Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites Actually Working in 2021

Do you want to download Torrents? But don’t know Where? Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites Actually Working in 2021 with a complete guide on how to use them

best Torrents downloading sites

Have you ever tried to download something from Internet, and after spending hours clicking on suspicious websites and links, you ended up giving up? Or worse: did you catch a virus, download a wrong file, or never even find anything about what you were looking for?

Torrents will make your life easier.

Torrent is a form of file sharing, designed to facilitate the distribution of large size of data. Unlike the normal downloading links, the torrent is actually a file divided into several tiny parts. Each part is in a different source – and as soon as you download each part, you also start sending it to others who don’t have the little piece you already have.

This makes the transfer faster and more reliable since more and more people will have these little pieces available for download. Torrents make it so that each time someone downloads a certain file, it gets faster and has another “approval” from someone for the next person to download.

Except that files with the extension .torrent are not found anywhere – and they also need specific software to be read. But don’t rush! Here in this article, we will explain exactly everything you need to download torrents safely.

What can I download via torrent and how did it start?

Torrent networks started in 2001 and the technology was created by a Python programmer who wanted to share things with absolutely the whole world. In mid-2005, many heavy users were already using the technology. To this day, more than 18 years later, there is still nothing like the torrent to share and download files.

Torrent files are not necessarily malicious or illegal files that run underground on Internet. They are files with absolutely anything – really. You can download millions of academic books, studies, leaked material from big companies, movies, series, games like World of Warcraft, you can watch adult movies safely and anonymously, download software and so on. All of this with authorization to be downloaded free of charge or not. As I said, you can find absolutely anything in torrents – you just need to find the right website for it.

Some websites to download torrents are blocked in most of the country. By using a VPN, you hide your virtual identity and access any website! Our favorite VPN today is NordVPN

Read this guide to unblock torrent sites if not working in your country in Windows, MacOS & Android.

It all started with The Pirate Bay, the largest torrent file indexing site that ended up getting away with dozens of legal charges for years on end, thanks to Swedish laws – where the site was hosted. Nowadays, you can find websites specialized in different niches, from books, series, anime, games and everything you can imagine.

Risks of using torrent

What are the risks of using torrent?

Before we continue, a message from VPNHelpers: we do not encourage or condemn the illegal sharing of copyrighted files.

Torrents, in themselves, are not illegal. As we are talking about the technology itself and the file-sharing system, this is perfectly legal.

The problem starts when the user shares or downloads material that is protected by copyright – movies, music, series, games, and the like. This does not mean that torrents are illegal, but downloading and uploading this type of file. Everything you produce, record, film or publish is protected by copyright, which protects the relationship between the creator and the user.

In that case, the person who downloads and shares these files is breaking the law – even if the file is downloaded for personal use, without making a profit.

Bypassing copyright laws can lead to a lawsuit by the creator or distributor of anything you’re downloading – and in many places around the world, that law gets tough.

In Germany, for example, fines for uploading files for less than 30 minutes can exceed 1000 euros – and, let’s face it, even if How I Met Your Mother is incredible, no one wants to pay that fine for watching a series.

To ensure your safety while you are downloading files from Internet, whether they are from any source, we have a solution.

use vpn to download torrent

How a VPN can help you download torrents

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) server is the easiest way to keep your identity confidential, creating a kind of “mask” on your connection so that no one knows who is downloading certain files.

In this case, the VPN redirects your connection to another country, creating a bridge between you, a different country, and the link you just accessed. This gives the final server the impression that someone from another country accessed that link – when, in fact, it was you.

In addition to protecting your identity, the most interesting part of having a VPN is that it opens doors for you to access millions of other movies, series, TV shows and listen to music from all over the world. For just a few dollars a month, a VPN server allows you to even watch the UFC online.

The ideal torrent VPN also has unlimited data transfer because of the file size and also offers dedicated servers for you to use and download files faster. Nobody wants to take forever to download a Game of Thrones episode, right?

Some VPN servers have better features for torrents (like the Automatic Power Off Switch, and DNS Leak Protection, which are great additions to a VPN for downloading torrents.

Want to know the best VPN options available on the market? We made a very detailed comparison between VPNs!

Best clients to download torrent in 2021

Before looking for torrent files to download, you need to ensure that you have a specific program that can read the .torrent extension and that allows you to download it.

These are P2P software, programs that you can download for free and that read torrent files, allowing you to download them.


UTorrent is one of the most popular programs today for those who download torrents. It has a super simple and intuitive interface, which also ends up setting aside some more advanced features for heavy users. UTorrent has a free version, which works perfectly well for sharing torrent files, but you can also have the paid version.


QBittorrent calls itself an “open source alternative to uTorrent”. Also with the simple interface and also supports more than sixty languages. For advanced users, qBittorrent can be a great option, since it has many customizations.


BitTorrent has settings for beginners and advanced users, in addition to having the entire interface with a visual almost identical to uTorrent. It also syncs with your phone, can create different tags for torrents, customize folders and other details.


Vuze is free software with a great difference: they have an internal service, where you can discover other content.


Deluge is another software that allows you to encrypt files, personalize folders with your downloads and even adjust the bandwidth.

With one of these software downloaded on your Windows or Mac, you can start searching for Torrent files over Internet. Did you find what you were looking for? Just download and open using one of the programs above to start downloading the file piece by piece

In addition to protecting your identity, allowing you to access Internet and download torrent files securely, a quality VPN server also allows you to access Netflix from several different countries and even view the YouTube catalog available worldwide.

Top 10 Torrent Sites 2020

10 torrent sites 2020

1. The Pirate Bay

This is by far the most popular website for torrents available today and also one of the oldest. Launched in 2003, the site turns and moves and ends up going down due to lawsuits, but it always goes back up – even if in a different domain, like .org. Here you can find an immense variety of torrents of all types you can imagine.

2. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents, or KAT, is often the most reliable service for finding files today, as it is almost always on the air. Founded in 2009, it also changes its address from time to time. The easiest way to find it is to type “Kickass Torrents” to see what the current link is.


This is one of those sites that value quality and not quantity. It doesn’t have a huge variety of torrents, but all of them are there in incredible quality, so you can see all the details of your favorite movies and series. High definition is life, right?

4. 1337X

If you’ve been scared by the design of the previous sites, looking a little too messy, you’ve already found your darling. The 1337X has a great, intuitive design, with tidy torrent files and thanks to that it is gaining space in our hearts. It creates perfect categories too, like Oscar, Top100, Recent Releases and so on.


They say that version 2.0 of the service is even better – and, let’s face it, any revival comes full of old bug fixes. Torrentz2 came to replace Torrentz, which closed its doors some time ago – and, hopefully, is here to stay.


If you are an anime fan, this is your site! In addition to finding songs and e-books that are very difficult to find on other sites, it also has a very nice interface. Having a differential is the soul of the business, right?


If you are looking for downloadable series, EZTV specializes in this and has everything you are looking for. They also launch their own torrents, which are often not even found on other sites, which is a super cool differentiator. Exclusivity is the word!


YTS.AG is not as full of fans as the previous ones on this list, but it stands out for two types of films: very popular and classic releases. The portfolio is not large, but the site is niche.


TorrentDownloads is one of the sites that became so popular that it was blocked in some countries – so it asks that you always access it using a proxy or VPN (which you already know everything about, right?). The advanced index of the site is great and it’s easy to find what you need.


IDOPE is a new site that has already conquered several users. With an interesting amount of torrent files, it’s worth taking a look at your catalog to discover new things.

Final Words

After reading this guide about the best torrenting sites you’ll be able to download anything you’re looking for easily. And  If you’re still facing any issues while download torrents then just let me know in the comments down below.

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