IPVanish VPN Review 2021: An Excellent All-rounder?

IPVanish is packed with tough security features and delivers high speed. While the company claims a “Truly zero-logging policy“, they had a history of sharing logs for criminal activities and bases in the United States. All these factors make them questionable? What’s the reality of this VPN behind the name? Check that out in the full review here…

For Review: We ran immersive tests on IPVanish VPN (Virtual Private Networks) sending this to our testing team. They performed ownership, features, speeds, servers, and security to protect your privacy. There is 😲shocking news for everyone willing to take this VPN subscription. Though it couldn’t compete with other premium VPNs like NordVPN & ExpressVPN, you have to know what it can do for you…

Quick Feature Review

  • 1900+ Servers in 75+ Locations
  • AES 256 encryption with various industry leading protocols.
  • Unblock Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Vudu, DAZN, etc.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming & torrenting
  • Unlimited Simultanoues device connections
  • Kill Switch and Split tunneling
  • No Log Policy with superior anonymity
  • 30 days Full Refund Policy

Company Background

We believe spending on a VPN based on surveillance groups is a 🚽waste of money. So, it’s better you know the company background earlier before taking the subscription. So you can rest assured about your privacy. Coming to IPVanish which is based in the United States (5 eyes), but still claims to be No Log.

The United States is one of 5 eyes countries, I don’t think so your data will be safe. This VPN is owned by Mudhook Media, it’s very suspicious that they don’t mention any of the staff or CEO names. It’s very bad for IPVanish to still be based on the United States instead of moving its power to other independent countries.

IPVanish has a history of sharing the stored logs for criminal investigation (check that here). But IPVanish responded that we don’t have any information as we don’t log in.

IPVanish Log

Later shared the after-second request data (previously working on mobile and browser extensions). But now after shifting the company, this IPVanish is listed on best No-Log VPNs in 2021.


DNS Leak Protection

IPVanish passed all the DNS & IP Leak tests. When your request is routed through your ISP DNS then you are in trouble (even when you are connected to a VPN). So, IPVanish implements the DNS leak protection technology.

Also, they maintain their DNS servers, there are 🧠two (IPVanish DNS & 3rd party DNS) in fact for IPVanish while all other VPNs maintain only one for them. Using both there are no DNS leaks, I couldn’t find any during my testing.

Automatic Kill Switch

This is a backup feature to protect your IP from getting exposed to others when your VPN connection drops accidentally. While this feature is basic & standard for the VPN industry. I could see this feature available on Windows, Android, macOS. I couldn’t see this option on their iOS (they might provide this in future patches)

📝Note: You can’t find this feature on iOS.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling allows you to choose which application should use the VPN connection. This will reduce the network consumption in the background (if any). While all other applications use a standard internet connection. I feel this is a very useful handy tool in accessing bank applications or streaming services and get rid of CAPTCHA.

This feature is not available for all of their device platforms, I saw this feature on Windows, macOS, and Android.

📝Note: This feature isn’t available for iOS now.

Tor Compatibility

They claim to have Tor Compatibility from the customer 🗒️feedbacks, neither this feature is not shown on the official website or in the dedicated app setups. Your security and anonymity will be enhanced using Tor. But they don’t recommend using Tor as it reduces your upload & download speeds.

I don’t know why🤔? it should be the user’s personal choice rather than forcing the user to not use it.

Malware Detection

Though there is no built-in malware detection support for IPVanish like other VPNs in the market. They have integration with VIPRE antivirus which costs less than $2/ month. But I ⛔don’t recommend taking the subscription at additional costs.

📝Note: Unfortunately, this protocol is available only on Windows.


Encryption wise IPvanish is well established with AES 256 bit encryption (currently highest standard). This VPN also offers various protocols suits for different needs. Due to their NAT firewall, there is no port forwarding feature available.

Though there are no DNS or IP leaks found in IPVanish VPN. ISP will know what the user is doing online through DNS requests & IPv6 traffic. But with IPVanish VPN your DNS request will be routed to your DNS server.

There are two different DNS configurations available on IPVanish (Own DNS & 3rd party DNS).


Open VPN (TCP & UDP)Supported
WireGuard BetaSupported
SSTP Supported
PPTP Supported

This VPN offers 5 different protocols to choose from while creating a secure connection, select the best protocol depending upon your needs. Here is a simple description of each protocol.

  • WireGuard: This will give a perfect balance between speed and security, this protocol outperforms IKEv2 & OpenVPN (great choice for streaming, browsing, etc)
  • OpenVPN: One of the safest protocol (open source), it’s 60% relatively slower than IKEv2 but it will be great choice if you want secuirty over speeds.
  • IKEv2: One of the fastes VPN protocol for movile devices with auto connect feature to stay protected all the time. Sadly this is available on Windows, macOS, and iOS currently.
  • L2TP: There is no encryption if you use this protocol, it just create a tunnel and to encrypt the data it will use IPSec and not as fast as OpenVPN.
  • IPSec: this protocol is available for most of the computers & mobile devices. There is no specific algorithm for encryption or authentication, use this protocol for secure transport.
  • SSTP: has all the benefits of OpenVPN (fast, secure and bypass firewalls) and developed by Microsoft
  • PPTP: this is old school protocol invented in 1995, I personally recommend to not use this protocol (this is cracked many times). But it is incredibly fast.

You can switch between these protocols from the settings icon available on the lower-left corner.

Server Performance

IPVanish Server Map

IPVanish has more than 1900+ servers in 75+ locations. 1169/1900 servers are located in North America which makes this VPN a US Gaint. You will get the server map in the app like most other VPNs with simple 📍map points showing the number of servers in the country.

AsiaNorth AmericaEuropeOceaniaAfricaSouth America

I can say this VPN can do its best for unblocking US libraries on any streaming service. Unfortunately, this VPN has no special servers like other VPNs. But it’s very easy to change the server location quickly for speed and anonymity.

Additionally, you will be displayed with a graph showing the traffic speed on your home screen. There is no specific classification on the servers like P2P, Streaming, gaming, etc. All their 40K+ IP Addresses are dynamic ones (so your IP address will change on every VPN session).

It should be better if we had an option to have static IP, so we can use that to host websites or visit any reliable service.


Buffering🔃 is most frustrating when you watch or stream movies. No one likes to⏲️waste their waiting for the video to get load. But everyone notices some speed stops when they connect to VPN. Check out the speed once on Ookla’s internet speed test to know how your VPN impacts your speeds.

With premium VPNs, your speed loss is very negligible. If your internet is congested at your ISP, then your speeds will be way higher than usual (don’t get shocked 😲). There will be three terminologies in speed (Download, Upload, and PING).

ServerDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPING
Local12.39 Mbps1.79 Mbps23 ms
US8.46 Mbps0.75 Mbps58 ms
UK7.15 Mbps0.73 Mbps260 ms
IPVanish Server Speeds

During my speed test with a base internet speed of 20Mbps. When I get connected to the local server (home region server), speeds are dropped to 12.39 Mbps which causes a 40% drop and the upload speeds are way low than usual to just ~2Mbps👎. Though there is no point in arguing about the upload speeds.

We did upload <50 Mb files when you want to on websites. On the second run, we did a test for the US (a very common server used for unblocking streaming services). I got a download speed of 8.46 Mbps with an upload speed of ~1 Mbps😩.

While it is almost the same for the UK server as well with a download speed of 7.15 and upload less than ~1Mbps. It’s fine to have 8 Mbps, but if they are maintained continuously then you can stream without any interruptions. Look 🙄at the PING once, it’s drastically down for UK (near to me compared to the US). This might be because of server congestion, there are only 38 Servers available in the UK, whereas 1169 are in the US.

But there are some tricks to boost your VPN speed.


IPVanish takes its stand as a great VPN for unblocking geo-blocked content or unblock any website you want. This VPN is one of the best US VPN maintaining 1169 servers alone in the US. But the real question is, can it unblock streaming services? Yes! it can, Netflix can be unblocked by IPVanish now.

During my test when I connect to Las Vegas (US), I can watch Netflix US. it did work very well and the streaming speeds are 👍good (My internet speed is high). Have you checked the speed test? This VPN is well optimized for some streaming services like Netflix, ESPN, DAZN, Vudu, HBO Go, and some free services like Youtube.

There is no doubt that IPVanish is one of the best Netflix VPNs in 2021 and you can switch between any Netflix library easily. I can’t say this is unblocked ✨champ because this does lack in unblocking some services. I 👎couldn’t able to unblock Amazon Prime and ABC.com

It’s very hard to 😩find which server can unblock the streaming service as there is no specific mention on the server like in other VPNs. I am😑obsessed with checking all the servers one by one and I want to make sure that you don’t suffer this.

A 😫great disappointment, so if you are looking for a VPN that can unblock any streaming services. Better to go with NordPVN (it can bypass any geoblocks).


Torrenting is a 🎁gift for youngsters to get their desired content without any charges (Everything is free). IPVanish has 40k+ IP Addresses for torrenting and is one of the torrents friendly VPN. While there are no limitations or restrictions on the bandwidth you download. Also, this VPN allows you to torrent on all the torrent clients.

There is no information available about dedicated P2P servers (All are standard servers I think). While most other VPNs like CyberGhost maintain different servers for different purposes to break the geo-blocks. Getting everything for free (copyright content) isn’t good always as it also includes some risk factors. Hence, torrenting is treated as illegal in some countries. But you can legally download files using torrents where it is legal.

If you are running out of storage, IPVanish also provides 250GB secure cloud storage available for all subscription plans (So you can backup your files and get them anytime). Though there is a separate subscription if you want an additional storage pack.

If you are a newbie to torrenting, in simpler terms it’s a process of downloading your desired files located remotely on different systems (peers). It’s really fun downloading the file with a snap if you ask me how to download the files. We have included everything in the torrenting page (best torrent sites for everything).

Will It Work in China

The majority of the premium VPNs work in highly restricted countries like China as well (even if they didn’t work they provide an alternative solution like use 🧅Tor). But IPVanish apps won’t work in China.


When we ask the same for the customer support team, they told me to configure my IP Address manually (instead of clicking on the server name). I did try it but didn’t work and they are stating “All our IP Addresses are blacklisted in china“.

Compatibility & Ease of use

IPVanish has apps for most device platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Extensions, Smart TVs, and routers. Here is the list of other device platforms compatible with this VPN.

DesktopMobileSmart TV’sOthers
Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromebookAndroid, iOSAmazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Android TV
Kodi, Routers


IPVanish is a great iOS VPN with an ample number of protocols like IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP, and WireGuard (beta). There is no option available to connect WireGuard, by default L2TP and IPSec are available in the settings panel.

You will be on the IKEv2 protocol by default. Though there is no split tunneling feature available on the iOS App. There is another interesting feature available for the iOS App which is Alternative Connection Mode, this feature helps to establish a VPN connection (if you fail to connect to ant server nor anything didn’t work)

IPVanish iOS Version

IPVanish has one thing nice compared to other VPNs is that it shows a traffic 💹graph to know the traffic in real-time. Also, I couldn’t find the kill switch feature on the iOS app.

📝Note: Split tunneling & Kill Switch is not available in iOS App.


IPVanish Android app is more sophisticated with the server speeds and all other details on the home screen. You need to navigate to the settings menu to choose a server from the list. Also, this is one of the top Android VPNs available. Luckily, they didn’t skip the split tunneling feature for android.

There is an automatic kill switch to protect your identity when the VPN connection drops unwillingly. But with the split tunneling, you can select the apps which can use the VPN connection. In this way, the rest of your applications will use the standard internet connection.

IPVanish Android App

📝Note: All the protocols are available in the Android version.


IPVanish is one of the best VPN for Windows and macOS offering similar features on both, with some user interface change. Split tunneling and kill switch are available on both operating systems, finally good news.

For the Windows version, there is IPV6 leak protection along with LAN blocking (helps in blocking all the devices communicating on LAN). OpenVPN scramble feature is available to counter-block the firewalls.

Enjoy, the WireGuard protocol speeds on your desktop without any hassle. Though there are other VPN protocols supported ( IKEv2. PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN). But with the macOS, you can switch between the two DNS (IPVanish DNS or 3rd party DNS)and various protocols along with port selection (HTTPS or OpenVPN)

IPVanish brought API load balancing as a special feature for macOS users (that will suggest the fastest server available for the user)

Router Compatibility

You can also install IPVanish on your routers for one-stop protection (rather than customizing the settings on all available devices). You can encrypt all the connected devices along with all other benefits you get with this VPN. Here is the tutorial setup guide.

It’s fine whether you install this VPN on your router or your devices (unlimited device connections). If your router supports the OpenVPN protocol, you can install it.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the IPVanish VPN from the official website for your device (your operating system).
  2. Install the App on your device & enjoy the services.

You can also search App Store or Google Play Store for the mobile version.

Privacy & Logging

Mudhook Media owns IPvanish VPN, an independent subsidy of Highwinds Network located in the Florida United States. It will require your email address for sign up, IPVanish logged all the user’s IP addresses and pages viewed. But still, they claim we are doing it for 📊analytical purposes only.

IPVanish doesn’t have any business address nor the name of the employees or CEO. I don’t know why? I guess this is because they are run by Stackpath (so don’t have a CEO). So even we are not sure that whether it’s from 14 eye surveillance or not.

IPVanish Privacy Statement


IPVanish claims to run internal audits regularly though none of the audit reports is released. While other VPNs like NordVPN, TunnelBear commit to releasing that audit reports frequently (transparency).

Neither IPVanish provide a warrant canary nor it doesn’t issue any transparent reports. Hiding such things will create doubt in the user’s mind and damage the quality of the service.

Simultaneous Connections

Hurray🤗, you can connect ♾️ number of devices to IPVanish VPN. As there is no limit to the device connections, you can share your subscription with your friends. We tried to stream on 6 devices connecting to VPN. Four📱mobiles (Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, Redmi) and two laptops (Windows, macOS).

On mobiles, we started streaming Netflix. But on laptops, we try to unblock BBC iPlayer (but it doesn’t work). You know the streaming speeds are average & due to simultaneous usage (video quality is not up to the mark).

Surfshark VPN also offers unlimited device connections.


As you can see, IPvanish is available in two different subscription plans (Monthly and yearly). A monthly subscription plan cost’s you $10.99, it’s better to get a yearly plan which costs you $3.75 (heavy discounts up to 71%). You have to pay the subscription charges earlier.

IPVanish accepts the payments through PayPal, Major credit & debit cards along with Bitcoin payment (Anonymous payment).

There are many other cheap VPNs available in the market Surfshark VPN costs you $2.49 for the same plan. Even the most premium NordVPN is available for $3.67.

Every plan will be renewed automatically, IPVanish VPN is providing 30 days money-back guarantee program to claim your full refund if you don’t like the services.

There are no free trials available. The refund process is very simple & straightforward you need to contact the customer team through 24/7 live chat (they won’t ask you any questions).

📢Best Deal: 1 Years Plan costs only $3.75per month.

Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone for any service, IPVanish offers great customer support through the help section, email, and 24/7 live chat. Live chat is the fastest way to connect to get help among all the options (so you will have to wait few seconds) to get a reply from the customer agent.

IPVanish has FAQs sections along with Tutorials, Guides covering the most common issues right from unblocking any website to streaming services. Either if you read their guide (full of information) or contact them anytime for any settings especially useful during setups. Their FAQ section is vast to find answers to your question.

Final verdict

IPVanish is a very lightweight VPN with good security features. This VPN can be used for security purposes rather than for streaming (couldn’t unblock popular streaming services) and for online entertainment.

Speeds are decent enough for streaming or browsing (if it could’ unblock better). Also, it doesn’t offer all its features to platforms and there are some compatibility issues, No browser extension, and neither value for money. Also, all their 40,000 IPs are dynamic (No dedicated IP for any user).

So, it’s better to go for other VPN all-rounders like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, or CyberGhost. Check out the best VPN recommend by Reddit users if you still want to consider some other VPN as your choice. You can also check out the best VPNs in 2021. Also, check our other VPN review…

FAQs Related to IPVanish VPN

Can I get IPVanish VPN for Free?

IPVanish isn’t available for free except for iOS users (7 days free trial). But you can try out their 30 days money-back guarantee program & get your amount instantly if you don’t like the service.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network in short) that assigns you a new IP to keep your online activities private & Hidden from ISP, Government. Helps in unblocking Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Hotstar, and Disney+. You can also torrent with a VPN to get what you desire.

IPVanish VPN works in China?

As of now, IPVanish is not working in China & all of its services are blacklisted by the government. You can expect the support in future.

Is IPVanish VPN safe?

IPvanish is completely safe now though it had a bad start sharing logs for investigation. Now the company got changed to clean background & still it is located in United States (kind of doubt to trust).

Can IPVanish VPN unblock streaming Services?

Yes! but only some specific and few streaming services. I can’t lie to you about that, you can also check the streaming capabilities of IPVanish VPN. It unblocked some Netflix libraries.

Does IPVanish feature Any Ad-blocker?

No, this VPN doesn’t have any ad-blocker built-in as CyberGhost VPN has. However, you can install third-party adblockers on your device to get rid of all ads.

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