9 Best Comic Book Torrent Sites in 2023

Comic Books are the best companions for everyone, very dominant over other media content. Reading a comic book excites you more than anything, a page in the comic book speaks and gets you into the comic world. Comic books brought the character you watch in “Marvel” and “DC” to life. They are widely available in all genres either it’s conventional books or fantasy.

Best Comic Book Torrent Site

Are you a comic book lover? Do you feel it’s hard the best comic books for free? If so, you are at the right place. Combining torrents with comics, we’ve compiled the best comic book torrent sites available online that have every comic book you are looking for. What you are waiting for? Let’s get started…

How to Safely Access Documentary Torrent Sites:

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN: NordVPN or ExpressVPN are recommended.
  2. Install VPN App: Download and set up VPN software.
  3. Check Updated Lists: Find best documentary torrent sites.
  4. Visit Recommended Sites: Access top documentary torrents safely.

Quick Guide: Top Comic Book Torrent Sites

  1. The Pirates Bay
  2. Get Comics
  3. 1377x
  5. Zooqle
  6. TorrentDownloads
  7. 01Torrent
  8. Books-Share
  9. LimeTorrents

Top Comic Book Torrent Sites in 2023

1. The Pirate Bay: Huge Comic Book Torrents Collection

Pirates Bay is a one-stop shop for comic book torrents, the best torrent hub for everything for ages, and stands top🥇 in every torrent category. You will find the comic book you are looking for as the site has a massive comic book library organized in alphabetical order.

While you can find the “Comic Book” section in others, users find this site very handy and safe as it indicates verified torrents. So the site has minimum traffic of 10M every month and maintains the largest active torrent community.

Also, it’s a search engine that facilitates high-quality torrents in every category like software, application, games, TV Shows, Movies, etc. Pirates Bay has a minimal design with easy to use & navigate features, the only downside is that the site URL is being changed frequently.


  • Huge Comic Book Collection
  • Every Comic Book Category Available
  • Verified & Trusted Torrents in every category
  • No Account or registration required


  • Changes its domain frequently
  • Blocked in your region

2. Get Comics: Dedicated Comic Book Torrent Site

Get Comics is a 🥳free comic book torrent site that has every comic book listed for comic book 💕lovers. While the website has feature rich design like a premium site, you can download or read any comic book online. Also, the site keeps the readers up to date with the latest comic release news.

Get Comics packs for every comic released on the week in “Weekly Packs“. And it offers dedicated DC Week, Marvel Week, and Indie Week comic books. All the comic books are available in Webp, JPG, and EPUB. Everyone will get pleased with their design and filtering options (Yearly, Monthly, Daily). Also, you can search the comic book directly.

You don’t require an account to read or download comic books on the site, still you can request comic books on their discord channel.


  • Every Comic Book Listed (Marvel, DC, etc)
  • Read Online or Download for Free
  • Daily Comic News (Weekly Packs)
  • Premium design and ad-free
  • No Account or registration required


  • Blocked in your region

3. 1337x


1337x is yet another best comic book torrent site that has DC, Marvel, or even Archie comics 🎇attracting many comic users with its comic book library collection. Though it’s not a dedicated comic book torrent site, it’s truly worth visiting for its extensive library of high-quality torrents. While this site stands top since torrenting is prominent.

1377x is truly torrent-friendly and stands out of the crowd with it’s 🤗user-interface and listing only verified torrent sites. Its well-organized structure drives you into the category or you can simply search the comic book to get it and download it with few clicks.

Though you can’t read any comic books online, the site doesn’t require any account or registration to download them. The only downside is, the site is blocked in most regions due to hosting copyright content. Only visit the official site with a VPN for safe torrenting & better experience instead of falling for proxy traps.


  • Massive Comic Book Library
  • Organized and Structured Design
  • High-Quality Torrents in other categories
  • No Account or registration required


  • Blocked in your region
  • No Online reading

4. EBOOKEE– Extensive Comic Book Torrents

EBOOKEE- Dedicated eBook Tracker

EBOOKEE is conventionally named after its ebook 🔥collection, majorly comic book torrents. One of the finest torrent sites delicately for books, indexes more than 40M+ eBooks in over 70+ different categories ranging from academics, tech, tutorials, comics, novels, fiction, and many more.

It offers a centralized search to hunt down your favorite comic book or you can find comics under the “Comics” tag. Though the site has a less pleasing design with text everywhere, the site maintains “Top 10“, “Recently Viewed“, and “Recently Added” comic books.

While you don’t require any account or registration to download torrents from this site. There will be a few ads interrupting your session. A lot of users find this site very handy for downloading book torrents.


  • Best Comic Book torrent site
  • Top 10 News, Comic Books, eBooks.
  • Great search engine for books
  • Almost every new ebook is available


  • Blocked in your region
  • Old School design & requires an account
  • Malicious redirections

5. Zooqle


Zooqle is another torrent search engine for comic books indexing other popular comic book torrent sites. And search engines contain every torrent from high quality to verified ones, you just need to provide the comic book name.

Zooqle has a minimal interface with 🔍search bar on top along with torrent categories with some advanced filtering options. Though it has some ad intrusion, the site doesn’t require any account to download torrents.

Torrent Search engines shine in comic book torrents as you’ll have different torrents for the same comic book. So, you can choose verified ones and download healthy and safe torrents. The only downside with the site is that the official site is blocked in many regions.


  • High-Quality Torrents Comic Book Torrents
  • Advanced Filter options
  • Torrents in every category
  • No Account or Registration required


  • Blocked in your region
  • Little Ad Annoyance

6. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads has a comic style and soothing interface hosting a massive comic book library. One can find all categories of comic books along with millions of eBooks, each comic book is in a different language.

TorrentDownloads maintains a section for “Today” and “Yesterday” best comic torrents. Even you can search for the comic directly, their team keeps their database up to date every day. While there are no ads on the site and you don’t require an account to download torrents.

But the only downside is, Torrent Downloads keep changing their domain to avoid blocks so you can get the working links from the proxy.


  • Best Comic Book Torrent Site
  • Comic Books in different languages
  • No Account or registration required


  • Available in a few regions
  • No Latest Comic Books

7. 01Torrent

01Torrent is another best comic book torrent sites on the web that has a book library. While its design is very minimal with a list of available torrents and download option right to them. Also, you can search for the comic book you need on the search option.

While you don’t require an account to download torrents from the site, there is heavy ad intrusion (popups and irrelevant ads). Also, you will only find US-based comic books on the site under the book section.


  • Newly Released Torrents
  • Majorly US Comic Books
  • No Account or registration needed


  • Heavy Ad Intrusion
  • The Site is down

8. Book Share

Book share is another best comic book torrent site that has a truckload of books (published ones) and is available in ebook format. By its naming one can know that it’s most used for sharing books across categories and the best place to find comic books.

While their active community uploads every book and you can download them directly. You can find popular books and their categories on the left. Also, you can search for the comic book you are looking for on 🔍search.

Though the site doesn’t require an account to allow users, there is heavy ad intrusion. So, use an ad-blocker before you visit the site.


  • Only Published Comic Books
  • Massive book library
  • No Account or registration required


  • Heavy Ad Intrusion
  • Not a torrent site

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents-Torrent-Site (1)

LimeTorrents is 🔥emerging torrent site for the latest comic book torrents and has a pleasing user interface in comic style. While the site indexes torrents for two decades i.e massive torrent collection.

LimeTorrents is ad-free and maintains a healthy community that added every new comic book torrent daily. Also, it has a top, a new torrent section on the top listing new and top torrents in every category.

Also, it’s easier to find your torrent through global search. Though there are no advanced filter options, still the site maintains 10M+ monthly traffic. But the only drawback is that old torrents don’t have many seeds/leechers.


  • Decent comic book collection
  • Torrents in every category
  • No Registration or account needed
  • No Ad Intrusion


  • Blocked in your region

🙌Wrap Up

With that said, above all are the best comic book torrent sites available online. You can read the comics online or download them at your convenience, Every comic book you name it, the sites have them. I hope you’ll find the comic you are looking for and start reading it already…

Also, don’t forget to shield yourself with a torrent VPN before you access torrent sites to protect your identity and avoid legal issues.

FAQs Related To Comic Torrent Sites

Where can I find the free comic book torrents?

After extensive research and testing, we’ve compiled a list of the best free comic book torrents. Every marvel, dc, archive, indie, etc comic books are available for free. Also, you don’t require an account to download these torrents.

Is it safe to download comic book torrents?

Yes, it 💯% much safer to download comic book torrents if you torrent with a VPN like NordVPN that unlocks every torrent site available. Also, it hides your browsing history and blocks ads & viruses. While the VPN P2P Servers are torrent friendly for quick download.

Is there any place to read comic books online?

Yes, Get Comics is a site where you can actually read the comics online for free without an account. While other torrent sites have only download options, users who feel downloading torrents files is not safe.

What is VPN?

A VPN stands for (Virtual Private Network) that masks your IP Address i.e hide your online identity from ISP or government. It gives you internet freedom to visit any website (*Inc blocked ones) and unblock streaming services and online services.

Is torrenting legal, will I get caught for comic book torrenting?

Torrenting is treated as legal in many countries, again it depends on the region you live in. So, change your region through a VPN and torrent legally with NordVPN. You won’t get caught for torrenting comic books and you will be 100% safe online.

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