7 Best Free Torrent Clients in 2024: Download Faster and Safer

Couldn’t downloading torrent files? Don’t know why? Are Torrent Clients safe? Well, every Torrent client is not safe for you. Don’t worry we are here to introduce you to the best Torrent Clients available. So, you can download the desired files like software, movies, anime, or shows (anything you want) through Torrenting.

7 Best Free Torrent Clients in 2023: Download Faster and Safer

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor VPNHelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content. If you feel the need, we do recommend using a good VPN to keep your identity safe and anonymous.

Torrenting is the only way to get files for free but the critical part is finding a safe P2P client and safe torrenting sites. Don’t stress your 🧠mind, while we are here for everything you got. So, without wasting time further more lets dive in.

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is considered as the process of downloading or uploading files to a Network (BitTorrent). Torrenting is the most popular Peer-to-Peer file sharing as this involves a torrent client connecting to the network. Check out What is Torrenting detail for more information.

Make sure you’re safe and protected while torrenting

Before you start torrenting keep in mind that you should need a VPN ( Best VPNs for Torrenting ). Since this activity involves a potential threat to your privacy. If you want to ensure that you want to torrent safely then you should have a VPN with a good torrent client.

Since even if you use a good torrent client. But, only a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you to download the torrent files anonymously and safely. If you use a VPN then its server’s IP will be visible not your original IP which secures your privacy.

I personally recommend NordVPN Since it has many security features with faster torrenting speeds and is compatible with torrents on any device platform. They are also offering 30 days money-back guarantee program (Risk-free refund).

Why you should use a Safe Torrent Client only?

When you torrent a file online, you cannot always be sure about what’s inside the file you are downloading. Since these files are the hideouts for a hacker to include malware in these files.

After you, complete downloading malware starts attacking your system and depending on the type of malware your data may be lost or can lead to annoying ads or bloatware installation or anything can happen.

If you want to guard against these attacks then you should download from safe torrent clients. While some of these torrent clients require payment for the full version which will have inbuilt virus protection. While some of the clients will make money by displaying ads on the screen.

It is always a good idea to opt for an Open Source Torrent Client since they won’t seek money, they will not display any ads on the screen.

How to Download Torrents Safely Using Torrent Client?

If you want to download the torrent files safely. Here is the detailed guide in depth. will explain in a simple manner (If you don’t have time).

  1. Get a VPN (I prefer using NordVPN and in this guide also I’ll be using the same).
  2. Download & Install it on the device you want to torrent.
  3. Connect to a Server where torrenting is not illegal.
  4. Download & Install any torrent client mentioned below.
  5. Visit the trusted Torrent websites and search for your desired torrent file.
  6. Click on the magnet link and your torrent client will start downloading the file.

Best Torrent/ P2P Client 

1. qBittorrent


This Torrent client is spotted as the favorite client among the tormentors since its composites of being lightweight and loaded with required features.

qBittorrent is an Open Source torrent client so there will be no annoying ads on the screen. While this torrent client has a built-in search engine and media player.

qBittorrent will support private torrents, proxies, and some encrypted connections. While this torrent client can be accessed remotely and supported for all platform devices. So if you are looking for a well-balanced torrent client with speed and cross-platform support. This would be the best of all.

qBittorrent is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

2. uTorrent 


uTorrent is one of the most popular and highly downloaded P2P clients.  Since this is an incredible lightweight.

Since the uTorrent interface makes it very simple to download the torrent files every beginner will prefer this torrent client.

uTorrent also has some pretty features such as remote control and automatic downloads. This torrent client is compatible with all major operating systems.

uTorrent is ad-supported and contains some additional software bundles while installation. Though this is not an official BitTorrent App, there are some security issues spotted with this torrent client but they got fixed in the update patches.

uTorrent is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

3. Deluge


Deluge is the best customizable and lightweight torrent client. But the interface seems tricky for a beginner, but if you know how things work. You will love this Deluge.

Deluge is also one of the most powerful free torrent clients. Since this torrent client can be expandible via plugins so that you can make your own personalized Deluge version.

Deluge also supports browser integration. You can also schedule download with this torrent client or change download directories or adjust downloading speeds according to the network connectivity.

This is a simple drag & drop UI, where this is supported even in a decade-old computer. There are no ads or bundled software as bloatware which is very nice.

Deluge is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

4. BitTorrent


This is a well-known P2P T0rrent client, which is based in San Francisco. There are more than 100M+ Users. You might wonder if we say that this BitTorrent is a rebranded version of uTorrent.

BitTorrent is very simple to use and has some great features like playback, malware protection, and extra features. There is also an App for Android which offers an option to download torrent only when connected to Wi-Fi to save mobile data.

Though there are some ads and bundled software which will get installed when you install this torrent client. But you can customize the UI according to your needs and this torrent client is a good start for beginners.

BitTorrent is available for Windows, macOS, and Android.

5. Vuze


Vuze is also a powerful torrent-client to download torrent files. Well, there are two versions of this Vuze Torrent client available. One is stripped back Vuze Leap and the other is Vuze Plus.

There is nothing much difference in both the version but the Plus version of Vuze has integrated virus protection along with the ability to preview the files that you are going to download.

One of the best things that make Vuze stand out from the competition is its interface which gives more advanced features even to a new user. This one also offers IP filtering, bandwidth limiting.

You can also expand this torrent client with plugins. But,  one of the downsides of Vuze is ads and bundled software.

Vuze is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

6. Tixati


Tixati is another most popular torrent client with super fast and efficient peer selection. This torrent client has no ads and software bundles, featured with a classic design for beginners to understand easily.

Tixati makes sure that your download is going fast and featured RC4 connection encryption for added security. This application also supports RSS, IP Filtering and has a detailed management system for resource handling.

Tixati supports modern features like a magnet link, sequential downloading. If you really concern about privacy then you should use this torrent client with a VPN. Tixati also has a built-in chatroom and private messaging support.

Tixati is available for Windows and Linux.

7. BiglyBT


BiglyBT is also an open-source Torrent client so that you will never have any ads or software bundles installed with this. There are some unique features with this like merging incomplete downloads, rate limiting, WebTorrent Support, and more.

You can also control this torrent client remotely and there is also support for RSS Feeds so you can create your own feed and share it with your users. BiglyBT also supports decentralized anonymous chat.

If any torrent website is not accessible in your region then BiglyBT allows you to proxy search and get the desired access. There is also an internal browser connection through Tor.

BiglyBT is available for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux.

8. Transmission


Transmission is one of the awesome open-source torrent clients built for macOS. Don’t worry this is also available for Windows as well. This torrent client has a great user interface utilizing all macOS features.

You can drag & drop for downloading and prioritize the downloads and bandwidth. This torrent client also supports magnet links, even you can control the transmission through the web.

Even you can expand this torrent client with plugins. There will be no ads and software bundles.

Transmission is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


While there are many Torrent clients available, you can see the list. If you want a free torrent client then choose some open-sourced torrent client or if you want some paid versions since there are available in some torrent clients you are 🥳happy to go.

Since some torrent clients come with built-in antivirus while some are not so it’s your choice to stick to which you want. As there are also some torrent clients which can be customizable. But always make sure that you are using a VPN while torrenting.

FAQs Related to Torrent Clients

Torrenting is illegal?

Torrenting is legal in most parts of the world. But when you accidentally or intentionally download the copyrighted material which will lead you to get punished. As torrenting is dangerous.
Using some of the safe & secure torrent clients with a VPN will decrease your risk against your private information. If you want to know the best VPNs for torrenting.

Can I Torrent with a Free VPN?

Well, yes but it is not sure that those Free VPNs are completely safe. They claim to offer the same features as premium VPNs but they do log the user data. So it is always better to use a paid VPN. If you can find a good free VPN, then you can use that for torrenting.

Are Torrent Files safe to Download?

Torrent files are safe until you know the sites where are you downloading from. However these days malware hidden torrent files are widespread and they are often linked to the pirated files like Shows, Movies. Users need to scan the files like .exe and .bat files since they are the most common infected ones. So using a VPN with built in malware detector like NordVPN will be useful.

Which is the best Torrent Client?

uTorrent & BitTorrent is the most used torrent clients (trusted). If they are not compatible or you don’t like them. Try others mentioned in the list.

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