NordVPN Detailed Review: Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing, Speed Test

Thinking about getting NordVPN? but not sure if you should go for it or not. This is because you don’t know what NordVPN can do for you. But don’t worry we are here in this article, we will cover NordVPN in 360 degrees with the performance, features, Pros, Cons, Pricing, Speed Test, and end with a FAQ session to clarify all your doubts about this VPN.

NordVPN full review

It’s always 😀necessary to know before you own it. In this way, you can know all of its features earlier & use them effectively for your purpose. Further without any time let’s dive in.

NordVPN Review Quick Summary

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  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Double VPN feature for extra privacy
  • Unlimited Streaming in Ultra HD quality without data caps
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers
  • Unblocks International services Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.
  • CyberSec to avoid malware and block ads
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPN deserves 🥇1st position in the best VPN list with its features and continuous effort towards improvement. NordVPN has servers in 59 countries count 5400. There is no log policy, there is nothing to wonder that NordVPN scored 4.6⭐ in the App store with 59k ratings and 4.5⭐ rating in Playstore with 1.3M ratings.

To be honest, performance levels are very good and fast enough for streaming Netflix Content. While the app for the NordVPN Android, iOS, and Windows is pretty good without ending up in trouble. Also, NordVPN has dedicated servers for torrenting, which will help to download torrents safely and anonymously. It uses 256-bit military-grade encryption and has a kill switch feature to make sure there are No IP leaks.

As a bonus feature, NordVPN offers the ▶SmartPlay feature which will make video streaming so easy while other VPNs struggle. This VPN is compatible and available for every device right from iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, TV, and even for routers.

NordVPN CyberSec feature 🚫blocks malware and ads on websites that will help your device against any kind of malware attack. There is also 30 days money-back guarantee program. So, you can try NordVPN hassle-free without any worries.

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That’s it with the quick summary now let’s 🏊‍♂️dive into every feature in detail.

NordVPN Detailed Review with Every Feature Explained

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers with more than 12 million customers in the world. NordVPN floats with features and still, there is plenty to explore.

When we dig in with the technical features, you will get more than expected including support for strong encryption and high performance along with a Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, and support for OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. There is some special feature that allows you to disconnect from the VPN for a specific amount of time and then you can reconnect to it again automatically. Which is a handy feature.

Double VPN

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Double-VPN-1.jpg

This is an advanced VPN security feature that routes your traffic through two VPN servers and encrypts them twice. This will act as double protection for privacy, enhanced security, IP Protection, and complete privacy. If you want to explore more about double VPN then read here.

CyberSec Feature (NordVPN)

NordVPN CyberSec Feature

This is their advanced technology to take your privacy and security to another level. It automatically blocks the websites if they are known for hosting malware or scams, which keep you safe from online threats.

Besides, CyberSec ad blocker will stop the annoying flashy ads to speed up your browser experience to another level. While this feature is available in NordVPN apps. You can enable it in the Settings menu. Read more here about the CyberSec feature.

Kill Switch in NordVPN

NordVPN Kill Switch

This is one of NordVPN’s most useful features that will help in protecting your sensitive information when your VPN connection goes down. When you enable this feature, if there is any accidental drop in connection then Kill Switch will block the app from accessing the web.

Even though VPN will hide your IP and shield your private data from third parties. A Kill Switch will ensure the last line of your defense.

NordVPN has two versions of the Kill Switch feature.

  • System-Wide: System-wide network locks if there is an accidental VPN connection drop occurs.
  • App Level: You can specify which application should be blocked if the connection of NordVPN drops. This App Level Kill Switch is recommended for advanced users, who have a full grasp of every running app.

When we come to the extra feature section, you will get double data encryption and Onion Over VPN which will support extra security. When you think about ads and malware in the websites which can be blocked with CyberSec.

Split Tunneling 

Split Tunneling in NordVPN

This is a specific feature that allows you to route some specific part of the internet outside the VPN. This is a handy feature when you don’t want to use VPN while accessing your trusted applications. This feature is available on all platforms.

NordVPN Protocols

NordVPN OpenVPN Protocol

OpneVPN Feature in NordVPN

This is an open-source protocol that makes use of a VPN to establish a safe site-to-site connection. This Protocol uses TLS/SSL for key exchange and travels through the firewalls and NATs.

This OpenVPN allows peers to authenticate each other using credentials or a shared key. When we use this with a multi-client server architecture, the server will send authority certificates to all the users.

NordVPN WireGuard Protocol

NordVPN started rolling this new WireGuard VPN tunneling protocol which enhances the speeds in all platforms to the existing OpenVPN protocol. This integration is started last year by now this is already there for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac as well.

NordVPN is also using a double NAT system for improved privacy and you can enjoy this feature by switching to the NordLynx standard in the NordVPN.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NordVPN-server-map-1-1024x640.jpg
NordVPN Server Map

NordVPN maintains over 5500+ servers🗼 all over the world making this one of the largest VPN services (today). Maintaining multiple servers at the same location is the specialty of NordVPN to get the advantage of faster speeds (You will have an option to connect to another server from the same location).

Locations will be mapped as 📌 points on your application with the “Quick connect” option. Of all these servers they are some specialized servers mentioned below.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Servers 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is P2P-1-1-1024x742.jpg

P2P is a computer network without any fixed workstations or servers. This is really a helpful feature when you want to download films, series, music, and other software files at top speeds without making your privacy at risk.

If you experience any connection drop while using P2P traffic. Make sure that you are connected to the P2P server. Since NordVPN will allow P2P traffic on certain servers.

Here is the detailed guide to know which are P2P servers in NordVPN.

Onion Over VPN Servers

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Onion-Over-VPN-1-1024x738.jpg

This is a special feature of NordVPN which offers the advantage of Tor combined with the extra security of VPN. There are some reasons that why you need Onion Over VPN.

  • Simplicity: With a single click you can route through the Onion network.
  • Privacy: NordVPN shields you from all third parties. So that no one can trace your online activities.
  • Encryption: Adding another layer of encryption while tunneling.

Dedicated IP Servers

Dedicated IP in NordVPN

NordVPN will give you a dedicated IP which no one else can use. Which will be great for banking. Since if your location changes often while accessing your account. your bank could block you.

This will also come in handy if you are into a business. Where you can give an IP to your employee and whitelist them to know who is accessing it without being on the list.

Some of the websites will block the shared IP addresses. Having a dedicated IP will prevent this issue and get you access to the website. Read more about Dedicated IP Addresses here. If you want to explore more about VPN servers & how they work, check out our guide on VPN servers.

Security and Privacy

Strong Encryption

When it comes to encryption and security protocols NordVPN uses a 256 bit AES algorithm as a standard. Since this is hard to break. In addition to this, they will use a perfect Forward Secrecy with the encryption keys.

NordVPN will use various security protocols they are

  • NordLynx: This is based on WireGuard to boost the speed of your internet. Though WireGuard is not the safest protocol NordVPN combines it with double NAT to ensure privacy.
  • OpenVPN: Where you can choose between UDP and TCP. While UDP is faster and good for streaming. TCP is more secure.
  • IKEv2/IPSec: To boost the privacy and security which is available on iOS devices,
  • L2TP/IPSec and PPTP: These protocols are there but they are no longer usable since they are weaker protocols.

DNS Leak Protection

NordVPN is has dedicated DNS leak protection and has gone through all Leak Tests. There is nothing found, after connecting to a VPN all your information is routed through a tunnel after encryption to make sure that your personal identification is safe. Sometimes a piece of information will leak through which can lead to your identity revelation.

Some of the elements which are a sign of leaks:

  • DNS Leak: This leak occurs when your DNS request runs through regular traffic instead of a VPN. This will be bad since your ISP will know what you are doing online.
  • WebRTC: This is a technology that allows you to take a call without using plugins. Seems awesome right but there are flaws. This will reveal your identity to that site and to your ISP.
  • IP Address Leak: This type of leak is considered as occurred when your real IP is known to your ISP.

NordVPN didn’t leak any of these types of leaks in a test. Since NordVPN runs its own DNS servers so there will be no DNS leaks and when you connect to a server it will show your location from there which means that there is no IP leak. You can check your IP Here before & after connecting to VPN.


NordVPN is based in Panama (No data retention laws) & their government didn’t impose surveillance on their people as other countries do, 😎great for user’s privacy. Even to find flaws in their security they hired third-party companies to run independent audits twice.

Reports show NordVPN is a clean & secure VPN without any history of storing user’s data at any cost. They truly value their customers as the best No Log policy VPN.

NordVPN is not like PureVPN claiming “No Log” on their website and logging user’s data behind. We have discussed this in detail on ExpressVPN vs PureVPN.

Speed & Performance

NordVPN ✨shines in the speeds, In fact, the fastest VPN available in the VPN market. However, when you connect to a VPN server you will notice a slight drop🔽 in your connection speed because of encryption. Since speed depends on server location if you’re connecting with a server in a country that is far away from your then you may notice a significant drop in speed. But you can use our tricks to boost your speeds.

But if you like to download torrents or streaming movies then you might observe an increase🔼 in speed. This is because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throttles speed but when using a VPN you avoid this increases speed.

Here is the speed test results have a quick 👀look:

📝Note: All the tests are conducted with a base speed of 30 Mbps

On connecting to US server speeds my speeds 🥳improved to 116% (possible by breaking ISP’s bandwidth barrier). Even the PING is quite low 23 ms which will be great for gaming. Upload speeds are also impressive.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NordVPN-Speeds-1.jpg

On connecting to Singapore Server speeds are almost the same with some drop compared to earlier retaining 33.89 Mbps download speed & 27.42 Mbps upload speed. But the PING went a little high to 86ms.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NordVPN-Speeds2-1.jpg

Most likely every server strives to quickly decrypt the information to maintain decent speeds. I can assure you that you won’t get 🤗disappointed with NordVPN speeds.


NordVPN is a brilliant website or streaming content unblocker. Though there is a huge list of streaming services that NordVPN can unblock. They claim it all with a simple statement “Get access to your favorite content and forget about censorship” 😋sounds pleasing.

To test NordVPN’s ability here are some of the streaming services we unblocked.

Unblocking Netflix with NordVPN

Unblocking Netflix with NordVPN

While many VPNs struggle in unblocking Netflix because of its 🧱strict VPN detection. But for NordVPN it is a piece of 🍰cake. NordVPN conquers 🥇1st position of best Netflix VPNs. Since it has 15+ different US regions you can enjoy the regional library’s content better than others. You will get an advantage of using NordVPN (even when you are connected to the standard server) ▶SmartPlay feature will detect that you are streaming and adjust the settings to bypass streaming services censorship.

If you are new to Netflix, here are some tips about Netflix. All the servers are working fine with reliable speeds and it is easy to unblock the Netflix UK, Japan, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, and India.

Change your Netflix region and start streaming your favorite content now.

Unblocking Amazon Prime Video with NordVPN

Unblocking Amazon Prime with NordVPN

Amazon Prime Video is considered to have strong geo-blocks and many VPNs 🤐fail to unblock it. But for NordVPN it’s not the case during our test we unblocked Amazon Prime US. Here is a detailed guide on how to change your Amazon Prime region anywhere in the world. If you face any trouble unblocking Amazon Prime there are alternative servers as well which will work fine.

You can enjoy all the original shows with NordVPN.

Unblocking Hulu with NordVPN

Unblocking Hulu with NordVPN

You can easily unblock Hulu with NordVPN. Like other streaming services when you connect to VPN its SmartPlay feature will detect that you are streaming. So you can stream without any hassles to get the entire library (any region) and enjoy your streaming with impressive speeds.

Unblocking Disney+ with NordVPN

Unblocking Disney+ with NordVPN

Entering digital streamings Disney+ recently started detecting VPNs. But, surprisingly NordVPN can bypass Disney+ geo-blocks as well. Since the US library will get the latest shows you can tweak to that location and enjoy all the shows.

Even Disney+ Australian library is very huge with content you can also have a try with the servers available in that area.

Unblocking HBO Max with NordVPN

Unblocking HBO Max with NordVPN

When we started testing the servers in New York everything worked fine. Since this streaming platform has a large library to watch you can also try this with NordVPN.


P2P Servers in NordVPN

Though you cannot torrent on all its servers there are some dedicated P2P sharing optimized servers available. Since these servers offer ⚡fast speeds so that you will be able to download the desired files at faster speeds.

You can use uTorrent, BitTorrent, or any other torrent clients without any issue. NordVPN’s no-log policy will be a bonus so that your torrenting activities are not stored.

Will NordVPN work in China?

Yes, of course, you can use this NordVPN even in china as well. Thanks to its servers located in china which makes this look like regular traffic coming from china to Chinese firewalls. With the kill switch, your online activities and your trace will be never revealed.

Even if your connection fails there is nothing to do with the Chinese government. You are safe after all, But the downside is that you cannot download the NordVPN there in china. So before boarding make sure that you installed all the things with you.

Though there are no servers located in China so there is nothing you can do to get the exclusive content there. But there are servers available nearby like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam

Six Device Connections – One NordVPN Account

With a single subscription to NordVPN, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously. Even though if you connect with all the devices at once there won’t be any speed drops or issues.

If you still want to cover more devices then you can install this on your router. Which will cover all the devices connected under the router. But make sure that your router supports VPN since all of them won’t support it.


This NordVPN is compatible with a wide variety of devices and operating systems. We have tried installing this VPN on AndroidiOSWindows, and macOS, FireStick, FireTV, Smart TV, and other platforms. The app will have a similar interface on almost all of these platforms which is convenient.

Another interesting this is that NordVPN has an app for Linux systems. But most VPNs don’t have Linux Client Support. Really this is very easy to use on Linux without any commands.

It is also very easy to download and install this NordVPN on Android TV, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can find this app on the corresponding store. There is also an option to install this NordVPN on devices like Smart TVs, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

Browser Extensions

Well, NordVPN has browser extensions if you want to protect your browser. Since it is always a tedious process to connect to a VPN server by opening the app and then choosing the server and closing the app to get back to the browser.

NordVPN is offering chrome and Firefox extensions which will simplify the process allowing you to choose a location and connect to it directly. You can install the NordVPN chrome extension and add it to your address bar.

Though you won’t get overwhelming features like in the app, the extension is quick and easy to use with most of the features that a NordVPN will offer.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NordVPN-Pricing-2-1-1024x440.jpg

For now, NordVPN is offering 3 main plans. Beware of opting for small plans as they are costlier, I recommend using this VPN for the long term so you have to pay very few dollars per month.

1 Month Plan1 Year Plan2 Years Plan
NordVPN$11.95$4.92/ Month$3.67/ Month

NordVPN prices are very fair and still, if you are not convinced about their features to pricing performance, then you can give it a try on their 30 days money-back guarantee program to experience premium performance. If you don’t like their service during the guarantee program then you will get a full refund.Try NordVPN Now!

Cryptocurrency Accepted

They started taking cryptocurrency for a subscription which will leave no trace of who you are. They are also ensuring that no data will be traced even at the subscription time. They are also offering 30 days money-back guarantee program.

Customer Support

Help Center in NordVPN

NordVPN stands on first-line providing 24/7 support for its valuable customers via email or chat which helps them when they ran into trouble. But, there isn’t any phone call service provided (talk with humans) right now. There are guides, tutorials available on their website.

NordVPN will give you the section like “FAQ“, “General Info“, “Billing” and “Connectivity“. If you still couldn’t find what you want then there is a chatbot that will offer instant intelligent help. Still, you insist on some real help from humans then NordVPN also offers 24/7 live chat support.

What I Like and Don’t about NordVPN

In this section, we will speak more about what I liked and what I don’t like about NordVPN.


  • Extremely fast & Strong security
  • Works in China & No log policy
  • Global servers with six simultaneous device connections
  • Unblock Streaming sites and good for torrenting

Don’t Like:

  • Though you will get switched to streaming servers using SmartPlay (They are not specified explicitly).
  • Slow internet speed on few servers like Malaysia (rarely).

New Improvements in NordVPN

The company is very busy with improvements of NordVPN either in improving the protocols and with faster download across all platforms.

While their focus is on the infrastructure improvements which will make high security a standard and ensuring that everything is working fine or not. Apps on all platforms are getting automated to connect when you access an unsecured Wifi network.

Enhancements over switching servers and all apps across all platforms are choosing the fastest servers available quickly. While there are some platform-specific improvements as well.

For iOS dark mode enhancement and reduced 🔋battery consumption for Mac Users. Optimized split tunneling for Android TV and Smart kill switch feature for Windows.


That’s it🙌 NordVPN is one of the best VPNs available in the market and spotted on Reddit users recommended VPNs in 2021. As they are some quite expensive features offered at an affordable price range (while other VPNs are 💲charging a lot). NordVPN offers them at cheaper prices in long-term plans.

It might not seems cheap for you (One Month Plan), if we look at the features, the security they are offering then this is a 🤑jackpot. They will also welcome enhancements, try to polish their service often so it is recommended to use this VPN.

FAQs Related to NordVPN

Can I unblock Netflix Using NordVPN?

For sure, Not only Netflix this VPN will work for other popular streaming platforms as well like Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, and many more. You can easily tweak the location and start enjoying the content you desired. If you want to know what other VPNs can unblock Netflix here is the guide.

Can I Get NordVPN for Free?

Technically yes, you can try out their 30 days money-back guarantee program which will let you experience their service. If you don’t like it then you will get a refund to get this VPN for free.

What is NordLocker?

It’s a NordVPN application that will let you create a secure locker to store sensitive information which is protected by encryption. You need to purchase this separately

Can we use NordVPN for Torrenting?

Yes, without any doubt in your mind. Since this VPN allows P2P file-sharing you can download your desired torrent files anonymously. Torrenting is treated as illegal in some countries. So make sure you went through your country’s regulations once before torrenting or you can connect to a country where torrenting is legal.

Is it Good to use NordVPN while streaming?

Yes, you can use NordVPN while streaming since this VPN will slightly lower your speed which is not noticeable. If your internet connection speed is enough for streaming then you can use NordVPN.

Will NordVPN Slows your Internet Connection?

Usually, any VPN including this one as well will slower your internet connection, which is not noticeable. Since they need to encrypt the data and route them through tunnels. In a test, it is evident that there is a 6-8% drop in speed which can be acceptable. Also, you can boost your VPN connection speeds.

Is it good to use NordVPN for Online Gaming?

VPNs are not actually designed to play games. VPNs will decrease the performance of your network. But, the performance drop is very less and if you are serious about games that cannot be played without a VPN then for sure you can use NordVPN without any doubt in your mind.

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