The Most Popular Textbook Torrent Sites of 2023

Text Books are the key to knowledge for students and scholars. But it’s tough to find Textbooks for free, have you ever felt the same after wasting your time searching Textbook Torrent Sites online? Don’t worry, you are at the right place to get your Text Book with a few clicks.

best textbook torrent site

Textbook torrent sites offer you books for free, and everyone in the “digital age believes that knowledge is to be shared“. Torrent sites are built for sharing content for free i.e you don’t need to pay anything. Without wasting further time, let’s get started…

Disclaimer: Many of torrent sites provide pirated content. We do not encourage the download of such content. You should only download content that is legal in your country.

Top Textbook Torrent Sites List in 2023

  1. LibraryGenesis
  2. FreeBookSpot
  3. Wikibooks
  4. The Pirates Bay
  5. Free
  6. 1337x
  7. PDF Drive
  9. BookYard
  10. Project Gutenberg
  11. Internet Archive

Top Textbook Torrent Sites in 2023

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is 👑one shop stop for Textbooks, it has a massive database of books in different categories. It’s an intuitive and minimalistic design with more advanced search & filter options that let you find the book quickly.

While the site is ad-free, it’s pleasing that the search results describe everything (author, publisher, year, title, pages, size, etc) about the book. All the books on Library Genesis are free and you can directly download the books in different formats.

Not only textbooks, but you can also find magazines, articles, and other content. Also, it offers Android & Windows apps.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Text Books, Magazines, Articles, FictionWorld WideNo Ads30M+

2. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot is another best textbook torrent sites offering books along with video courses, you will find books in every category. The site has many features like advanced filters & search options and even you can change the view (compact/full view). FreeBookSpot maintains an 💹active community of daily uploaders to keep the library up-to-date.

Though you don’t require an account to upload or download books from the site, there are many ad popups over the screen. The best part is that you can even report on the book link to the admin if it looks fishy and you can download the textbooks directly.

While the site is blocked in your region due to copyright content, you can access it using a VPN.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Tech, Text Books, Novels, Fiction, Sci-Fi, videos, etcLimited AccessMedium10M+

3. WikiBooks

Wikibooks is an open-source library version of Wikipedia focusing on articles and textbooks started in the year 2003, though it has a limited library of books but is available in multiple languages like English, Deutsch, Portugues, Italiano, Hindi, and 5+ languages. While its user interface is very clean & minimal with a central 🔍search on center.

Wikibooks doesn’t provide the direct download option but works like a torrent search engine indexing textbooks from other sites. But there are no ads or redirections, even if you don’t require an account to download textbooks.

Wikibooks not only offer academic textbooks, but also sports, documentaries, travel guides, etc. Also, you can read the textbook online without downloading them.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Textbooks in different languages, Travel Guides, Documentaries,
News Sport, Quotations
World WideNo Ads20M+

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Pirates Bay is one of the oldest torrent sites offering verified torrents from decades and has the 👍best active community. Though it’s not a dedicated textbook torrent site, it’s worth mentioning as it has a massive torrent library in every category.

The Pirate Bay has an elegant user interface with everything in place and you can 🔍search for any torrent on its global search. Almost every torrent is well-seeded for quick downloads, beware of the ads on the site that redirects you to someplace.

As the site is being chased by many governments and blocked in many regions. So, the site will frequently change its domain.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Textbooks, Music, Games
Software, eBooks, Movies,
Regional Blocks Little25M+

5. Free

Free eBooks are another best textbook torrent site offering eBooks in 115+ categories, but it’s a signup service and lets you read/download 5 ebooks for free every month. The free eBooks interface is eye-pleasing and has a premium experience.

While every eBook is available in PDF, Kindle, TXT, and Epub format. You’ll require an account to download eBooks and get one using their signup (Join Free) program. Also, there is a lifetime VIP Subscription available for $49.

Also, the site has Audiobooks and many more 🎁benefits if you are a publisher. Downloading books from the site is really quick and you don’t require torrent clients.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
115+ Category EbooksWorld Wide Ad Free10M+

6. 1337x


1337x is the best torrent site offering textbook torrents in every category along with other torrents since 2007. While its interface is acoustic and torrent-friendly with only verified torrent sites. You’ll be impressed by their well-organized catalog structure.

While their active community ✅verifies and seeds every torrent. 1337x is completely ad-free and doesn’t require an account to download torrents. Though there is no dedicated section for textbooks you can search for the torrent.

Every torrent on 1337x has descriptions and details of the torrents. But the site is blocked in most regions due to copyright content.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Academic Textbooks, Novels,
documentaries, etc
Limited RegionsAd Free15M+

7. PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a PDF Search engine that has a 🔥massive textbook collection of 82.5M+ ebooks in 16 categories, readily available in PDF format. While you don’t require an account to download books from the site, there aren’t any ad interruptions.

PDF Drive home page has the best books of the week with a search option on top and categories of textbooks on the bottom. You can preview or download the textbook directly and it has a PDF drive app for mobile devices.

Also, you can register for a more personalized experience or put in a request to upload textbooks and their community will fulfill your request.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Textbooks, Articles, Magazines, etcWorld WideNo Ads5M+


ManyBooks is a free textbook torrent site with 1M+ obscure torrents in every genre, started in the year 2004. While its interface is classic with book covers as thumbnails and has a global search on the top for quick search. You can download or read the ebook online.

ManyBooks doesn’t require any registration or account and there is no limit on your downloads. Its home page has popular books of the week provided with different genres. Also, It has an app for iOS and Android.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Free Textbooks in 50+ genresWorld WideNo5M+

9. BookYard

BookYard is a top textbook torrent site that has an extensive ebook collection in 34 genres and uploads new books every day. Its design is very minimal with a search on the page and some statistics. You don’t require an account to download ebook torrents.

Downloading textbooks or ebooks is straightforward without any redirections and every textbook is available in PDF format, but there aren’t any advanced filters except that search.

BookYards maintains a well-organized structure (alphabetical order) across categories.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Text Books, eBooks, Audio Books, etcLimited RegionsFewer Ads 2M+

10. Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenburg is the oldest free textbook torrent site started in the year 1971. And the best part is you can read or download the book in all the different formats available. Project Gutenberg organizes things in a different way called Bookshelf (different genres in alphabetical order).

Also, there is a small search option on the top that gets your ebook, you don’t require an account to browse or download content. There will be no ads as the site purely runs on donations.

It has advanced search features under the “Search And Browse” section mentioning the latest releases, and popular books along with random ones.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Free Textbooks, eBooks, Novels, etcWorld WideNo Ads10M+

11. Internet Archive

Internet Archive combines libraries of textbooks across the world, known for its collection of 20M+ textbooks. You will find every country library or you can borrow the book from others, sadly you can only read the book (No Download option).

It has an advanced search to get the ebook you want, Internet Archive offers videos, images, audio, and software along with books. Also, you will find the same book in different languages.

You don’t require an account to browse all the books, for personalized and tracking your reading you can make one.

Content-TypeAvailabilityAd IntrusionTraffic
Textbooks, Articles, eBooks, etc WorldwideNo2M+

Other Textbook Torrent Sites

  • Planet e-books
  • Zooqle
  • EbookShare
  • ISOHunt
  • Ebookee
  • TorrentDownload
  • Torrends
  • ZLibrary

🙌Wrap Up

With that said, the above are the best textbook torrent sites in every genre. I hope you’ll find the textbook you are looking for, don’t forget to shield yourself with a torrent VPN before you access torrent sites to protect your identity or to avoid legal issues.

Do 🔗share with us the other best textbook torrent sites if available in the comments and start torrenting…

FAQs Related To Textbook Torrent Site

What are the best Textbook Torrent Sites?

We’ve mentioned all the top textbook torrent sites above, search your textbook on the sites you will find them real quick. All the sites are completely free and don’t require an account but make sure that you visit only official domains.

Is it safe to download textbook torrents?

Yes, it’s completely safe to download textbooks from torrent sites. But make sure that you are using a VPN before proceeding to avoid anyone tracking your actions.

Can I use a free VPN?

No!, free VPNs aren’t safe and can’t unblock geo-blocked sites i.e doesn’t make any difference if you use them or not. instead, they put you at risk by selling your data to third parties. So, we don’t recommend using a free VPN unless you found a reliable one.

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