15 Best eBook Torrent Sites in 2023 [Download for Free]

eBooks are portable & versatile to store on any device and are your travel companions. Everyone struggles to find eBooks for free, but not on eBook Torrent Sites. If you are looking for eBook Torrents Sites. Here we’re back again with the best eBook torrent sites to download any eBook for free.

19 Best Torrent Sites to Download Free eBooks in 2023 [All Working]

Torrent sites are reliable spots to find your favorite ebook in the first place, as they get you anything for free. We at VPNHelpers compiled a list of the best eBook torrent sites available on the web.

Disclaimer: At VPNHelpers we do not encourage anyone commiting piracy, this guide is shared for edicational purpose. Torrenting might put you in trouble without knowing your countries policy.

📝Top Best eBook Torrent Sites Working in 2023:

  1. Library Genesis – Dedicated eBook Tracker
  2. The Pirate Bay – All-in-One Torrent Site
  3. WikiBooks – eBook Torrent Site
  4. Internet Archive – Massive eBook (Audio + book) Collection
  5. Free-Ebook.net– Free eBooks
  6. 1337x – Decent eBook Collection
  7. Project Gutenberg – Oldest Free eBooks Tracker
  8. TorLock – One-Stop Shop for eBooks (Verified Torrents)
  9. ZLibrary – Dedicated eBook Tracker
  10. PDF Drive – Huge eBook Library (75M+ eBooks)
  11. EBOOKEE – Dedicated eBook Tracker
  12. FreeBookSpot – Free eBook Library
  13. Manybooks – 100% Free eBooks
  14. Planet eBooks – Free eBook Literature
  15. Book Share – 50k+ eBooks Shareable

Best Working eBook Torrent Sites– 2023 Tested

 1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis- Dedicated eBook Tracker

Library Genesis stands at 🏆top when it comes to eBooks, it has a vast library of eBooks in various categories. Almost every eBook is readily available and can be found with its search & filter options like a year, publisher, Title, Author, Language, etc.

The best part about Library Genesis is, you can directly download any eBook in different formats. Also, it maintains an app for all device platforms. Though the site has a basic UI feel, there won’t be any ads or redirections i.e you will have a better user experience.


    • Huge eBook Library
    • Download eBooks in different formats
    • No Ads or Redirections
    • No account or registration required


    • Basic UI

    2. The Pirate Bay

    The Pirates Bay (

    The Pirates Bay is a pirate 🚢ship of treasure with tons of eBook torrents and is widely known for its existence. While the site home page has a global search for any torrent indexing other popular torrent sites. The best part is most of the torrents are verified i.e they are safe to download.

    Pirates Bay is like Google for Torrents, everyone looks at this site in the first place. But there are many allegations against the site (due to piracy content), which forces the site to change its domain. So, we recommend you visit only the official website with a VPN if the site is geoblocked.


    • Massive eBook Torrent Library
    • Verified Torrents
    • No account or registration required


    • Blocked in your region
    • Fewer Ads

    3. WikiBooks

    WikiBooks- eBook Tracker

    WikiBooks is from Wikipedia, a dedicated eBook torrent site that primarily offers eBooks in different languages like English, Dutch, French, Italian, and other languages. It’s very handy for Students and scholars.

    WikiBooks has a clean & elegant design like Wikipedia and has one search for everything. But the only con is you can’t download eBooks from the site.


    • eBooks in 10+ different languages
    • Dedicated eBook Torrent site (Wikipedia’s sub-domain)
    • No account or registration required


    • Only Online Reading

    4. Internet Archive

    Internet Archive- Massive eBooks Collection

    Internet Archive is the best site for eBooks with more than 20M+ eBooks in various categories like (comics, academics, journals, etc) and high traffic every month. While the site started in the year the 1990s to share knowledge across the web for free.

    The best part is every eBook is also available in audio format. Also, you don’t require an account to browse the site. But only a few eBooks are available for free, you need to signup to borrow eBooks is the only con.


    • Mixed eBook library of other libraries
    • eBooks in different languages
    • No account or registration required


    • Fewer Ads and redirections
    • Only Preview

    5. Free-Ebooks.net

    Free eBooks.net

    Free-eBooks.net is the top free eBook site that has clean & organized categories like Fiction, Non-Fiction, academic, classics, etc. Though you’ll have access to ample libraries for free. You need to signup or publish an e-book to get full access.

    Free-Ebook offers ebooks in PDF format. Although there are no ads or popups, the site allows you to download only 5 eBooks for free per month.


    • eBooks and audiobooks in different categories
    • Free registration (limited downloads)
    • No Ads


    • Only 5 eBooks every month for free

    6. 1337x

    1377x-eBook-Torrent-Site (1)

    1337x stands next in the list with a decent eBook library and has a separate section for ebooks and audiobooks. 1377x has a soothing interface. Most of the eBooks are available in their native format (ePUB) and others are in PDFs.

    Though there aren’t many filter options, it shows recently added ebooks on top and their community updates the list every week.


    • Latest eBook torrents every day
    • Verified and well-seeded torrents
    • No account or registration required


    • Blocked in your region
    • Limited eBook library

    7. Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg- Oldest Free eBook Tracker

    Project Gutenberg is the first eBook site in history, started digitizing books in 1971 and the term “eBook” now exists. There were more than 200k+ free eBooks available in different categories and you can find your favorite one through search.

    Project Gutenberg offers eBooks in different formats like HTML, PDF, ePUB, and Kindle. While the interface is very attractive with eBook thumbnails and there’s a bookshelf sorted books by their starting letter.


    • Solely built for eBooks
    • Limited categories
    • No account or registration required


    • Blocked in your region

    8. TorLock


    TorLock is another best eBook Torrent site that boasts millions of eBooks (verified & trusted) torrents for free. TorLock only lists verified torrents i.e you can download torrents without hesitation.

    While its clean & minimal interface makes downloading your eBook straightforward. TorLock maintains a dedicated section for eBooks, you can find it under categories. But there will be some annoying ads, so be prepared before you visit this torrent site.


    • Every eBook torrent is healthy seeded and verified
    • Top 100 eBooks every day
    • Dedicated eBook section
    • No account or registration required


    • Blocked in your region
    • Limited eBook trackers

    9. ZLibrary


    ZLibrary is a dedicated ebook torrent site that has a minimal user interface with a huge ebook collection. While the home page lists popular ebooks on top with a search to crawl their 30M ebook library.

    ZLibrary maintains newly released eBooks and articles. Also, there are some advanced flirting options like language, format, year, etc. e-books on the site are available in different formats & compatible with Kindle.

    If ever the site is blocked, you can try the best ZLibrary alternative i.e Anna’s Archive.


    • Extensive library of eBooks in every category
    • Dedicated eBook Torrent site
    • Email customer support
    • No account or registration required


    • Frequent shutdowns

    10. PDF Drive

    PDF Drive- Huge eBook Library

    You might have already known the word “PDF Drive” a perfect place to download ebooks in PDF format. It has the largest PDF collection and is classified into different categories mentioned on the right side.

    PDF Drive has a global search that gets you the ebook on providing any metadata, best part is there will be alternatives for the ebooks you are looking for on this site. But the only downside is, you can find only free books which are open to everyone.


    • Largest ebook library in PDF formats
    • Direct download
    • No account or registration required


    • Only Published free open-source ebooks

    11. EBOOKEE

    EBOOKEE- Dedicated eBook Tracker

    EBOOKEE name of the site reflects that this is purely for eBook Torrent Sites. In fact, the 🔥fastest-growing ebook torrent site with a huge database of eBooks listed on the home page. As per the info. it houses over 40M+ eBooks in over 70+ different categories ranging from academics, tech, tutorials, comics, novels, fiction, and many more.

    EBOOKEE maintains “Top 10“, “Recently Viewed“, and “Recently Added” categories on its home page. While the site has a decent interface without any popups or ads, you can also request an ebook in the chat to their community.

    But the only downside is that you need an account to download ebooks from this torrent site.


    • Dedicated eBook torrent site with 70+ categories
    • Active community with top 10 eBooks every day
    • Almost every new ebook is available


    • Relatively new & requires an account

    12. Free Book Spot

    Free Book Spot is one of the free eBook Libraries that maintains a decent collection of eBooks in almost 90 categories. Also, there are advanced custom filters like Language, ISBN, Author, and title to find your eBook. Downloading an eBook from this site is very simple with one click and there will be no annoying ads (No Distractions).

    Free Book Spot interface is very simple like plain text📓, there is a catalog where everything is classified into its category. It offers everything Travel, Tutorial, Audiobooks, eBooks, academics, Life, Journals, novels, comics, etc


    • Dedicated eBook torrent site
    • eBook in every category
    • well organized (alphabetical structure)
    • Android app available
    • No Account or registration required


    • Mirror download link
    • The official site is down due to copyright

    13. Manybooks


    If you insist on reading new Books often and want to promote your eBook for free. Then Manybooks is the best eBook torrent site for you on the list. Since all the books available here are completely free.

    This has a decent collection (50K+) of paid and free eBooks. ManyBooks has 🤩attractive user interface with an interactive design. As this site doesn’t promote privacy, you won’t find the latest eBook titles here. But there will be some paid eBooks available for free or at very low prices compared to other sites. So, no doubt that you can try this a shot at least once.


    • eBooks in all popular genres
    • 100% Free eBooks and an ad-free experience
    • Active community that adds new ebooks every day
    • Discussion section to request new ebooks


    • Sign up to download eBooks
    • Blocked in your region

    14. Planet eBooks

    Planet eBooks

    Planet eBooks is another best eBook site for classic literature lovers that offers high-quality eBooks in multiple formats. It’s a planet of golden 😎classic eBooks you would love to read and lured to read more.

    Currently, this eBook title boats 50k+ eBook titles, the center of attraction for this site is that this is designed for mobile users. While these classic collections of eBooks are available for free of cost. The interface displays eBooks in multiple formats. Every eBook lover will try this torrent site at least once.


    • Free literature eBooks
    • eBooks available in PDF, ePUB and MOBI
    • No Ads or redirections
    • No Account or registration required


    • Limited eBook library (only literature)

    15. Books Share

    Book Shar

    This website is a very clean and straightforward UI which makes the site very easy to explore. This website also has a unique feature in displaying the number of pages in the book.

    Book share will also provide the synopsis of the book in its collection. It’s been on the list since millions of users will visit this site regularly. While the main thing is you need to make an account before you start downloading any material from this site.


    • eBooks in all popular categories


    • Blocked in your region
    • Ads and redirections
    • Requires signup

    Wrap Up!

    You’ll find almost any eBook on the above-mentioned torrent sites if you ask me the best of all then look at “Library Genesis” and “Pirates Bay” which have a direct download feature with an extensive eBook library in every category.

    Beware of the pirate stuff if you visit torrent sites to avoid issues from your ISP or government, make use of a VPN to protect yourself with the best torrenting VPNs.

    FAQs Related To eBook Torrents

    Is it safe to download eBooks from the Torrent site?

    Torrent sites are not always reliable unless the torrent is verified or downloaded from a trusted domain. Also, it’s recommended that you’re connected to a VPN to stay safe & sound from being tracked and unblock desired eBook torrent sites in your region.

    What are the best eBook Torrent Sites?

    Though there are many eBook torrent sites available, Library Genesis is my favorite choice for its extensive library and eBooks in different formats. Also, you can try visiting other eBook torrents if you couldn’t find your favorite eBook on one site.

    Will eBook Torrents Work on Kindle?

    Kindle devices support EPUB & KPF formats, so if you can download any eBook in those formats then you will be able to use it on the device.

    Is Torrenting illegal?

    Not Really, only a few countries treat torrenting as illegal to avoid sharing copyrighted content. But there are some countries where it’s completely legal unless you don’t involve in things that put you against legal issues.

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