Top 9 MMA Streaming Sites in 2024: Free UFC Streaming

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) gains more popularity worldwide, fans are constantly seeking ways to watch their favorite fighters in action. While MMA or UFC streaming became expensive with a plethora of streaming sites, Good News! we’ve picked the best free UFC streaming sites that offer high-quality content and reliable services.

11 Best Free MMA Streaming Sites Working in 2023

While there are many ways to stream MMA online, finding free streaming sites is really tedious among them. Fortunately, we have listed the best free MMA or UFC streaming sites that can provide you with high-quality videos that load smoothly.

How to Access MMA Streaming Sites Safely:

  1. Use Reliable VPN: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark are recommended for security.
  2. Install VPN App: Download and set up VPN software.
  3. Check Updated Lists: Look for the latest recommendations.
  4. Access Streaming Sites: Safely watch MMA events.

Top Free MMA or UFC Streaming Sites in 2024

  1. UFC Streams
  2. First Row Sports
  3. ESPN+
  4. Crackstream
  5. CricFree (BT Sport 1)
  6. Stream2watch
  7. MamaHD
  8. SportLemon
  9. Reddit

Top Sites to Stream UFC or MMA for Free

1. UFC Streams

UFC Streams is the 👑king of boxing or MMA streaming, the site has a decent design and every match is available in HD streaming (even up to 4K). The home page directly shows two sections “MMA” and “Boxing” choosing one will show you the complete live match schedule.

Also, fighters are ranked based on their wons. You don’t have to pay anything to stream matches on the site, but the only downside is that post-match videos won’t be available i.e. only live match videos are available.

Free Live Streaming (up to 4k)Post Matches Are Not Available
MMA or Boxing

2. First Row Sports

First Row Sports is another 🔥best UFC streaming site that stands out of crowd providing free live streaming working links for almost every sport including MMA. The site design is more like rows and doesn’t require any account or subscription for streaming.

But the only downside is the site is unavailable outside the US, you’ll need a VPN to protect yourself from the malicious links.

Reliable Free Live StreamingAvailable in a Few Regions
Almost Every Sport ListedFew Ads

3. ESPN+


ESPN+ is an 🔥excellent streaming platform for MMA and UFC matches. you can watch UFC Fight Night events, UFC pay-per-view events, and exclusive UFC content such as Dana White’s Contender Series and the Ultimate Fighter.

The site has a premium design with almost every sport listed but most of the content requires a subscription. ESPN will be unavailable in most regions due to geoblocks.

Live MMA or UFC Match StreamingUnavailable outside US
Require Subscription

4. Crackstream

Crackstreams is one of the top MMA free live-streaming sites for boxing, NHL, NFL, and other sports. Crackstreams has an intuitive interface listing all the matches on the home screen and you can stream all the matches for free.

Crackstream provides links ahead of the live stream and keeps you up to date with the match schedule. But there will be ads on the site that are malicious.

Free Live MMA StreamingFrequently Changes Domain
Variety of sports content

5. CricFree (BT Sport 1)

CricFree is a free UFC sports streaming site that lists matches from SkySports, ESPN, and FOX. You can find all the channels listed on the home page with four BT Sport channels. It’s free to stream any sports on the site even without an account.

But the site has frequent ad popups that irritate you all the time. Make sure that you are using an ad-blocker before visiting the site.

Free MMA Live StreamingFrequent Ads & Popups
4 BT Sports Channels

6. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch MMA Streaming Site

Stream2Watch is a perfect site for sports that covers sports in 360 degrees with streaming, news, etc. While the site covers a large section of sports like football, NHL, MMA, hockey, and dozens of other sports and games from 150+ channels.

Stream2Watch maintains a separate section for each sport with its match schedule, you can watch the live stream for free with one click. Also, you can filter the sport by category.

Live MMA StreamingAd Interruptions
Large selection of sports channels
Includes other television channels also

7. MamaHD

MamaHD is a unique free sports streaming site that covers every major sport like UFC, Boxing, F1, etc. The site offers a premium experience with unlimited live streaming for free with minimal ads. All the matches schedule is updated daily with working links.

The site also has the latest news about the event which makes it better than the rest. Unlike most streaming sites, it also has a chat feature that lets you chat with other fans around the world and discuss their opinions with each other.

HD Live MMA or UFC StreamingFew Ads
Chat Feature

8. SportLemon

SportLemon is the one you should visit for free HD live streaming, which lists 9+ sports including MMA & UFC streaming. While the site has a very minimal design focusing on the matches with the schedule on the home page.

SportLemon has a separate section for every sport with working links and directly opens the streaming page with one click.

Free HD Live StreamingGeoblocked

9. Reddit

r/MMA Reddit

While Reddit is more of a forum, the users of r/MMA often post stream links online. They also post important MMA moments and are updated in real-time by other passionate users that are into MMA. You can use Reddit to find other resources to watch MMA, and you can use it yourself to talk and discuss MMA with similar people.

Live MMA StreamingSome sites may not work without a VPN
Helps find other sports sites as well Some sites may be unsafe

How To Access All MMA Content Online?

When it comes to streaming content online, you may not be able to get access to certain content due to geo-blocking. Some of the websites on this list may limit your content based on your region, so as to not break any copyright laws and regulations.

However, you can still access all of the content on these websites if you start using a VPN. A virtual private network will keep you safe and secure from all prying eyes, and also let you access all geo-restricted content. Premium VPNs even have an inbuilt ad-blocker in them, so you can avoid all ads when streaming MMA content.

Not to mention, many of these streaming websites may pose a risk to you, especially since most of them are P2P services. Using a VPN will ensure that you are protected from all malicious strangers, trackers, malware, and phishing attacks.

FAQs Related to UFC Streaming Site

Which are the Best free MMA Streaming sites?

Watching UFC live fights for free is easier on Stream2Watch, First Row Sports, ESPN, and SportLemon. Again the best site will be depending upon your preference as some might light high quality while some love listing every match.

What are MMA & UFC, Do they differ?

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a combat sport that allows competitors to use a combination of striking and grappling techniques, including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, takedowns, and submissions. While UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is a promotion company that specializes in MMA events. It is the largest and most popular MMA promotion in the world, with events featuring top-ranked fighters from around the globe. UFC events feature MMA fights that follow the rules and regulations set by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts,

Can I use Free VPNs for sports streaming sites safely?

We are not against using free VPNs, you can try anything but free VPNs can’t bypass the geoblocks of streaming services. Also, instead of keeping you safe, they collect your personal information for revenue. This is why we strongly recommend using a reputable VPN like NordVPN.

🙌Wrap Up!

Above all are the best free UFC streaming sites and I hope you got your answer for streaming MMA or UFC for free. Enjoy watching your favorite fighter in combat in HD, and use a VPN to safely access every UFC streaming site from anywhere without risking your personal information online.

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