Best VPNs for Windows in 2020

After reviewing 100+ VPNs we have created list of top 10 best VPNs for Windows users. All of listed VPN are great for:

  • Access blocked websites & Apps from your PC (desktops & laptop)
  • Stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime, Disney+ content from any country
  • Hide your IP and location for anonymous browsing & torrenting
  • Work with Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
Best vpn for pc

Best For:

Hiding IP
Hiding IP

Updated on 8 October 2020

Compatible with:
windows android ios macos linux chrome firefox androidtv

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Frequently Asked Question

Paid vs Free VPNs

In early days, good VPNs with high speed, reliability, security, and support used to be free for promotion and other reasons. But unfortunately, now things have changed VPNs that are free now are either showing ads, have a speed limit and some VPNs found to be stealing your data and selling it to third parties. Most of these VPNs are not working with streaming like Netflix a few working but with very slow speed. That's why I personally prefer to get a VPN that ensures your online privacy, has fast speed, allows you to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, sports, and other serives, has servers for torrenting and technical support when needed.

If you still want to try a VPN for free then I'll suggest trying free trials of top VPN service providers listed above. All of these VPNs have 30-45 days, to get a free trial you can visit the VPN website from above.

What is VPN & How does it work?

VPN is an acronym for “Virtual Private Network” is a service that allows users to access the web safely and confidentially, route connections through the server and hide your activities in cyberspace. It is called a private network because the connection is encrypted, you are the only one to browse it. The VPN serves as a mask for your IP address, making it “point” to a different location than you are.

Why do I need VPN?

Your online privacy protection and improved security are the main reasons for using VPN. By using VPN you can prevent internet providers from accessing your data, watch streaming services content which are not available in your country, securely connect to public WiFi networks, avoid being hacked, watch Netflix and sports streaming from other countries, remote access to your office for teleworking, download torrents, access geo-restricted content, play games like PUBG and use TikTok from banned coutnries too.

Are VPNs difficult to use?

There are VPNs which are designed specifically for those who do not have a lot of experience with Technical things. You simply install them with few clicks, and the software does all the rest. One thing to check out when you are choosing a VPN is to make sure that the one you choose has excellent customer support.

Transparency Disclosure

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We belive in privacy of each Internet user, that's why we at vpnHelpers help users with honest reivews, guides and tools to ensure maximum online privacy. - Anil Sharma, Co-founder

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