data is. If it got leaked then you might lose even millions just in a moment. The risk increases even more for the business whose employees from home and have to transmit sensitive data over the internet. In such cases VPN provides you an extra layer of safety to do your daily tasks without any worries.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How do you install a VPN?

A: Most VPNs are easy to install. You simply go to the website and click the download link. It is just like installing any other software. Many of them are ready to go as soon as they are download and will start automatically once they are installed.

How do you use a VPN?

A: There are a number of different options out there that have various degrees of being able to configure different settings. Some allow the user to configure settings the way they wish. Most come already configured right out of the box and all you have to do is to follow the directions and tell them how to connect.

Are VPNs difficult to use?

A: Now, there are many different VPNs out there which are designed specifically for those who do not have a lot of experience using the Internet. You simply install them, and the software does all the rest. One thing to check out when you are choosing a VPN is to make sure that the one you choose has excellent customer support.

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