69 Astonishing Netflix Statistics for 2024

Astonishing Netflix Statistics & Facts

  • Netflix is planning radical changes that gained it 37M user’s in 2020 and another 18M in 2023, a very 🔥impressive figure compared to other streaming services.
  • Netflix has 200 Million+ Subscribers across the world, with just 59% of the users owing to the subscription.
  • Netflix is now available in 190+ Countries💪, but it’s not entered the Canadian market till 2010.
  • Netflix contributes 🔥15% of global internet traffic, of which one-third of the contribution is from 🧑adult users.
  • While there are 15k+ Netflix titles all over the world, 76K+ TV Shows and movies are still hidden (accessible through Netflix codes).
  • 60% of the users take Netflix subscriptions for its Originals and Netflix is ready to spend $20 million to make one hour of its Original Content.
  • Netflix is the 👑King of the US market, but the subscription price is very cheap in Argentina.
  • Netflix is worth more than $302 billion, still, it has a debt of between $10-$15 billion.
  • 20% of Netflix users are from the US & it’s the largest Netflix library, 22 Million users join Netflix, user, every year.
  • Netflix started with 1000 Titles, an average user watches 60 titles every year.
  • Netflix’s most-watched show Lucifer, Binged watched show is Friends and has six billion watch hours a month.
  • 37% of people binge-watch Netflix at work with 147M viewers in the US and it takes 5 days to complete a series (Binge-watching).
  • Netflix is not available in Canada till 2010 and a user watched “Madagascar 3” 352 times.
  • Blockbuster has a chance to own Netflix in 2000 but refused, Now Netflix is ready to spend $20 million for one hour of original content.
  • Netflix still carries a debt of $12 billion by 2019 and changed its logo 3 times
  • Netflix streaming quality drops between 7 pm to 9 pm and New year is the most Binge watched day.
  • There is a Netflix and Chill button and it’s take are less than 2 minutes to browse anything on Netflix
  • A basic subscription will save 160 hours of ads in a month and it’s available on Tesla.
Netflix Statistics and Facts

Netflix is one of the 🔥fastest growing streaming service with it’s unique Orignals. But there is a lot you don’t know about the Netflix, how it started, how it’s possible for them, etc. Today, you will know exclusive facts and Netflix statistcs. Let’s get started without wasting time…

1. Netflix has 200 Million + paid Subscribers

There is a huge 📈spike in Netflix subscriptions in recent times after it announced a $2 plan. Currently, Netflix had 207 million subscribers worldwide (2021 Q1 Reports). Netflix simply breaks its own records every year gaining a mass volume of 100 Million in just 3 quarters.

2. 59% of Netflix users own a Subscription

Though 41% of the Netflix users are floating, just trying its one-month trail through offers or vouchers. Out of all the members, 20% of the people use their friend’s accounts and 25% of people watch their favorite shows in their household or parents’ accounts.

3. Netflix Services are available in 190+ Countries

Netflix conquered most of the regions with its popular Netflix originals which are very addictive and loved by different regions’ audiences. People started changing Netflix libraries and watching other Netflix originals. Though it started in the US, you can now enjoy the service in 190+ countries.

4. Only 20% of All Netflix users are in the US

Most of the Netflix users are from outside the US. When you see the reports showing 37 million new subscribers added to Netflix in 2020. 80% of the users are from outside the US. 29.6 Million users in 2020 who joined Netflix are Non-US citizens.

5. Netflix UK Subscribers

With its new plans, there were 16.7 million Netflix subscribers in the United Kingdom alone. This number has rapidly grown in recent times, there is no exact figure till the next user’s report. Their secret recipe for making the best content (Netflix originals) bless them with new subscribers every second.

6. 22 Million Subscribers join Netflix Every Year

It isn’t quite surprising that 60K users take Netflix subscriptions every day. Rounding it up makes 18 million users every year. You might ask why still the total count is 200 million? Also, some users quit Netflix subscriptions (very low). Netflix adds 5 million users every quarter.

7. Netflix is second most used in the US

While Googleṣ Youtube takes the first stand with more than 197 million users, Netflix is the second streaming service that has 72.9 million users. But Netflix is the first video streaming service considering parid subscribers.

8. Netflix contributes 15% of Global Traffic

As per the web traffic reports, Netflix contributes its share of 15% of global traffic. Provides its services in 190 countries, while this % is even higher in the individual states alone. As per the UK network operator reports, the traffic consumes 50% of their total bandwidth in the peak stage.

9. 33% of Adults Stream Netflix Every Day

When Netflix is on 🔥rose with the trending content, adults are addicted to the web series, Movies & Netflix originals. In 2011 only 5% of the adults used to stream Netflix in the US, but now it’s like 250% increased within 10 years (Since 80% of users are from outside the US).

10. 50% of US Streaming Subscribers Watch Netflix

It’s really surprising that out of all 57% of streaming subscription users, more than 50% of the users watch Netflix daily (as per CNBC reports). Most of these people watch Netflix on TV after a clear survey 33% of them own both TV and streaming service subscriptions.

11. There are 13.5K+ Netflix Title

Started as a rental DVD mail service, now Netflix owns 13612 unique titles. Not all of them are available in your region due to geoblocks. But here are the countries that have the largest titles US (5,087), Martinique (4,648), and Guadeloupe (4,645).

📝Note: Due to geo-blocks (permissions), titles vary from country to country. Check your title availability on Ungos.

12. Netflix is Leading SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) in the UK

While Amazon prime is dominating the market till 2020. Netflix has taken the 👑crown in the United Kingdom later with 5 million more subscribers compared to Amazon Prime.

13. Netflix started with 1000 Titles

Now, countless titles are coming every day. But there were days when Netflix has only limited titles (1000), though it sounds small number now (it’s huge in 2007). Due to heavy competition in the DVD rental services, they started hosting content on an application called riddle, now it’s Netflix.

14. 59% of US users Take Netflix Subscription for its Originals

As per eMarketer reports, most users take the subscription for Netflix originals in the US. But it’s the same everywhere since the concept of the originals is 🤯mind-blowing. Do you know that 59% of the US subscribers only take subscriptions to watch Netflix Originals?

15. Experts predicted Netflix subscriptions will reach 300M+ by 2022 End

Netflix’s annual growth is very high at 12%, it achieved 200M+ by now from 10M in 2010. See how fast it’s growing, there is much more Netflix is planning (new subscription plans, students plan) to attract everyone in the market. It’s predicted the count will reach another 100 million by this year-end.

16. Netflix Net Worth- $302 Billion

With its 200 million subscribers, every year Netflix was able to make $302 billion roughly as per the reports.

You can see the trend graph, where it’s raising slowly and set a milestone of $302 Billion by 2021 Q4. But you can consider the average net worth which always stays above 200 billion.

17. Netflix Market Capital

As per the 2021 survey reports claims, Netflix’s market capitalization reached its highest peak point in October 2021 claiming $305.77 billion.

Now we are observing a slight drop down in the capitalization in 2023 Q1.

18. Netflix Annual Net Income- $1.5 Billion

After all the expenses & incomes, Netflix generate a net of $1.5 billion & which will raise to another 25% by this year’s end. Global reception is very good on Netflix services & it will be foreseeable in the future.

Netflix Annual Income

19. Netflix Revenue grows by 24% every Quarter

Yahoo Finance made a report on Netflix revenue, which turns out to be grown by 24% every quarter. If Netflix maintains the same peace, eventually there will be a doing or die situation for its competitors like Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.

20. Netflix Revenue by the US in 2023

The total revenue generated by US citizens for Netflix in the year 2021 is $3.1 billion in just one quarter.

21. Most Binge-Watched Netflix show is Friends

While Netflix brings new shows every day, not everyone will watch them daily. Yet there are some world’s best shows like friends, 80% of the Netflix users watched this show. More than 50% of the viewers rewatched the show.

22. Netflix gets six billion hours of watch time per month

As per the reports, Netflix users complete a whole watch time of six billion hours every month in 2020. While each hour will consume 3GB of data when streamed in high quality. On estimating it for a month it becomes 18 exabytes.

23. Netflix Most Watched Reality Shows

Our research report says Lock & Key (Drama) & Spare Force (comedy) are the most-watched shows in terms of genres. Whereas 30% of whole Netflix subscribers watch reality shows.

24. 80% of users watch Netflix personal recommendation engine titles

Netflix intelligently developed an algorithm that collects your watch time, the type of genres you watch and creates detailed stats (which varies from person to person). Based on his taste it will suggest titles on Top 10 Recommendations, 80% of the Netflix user watch these titles. Only 20% of the users listen to their friends or make their own choice.

25. Netflix Most-Watched Show in 2024-Lucifer

Though this watch list will change every month as per the views. Lucifer stands #1 most-watched show in the year 2021 as per businessinsider reports. Everyone loved the lucifer act (Lord of Hell) visiting earth and finding a relationship with a homicide detective.

Squid Game occupies 2nd place with 16.4 billion viewers followed by The Great British Baking Show (3rd place).

26. Netflix Most watched show in a week

While other shows & originals take some time to gain the viewer’s heart. Bird Box is the only show that gained a huge response in a week with 45 million views from separate accounts set’s a record in the year 2018.

27. 37% of Users Watch Binge at work

As per the SurveyMonkey reports, more than one-third of their users like binge-watching shows at work. In addition to this 27% binge waiting for the other services, you know the surprising thing? more than 15% of the users even watched Netflix in restrooms.

28. Netflix had 147 Million Viewers only in the US

Take a look at the graph of Streaming viewership statics. You can see that Netflix takes the second stand gaining 147 Million viewers. Sooner, it will reach 170+ Million by the end of 2022.

Streaming Users in US

This clearly states Netflix is the second most streaming service in the US, while other competitors like Amazon Prime or Hulu are nowhere near its viewership.

29. Netflix is the king of the US Streaming market

Netflix viewers are the solid proof, that helps it to win the battle with a considerable margin of 51% streaming market share in the US alone.

All together other competitors like Amazon Prime and Hulu didn’t even contribute 50%. Also, this is as per the 2020 statistics reports. Netflix is running at a faster pace to own more markets now (anyone can easily say this by looking at the growth rate of the company).

30. Only US users adopt Netflix more

The survey report of eMarketer says that the US is the highest Netflix used (opted) country compared to any other region. Here is the penetration order goes like after the US this Norway, Canada, Denmark, etc.

The US has the highest penetration rate with 64.5% whereas the UK with only 33.8%.

31. 76,000 TV Shows & Movies are Hidden in Netflix

You can’t see every title on your home page, right? Netflix made a cool trick like Google easter eggs for their users called Netflix codes. To get access to these hidden titles, you will need some specific genre code. Once you get the code, you can see the hidden titles.

32. There were 42 Golden Globe Nominations

Every superhit show enters the nominations, but not every show will get it. While there are only 20 awards for some of the popular shows in 2023 got the Golden Globe nomination. The rest of the films got 22 awards across the globe.

  • The Power of the Dog
  • CODA
  • Dune
  • King Richard

33. Binge-Watching a series will take 5 days on Netflix

Netflix binge-watching stats are quite shocking, people continuously stream episodes in a series & complete them in just 5 days. Also, there are some hard-core binge-watchers who complete the entire series in just one day. On taking analysis, we found 8.4 million hard-core binge-watchers.

34. Netflix is not there in Canada till 2010

Until 2010, there is no Netflix in the Canadian market. But now Netflix is offering its service with 3500 unique titles in Canada. Check out Netflix Canada to know what unique titles are available there.

35. A Netflix user watched the same movie 352 times

How often do you repeat watching the same show? 3 times? 5 times, can’t watch more than that right? But a Netflix user watched a movie 352 times, He watched “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted“. This happened in 2017, but Netflix didn’t reveal the user profile.

36. Blockbuster refused to own Netflix in 2000

When Netflix isn’t popular in the early 2000s, it tried to sell its company and proposed a deal of $50 million to Blockbuster. But it refused to buy Netflix, they thought it was not worthy & a tiny scope of business. But now look at the Netflix revenue once, it’s in billions.

37. Netflix users watch 60 films on average annually

When a case study is conducted on how many films a user watches annually, the count turned out to be 60. This means a user is trying to watch a movie every 6 days, if not 5 movies a month definitely.

38. Netflix Subscription price is very low in Argentina

While Turkey is the lowest place for Netflix subscriptions till 2021, the title is now taken by Argentina. It seems the difference in the library size weighs on the subscription price. Do you know the surprising part, Netflix recently started a $2 plan as part of its strategy.

Argentian Netflix Subscription Prices

39. A Comedy Actor earned $40 million for just One Show on Netflix

Christ Rock who is a comedy actor did two special stand-up comedy shows on Netflix called “Tamborine” which aired in February 2018 and another hasn’t been released yet. But the first debut earned him $40 million. In fact, he became one of the highest stand-up comedians on this show.

40. There were only 5500 employees on Netflix

We all know that Netflix pays their employees well enough & it’s really hard to get a job there. As per October 2018 reports there were only 4700 people working with an average salary of $17-$18 per hour (Free Netflix Subscription). By the end of 2019 the number turned out to be 8600 full-time employees, only these smart people are the fuel for the company’s Lightning-fast growth.

41. 60% of VPN users unblocks Netflix every day

It’s not a surprise to know that users take VPN (Virtual Private Network) subscriptions just to unblock Netflix services. On average every 6 out of 10 people outside the US are watching Netflix every day. While in Mexico & Canada, almost 50% of the people are confessed to using a VPN. This goes the same with Brazilian people.

42. Ratio of women & men streaming Netflix is the same

Generally, men will be active on most streaming platforms. But it’s the case with Netflix, both men & women will watch Netflix equally with a slight difference in 2020 Q3. As per reports, there are 5% of users didn’t disclose their gender.

43. Number of Netflix apps downloaded

Another 8 million downloads happened in the month of Jan 2022, this generated a revenue of $19m worldwide.

44. Streaming Netflix on TV

E-marketer reports reveal that 58% of the Netflix subscribers only take the subscription for Netflix originals whereas 50% of them will watch them on TV on weekends with family. While this percentage rose during these covid times, there is no exact figure yet.

45. Average Content viewed per Hour

Reports from Slashdot show that Netflix charges $0.20 per hour for content viewed by the targeted audience. It’s not an unfair amount when Netflix is offering all these movies, titles, shows along with the popular Netflix originals.

46. Netflix Bypassed Apple’s iOS Tax

When you pay the Netflix subscription through App Store. Apple demanded a 15% tax for the total revenue generated for Netflix through App Sore. But Netflix decided to bypass the iOS tax by stopping the App Store purchases method in over 33 countries.

47. Netflix has 1500 Original titles since 2013

Netflix makes two categories of content are TV Shows and movies, it calls them Netflix originals & owns all the broadcasting rights. So it’s very difficult to track down the exact count available as Netflix keeps everything in-house.

48. “The Office” is One of Netflix tops watched licensed shows

The office show is the top watched on Netflix till January 2021, with 57 billion minutes of watch time. Grey’s Anatomy is second most-watched with 39 billion minutes and Criminal Minds is 3rd most-watched.

49. Netflix is ready to spend $20 million per hour on original content

To make the Netflix originals, Netflix is ready to spend a handful of about $20 million per hour. This is way high than any other industry in the world. Though they haven’t yet done this, they are sure to spend if the content is worth taking the risk.

50. Netflix content is available in 60 Languages

Netflix provides its content in 60 different languages, in 2017 they tries to outsource the translation department (which includes thousands of individual translators worldwide). Though they tried to do it on their own, the efforts turned into ashes.

51. Netflix subscribers watched six shows at common

As per the Netflix reports, all of its customers watched six shows in common (Movie or TV Show). It’s a unifying factor for the service across the world.

52. Netflix offers 1 Month Free Trial for your first month

Sounds excited to use the top streaming service for free, but this free trial does have some terms. That you should be new users with an unregistered email address with a Netflix account and credit card. But you can skip the credit card information and use any coupons or gift cards available (if any).

53. Netflix was in Debt of $12 billion in 2019

Netflix has a lot of debt, that to be paid off. As per the Variety reports, Netflix has to pay $12.43 billion in 2019. While in 2020, it carries a debt of between 10 & 15 billion moving forward. I know this sounds weird to you, but Netflix is still growing at a rapid pace & keeping its debt growing.

54. Netflix US is the Netflix largest Library

Netflix library size varies every day (new titles added), while some countries have the largest Netflix libraries compared to others.

Netflix US is the largest library owing 5800 titles as of February 2021. So, people always try to watch Netflix US from other regions.

55. Netflix personalized recommendation engine worth $1 billion per year

Netflix personalized engine is the core part of Netflix that engages users to watch the series as per their taste. According to business insiders, Netflix’s engine is worth more than $1 billion per year.

56. “The Crown”, a Netflix show costs 10 million per episode

The Crown, Netflix’s original series which consists of 40 episodes, estimated that each episode costs $13 million. It’s a drama-based show, coming up along in the list stands “Stranger Things” which almost take an equal amount as The Crown.

57. Earlier Netflix DVD warehouses are hidden (secret)

When Netflix is running rental DVD services, worth millions. To actually prevent the loss of their assets (DVDs) from any kind of theft. As a result, all the warehouses are kept secret and hidden from the public (No one knows where they are yet).

It delivers DVDs in person and through regular trucks so that no one will be able to follow them.

58. Netflix Added 1000 hours of content (Worth $6 billion) in 2017.

While Netflix subscribers continue to grow (No sign of dropping or down). Netflix added 1000 hours of content to the global library. But this content inclusion raised its monthly subscription prices a bit. Yet, users are stilling will to spend more for the content Netflix is offering.

59. Netflix signed a Four Movie deal with Adam Sandler

Netflix made this deal with Adam Sandler since his shows gave 2 billion hours worth of revenue to Netflix. So, Netflix made a contract to make four more movies called Murder Mystery, The Do-Over, The Ridiculous 6, and The Week Of.

Users across the world watched more than 140 million hours per day (more than a week hours watched). This is an all-time record for Netflix, this happened in January-1 New Year as per the Netflix 2017 statistics.

61. Netflix Video Quality Drops between 7 pm to 9 pm

Most users get back home and try to relax by watching Netflix from 7 pm to 9 pm. This heavy traffic at once on a server causes poor video quality (requires less bandwidth). So, you might get HD quality. But there will be less chance for the users who paid for an Ultra HD subscription.

62. Netflix conducted a $1 Million programming contest

Netflix conducted a contest called “The Netflix Prize” announcing $1 million for the winners. This contest Is to find classify the tags for the movie Napoleon Dynamite through programming. It’s hard for Netflix to classify the movie, so they conducted this content and left it to users.

63. Netflix users take less than 2 minutes to browse

Thanks to its personalized engine which helps users to decide what to watch in a quick glimpse. But still, some users take more time watching trailers and checking seasons available to plan their leisure time before hitting the play button.

64. Netflix chooses shows which are not commonly pirated

Netflix regularly monitors Torrents sites, this helps them to know which shows to buy. So, they can get the revenue through users’ watch time. This benefits the European market more than others, also the best way to grasp the user’s attention by gathering data about what users are looking for.

65. Netflix made the “Netflix And Chill” Button

Netflix made a button, The Netflix Switch or “Netflix and Chill”. This switch will dim your lights and keep your mobile in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode, so you can enjoy watching Netflix shows without any interruptions or deviations.

66. No Netflix Originals Extension

The Name of the extension (No Netflix Originals) itself depicts what it will do. This is a unique one for those who want to watch licensed shows and movies rather than Netflix originals from your library.

67. Netflix Changed its Logo

Netflix has been changing its logo representing its dynamic strategist to print its brand on users’ brains. From the red background & black Netflix text to, the new logo with white background & red Netflix text.

This definitely signifies its growth & volume of content. Since it’s started in the early 2000s, it is completely aware of its growth and promote its logo with a more modern feel.

68. A basic subscription saves 160 hours of ads time monthly

One of the most time-saving benefits of taking a Netflix subscription is that you can enjoy endless entertainment without any advertisements. Even by taking a basic subscription, you can save your time of 6 days watching ads displayed over here & there.

69. Netflix glitch caused weird mashups of titles

Netflix users once faced a glitch in the services in 2014, this caused a mashup of titles with its description. Though this issue is quickly fixed, users enjoy watching the content with great description due to miss match

70. Netflix is available to stream on Tesla

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla introduced a fascinating feature in the Telsa cars. So, the users can stream their favorite shows and films when their car is safely parked. Most of the passengers get entertained streaming Netflix while their car is charging at the station or waiting for a pickup.

71. Netflix paid Disney $300 million to stream its content on the platform

Netflix has the right plans for its growth, which includes a $300 Disney+ deal to release its content on Netflix before it gets released on Disney+. Though Disney+ has its own originals and greatly operated everywhere, Netflix still has a few more years.


Netflix’s growth is not 🤗surprisng factor, with all these statistics clearly showing its 💪success in the streaming world. No matter which competitors are in the line, Netflix Originals can’t be replaced with anything (best shows to watch). 80% of the use’s don’t know about Netflix tricks that enhance their streaming experience.

By the end of 2022, they will cross 300 Million subscribers dominating the market & they are ready to spend at the same price for its content. 👍Thanks to the legends behind the scene (Reed Hastings and Marc Randolf) for bringing the entertainment services to our screens.


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