Best VPNs for Windows (11 & below) in 2022 [Updated]

Everyone prefers using VPN for Windows right from online privacy, streaming to torrenting. What about you? Thinking about VPN? Own one, here are the best VPNs for Windows (Also works for Windows 11).

Best VPNs for Windows

You know, there is a huge demand for Windows VPN in the market. You can use it for an additional layer of security or access “geo-blocked” content. We are here today with the best VPNs list, without any delay let’s dive in…

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On VPNHelpers we do recommend using NordVPN for your Windows PC, because of its security and streaming speeds (Double Speed with NordLynx). It can unblock all streaming services on your iOS devices. Allowing them to use six devices simultaneously along with fulfilling their torrenting wish with zero-logging. They are also offering a 30-days money-back guarantee program to taste their service for free.

Why You Need a VPN?

As the windows community getting bigger, threats are growing simultaneously. One such example includes a meeting between me & my friend Joie at the coffee shop.

My friend & I visited a coffee shop and connected to their Wi-Fi. I was using VPN and My friend has no idea what is VPN and why I’m using it. I explained to him public Wi-Fi are not secure and hackers can steal your data such as credit card information etc.That’s why we need a VPN on the go to make a secure connection & hide our presence on the internet.

Also using a VPN we can access geo-restricted sites and unblock streaming services and more likely our favorite Torrenting.

Here is the list of more benefits you will get using a VPN.

How We listed Best VPNs for Windows (11 & below)

🤕Some VPNs might catch your attention on your Windows browser. But don’t fall for those VPN advertisement tricks. You should have the luxury of 😎choosing your own VPN to protect your personal data on your Windows.

👑Choosing an All-rounder will save a lot of bucks. All-rounder in the sense- Fast Server connection, Speeds, User Friendly, P2P Torrenting support, Zero Log policy, so on and finally Security is a major concern.

After all your needs are fulfilled, look for the pricing later since most of the VPN providers are offering a money-back guarantee program to taste their service once. So you can get them for free for a particular duration.

Best VPNs for Windows (11 & below)

1.NordVPN: Best All Rounder VPN For Windows

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Toughest Double Encryption (VPN feature) for extra privacy
  • Unlimited Streaming in ulrand P2P Torrenting anonymously
  • In-built ad-blocker with military grade security
  • Stream International Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, and other streaming sites
  • Reliable handy kill switch feature
  • Pure No-logs policy
  • 6 Simultaneous device connections
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPN is an All-Rounder Windows VPN offering great military-grade encryption security with no DNS/IPv6 leaks protecting you from your ISP or any government surveillance. Since this VPN is based in Panama, you will be out of 14 eye’s surveillance.

Coming to security this VPN has numerous security features like Double VPN & Onion over VPN coupled with two Kill Switches and supports NordLynx protocol for excellent streaming speeds.

Also, there are other regular protocols like IkEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. NordVPN provides P2P dedicated torrenting servers from 5500+ Servers. The Simple One Tap “Quick Connect” interface makes it’s more user-friendly and connects to the fastest servers only.

NordVPN is compatible with all platforms including AndroidiOS, and macOS so you will get complete support. You can simultaneously use NordVPN on 6 devices connections per subscription.

Even a beginner can use this VPN effectively. This VPN is available at a competitive price. NordVPN is also a good choice for unblocking the geo-blocked content in different platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and other streaming Apps.

Also, they are offering 30 days of the money-back guarantee program. So you can try this without any risk. So, if you don’t like the app then you will get your full refund within 5 days. And if you need a VPN for 1-2 weeks only then can try NordVPN for free using its money-back program.

2. ExpressVPN:- Security Centric Windows VPN

  • 3000+ Servers in 160+ locations
  • Brilliant Windows Client App
  • Superior Connection Speeds with unbeatable Security
  • Torrenting Support with dedicated Servers
  • Unblock Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • No Logging.
  • Reliable kill switch
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 Days full refund policy

ExpressVPN make’s its entry in the VPNs for Windows being a great choice for security lovers. This VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which has no data logging.

ExpressVPN uses OpenVPN, Ikev2, and L2Tp-IPSec protocols, which are known as the most reliable security protocols. It’s software lovely & easy to use with 3000+ servers across 94 countries offering decent internet speeds.

ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services. Also, you can torrent on 5 devices seamlessly with ExpressVPN installed on your Windows, but the prices are a little high.

They manage to offer 30 days risk-free money-back program and 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. If you want then there is a hidden page for low price subscriptions.

3. Surfshark:- Value Added Windows VPN

surfshark logo
  • 3200+ Servers in Major Countries
  • Standard 256-bit encryption with fantastic speeds
  • Unblocks libraries of US, UK, Italy, France. etc. streaming services
  • Multihop mode to stream the content in high quality without buffering.
  • Unlimited device connections.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 days full refund program

Consider Surfshark if you can afford only little for your Windows VPN expecting premium features. Though there aren’t many configurations you need to do on Windows client. Surfshark still stands as a powerhouse with great features.

Surfshark has a simple & cheerful UI with a kill switch to protect your connection. Don’t worry there is a “Quick Connect” option along with a regular selection of protocols. Just like other VPNs, this is also capable of unblocking major streaming services.

Surfshark VPN  is compatible with almost all platforms. In fact, this is the first VPN that works with FireTV Stick & Xbox. Like all other VPNs, you can stream, torrent, and do anything you want.

Unlimited device connections are the best thing in this VPN. Also, you will face internet speed drop using simultaneous device connections.

Also, they offer 30 days risk-free money-back guarantee program. If you don’t want to empty your pockets for a VPN consider this one as an option.

4. CyberGhost : Friendly Windows VPN

CyberGhost VPN
  • 6900+ Servers in over 105+ countries.
  • Fast VPN for Windows with all features
  • Unblock Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many other streaming platforms in high quality. 
  • Supports a maximum of 7 devices simultaneous streaming.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, Linux, and other devices
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 45 days money-back guarantee.

While some VPNs have similar features on all their platforms. Cyberghost dedicates some features to Windows. Regardless of OS, it offers massive 6200+ servers in more than 90+ countries for great & reliable speed to stream your favorite content.

CyberGhost is lightweight and makes your Windows Shine with its zero-logging policy as it is completely free from 14 eye surveillance. You can take everything deeper right from permission to launching the app.

Cyberghost has multiple protocols like OpenVPN, AES 256 encryption with a kill switch feature to protect you from unexpected disconnections. Cyberghost will also unblock popular video streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many more that come along the way.

CyberGhost is specially designed to determine which server will work on your streaming services. They also have app for almost all the platforms. Also, they are offering 7 days free trial for Android, iOS, and Windows.

They offer 45 days risk-free money-back program and 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. If you want then there is a hidden page for low price subscriptions.

5. IPVanish: Great Windows Support

  • 1500+ Servers in 75+ Locations
  • Endless Streaming with optimized servers
  • 10 devices support with a single account.
  • Faster connection speeds with unlimited data caps
  • Multi-platform iOS support with a reliable kill switch
  • No Log Policy with superior anonymity
  • 30 days Full Refund Policy

IPVanish met user expectations to be on the best VPNs for Windows list. All the essential features like the kill switch, remote servers, Split Tunneling, and torrenting.As the name implies this will vanish your IP to sneak from your ISP or hackers.

Its fantastic customer support admires all Windows users to use it. Featured with 1500+ servers in more than 75 locations across the world. You can use their service on almost all other platforms simultaneously on 10 devices with a single account.

They have also included leak protection along with standard 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN protocol. Sadly this US based VPN and don’t properly unblock Netflix.

They offer 30 days risk-free money-back program and 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. If you want then there is a hidden page for low price subscriptions.

6. Hotspot Shield:- Faster Speeds

  • 1800+ Severs in 110+ Locations
  • One of the fast VPNs for Windows
  • Pleasure to use standard 256-bit encryption
  • Unblocks BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+ along with many other popular streaming services.
  • Easy-to-use UI desktop App for new users too.
  • Supports 5 simultaneous connections.
  • 45 day’s money back gurantee program
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Fast isn’t everything, but there will be some people who loves it. for them Hotspot Shield is one of the best VPNs for Windows. Newly made Catapult Hydra protocol to improve streaming speeds.

Hotspot Shield can easily bypass any Streaming censorship and access the geo-restricted content. This VPN has managed to deliver 400Mbps without any 5G. Beyond speed’s this VPN offers standard 256-bit AES Encryption with an internet kill switch.

More ideal a Smart VPN feature to connect with ideal servers. A bonus feature include automatically connect with Hotspotshield accessing unsafe Wi-Fi.

While this Hotspot Sheild is compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast.  They are also providing 45 days money-back guarantee program so you can definitely know what makes this one special among all the VPNs.

More on it’s Way….

Consider using onl Top 6 best VPNs for Windows, but still if you are 🥵thristy take a 👀look on these VPNs available for free (Limited Features).

7 . Windscribe: Free Windows VPN

  • 10GB Per month Limit
  • Free Subscription in some regions (Countries)
  • Very Fast on Windows with stealth mode for security
  • Under the Surveillance of 14 eyes
  • Limited Streaming service accessibility
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Though Windscribe will limit your access to its free version. There are some robust benefits you will get for free. If you are connected to any one of the servers in the US, UK, Hong Kong you can enjoy this for free.

it offers a very poor bandwidth of 2GB per month, you can push the limit to 10GB if you are ready to share your email address with WindScribe. There is a logging policy for 14 eyes.

There is double-hop encryption. The saddest part is you cannot unblock Netflix or streaming sites with this free version. There are some decent encryption protocols. with no DNS or IP leaks.

You need not provide a working email to claim data, WindScribe has their app for all platforms housing a chatbot for 24/7 customer support to answer your queries. They are providing a 1-day free trial to experience premium services.

This is why we don’t redommend free VPNs as they limit everything for you. We want you to enjoy at full potential with 🕊wings….


Windows are sensitive to attacks. So, it’s recommended to use a VPN with Windows to defend yourself in this digital world. Premium VPN like NordVPN can protect you from malicious ads, malware, attacks and keep you completely anonymous.

🔥Claim all your benefits for free with a VPN today. Every VPN offering minimum 30 days money-back gurantee program. 🥳Feel free to use this service.

FAQs Related to VPNs for Windows

Which is the best Windows VPN?

NordVPN is a clear winner (recommended by Reddit Users) with Superior security and dedicated servers for torrenting, unblocking sites, streaming, and WhatNot…
All these features at just an affordable price range with a money-back guarantee program.

Windows Don’t have a built-in VPN?

Windows do come with a built-in ability to function as a VPN server (free). This is possible with PPTP protocol but you can’t unblock streaming services or sites.

Is it safe & legal to use VPN?

It’s completely safe to use VPN to protect your personal data against attacks and hacks. Using VPN is legal in most countries.

How to set up a VPN on my Windows?

It’s few clicks to set up VPNs for Windows, All you need to do is download the VPN from their official site and install it, then connect to a server and start streaming, torrenting and unblocking.

Can I get Free Windows VPNs?

Yes, there are free VPNs for Windows available on the browser. But, we are not responsible for the problems you will face with them.
They store & log your data and sell it to third parties for profits. Free VPNs can’t unblock streaming services and torrent sites. They limit your bandwidth with more limitations so considering all these factors using a premium VPN is far better than a free VPN.

What are the Best VPNs for Netflix?

These are the 7 best VPNs for iOS Netflix working in 2022. These VPNs can unblock any Netflix library you want.

What Can I do with Windows VPN?

Well, probably you can do anything you want. Unblock Any site and you can torrent on School or College Wi-Fi. You can unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many other streaming services.

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