13 Best Torrent Search Engines (Working in 2024)

If you are looking for something online you might probably have used a search engine like Google or Bing etc. But, what if you need to search for a torrent file?

In a similar way, the tool to search torrents is Torrent Search Engine. What Torrent Search Engines to use? Which are the best among them? You will find your answers in this article, so keep on reading.

If you are more familiar with and knowledgeable about the torrent world. You might know that there are hundreds of torrent sites available to download torrent files. When the top sites “The Pirates Bay” and “Kickass Torrent” are down by the FBI, then people heard a new term: Torrent Search Engine.

They work pretty similarly to Google. You might have seen some torrent sites labeling themselves as Torrent Search Engines which means that they don’t host the data but they will let you find torrents on other torrent sites.

Best Torrent Search Engines

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor VPNHelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

As you might already know that some torrent sites won’t work in your country. So in order to access these torrent sites and torrent anonymously and safely, I suggest you use a VPN.

How to Access Torrent Sites

  • Get a VPN (I prefer using NordVPN and in this guide also I’ll be using the same).
  • Download & Install a VPN on the device you want to torrent.
  • Connect to a Server (Spain, Canada) where torrenting is not restricted.
  • Start accessing torrent sites.

Here you can find the best VPN for Torrenting.

Now we are all set to browse torrents, so let’s see the best and safe torrent search Engines to find your favorite movie, TV shows, Anime, Games, Software, and other items online.

Best Torrent Search Engines

1. SolidTorrents

Solid Torrent

Starting our hunt with SolidTorrents which is a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) search engine that has a clean user interface with a minimalistic design compared to any other site.

On counting all those categories on the search engine there are more than 23 million torrents indexed. You can also submit your own torrents to this search engine using submit button on top.

Bookworms and music lovers will praise this search engine as you can trim down your choices with the tagging system available to find the torrent you want. This search engine manages to attract huge users monthly.

Pros Cons
DHT search engineMay be unsafe
Clean user interface
23 million torrents

2. AIO Search

AIO Search

When it comes to visuals & options. AIO Search engine will take a stand with its visually appealing design and a plethora of options to find the torrent that you are looking for.

Either you can choose a torrent downloader site manually below the search option or there is a drop-down feature next to the search bar to filter what exactly you are looking for like Images, Videos, Textfiles, etc.

This search engine has its extension supported for Chrome and Firefox to make the search furthermore simple. When you search for something suggestions will be displayed and you can save favorites with a google account.

Pros Cons
Extension for Chrome and FirefoxWorks only in the US
Sleek web interface 
Visually appealing design 

3. Toorgle


This is a google inspired search engine with a torrent search bar on its homepage. You can sort the results by date and other factors after searching. Even when you have a slow internet connection this search engine fetches 450 torrent sites.

Though this search engine design seems outdated still capable of indexing more than 55 million torrent sites. So, don’t neglect this search engine on the way to search your torrent file.

You can also add Toorgle toolbar to the Firefox browser, as their primary revenue is from ads so make sure that your ad-blocker is enabled.

Pros Cons
450 torrent sitesMay contain ads
Extension for firefox 
Can index 55 million torrent sites 

4. TorrentSeeker


The beauty of the Torrentseeker search engine is that its index updating itself which makes this a popular torrent search engine that uses Google Search to scrap torrents.

However, its wonderful design is limited to the homepage, while the search results page isn’t that good. But, anyway it will scrap the results from thousands of torrent sites and can filter them according to relevance.

Ads are very minimal in this search engine which makes the user experience much better than other search engines. But, as you might know, nothing is free on the internet we will recommend using some ad-blockers to avoid these ads.

Pros Cons
Self-updating indexContains ads
Sleek web interface 
Great user-experience 

5. Snowfl


Snowfl search engine manages to compete with other search engines because of the minimal interface and night mode feature to soothe your eyes. Even though its name might sound odd, this is a very simple & fast search engine.

While there are only a few ads and elements, all the torrents will be listed from torrent downloaders like RARBG, Kickass, Pirate Bay, etc in a simple list. You can download torrent files with a simple click on the blue link.

The good news is that there is a .onion link for this website so you can rest assured of privacy through Tor Browser.

Pros Cons
Minimal interfaceContains ads
Night-mode feature 
Fast search engine 

6. XtorX


To describe this search engine we need to start with its simple UI that fetches torrent files very quickly and accurately. This search engine also scrapes the results generated from Google.

Unfortunately, there is no filtering option available in this search engine which makes things dizzy in finding the torrent file. This XtorX will provide the search URLs to redirect to another page where the torrents are hosted.

There are no ads in this search engine. But, you might get redirected to another wrong site so be careful while clicking on links.

Pros Cons
Simple UINo filtering option
No ads 
Fetches torrent sites quickly 

7. Veoble


There is no denying that more users are looking for dark-themed search engines. Veoble is one among them in quickly gaining popularity from users. This is a complete search engine to search your query.

As Veoble uses a custom google search to generate results that can be filtered further like relevance, language, date, etc. Veoble search engine is also featured with image search which is nice.

It is advised to use some security essentials like a VPN and ad-blocker to avoid redirecting or popping ads.

Pros Cons
Uses custom google searchMay contain ads
Comes with an image search 
Dark-themed search engines 



BITCQ is a highly polished website that offers information about torrents without diving deep into the links which is the best thing about this search engine site.

BITCQ gives an edge over other search engines with quick search results and a number of search results. This search engine is suitable for different use cases and very helpful in different niche torrent files.

Be careful with the annoying ads to avoid redirections to meticulous websites. Keep yourself safe using a VPN before visiting this torrent site.

Pros Cons
Quick search resultsToo many ads
Highly polished website 
A great number of search results 

9. The Pirate Bay

The Pirates Bay (

Now, it’s time to mention the Boss of the Torrent marketplace. This torrent search engine site has been there since 2003. This search engine has been the most crowded one for years, But the founders still facing copyright issues.

However, this search engine still manages to run with more than 40 million visitors every month. This search engine is widely popular due to its large community, no matter how odd the torrent files are.

As an advantage, The Pirate Bay has a smooth & clean UI with VIP and Trusted Tags to know verified torrents. Though most of its revenue is generated from ads, you can use an ad blocker.

Pros Cons
Live F1 StreamingWorks only in the US
Sleek web interface 
Other sports content 

10. BTDigg


This torrent search engine works differently without depending on torrent files, and works on DHT for torrent files. This torrent search engine has the ability to support Asian & European languages on queries.

BTDigg search engine grabs 23 million users monthly and offers everything like minimal design and filter options along with a description of the torrent file before downloading.

This is recognized as the best Ad-free P2P search engine with plenty of management links readily available to download.

Pros Cons
Supports Asian & European languagesMay not be safe
Best P2P search engine 

11. YTS


If you are looking for movies then, YTS is the most powerful torrent search engine, especially for movies with a simple interface and easy-to-use design. Though YTS has a smaller library with monthly visitors are more than 75 million.

It will give a similar experience to Netflix/Hulu on the browser. Where you can download torrents in HD quality (720p/1080p) and in multiple formats such as Blu-Ray/DVD Rip.

Also, this search engine indexes all the recent classic movies. You can avoid the ads with an ad-blocker simply. The best part of this search engine is that you can download subtitles as well.

Pros Cons
Streaming in HD qualityContains ads
Enables downloading subtitles 
Allows you to download torrents 

12. Torrentz2


This is also the most popular torrent search engine in 2024. Unfortunately, the site may be down by the time when you visit this. Don’t worry we will mention some mirror links to access this.

Torrentz2 indexes more than 94 torrent websites and offers the best results from 60 million torrent files. There are 10 million monthly users on this search engine.

We advise using an ad-blocker even there are no ads on this website. Many of the users mention this search engine is best for music. You can try the mirror links.

Pros Cons
94 torrent websitesMay contain ads
60 million torrent files 
Best for music 

13. Academic Torrents

Academic Torrents

Academic Torrents is a dedicated torrent search engine for academic purposes like downloading research papers, notes, lectures, etc. This search engine indexes millions of data sets by many university professors.

This is a result of a joint project made by Michigan & Texas University to share academic files over the internet. This search engine offers more than 65TB of data to be downloaded by the users.

While there is a search by title, name of the author, and other filtering options available in the search engine. A minimal interface and no ads on the go is the best thing we noticed.

Pros Cons
Best for academic purposesmay be unsafe
More than 65TB of data 
Minimal interface with no ads 

FAQs Torrent Search Engine

Are these Torrent Search Engines Accessible?

Well, you might know the answer before you heard it No. Since they got blocked due to different reasons in your region. It is recommended to use a VPN before you access them. Know the best VPNs available to use.

How Do I Download Torrents Safely?

If you want to download torrent files safely. You need your device readily installed with Torrent Client, and VPN. Check out the best reliable torrent clients.

Where Do I Get Torrent Links?

After you get the results on the torrent search engine just click on the torrent name and you will be redirected to another page, where you will get the torrent or magnet link. Be careful as sometimes you might be redirected to the wrong page.

Can I Download Torrents Directly?

Yes, but it is recommended to use a torrent client as the downloading process might get interrupted. Torrent client can continue the download process where it got stopped which will save your time and data.

Are these torrent files free from viruses & safe?

Yes, but until you look at the seeds/leecher or comments from the other users who downloaded this torrent file. As torrent files are the hideouts for attackers to infect the target system better to check the description, comments, and health of the torrent file.


Well, there are the best torrent search engines in 2024. It is worth mentioning that you have to visit all these search engines since everyone has their own features in filtering or searching. If you think one of them suits you then you can use that while torrenting.

All these torrent search engine sites are accessible and working on PC and Mobile. Don’t forget to keep yourself safe and private while accessing these torrents with a VPN.

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