CyberGhost VPN Review 2021: Premium Featured Inexpensive VPN

It’s very surprising that CyberGhost has a great reputation. But the company owns it doesn’t anymore, even I got shocked at the very first moment heard this news. With this new ownership, is it safe to use? Check out everything about CyberGhost VPN in this detailed review…

CyberGhost Review

We have dived deep into this CyberGhost VPN(Virtual Private Networks) features, ownership, speeds, servers, and security to protect your privacy. You will be 😲shocked to know the features you get at amazing prices. But in some areas, it can’t compete with other premium VPNs like NordVPN & ExpressVPN.

Quick Feature Review

CyberGhost VPN
  • 6500+ Servers in over 90 countries.
  • Unblock Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many other streaming platforms in high quality. 
  • Military Grade AES 256 bit encryption with malware blocker, other features
  • Dedicated servers for streaming, P2P torrenting, gaming, etc.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome, Linux, and other devices
  • Reliable kill switch, split tunneling
  • 7 simultaneous device connections.
  • No Log Policy
  • 45 days money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Company Background

As there is no point in taking a VPN subscription that is based on surveillance groups. So, it’s better to know about the company’s background before knowing about CyberGhost. This VPN headquarters is located in Romania which is not a part of surveillance groups.

So, this VPN is completely free from data retention laws and any obligations. This VPN company is owned by Kape Technologies (previously working on mobile and browser extensions). Also, check the VPNs with clean company background


Automatic Kill Switch

You will get this feature for all of CyberGhost apps to protect you from network connection drops. This will pause your internet connection (if your VPN connection is dropped). This will ensure that you are always connected to the VPN.

They have 👍brilliantly implemented this feature so that you will receive a notification when you try to turn this off. Though there is no point in turning it off.

📝Note: You can’t find this feature on macOS, iOS, or Android as this is integrated and turned on by default.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is an additional feature to control which apps traffic should be routed through VPN and use the standard connection for the rest of the applications. I feel this is a very useful handy tool in accessing bank applications or streaming services and get rid of CAPTCHA.

Even we have tested this feature, 🥳working fine. But for android, you need to open settings and find the split-tunnel app feature.

📝Note: This feature is currently available on Windows and Android.

App Protection

🥱Tried of connecting to a VPN every time you want to stream or torrent. Don’t bother now, App Protection feature will ask you to add the list of apps that will connect to the VPN automatically when you launch them. This feature works 😀flawlessly, so I can stream my Netflix US without opening the VPN app.

This improves the user experience and ease of use, don’t comprise at any cost worrying about connecting to VPN.

Tor Compatibility

It’s working with Tor (a bit slower), this isn’t any drastic. You can feel free to use Tor (The Onion Router) in the heavy censorship countries instead of using a default browser. Tor + VPN is the ultimate combination for security. Go ahead! and connect to the VPN, open Tor, and enjoy.

Malware blocker

CyberGhost comes with an 🚫ad-blocker to block malicious content. You can turn this feature on from the settings and then privacy. It’s very unlucky this feature will block only a single popup, during my test this couldn’t block all youtube Ads.

📝Note: Not all Ads will be blocked

Wi-Fi Protection

Desktop and Mobile version of this VPN supports Wi-Fi protection so you will get connected to VPN when you are on Wi-Fi (Also you can set to prompt a message). Most of the attackers target Wi-Fi, so it’s always better to be connected with a VPN.

I found this feature helps to get connected directly without opening the app.

HTTPS Protection

This feature forces every connection to HTTPS (the most secure version of the web). This prevents unsecured web pages and prevents most attacks. Most of the HTTPS sites are encrypted using SSL, even if someone gets your data it will be encrypted.

Even though the site didn’t have an HTTPS version, you are still protected by CyberGhost encryption.

📝Note: Unfortunately, this protocol is available only on Windows.

Additional Feature

By taking the VPN subscription, you will also get some additional benefits (some are free and some are paid ones).

  • Secret Photo Vault: This is special iOS App to hide pictures and videos on your iPhone or iPad, you can choose to secure your file with password or biometric. Additional security features includes break in reports and decoy password to prevent other’s accessing the vault.
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: We have explained clearly about dedicted IP address on server section, these servers are available only in 5 countries (US, UK, Germany, France and Canada).
  • Password Manager: You can take the password manager subscription along with VPN purchase cost you additional $3.49 (I don’t recommend taking this subscription).


CyberGhost is extremely safe offering AES 256 bit encryption (currently highest standard). Even 100 supercomputers will take thousands of years to crack this information (no hacker can get your data). This encryption is the perfect forward secrecy to encrypt & decrypt the information.

While there are no DNS or IP leaks found in CyberGhost VPN. ISP will track their user data through DNS requests & IPv6 traffic to know what you are doing online. But with this VPN your DNS request will be routed to its DNS server (360 degrees protection)


Open VPN (TCP & UDP)Supported

This VPN offers 3 different protocols to choose from while creating a secure connection, select the best protocol depending upon your needs. Here is a simple description of each protocol.

  • WireGuard: This will give a perfect balance between speed and security, this protocol outperforms IKEv2 & OpenVPN (great choice for streaming, browsing, etc)
  • OpenVPN: One of the safest protocol (open source), it’s 60% relatively slower than IKEv2 but it will be great choice if you want secuirty over speeds.
  • IKEv2: One of the fastes VPN protocol for movile devices with auto connect feature to stay protected all the time. Sadly this is available on Windows, macOS, and iOS currently.

You can switch between these protocols from the settings icon available on the lower-left corner.

Server Performance

CyberGhost maintains a very huge global network consists of 7300 servers located in 91 countries. This is a way lot more than most VPNs cover, this improves the chances of finding the fastest server. You will be quite impressed by this VPN maintaining 1100+ servers in the US alone. You can call this VPN a US Gaint.

CyberGhost also maintains specialty serves along with virtual servers for additional 🛡️security and better ⚡performance.

Virtual Location Servers

Currently, they maintain 29 virtual location servers and they are transparent about the information about this on their website. You can check for yourself that they are listed on the website.

These Virtual servers will help you in connecting to the internet world where you are restricted. But you will get high PING and low speeds as the physical server are very distant away from the actual location.

Special Servers

CyberGhost offers special servers for streaming & torrenting automatically gives you the best IP address and server location depending on what your activity is. Even the customer service told that these IP addresses for streaming & torrenting are updated regularly.

P2P servers are well optimized for downloading torrents. Also, they have a virtual location in a country and get you P2P indexes. These servers are available on all major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

📝Note: We at Vpnhelpers don’t promote downloading illegal content

Game Optimized Server

CyberGhost also has special servers for gaming so you will have low ping and better speeds. But if the server is very far, then you will have too high PING. I recommend opting for these servers for better performance.

NoSpy Servers

NoSpy keeps you more secure, but you need to take CyberGhost for 1 year or long-term plan to get them. These servers are based on a private data center in Romania and only the VPN can access them, so there won’t be any man in the middle involved.

These are built with premium hardware to boost your speeds than usual servers. They are worth taking the long-term subscription if you are planning to own a VPN for longer. While these are available on Windows, iOS, Android, and iOS.

Dedicated IP Servers

CyberGhost didn’t skip the feature of providing the same IP through dedicated IP servers. This is very helpful when you are planning to run a website or access banking, online trade. These can also prevent the streaming blocks, but I won’t recommend you to use dedicated IP servers for unblocking streaming services as they will cost you an extra $3.75/month.


Using a VPN will have some impact on your internet speeds. So. we have tested some VPN servers in CyberGhost to know how large the impacts are using Ookla’s internet speed test. Either you use a VPN for streaming, torrenting, or just browse casually. Due to encryption & tunneling, you will experience slightly slower speeds. But we got you covered with some speed tricks.

We have considered download & upload speed, speeds will drop if you connecting to a distant server. My base internet speed is 300 Mbps, when I connected to the US server drop is very minimal with 13% never think about upload speeds (they are lower than download). OpenVPN protocol drops more than 45% speeds. Here are the results check out for yourself.

IKEv290 Mbps20 Mbps
OpenVPN160 Mbps40 Mbps
WireGuard261 Mbps100 Mbps
CyberGhost VPN Speed

WireGuard stands top always, also do check other top VPN Speed NordVPN hits (250-280 Mbps), IKEv2 gave the worst experience on desktop. I hope speeds will differ depending on the server, speed, and your device.

Regular vs Optimized Servers (Speeds)

Here we have tested some local and long distant servers connecting to optimized servers and regular servers. It will be very clumsy if we put them on a table, so for your convenience (representing in a graph).

Most of the speeds of the servers are decent enough for streaming or torrenting without any interruptions. Try connecting to the nearest servers for more speeds.


CyberGhost is one of the best VPN for streaming unblocking more than 35+ streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime. While some streaming services struggles me during the first attempt, but they worked fine after that.

This VPN maintains special servers for streaming, you can discover them on the lefthand side of the app menu, these servers are well optimized for unblocking HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime video, though you can unblock streaming services on standard servers.

CyberGhost listed on best Netflix VPNs in 2022 unblocking most of the Netflix libraries. Streaming speeds are also great with HD quality without any 💫buffering, even I didn’t notice any kind of lag during my stream.

Many VPNs fail to unblock Disney+ due to its improved VPN technology, When I connected to the UK server Disney+ is unblocked instantly and I started streaming my favorite movies without any lags.

Amazon Prime is striving very hard to block VPN connections (many VPNs fail to unblock this). So, I am super excited to unblock this with the US server. You know it did work for me. Even there are no issues for me in unblocking BBC iPlayer too.

🥳Great news is that CyberGhost can do more than you imagine. It can also unblock Hulu, HBO Max, Kodi, and many more. It impresses everyone. But this VPN 👎fails in unblocking SkyTV, DAZN, Channel4, and ITV.


Torrenting with CyberGhost is very easy, it will assign you the IP address automatically depending on what you do. Though Torrenting is legal in some countries, P2P servers offer you the best speeds based on your location & network. Also, they give you a virtual location in a country to access P2P torrenting sites.

If you are new to torrenting (peer-to-peer file sharing). Internet service providers can slow down your connection when you start torrenting. This can be frustrating because you won’t be able to view or download content, even if you have a fast and stable connection. CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs for torrenting.

It’s always better to know the country law’s before torrenting to avoid illegal torrenting. Using Split tunneling you can VPN traffic only for the torrent client while the rest of your traffic will be coming from ISP.

Compatibility & Ease of use

CyberGhost VPN is available & compatible with most device platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Extensions, Smart TVs, and routers. Here is the list of other device platforms compatible with this VPN.

DesktopMobileSmart TV’sOthers
Windows, macOS, LinuxAndroid, iOSAmazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Android TV
Xbox Series X, One and 360
Roku, Kodi, PS4, PS5


CyberGhost is a powerful iOS VPN having a much similar interface as the desktop version has. But, there is no adblocker & split tunneling feature available in the iOS version whereas it is available for windows.

Don’t worry they didn’t skip the kill switch & leak protection. But the information about the servers and rest is very identical to the desktop version except the info about ping, a distance of server. Though P2P & gaming servers aren’t specified on the iOS version, most people will use them on the desktop.

When you connect to a server you will be automatically connected to the IKEv2 protocol (change that in settings to WireGuard for faster speeds).

cyberghost iOS
CyberGhost iOS Version

📝Note: If you want to block ads, download a private browser Add-on for iOS.


It’s surprising to find CyberGhost listed on top Android VPNs as well with many similar features you find on iOS & windows app. Additionally, you will be able to block ads and enable split tunneling on your Android device.

CyberGhost Android

You can toggle between OpenVPN & Wireguard protocols.


CyberGhost is one of the best VPN for Windows and macOS offering similar features on both, even I have tested them, you can see yourself the interface is much similar with features.

But the only difference between these two is that you can’t use OpenVPN on macOS (requires manual configuration). You can find the server either by searching the country name or streaming service. Also, there are optimized servers available for P2P torrenting & streaming.

CyberGhost smart rules are very handy to launch the VPN when the system starts. Sad for Linux users for not having GUI, you can refer to their guides for changing protocols, nearest servers to change settings.

📝Note: IKEv2 is not available on Linux, OpenVPN is not available on macOS.

Router Compatibility

You can install CyberGhost VPN on your router without any limitations except that it already supports OpenVPN. So you can enjoy a VPN connection for all your home devices, also there are some useful tutorials available on the website. Even I did follow the same during installation.

Though there isn’t a native app available for routers, you can control the CyberGhost app through Flash routers privacy apps like Linksys, Asus, and Netgear.

Browser Extension

This VPN offers free browser (Firefox and chrome) extensions. But, browser extensions(lightweight) lack some features like kill switch, limited servers. Either you install CyberGhost from the corresponding browser store or their official website.

So, you can’t use this connection for torrent clients. Since these act as a proxy server rather than a VPN, but comes with powerful security features like WebRTC leak protection, online track blocker, phishing site blocker, and Wi-Fi security.

Server restriction is very severe, you can access 8 servers (US, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, and others). While with the CyberGhost VPN app you can access 7300 servers located in 91 countries.

📝Note: Browser extensions don’t encrypt the data outside the browser.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the CyberGhost VPN from the official website for your device (your operating system).
  2. Install the App on your device & enjoy the services.

You can also search App Store or Google Play Store for the mobile version.

Privacy & Logging

CyberGhost has a strong no-log policy but they do store some information like connection timestamp and the version of the software you use to enhance user experience. You don’t need to worry about anything. Since this VPN headquarters is free from 14 eye surveillance and completely free from data obligations.

CyberGhost Privacy Statement

CyberGhost VPN is owned by Kape technologies (trusted one), but it does have some bad reputation in past. But everything changed over time, they are completely focused on privacy now (striving for user’s safety & anonymity).


CyberGhost didn’t face any breaches though there was some account username revealed in 2012. It never ran any independent audits, while the only audit is done by QSCERT (a huge company also investigated Whirpool and Hyundai)

CyberGhost tries to run more audits frequently with a no-log policy and it releases transparency reports every 3 months (this is the kind of honesty from great VPNs). You can find the reports at their Privacy Hub blog.

It’s devastating that powerful groups force CyberGhost to reveal the user information, but due to its strong commitment to keeping the personal information safe.

Simultaneous Connections

Yeppie🥳, with CyberGhost VPN you can cover up to 7 devices. This is quite useful; other popular services offer 5-6 mostly. We tried to test it to the best connecting 5 devices at a time. Three 📱mobiles (Samsung, Apple, OnePlus) and two laptops (Windows, macOS).

I have a Netflix subscription (5 accounts), started streaming it on multiple devices. Though the VPN struggles during connection (video is pixelated). Later on mobile devices, it’s streaming on HD but for the 💻laptops it is fine.

Take a look at Surfshark VPN offering unlimited device connections.


CyberGhost VPN is available at three different subscriptions plans. I believe their 2 years plan is the best value for money costing you $2.25/month, this is cheaper than Surfshark VPN which costs you $2.49 for the same plan. While other plans are costlier than most premium VPNs like NordVPN.

The best thing about CyberGhost VPN is their 45 days refund program to claim your full refund if you don’t like the services. While other VPNs offer a maximum 30 days program, this VPN offers additional 15 days buffer period to change your mind after usage.

Interestingly they are offering a 1-day free trial for Windows & Mac to explore all the features. Also, the refund process is straightforward you need to contact the customer team through 24/7 live chat (they won’t ask you any questions). I got my money back within 3 working days.

When it comes to payment methods, you can use PayPal, Credit Card, and cryptocurrency payments. Though they won’t consider cash payments (a bit disappointing) If you need to remain anonymous, it is possible!

📢Best Deal: 2 Years Plan costs only $2.25 per month.

Customer Support

Coming to customer support which is essential always, CyberGhost is excellent in terms of customer support providing 24/7 live chat in 3 different languages (English, French, German). Even after canceling the subscription, customer service will listen to your queries and answer them immediately. Additionally, they will send further instruction through 📧email (very helpful & interactive).

Their FAQs, Tutorials, Guides cover most of the common issues right from unblocking any website to streaming services. I am really 👍impressed by the support they offered when I am stuck unblocking BBC iPlayer. They mailed me with step by step guide to switching to chrome & refresh (it worked ✨miraculous).

Either if you read their guide (full of information) or contact them anytime for any settings especially useful during setups. Their FAQ section is vast to find answers to your question.

Final verdict

CyberGhost is an 😄incredible all-rounder (user-friendly & easy to use). Most of the features are integrated & automated (so you will never miss anything). Its dedicated servers serve you anything at your fingertips (streaming, torrenting, gaming). If you face any trouble their well-supported customer team will get engaged and solve your problem within 5 mins.

CyberGhost take a special stand in security with its NoSpy Servers along with standard AES 256 bit encryption. Its transparency builds user trust, though there are a few downsides to this VPN. You have notices that CyberGhost is not good for gaming, even it couldn’t work well in China.

I can recommend CyberGhost only for streaming and security, but if you are looking for a perfect🥇 all-rounder with global coverage, NordVPN is the ultimate choice. If you aren’t convinced by my statement it’s the best VPN recommend by Reddit users.

You can also check out the best VPNs in 2022. Also, check our other VPN review…

FAQs Related to CyberGhost VPN

Can I get CyberGhost VPN for Free?

Yes!, you can but currently, they are offering 24 hours free trial program. I hope you can explore some features within a day, but you can try out their 45 days money-back guarantee program to avail full refund if you are not satisfied.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network in short) that assigns you a new IP to keep your online activities private & Hidden from ISP, Government. Helps in unblocking Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Hotstar, and Disney+. You can also torrent with a VPN to get what you desire.

CyberGhost VPN works in China?

No!, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t work in China. Though they maintain servers in the chain, the Chinese government banned the app there. But still, you can use onion sites, remote servers for censorship, or geoblocks including China. It also works in restricted countries like Russia, Turkey, and UAE. You can unblock any website using this VPN.

Is CyberGhost VPN safe?

You can completely trust this VPN service offering high-end security features to protect your privacy and ensures it never store any of the user data.
Check the features section about the security it offers.

Can CyberGhost VPN unblock streaming Services?

CyberGhost is one of the best streaming services unblocker (35+ services unblocked). Most of its servers are located in the US, enjoy unblocking 15+ Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many more.

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