19 Best Torrent Sites to Download Free eBooks in 2021 [All Working]

Do you want to read a book and can’t find it anywhere? Then you decided to search this book on torrents. But not sure which are the best and safe sites to download ebooks torrents? Then don’t worry here are the best torrent sites to download free eBooks. Let’s close the speech and dig in.

📝Note: I have also provided a few mirror sites if they exist, you can try if one of them is down.

Best Torrent sites to download eBooks in 2021

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor VPNHelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

As you might already know that some torrent sites won’t work in your country. So in order to access these torrent sites and torrent anonymously and safely, I suggest you use a VPN.

How to Access Torrent Sites

  1. Get a VPN (I prefer using NordVPN and in this guide also I’ll be using the same).
  2. Download & Install VPN on the device you want to torrent.
  3. Connect to a Server ( Spain, Canada) where torrenting is not restricted.
  4. Start accessing the torrent sites.

A VPN will help you to mask your IP Address and prevent tracking your activities so government and ISP can’t track you are torrenting. It will also help you to block malware. So before going to the torrents sites make sure that you are connected to VPN.

The VPN We recommend using for torrenting is NordVPN. It has 30 days money-back guarantee so if you don’t find it useful you can get your money back easily. To download & Install NordVPN, check out our guides for how to install NordVPN in AndroidiOSWindows, and macOS.

Best Torrent Sites to download ebooks Quick Look:

  1. The Pirates Bay: Oldest torrent site
  2. 1337x: This can help you better when you are not sure about what movies to download 
  3. Library Genesis
  4. ZLibrary
  5. Kickass Torrents
  6. EBookee
  7. Manybooks
  8. WikiBooks
  9. TorrentDownloads
  10. Planet eBooks
  11. More torrent sites

Torrent sites for downloading eBook

1. The Pirates Bay

The Pirates Bay is maintained for so long. So this is like a jackpot for eBook lovers. You can switch to this torrenting site with a single search you will find the desired eBook within no time.

This torrent site has been at the top of the torrent list since it offers everything and didn’t disappoint you in the count of eBooks either. After navigating to the eBook section you can use either title of the book or other search factors.

We recommend you to search the eBook here first, then you can search them on the other torrent sites later. But The Private Bay keeps changing its domain to avoid blocks so you can get the working links from Pirateproxy.

2. 1337x

1337x is another best torrenting site to download ebooks. On this site, you can also find much other great stuff all from games, software, movies, Tv shows, etc. This is recognized as the best platform (Top Torrenting site) for audiobooks and eBooks.

Where all eBooks are seeded and secure to download. While the comments in the file will describe you if there are problems with the particular eBook. So make sure that you go through them before downloading.

This torrent site user interface allows users to search what eBook they want on the top right. There are magnet links so you can directly download them to the torrent client. While the format of eBook is EPUB.

 3. Library Genesis

While all other torrent sites are on one side. This Library Genesis will be on the other side featuring only eBooks. This has been there for more than 10 years containing a huge volume of eBooks compared to others.

Not only us, but Even Reddit users also say Genesis is the best for eBooks. Also, there is a lot of Russian literature available on Genesis along with all university books and all other eBooks.

While most of the eBooks in Library Genesis are in PDF format.

4. ZLibrary

ZLibrary is the largest torrent eBook library to date. While this torrent site provides the best user interface. While we have encountered more than 5.9M eBooks on this torrent site.

Also, there are over 77M article torrents available. The main advantage of this torrent site is that newly released eBooks and articles will be available quickly. You can download all these eBooks for free.

All the writers, critics who feel this as a community will leave their work comments. So you are always ready to discuss.

5. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrent site for eBooks

We can say Kickass Torrents is the king of all torrents and one of the best torrent sites to download ebooks. This is taken down by the US authorities when they found this site is offering piracy content. Till then this is the biggest hub for torrent files.

This will still stand as the best with more than 1.7M eBooks available and more eBooks are getting added every week. So you can find your favorite eBook here.

There is a community forum where you can leave a request for the book you couldn’t find in this site.

6. EBookee

The name of the site reflects that this is purely for eBooks. The main central attraction for keeping this in the list is that this EBookee contains a massive collection of eBooks mainly.

As of now with our information, this one houses over 40M+ eBooks in over 70+ different categories ranging from academics, comics, cultures, fiction, and many more.

The user interface of EBookee is very minimal without any ads and features subcategories with recently added ones and popular ones. There is a comment section where you can get real-time reviews about the eBooks which are made available to download for you.

Overall if you want a torrent site completely for eBooks, you can give ebooks a try.

7. Manybooks

If you insist on reading new Books often and don’t want to promote piracy. Then Manybooks is the best torrenting site for you on the list. Since all the books available here are completely free.

This has a huge collection of paid and free eBooks. This one has an attractive user interface with an interactive design. But if you want the latest popular titled book you cannot find it here. Since this site won’t promote piracy.

This Manybooks boats a free eBooks section where you can also find some paid titles for free or even at very low prices compared to other sites. So, no doubt that you can try this a shot at least once.

8. WikiBooks

If you are a student and looking for the best torrent site to download the most popular eBooks. WikiBooks is the one for you. This is part of the Wiki family where you can find thousands of free content textbooks here.

This WikiBooks project is mainly developed for students and researchers who will look after academic books. You can find books regarding engineering, science, and programming, etc. All these books are copied from other sources.

WikiBooks is free to use as it doesn’t promote any piracy. If you are a student then we will recommend using this torrent site for eBooks.

9. TorrentDownloads

This will be one of the best torrent sites when it comes to eBook downloads. There are millions of books again which are from different categories and genres to please different age group people.

These eBooks are available in multiple languages as well. You can call this the best virtual library for all your needs. This comes with a very minimal user interface with a search option to get the desired thing you want.

There are no ads on the torrent site and you can use magnet links to download the eBooks from this site. But Torrent Downloads keeps changing its domain to avoid blocks so you can get the working links from the proxy.

10. Planet eBooks

Planet eBooks are for the classic literature lover to cover yourself with all the eBooks around yourself like a library. Tons of golden classic eBooks you can browse through to get hands-on while the time will float like water.

Currently, this eBook title boats 50k+ eBook tittles, the center of attraction for this site is that this is designed for mobile users. While these classic collections of eBooks are available for free of cost. The interface displays eBooks in multiple formats.

Every eBook lover should try this torrent site at least once.

11. Torrentz

This Torrentz torrent site is one of the best-visited torrent sites also considered as a search engine for torrent sites. It is also one of the best torrent sites providing eBooks to users.

With a huge library of eBooks for book lovers at any time. There were no ads and search options on the top of the site. The main advantage of the Torrentz is that it won’t slow down your speed and bandwidth.

This site offers safe and enormous eBooks for its users and is recognized as the best torrent site even in 2021.

12.  Books Share

This website is a very clean and straightforward UI which makes the site very easy to explore. This website also has a unique feature in displaying the number of pages in the book.

Book share will also provide the synopsis of the book in its collection. It’s been on the list since millions of users will visit this site regularly. While the main thing is you need to make an account before you start downloading any material from this site.

Some More Torrent Sites:

13. RuTracker

RuTrackers is one of the largest Russian Torrent tracker sites where you can find your favorite eBook, while this torrent site is not focused on any specific category. There is a lot of content strictly organized.

As there is no ratio for torrent files (Seeds/Leechers) you freely download whatever you want. But before downloading the files you need to register on their site (free registration). You will also get magnet links to start your download directly on the torrent clients.

14. DirtyTorrents

DirtyTorrents is yet another best torrent search engine site with tons of torrents from various sources. While the best thing about this site is that there are no ads. Though the design of the website is very plain & mobile friendly. You can get all the torrents for free without any registration or verifications.

Whenever you are looking for eBooks, indie movies, free indie TV shows, video games, etc. this torrent search engine will get you covered. You will more likely be able to find the magnet links quickly without any misleading (redirections).

15. GloTorrents

GloTorrents maintain healthy torrent files all the time (recommended website). So, this site will be helpful when your torrent file doesn’t have good health on other torrent sites. All this is possible through the active torrent community.

GloTorrents has a clean & elegant design with all the torrent files listed below & categories on the left, this torrent site truly offers everything that you are looking for. New files will get uploaded daily.

16. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent offers a massive collection of torrent files among a wide range of categories (mostly healthy torrent files). You will find it’s easy to browse & find your file. In fact, it is one of the world’s largest torrent indexes.

ExtraTorrent provides a friendly mobile experience and there are magnet links readily available on the left side of the torrent file name (quick download). Though this site is not fully optimized for mobile devices but it’s usable & handy with some features.

17. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk has millions of verified torrent files on a wide range of categories including eBooks. This torrent site outperforms others in terms of the quality & health of its torrent files (faster download speeds) offering a unique and intuitive user experience. Design-wise this torrent site looks very classic.

You will find everything right from music to eBooks, right now it boasts tons of torrents (added daily), there is no doubt in mentioning this torrent site. In fact, all the torrent files are verified (secure).

18. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is a dedicated eBook torrent site with few ads here & there for revenue generation. This is a treasure for downloading torrent files without any redirections & ads. Anyone can download the torrent files directly, there is no registration or membership required.

SkyTorrents has exceptional trust & domain scores making this more trusted among all other torrent sites available. The quality of torrent files & website is remarkable for torrent users feels this simple to access.

19. Torrent9

Ad-free torrents sites are few, Torrent9 is one among them having great website design. All the torrent sites are actively maintained with the community. You will find this torrent site mobile-friendly and verified torrents (trusted).

Though this is not a dedicated eBook torrent site, you will find the category section. Thanks to its great community & other concerns for actively making this site active. You will find it more user-friendly.


These are the best working torrent sites available for eBooks. All these torrent sites will help you to download other files as well while some are dedicated to eBooks. If you are in school/college and unable to torrent, check our guide on how to torrent on school/university.

Make sure that you are connected to VPN before downloading them.

📝Note: Only visit the official sites as there are high chances these files can contain viruses. Avoid sites that look fishy.


Is it safe to download eBooks from the Torrent site?

You might have already known that using torrent sites for downloading files is illegal. So we’ll recommend using a VPN and always good practice using magnet links for safety.

Where to Find Free College eBooks?

For college eBooks, look in dedicated eBook torrent sites such as Library Genesis, ZLibrary and then move to torrent sites like Kickass, 1377x.

Can I Find My Desired eBook on the torrent site?

Well, the answer is in probability. You search it on the above-mentioned sites once. If you couldn’t find then there are communities in those torrent sites which is a good thing to get your desired book even after some time.

Is Torrenting illegal?

Torrenting is treated as illegal in some countries. So make sure you went through your country’s regulations once before torrenting or you can connect to a country where torrenting is legal.

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