27 Huge Defi Statistics for 2024

Mind-Blowing Defi Statistics

  • DeFi value is worth more than $80 billion
  • Crypto market capitalization reaches its high of $3.3 trillion in December 2021
  • There are 10363 Cryptocurrencies available in the market by 2022
  • 80 Million Crypto wallets are active overseas
  • $950 million of Crypto is stolen in 2018 and 160% higher in 2019,
  • Wrapped Bitcoin is the world’s most valuable crypto
  • $60 billion is the current highest crypto trade happening in 24 hours
  • Bitcoin market share is twice that of Ethereum
  • $20 trillion is the crypto market capitalization by 2017
  • 7 million Crypto transactions (peak) happened in a day
  • Bitcoin reached its peak value of $65000 in 2024 and trades 3 times high in the US
  • Dogecoin growth is very high compared to Bitcoin
  • Binance trading platform has high trade volume compared to others
  • There were 7757 cryptocurrencies available globally by 2021
  • The last Bitcoin is expected to be mined in 2140 (with a total of 21 million Bitcoins)
  • It takes 10 minutes to mine a Bitcoin in an ideal situation
  • There are more than 36000 crypto ATMs available all over the world
  • Crypto trading reached its peek with $500 billion in May 2021
  • 43% of US citizens aged between 18-29 years traded or used cryptocurrency.
  • More than 80000 crypto scams happened in the US
  • 2020 is the year of retail investors
  • 1 Crypto transaction will consume equal energy as 1.5 million visa transactions
  • One Bitcoin mining will emit 22.5 million metric tons of CO2
  • Investing in Dogecoin made a guy millionaire within 3 months

Cryptocurrency ruling the world sweeping all of the investor wallets. While some are getting 🤑benefited and some of them are unwillingly spending their money on it with Hope. Investing and trading aren’t as simple as smooth 🛶sailing as you think. Here are some shocking crypto statistics in 2024 that will blow your mind and are worth knowing, let’s get started…

Defi statistics 2022

As the world moves towards digital currency, Defi is grabbing users’ attention with never seen growth within a short span engaging more & more users across the world for passive income. But not everyone is aware of its presence, so in today’s article, we will see top DeFi statistics to make you know everything about it.

1. DeFi values worth’s more than $80 billion

Source: DeFi

Crypto investments are are sky rocketing🚀 with an estimated value of $9.1 billion in decentralized finance. As per the DeFi Pulse survey, this value is increased 800% since 2020 and is expected to reach $25 billion by end of 2020. Surprisingly, by this month there is a total of $79 billion value worth locked in decentralized finance.

While blockchain investments are increased 7 times in just 4 years starting from just $0.95 billion in 2017 to $6.6 billion in 2024. This is expected to be tripled by 2024 with $19 billion overseas.

2. Blockchain technology market likely to grow by $70 billion by 2026

Source: MarketsandMarkets

Blockchain changed everyone’s mind and attracts every investor to it. It’s witnessed that the principle value tripled in just 2 years and is expected to grow exponentially reaching $67.4 billion in 2026.

So far there are only 5840 cryptocurrencies available in the market by September 2021. But they are doubled in just one quarter, as more people are interested to invest in crypto. You know “There were only 3000 cryptos available in 2019 and 66 when the Crypto world started in 2013.

While the market capitalization is very high with $2.21 trillion by 2021 December and reaches all-time highs of $3.3 trillion in December 2021.

3. 80 Million crypto wallets users across the globe

Source: Blockchain

There is a huge spike in blockchain users this year, while there are only 45 million wallet users in January 2020. But this figure is almost doubled by just 24 months, here are the stats you can see yourself. Now there are more than 80 million active crypto wallet users around the globe.

With the increase in active users, crypto theft also growing at a rapid pace. You will be shocked on hearing this, $950 million in cryptos is stolen in 2018. Though it fell to $513 million with the investments started in DeFi across the world. On average the overall crypto stolen was approximately 160% in 2019.

Crypto has seen a 900% loss due to cyber thefts between 2020-21 and lost $610 million with just one incident that happened in mid-August as per the DeFi reports. As per the market capitalization wrapped BitCoin is the most valuable 💲 crypto (worth $42,076) while the second & third crypto is also BitCoins.

4. Highest Crypto trade in 24 hours worth $60 billion

Source: CoinMarketCap

As per the data sources CoinMarketCap 2022, Tether (USDT) has the highest 24-hour trade value worth $61 billion while no other crypto is near to this exchange. While the second most trading crypto is BitCoin worth $28.88 billion, though a single BitCoin is 44000% higher than Tether the 24 hours trade is very low.

Also, there are 12 other cryptocurrencies whose 24 hours trade is more than $1 billion. Over the past 5 years, the cryptocurrency had huge growth. But the overall crypto market capital is very huge worth $2.9 quadrillion by Q4 of 2021.

Bitcoin market capital is crossing $800 billion which is twice more than Ethereum in the present market. Also, there are 3 more cryptocurrencies whose market capitalization is more than $50 billion.

5. Number of crypto transactions every day

Source: Coin Metrics

More than 1.1 million crypto transactions happen every day (Ethereum) which is 6x times high than usual transactions. While Bitcoin transactions are more than 0.2M+ daily and all other transactions saw every less transaction a day. As per December statistics, crypto saw the highest transactions of 7 million a day.

Bitcoin reached its peak value in 2024 worth $65,000 a coin, this is a sharp rise over the past few years. When the coin started it was under $1000 and it grew rapidly 14 times within a year crossing $13000. After some ups & downs, the value returned back to a similar price, then it settled at $58,000.

At present BTC is at $44,482/ coin with more than 1.2 trillion market capitalization in the market. While the numbers grew to the sky within five months starting with $559.24 billion.

6. Bitcoin Trades 3 times faster in the US

Source: Statista

As per 2020 US trading statistics, more than $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin crypto has been traded. While no other country in the world traded this much and is at the $500 million mark. Russia stands in second position trading $420 million with Bitcoin followed by Nigeria with $400 million worth of trades.

Ethereum crypto capitalization takes a second stand in market capitalization with almost 1.2 million transactions a day and it starts growing 7 times faster in 2024. Just within 6 months, the market capital got twice by November 2021.

7. Dogecoin grows faster than Bitcoin

Source: Coingecko

Though Dogecoin crypto started recently it grows faster than Bitcoin between 2019 and 2020. By April 2021 Dogecoin’s value increased 60 times with just a Twitter comment made by Elon Musk.

While other coins like Ripple saw their peak value cost $2.28 from $0.05 within 7 months in 2017. Of course, the value dropped by 4 times within 3 months again and now it holds at $0.82

8. Binance trade volume is very high compared to other platforms

Source: Binance

Binance is a crypto trading platform with a daily trade volume of $14.84 billion by March 2021. Rest all other crypto platforms fall under this with a mere volume of $8- $4 billion (all together in one day). Binance supports more than 65+ cryptocurrencies with very less of a 0.1% transaction fee.

On considering just 5 years’ stats, it gained 27 million users with a peak volume trade of $76 billion in just one day. While the annual exchange rate is in trillions as per 2021 reports. Many people earn a lot with simple & quick trade on Binance. Also, you can use Binance in the US

9. There are 7557 Cryptocurrencies globally available by 2021 Nov

Source: Statista

You might have heard about the famous cryptocurrencies available on different platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin. But there are more than 7000+ cryptocurrencies exist in the market globally. While this number is expected to reach 10k+ in 2024.

Since most of them have very minimal trading volume, they will redefine the future world economy.

10. It takes 10 minutes to mine a Bitcoin [ideal Case]

Source: Scholar

Knowing the value of a Bitcoin everyone gets tempted to mine one. But they don’t know how much time & power it consumes to mine a Bitcoin. You are one of few here to know the answer, “It Takes 10 Minutes to Mine a BTC” though it depends on several factors like your device’s computational speeds & hash algorithm difficulty. But it is self-adjusted to yield a verification time of 10 minutes.

But again this is an ideal situation (actual scenarios are far from ideal ones) and it requires a lot of power-packed hardware and electricity. So, if you match all the requirements and your mining time will be 10 minutes.

11. There are 36640 crypto ATMs available in the world

Source: CoinATMRadar

More than 36640 crypto ATMs are available, a 119% rise while the count is just 13993 the previous year. Everyone around the world is familiarized with crypto by today. There are not like regular ATMs you find at your bank to deposit or withdraw cash. These crypto ATMs help to purchase Bitcoin by depositing cash into them.

While the purchased coins will be added to your digital wallet either scanning the QR Code. But they are only available in 7 countries Europe, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland.

12. Crypto daily trading volume reaches $500 billion

Source: Statista

Despite million crypto transactions every day, the daily trading volume fluctuates at $120 billion per day. But reached its peak with a $500 billion trading volume, crypto transactions are private, safer with minimal transaction fees. Investing is not a wrong thing, but understanding market capitalization is also very important before you start investing or trading with crypto.

13. Countries with the Highest Cryptocurrency users

Source: YahooFinance

It’s quite shocking to know that Nigeria, Vietnam, and the Philippines are the top 3 countries with the highest cryptocurrency users rather than high populated countries. According to Yahoo Finance reports that majority of the crypto users across the world are from emerging economies like this.

While there are 43% of the Americans who traded or at least used cryptocurrency falls between 18 to 29 years. Only 16% of the adults agreed to their crypto investments as per PEW research, it’s really surprising to know that 79% of the crypto community are males and a majority of them are under 34 years. 36% of the total crypto traders in the US earn more than $100K.

14. 32% of US Business accepts cryptocurrencies

Source: Businessinsider

As per 2020 businessinsider statistics, there is more than 2300 business in the US that accepted bitcoin. Also, there are many online platforms that allow customers to pay through crypto for user privacy and anonymity.

Virtual currencies are now becoming game changers & every business (small-large) is adapting to these currencies. Even every third part of businesses are reporting that their organizations are accepting. Most organizations accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments.

15. Los Angeles & Chicago are the most crypto-friendly cities

Source: Skynova

Crypto is the future of the world with seamless transactions without any hassle, even the transactions charges are less. Also, it’s very hard to imagine a world without crypto after its invention and usage. Most countries have already undergone a substantial transformation with crypto ATMs and accepting digital crypto payments.

But there are very few countries that are crypto-friendly in the US, they are Los Angeles & Chicago. Also, there are some other countries like Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore, Malta, Germany outside the US.

16. Cryptojacking increased by 28% causing an $82 million loss

Source: Sonicwall

Crytojacking sounds more like a Cyberattack that refers to hijacking or hacking a computer to mine crypto against a user’s free will. While in 2019, there is more than $82 million loss due to cryptojacking reported with more investors falling into the attacker’s tracks.

The world is full of Cybercrime in this digital era, you will be shocked after knowing Cyberattack statistics. Try to avoid them or reduce the risk by following our tips. There are five famous cryptojacking malware knows,

  • Smominru
  • Coinhive
  • MassMiner
  • WinstarNssMiner
  • Prowli

These are the well-known malware that mines the crypto from the infected systems causing server damage to the origination either in stealing the personal information or utilizing 65% of the CPU power for mining.

17. 80000 Cryptocurrency scams happened in the US

Source: Forbes

As per the Forbes report, the US saw more than 82135 crypto scams in the year 2020. As the crypto prices boomed so was the crypto frauds, this is 24000% more than in earlier years. Every individual & investor is lured by free coins, crypto pump & dump schemes. Though it’s not only the US that experienced these frauds.

While the average investor lost nearly around $2000 between 2020 and 2021 due to these crypto frauds. Squid Game coin is the most famous crypto fraud happening in 2024. Be conscious before you trust anything.

18. Users between 20-39 age is 5x times more likely to fall into crypto scams

Source: Federal Trade Commission

Everyone will be a victim of crypto fraud at any point in time and no one is completely immune to these attacks. The federal trade, commission reports that more than $114 million was lost due to users falling for crypto scams are between 20-39 age. Substantially, crypto users lost more than $64 million in online shopping.

While these figures are based on the reports submitted from October 2020 to 2021. Of these, there are 3581 reports claiming the loss due to the payment method is $35 million.

19. Bitcoin rise from $6000 to $60000 within 12 months

Source: Statista

Right from march 2020, the crypto market saw huge growth with everyone being home and started investing in crypto. These factors lured millions in seconds with a rapid 900% growth of the crypto market.

After the pandemic hit, companies closed. The stock market & investors looked for alternative forms of investment. As Bitcoin is the oldest and most trusted crypto everyone started investing in it and fueled its prices to $60000 within a year.

20. 2020 is called the year of retail investors

Source: Deloitte

Deloitte cryptocurrency statistics show that more than 10 million US trading accounts are opened in 2020 due to outrage. Many trading platforms like Coinbase and Robinhood raised sharply with more investors. After a few months, many investors looked for alternative investment strategies due to economic instability.

Thereafter, Coinbase’s monthly active users reached 6.1 million i.e double the number compared of earlier users. While there are only 2 million users by 2020 end, crossing finger with a shocking number in 2024.

21. One crypto transaction utilize the same energy as 1.2 million visa transactions

Source: Digiconomist

A single bitcoin transaction will consume 1752 Kilowatt which is equivalent to 1.2 million Visa transactions. You know the shocking fact that this energy can be used by the average US household for over 72 days. So, every time you make a transaction whether it’s a trade or purchasing bitcoin through crypto ATMs, or transferring crypto from other wallets.

You already know how much energy a bitcoin takes to mine. The whole process of minting a single bitcoin produces 22.5 million metric tons of CO2, this is an additional contribution to global warming apart from the standard & essential utilities CO2 emission.

In simple terms, a bitcoin transaction has more carbon footprint than 0.1M+ YouTube watch hours emission.

22. Crypto market will grow 13% every year till 2030

Source: Allied Market Research

We have seen peeks in the crypto markets in recent years and this trend is predicted to continue with an average rate of 13% growth every year till 2030. Due to the usability and accessibility, the growth might be even higher in the coming days. While 30% of the present investors believe that crypto scams and frauds will be suppressed in the future. Thus it increases the coin value.

More & more countries welcoming this crypto (digital currency), this will improve the coin value to extremes.

23. Cryptocurrency is legal in 141 countries and illegal in 51 countries

Source: Wikipedia

There are some countries where crypto is crypto trading or transactions are not legal yet. While there are some countries that always welcome new trends, on counting all there were “141 countries in total where crypto is legal” and there are 51 countries including china where crypto is banned till now.

So, make sure that crypto is legal in your country or you can trade crypto using a VPN that helps you to maintain a crypto wallet anywhere in the world without any hassle.

24. 10 Best Crypto to Invest in 2024

Source: timesofindia

If you are a newcomer to crypto investments, you need some experience upfront blinding investing all of your savings. Do some background work and analysis, but here are 10 cheap cryptocurrencies that you can invest in right away in 2024.

Though some of them are expensive by the time you try to purchase them. Look after all other newly invented coins and their trends to make a strategy for smart investments to earn in the future.

25. Half of the Bitcoins are mined in China

Source: Cambridge Central Alternative Finance

Mining is resource & power-hungry, yet the majority of the bitcoins are mined in China as per CCAF map reports. In 2019, china mined more than 75% of the bitcoins at the time though it’s tilted down to 46% in April 2021. While the white house managed to mine 17% of the bitcoins and Kazakhstan mined 8% of the all bitcoins.

While the rest of the bitcoins are mined by several countries like Russia, Iran, Canada Germany, etc.

26. Glauber Contessoto became a millionaire within 3 months investing all of his spendings on Dogecoin

Source: CNBC

Glauber is 33 years old and invested all of his savings and borrowed funds (debts) worth $250,000 in Dogecoin after listening to Musk tweet. By the time of investment in February, the coin is priced at 4.5 cents, now he became a million by April.

Still, he refused to sell because of the coin’s ups & downs. Also, he runs a YouTube channel in which he earns $25000 and $28000 from social media ads & promotions. He mentions that the investment is all his 6-month spending. By July, his holdings were worth $931,689, and the trading tips around 23 cents per coin. No one in history gets benefited like him in the short span.

27. Litecoin traded for $388 peak value in 2024

Source: CoinGecko

The coin has been fluctuating for more than 1.5 decades uplifting its price from $3.88 to $237.57 within 11 months in 2017. In counter, the coin value turns to ashes settling at around $31 in the following year. At present, it is estimated at $129.28.

Also, the Ripple rose from $0.05 to $2.28 within 8 months in 2017. Then after the coin value desperately dropped down by 4 times in just 3 months and hasn’t recovered yet. In 2021, Ripple’s peak value is $1.4

😉Tips To Avoid Crytpscams & Cryptojcaking

How ta trade crypto from Anywhere: In some countries like China, cryptocurrency is completely illegal. Still, you can trade or do crypto transactions in china with the best VPNs available out there that will actually change your IP and allow you to trade. If you are new to the term VPN, know more about it here {What is VPN?}

🔎Research Thoroughly:- Investors should spend more time in the crypto they want to invest in and visit their official sites. There are enormous imposter sites that you might accidentally come across, also aware of phishing emails or prompts.

Avoid Fake Apps:- Download crypto trading or exchange applications from the official sources. Look for any suspicious change in app names or logos, crypto hackers always try to spoof genuine applications with unnoticeable changes to get your credentials.

Encrypt Wallet– Most of the platforms support encryption that will confirm your authentication before performing a transaction. So, that your crypto will be safe all the time. Enable any OTP or two-factor authentication if available to reduce the risk.


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