Top 13 Best Sites to Download Subtitle in 2023

One way to improve your language skills is to watch movies and TV shows with subtitles. They’re a great resource for improving and practicing your listening and reading skills. But where should you get the right subtitles? 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 13 sites you can use to download subtitles in 2023. There are sites for every type of person, from those who want free subtitles to those who want ones with translations. 

Top 13 Best Sites to Download Subtitle

Some people prefer to watch movies with subtitles, especially those who do not speak the language in which the movie is spoken. 

Subtitles allow for greater comprehension of the dialog within a movie. It’s important to make sure that you are getting high-quality subtitles when watching movies or TV shows. 

There are many sites out there that offer free subtitles in various languages, but not all of them are worth your time. Here are some of the best subtitle download sites in 2023.

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  3. Install VPN: Install the VPN app and connect to the server of your choice. We recommend that you connect to the server closest to your actual location. For example, if you are in Singapore, connect to a server in Singapore.
  4. Choose a download site: This article lists 13 best sites to download subtitles for movies and TV shows. After downloading you can enjoy your movies with subtitles.

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor vpnhelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

List Of Best Subtitle Download Websites

  1. YIFY Subtitles
  2. Podnapisi  
  3. Subscene
  4. Open Subtitles    
  5. Addic7ed
  6. English Subtitles
  7. DownSub 
  8. Subtitle Seeker   
  9. DIVX Subtitles        
  10. iSubtitles  
  12. TVSubs
  13. Subdl

Popular Sites To Download Subtitle

1. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles

YiFY has also managed to get a name on this domain. Instead of just providing subtitles for the film, you can also get a quick recap of the film, its start date, characters involved, and even IMDB ratings. 

It also allows you to search for subtitles by different genres like animation, crime, family, mystery, and more. Just set your favorite language in the top menu bar and start a filtered search.

2. Podnapisi


Podnapisi comes with around 2 million subtitles. The site also has subtitles adapted for hearing-impaired audiences. There is also a separate section where you can upload your own subtitles or discuss more about them on the blog. 

By default, only English text is displayed on the site. To add more languages, tap the plus icon in the top left corner. They also have subtitles specially adapted for hearing impaired viewers. So you can definitely find your favorite on this page.

3. Subscene


Subscene has a huge database of subtitles for a wide variety of movies, TV series, and shows. Subscriptions are available in many languages, from the most popular English, Hindi, and French to Arabic and Greek. All these subtitles are uploaded by users daily. 

There is also a discussion forum where you can request subtitles for any movie or show if they are not already available on the website. You can also upload your own subscriptions and benefit from the community.

4. Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles is the largest open source platform for downloading subtitles. With over 5 million subtitles, it’s a one-stop shop for all your subtitle searches. 

The website is equipped with a search tool that allows you to filter content by specific seasons, episodes, genres or release dates. You can also upload subtitles or even request them if they are not available on the platform. You can even preview these subtitles before downloading them.

5. Addic7ed


This site has a lot of subtitles that you can download in Telugu and Tamil and many other regional languages. It also allows you to post your comments on subtitles, but you will need to create an account for that. 

There is also a separate section for the most downloaded subtitles and even subtitles for recently started and completed subtitles. The site is limited to a few well-known movies and TV shows, but is still a useful addition.

6. English Subtitles

English Subtitles

The site has a sleek and modern interface design and a great online library of online English subtitle files. Here you can find subtitles for all kinds of international films and television series. However, this is a site that only has English subtitles for people looking for subtitles in other languages. 

This website provides subtitles for your favorite movies or TV series in American and international movies and TV shows. You are immediately greeted by some of the latest movie subtitle files and movie tv shows.

7. DownSub


Downsub extracts subtitle files from content already streamed online. You can download closed captions of streaming content on YouTube, Facebook, Brightcove, etc. in many formats. All you have to do is copy and paste the link to the url of the content whose subtitle file you want to extract into the site’s text box. 

Once you have done that, just hit the download button and select the format you want to download the subtitle file in. Another page on this list is where you can download subtitles for the movie or TV series you want.

8. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker

The subtitle seeker is decorated with a vain looking surface. However, you can find a large gallery of subtitle files for both old and new content. The home page is the place where you can quickly find the latest published subtitles. 

There are no filters here to make the search process less convenient, and the actual download process is relatively easy. When downloading the subtitle file, you have two options, viz. You can download the file in SRT format or switch to Zip format.

9. DIVX Subtitles

DIVX Subtitles

This site has a maximum number of subtitles for DivX, DVD and HDTV. DivX Subtitles has a relatively easy to scroll through interface, so finding your favorite subscription is no big deal. 

If you’re still struggling to find your favorite sub, the powerful search bar is for help. All subscriptions are free to download. Just to upload or comment on subtitles, you need to create an account.

10. iSubtitles


One of the few websites that has subtitles for multiple languages. Not only do you talk regularly, but you can even find a multi-user voice subscription. Apart from subscribing, you will also get information about related movies and IMDB ratings. At, you can get English subtitle files for many international titles related to France, South Korea, India and more.

The interface of the site looks very simple and you can easily download the subtitles you want just by clicking the download button.

11. TV


The site has subtitles in over 18 popular languages ​​including German, Spanish, English and more. TVSubtities further divides the website into different areas. 

For example, there is a section for the most downloaded subtitles so far, one for newly released ones, another for best TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc. Just create your account and start uploading subtitles. Plus, if you find a subscription useful, you can share it with others.

12. TVSubs


In particular, if you are looking for websites that offer subtitles for TV shows and series, TVSubs is a good place to look. It has one of the largest closed caption databases for television shows and series. Subtitles downloaded from TVSubs are packaged in a ZIP file.

It has subtitles for the latest TV shows and web series. You can download subtitles based on your preferred language. Apart from that, you can also view statistics, such as: B. Total downloads, month, week and day for subtitles.

13. Subdl


Subdl is another website you can trust to get subtitles for your movies or TV shows. It has a clean interface as well as a search bar at the top to find specific subtitles. This website sets subtitles for each movie and TV show depending on the type of video output.

You can download subtitles for your favorite movies or TV shows in multiple languages ​​including English, Dutch, Italian, French and more. It also offers the ability to filter subtitles in up to four languages.


So here we know some of the best sites to download subtitles in 2023. Subtitles make the world smaller thanks to their subtitles. They can be downloaded to watch movies or TV shows from around the world. 

YIFY Subtitles and Open Subtitles are the most popular movie and TV subtitle download sites. You can download subtitles easily on these sites. Still if you are facing any problem downloading subtitles then let me know in the comment section below !!


Are Subtitles Copyright Protected?

Subtitles, as well as image and sound content for movies, are protected by copyright laws. Therefore, creating and sharing subtitles is considered a violation of copyright laws, which can result in fines or light penalties.

Are Subtitles Safe to Download?

According to a report from security firm Point Check, most of the downloaded online subtitle files may contain some kind of malware that could potentially damage the integrity of your system. For this reason, it is important to only download from websites that are known and have a strong antivirus ready to protect your system.

How can a VPN protect you when you’re online?

A VPN diverts your internet traffic by obscuring the location of your computer, phone or other device when it comes into contact with websites. It also encrypts the information you send across the internet, making it unreadable to anyone intercepting your traffic. This includes your ISP.

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