NordVPN vs ProtonVPN 2024 Detailed Comparision: Ultimate Battle!

Both NordVPN and ProtonVPN have good reputations. What if they compete with each other? Can protonVPN beat NordVPN? what do you think? NordVPN outperformed many VPNs in the market. But protonVPN is from Switzerland (privacy is what they care more about), but there will be one winner let’s find out…

ProtonVPN vs NordVPN

NordVPN stands as one of the best VPNs with a large network, premium features, speeds along with security & privacy features. Declaring 🏆winner with just what they claim to offer isn’t ❌correct always. So, we have tested them in each category side by side to find the winner & runner.

This will make you 🤔realize, are offering what they claim. Let’s 🥁roll without wasting furthermore time.

FeaturesIndustry-Leading FeaturesStandard Features
VPN backgroundNo Logs Shared a user Log
SpeedLightning Fast Decent
Security & EncryptionMilitary-grade Military-grade
StreamingUnblock Most Streaming servicesFew Streaming Services
TorrentingDedicated P2P SupportLess P2P Support
Compatibility & ease of useAlmost Every Platform Almost Every Platform
Pricing & RefundAffordable & 30 days refund Expensive & Unused Subscription Days
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat SupportReport issue Ticket & Email
Value for moneyFeature PackedVaries Based on Plan
Quick Comparision Guide

Quick Glance of VPN Features

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries.
  • Double VPN feature for extra privacy.
  • Unlimited Streaming in Ultra HD quality without data caps.
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers.
  • Unblocks International services Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.
  • CyberSec to avoid malware and block ads.
  • Reliable kill switch.
  • Strict No-logs policy.
  • 30 Days full refund policy.
  • 1000+ servers in 54 countries.
  • Secure core servers for streaming, and torrenting.
  • AES 256-bit encryption with OpenVPN.
  • Unblock Netflix, Hulu, Dinsey+, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Unlimited torrenting without any data caps.
  • Strict No-logs policy.
  • An automatic kill switch.
  • Free version available (limited features).

VPN Company Background

Company background will impact the VPNs reputation, having a clear background not from the surveillance groups is a great advantage for user privacy. While no-log VPNs prevent others 🕵️spying on you, you should make sure that the VPN is not 🔍spying on your data.


NordVPN is the best-known VPN company ever existed. It never keeps any logs and the company is completely free of any data retention laws since it is based in Panama (a good jurisdiction). NordVPN company has been there around for more than 2 decades with a good 🤩reputation, to enhance their further with independent audits by third-party companies. Know more information about NordVPN in detail.


ProtonVPN is a child company of Proton Technologies that started in the year 2017 with strong privacy policies. We have found that ProtonVPN logged specific users’ data as per Swiss court orders, which are specified in the reports. You will also get a ProtonMail subscription along with ProtonVPN.

Though both companies are well reputed, there is a ❓mark on ProtonVPN for logging users’ data, while NordVPN has a clean background and we consider Panama has better jurisdiction (privacy values) compared to Switzerland.

🤗NordVPN is the winner here.

Speed Test

Despite a VPN (Virtual Private Network) implementing all its logic to keep you under the hood, it’s quite common that your internet speed will slow down a bit due to encryption & tunneling. Also, you can experience some massive 🔥boost if your ISP is throttling your connection.

But if the speeds are so poor, it will ruin the user experience. You need to be more careful while choosing a VPN, need to meet your usage speed. To figure out the fastest VPN among these two, we ran 🚄speed test by connecting to some random servers.

NordVPN has its custom-implemented NordLynx built based on Wireguard protocol (⚡fastest VPN protocol so far). Also, it supports all other protocols. But for protonVPN OpenVPN is the fastest protocol available. Despite other protocols, we ⚙️configured the best they offer and started the test.

USA Server

ProviderDownload SpeedUpload Speed
NordVPN (NordLynx)445 Mbps90 Mbps
ProtonVPN95 Mbps15 Mbps
USA Server

NordVPN obtains better results when connected to the USA server, you can see for yourself that NordVPN protocol is 5 times faster than protonVPN’s OpenVPN. This proves that NordVPN is one of the best USA VPNs. Let’s try another server this might give luck for ProtonVPN at least.

UK Server

ProviderDownload SpeedUpload Speed
NordVPN 297 Mbps10 Mbps
ProtonVPN80.97 Mbps15.5 Mbps
UK Server

Even when connected to a UK server, NordVPN outperformed ProtonVPN. But, you can see that the upload speeds of protonVPN are better compared to NordVPN. No one cares about upload speeds while using a VPN, everyone will stream or torrent.

📝Note: Keep in mind that results might vary depending upon your base internet speed & protocol selected.

NordVPN is the winner🥳

Features Overview

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is an essential feature of a VPN that protects your identity without getting leaked by stopping your internet connection when your connection drops. You can have this feature on both VPNs.

NordVPN maintains 2 kill switches

  • one for the whole internet
  • Dedicated selected apps.

But ProtonVPN also comes with a kill switch as a security & privacy feature for the users. You can tweak the setting in the advanced section (also you can know about that feature by clicking on ℹ️ right after the name).

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is available in both NordVPN & ProtonVPN for their Android and Windows application. This helps to split VPN traffic & internet traffic for the selected applications. So, you can 🥳enjoy local services even connected to a VPN without disconnecting it again.

You can find this feature in the VPN settings⚙️ and in the general section for NordVPN, an advanced section for ProtonVPN.


Again SmartPlay is NordVPN’s special feature that comes really 🤝handy during streaming. This will smartly bypass the streaming services algorithm & make it seems like everything is normal. It will get triggered automatically when you stream geo-blocked content, 🎉thanks to SmartPlay for smartly unblocking streaming services without getting your VPN blocked.

Specialty Servers

NordVPN categorized its servers under 😉specialty servers as P2P Servers, Double VPN Servers, and Onion Over VPN Servers. So, it will be more convenient to choose a category depending on your usage. You can know more about Specialty servers in the detailed review.

While I couldn’t find any such categorization in protonVPN, they call it “secure Core” servers which improve users’ privacy & reduce the risk of connecting to compromised VPN Servers. But the secure core servers are very few and located in high-security data centers.


CyberSec is NordVPN’s ✨special feature to block ads & trackers like malware, and phishing sites. So, you can get rid of any redirections or 🤧inappropriate ads displayed on your screen. Cybersec is an inbuilt NordVPN feature that saves you a few bucks instead of taking a separate adblocker subscription (save you a few bucks).

VPN ProtocolWireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSecOpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard (beta)
Encryption AES-256 bitAES-256 bit
Leak ProtectionDNS & IP leak DNS
Malware blockerYes
Kill SwitchAvailableAvailable
Split TunnelingYesYes
Simultaneous Connections6Varies based on the plan
Quick Recap

Security & Encryption

NordVPN is one of the No Log VPNs suitable for those who want to protect their identity online, providing military-grade encryption. Let’s find out which one keeps its promise of protecting user identity.

NordVPN has the better stand here with the latest VPN protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and their custom-developed NordLynx coupled with a reliable kill switch and DNS leak protection hides your browsing history & online activities all the time.

ProtonVPN also uses AES 256-bit encryption with CBC & HMAC SHA 512 authentication supporting various protocols like OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), and WireGuard beta. It seems that both VPNs are using secure encryption with reliable protocols, but here is a slight advantage for NordVPN as it completely implements WireGuard protocol (latest encryption standards).

🎯Tip: Don’t know which protocol to use, check out our guide for the best protocol that suits you.


NordVPN has undergone several third-party audits by PricewaterhouseCooper audit. To prove there are 😀no vulnerabilities and logging of user data. Also, it audited specialty services including regular, obfuscated, double VPN, and P2P servers (completed in 2020).

ProtonVPN also undergoes several security audits conducted by SEC Consult. But these audits are not done by third-party members, unlike NordVPN. So far everything is 👍good with protonVPN and stands on its promise without logging any of the user data. Not like Private Internet Access which claims to be No-Log & log user data behind the scene.

Servers & Server Security


While NordVPN has a gigantic server network of more than 🖖thrice of protonVPN, displaying all of them in a simple map📌 as points. It also categories servers for streaming, torrenting, onion over VPN, etc. ProtoVPN doesn’t maintain any of such categories but it covered more countries compared to NordVPN.

NordVPN servers are completely Diskless RAM Servers (don’t store anything). Even if any one of the servers gets seized by third parties everything will be erased. So, you can rest assured about your safety & security “Not even Surveillance groups can’t track you“. Also, ExpressVPN follows the same.

NordVPN owns the servers eliminating the middleman (third parties) which gives it more advantageous for security lovers.

ProtonVPN still runs its servers with disk encryption & its secure core system blocks third parties. But you will get this security protection on the expansion visionary plan only. Anyway, their strict no-log policy will protect you from revealing your identity.

🤗NordVPN is the winner.


Premium VPNs are primarily built & used to unblock streaming services or websites. Many people struggle to find the perfect VPN for them. Guessing both VPNs can bypass geoblocks🤔? You are wrong, let me break it down for ease of explanation.

NordVPN can unblock any Netflix Library with its fastest VPN server network delivering the best 🔥speed in the VPN industry with its NordLynx protocol to stream every show or movie in Ultra HD without buffering. All these overwhelming features make NordVPN as top Netlfix VPN

NordVPN can unblock many other streaming services like Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, etc along with Netflix.

ProtonVPN is relatively new to this category & competition, but we can say it’s a decent one with many limitations.

  • Limited Server Support:- ProtonVPN extends your accessibility to the servers based on subscription, so you can happily stream in plus & visionary plans but not in free & basic plans.
  • Less unblocking capabilities:- ProtonVPN is not smartly designed to unblock everything like NordVPN. So, you can barely unblock streaming services with this VPN.

You can see that ProtonVPN has very limited support & services in the streaming category, while NordVPN provides the same VPN servers & services on any subscription plan.

NordVPN is the clear winner of this round🥳.


Everyone likes torrenting 😍 (everything is free), also it’s worth knowing which VPN can do better in torrenting. NordVPN is the top VPN for torrenting powered by its NordLynx protocol that delivers superior ⚡speeds to download torrent files, while NordVPN P2P friendly servers ensure that your torrenting goes smoothly without any blockages.

ProtonVPN is also a decent VPN for torrenting. But there are some limitations based on your subscription plan. Torrenting is 😖not available in the free version, speeds are not impressive to download torrent files in other plans. Also, some servers ⛔block torrenting traffic in the Visionary plan. So, protonVPN is not an ideal VPN for torrenting.

While NordVPN 💪unblocks anything that comes along its way whether it might be a torrent site or website. Only a few VPNs can do that.

So, NordVPN is the winner🤗

📝Note: Port forwarding is not available in both VPNs, NordVPN stopped it due to security reasons, still some VPNs offer this feature like Private Internet Access.


NordVPN is very easy to install, here are the 2 mins installation guides for AndroidiOSWindows, and macOS devices. Also, it’s the same for protonVPN installation as well. For other platform setup guides, you can refer official site.

NordVPN windows app is very minimalistic showing all its servers on the world map with a quick connect button on the home screen. It provides ease of use for connecting to the desired server with a 📌single tap. You can find specialty servers (P2P, Onion Over VPN, Fastest, Recently connected) on the left panel.

You can find a more 🤗similar interface (beginner-friendly) on protonVPN as well. Also, you can see ⏲️ real-time server speed in protonVPN, A big notch on the top indicates the connection status, quick connection feature is also available in protonVPN on left.

The Mobile version of both VPNs offers the same features as the desktop version with an intuitive interface. Also, there is a split tunneling feature in the android version. But when it comes to NordVPN its android application is top-notch and easy for the eyes (almost identical to the desktop version in terms of features).

NordVPN vs ProtonVPN Android App

📝Note: Keep in mind that the Linux version of NordVPN doesn’t have a GUI interface.

So it’s a tie🙌

Device Compatibility & Ease of Use

Supported OS iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
Other DevicesAndroid TV, Kodi, Amazon Fire devices, routersAndroid TV, Amazon Fire devices, routers
Browser ExtensionsChrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc
Simultaneous device connection6Varies based on the plan

Both VPNs support a wide variety of platforms and operating systems with dedicated apps. Both NordVPN and ProtonVPN has simple & minimal user interface. While NordVPN supports only 6 simultaneous device connections on any plan. ProtonVPN supports 10 simultaneous device connections on its expensive pack.

It’s a tie🙌

Customer Support

24/7 Live customer chat supportTicket Raising Process
FAQ section covering common issuesFAQs
Tutorials AvailableTutorials Available
Quick Email Response timeNA

A VPNs reputation depends on its customer service, seems like NordVPN has the 💪greater stand here providing a 24/7 live chat feature while ProtonVPN offers a rising🎟️ ticket process. You can find FAQs about both VPNs when you ran into some common issues or doubts.

In the case of ProtonVPN, you need to rely on the previous knowledge database and some video tutorials are available. Whereas you can directly talk to NordVPN technical team if your services are not working as expected.

I got 😒exhausted waiting for my ticket response which is the same in the case of an 📧email response for ProtonVPN.

🏆NordVPN is the clear winner

Pricing & refund policies

NordVPN offers three different plans without any feature restrictions, so you can enjoy all the NordVPN features in every subscription plan.

NordVPN’s one-month subscription will cost you $11.95. But, the longer the subscription more the discount you will get. Their one-year subscription is available for $59 ($4.92/month), as you can see NordVPN is available for $3.67/ month in 2 years plan along with 3 months 🥳free.

Thanks to NordVPN’s 30 days money-back guarantee program (risk-free) for letting users taste their service for free and get their refund instantly when they don’t like their service.

NordVPN Pricing Plans (1)

🎯Tip:- Use our NordVPN discount coupons to get an instant 75% discount.

When it comes to ProtonVPN, offers 4 different price plans. It’s better once you 👀look at them (you can see they offer discounts on a year plan).

As you see ProtonVPN restricts its features based on plans. There is a free version that will be useful for very basic needs (👍best to test the service), while its basic plan starts at $4/month (supports 2 devices).

You can enjoy with decent server network with a plus subscription that costs you $8/month (supports 5 devices). 🥇Top tier visionary plan is the best one supporting 10 simultaneous device connections and is extremely priced at $24/month. Most premium No Log VPNs also didn’t charge this much. you can enjoy the limited free services (there aren’t any best deals available). ProtonVPN is available in four (one free version).

Best Deal $3.67/Month –>2 YearsNA

ProtonVPN😢 disappoints its user by neither providing any discount nor any annual plan with less price like NordVPN. But it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee program to avail of instant refunds.

📝Note: ProtonVPN features will vary based on plans (whereas NordVPN serves the same features for any plan).

So. NordVPN 🥳is the clear winner.

Value for money

Value for 💵money is subject to the plan you are going with the VPN. If you don’t need many speeds or basic unblocking without proper privacy & encryption. ProtonVPN’s free trial version might be the 😀best fit for you.

Since we don’t know which plan you are going with, but we can estimate with real features of a VPN, here are some of the characteristics that a VPN should deliver.

  • Security: Both are secure but NordVPN runs on the latest encryption protocol.
  • Speed: NordVPN NordLynx is the fastest protocol.
  • Privacy: Both VPNs run on diskless servers, with no logs, verified audits, etc.

NordVPN has more benefits than ProtonVPN in the value-for-money segment.

Wrapping UP!

It seems to be not over yet, ProtonVPN needs to catch up a lot to get admired by users & the industry. Still, it is listed among the best VPNs as it’s more privacy-centric. While NordVPN is a tough guy with 💪overall stats.

But based on wise judgment, In direct comparison with NordVPN 🥇wins the battle very quickly. On counting the comparisons, NordVPN won 9/10 comparison tests with a 🤝 tie-on compatibility segment. Here is a quick recap of the comparisons.

  • VPN Background:- NordVPN
  • Features:- NordVPN
  • Speed:- NordVPN
  • Security & Encryption:- NordVPN
  • Streaming:- NordVPN
  • Torrenting:- NordVPN
  • Device Compatibility:- Tie
  • Customer Support:- NordVPN
  • Pricing & refund:- NordVPN
  • Value for Money:- NordVPN

For more 🤗comparisons check

FAQs related to NordVPN vs ProtonVPN

Is NordVPN faster than protonVPN?

No doubt it is NordVPN that takes advantage of NordLynx protocol compared to protonVPN which uses OpenVPN. To know about it in detail, check out the WireGuard vs OpenVPN comparison. If you still face any speed issues, tweak these settings once.

Can ProtonVPN unblock Streaming services?

Yes, but only a very few libraries when you take a Netflix account. Also, when you take the visionary plan ($24/month) this is an insane price to spend on a VPN. So, try the best VPNs for Netflix available at an affordable price range.

Can I torrent without getting caught?

No, if you connect to any country’s VPN server where torrenting is legal. There won’t be any issues even when you torrent. Both VPNs support P2P torrenting with unlimited bandwidth.

Which VPN is the Best Value for the Money?

NordVPN is the best value-for-money VPN delivering the best in class VPN features at very affordable prices compared to protonVPN. Also, they are offering a 30-day risk-free trial program. So, you try their service for free (instant refund if you don’t like the service).

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software tool that hides your identity and keeps you away from ISP or government tracking (Surveillance groups) by changing your device IP Address. So, you can surf the internet without any limitations or restrictions. Stream, torrent, and unblock websites.

Will a VPN slow down my internet speed?

Yes, you can observe a slight drop in your internet speed after connecting to a VPN server. This happens due to encryption and tunneling, that’s why we have conducted the speed test comparing two VPNs to find the VPN which slows down your internet speed more.

Are they any offers available on NordVPN or ProtonVPN?

NordVPN is offering discount coupons (75% instant discount) apart from its regular 30-day money-back guarantee program. ProtonVPN is also offering some discounts this year.

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