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"Honesty and Privacy are our pillers."

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Our team values our reader and we are dedicated to provide you the information to protect your online privacy.



Our reviews are totally based on our real experience and have nothing to do with any outside source. While writing our team mainly focuses on providing our readers honest and straight - forward information.

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After doing a lot of research we try to provide our readers the best information in an easy to understand manner even on very hard to understand topics.

Meet Team Behind VPNHelpers

We are team of dedicated security researchers and experts. Our goal is to serve our users in best possible way with our expertise.

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Co-Founder & CTO

Internet Security Researcher, Internet entrepreneur.

Irene Drake

Head of Research, Editor

Irene Drake

Head of Research, Editor. Experienced security author featured in BBC, CNN, Wired.

Patricia D Miller

Relationship Manager

Patricia Miller

Community Relationship Manager.