17 Most Reliable Software and Application Torrent Sites

Are you looking for the best torrent sites for Software and applications? Getting paid software for free is really challenging task, with many unreliable sites that are prone to viruses. Don’t worry, we got you covered with the best torrent sites for software and applications for all of your devices.

17 Best Torrent Sites for Software and Applications

Most of the software pirated around the world, as per the first post reports 80-90% of windows OS that comes preinstalled when you bought devices are 🏴‍☠️pirated. But in the process of downloading pirated software from the websites, many of the user accounts got hacked or lost their personal information.

So, VPNHelpers are here to help you with a compiled list of reliable torrent sites for software and applications. Also, guide you on how to download software safely from torrent sites while keeping your online identity hidden.

Disclaimer: At VPNHelpers we do not encourage anyone commiting piracy, this guide is shared for edicational purpose. Neither I or VPNHelpers encourage to use this platform for any illegal or unauthorized purpose

How to Safely Access Software Torrents:

  1. Use Trusted VPN: NordVPN or ExpressVPN are recommended.
  2. Install VPN App: Download and set up VPN software.
  3. Access Recommended Sites: Safely download software torrents.
  4. Protect Your Identity: Stay secure with VPN protection.
  5. Enjoy Reliable Software: Access and use trusted applications.

📝Best Torrent sites for Software Quick Look:

  1. RARBG: Offering best quality software torrents
  2. The Pirates Bay: Oldest torrent site
  3. Kickass Torrents: Best Free Pirated Software Torrents
  4. Lime Torrents: Tons of Movies & TV Shows
  5. ExtraTorrent: Seamless in finding the software torrents
  6. TorrentDB: An excellent site for software.
  7. Zooqle: Easily download software for PC, Mac, Unix, Android
  8. TorrentGalaxy: Check the preview of what software is
  9. 1337x: Old site has millions of torrents
  10. TorrentDownloads: Recent torrent site for software
  11. 01Torrents: Primarily focused on Software torrent files

Best Torrent Sites For Software And Applications

Though there are many torrenting sites on the internet. We have selected only a few which primarily focus on software and applications. Well, if you are new to torrenting then you should keep some key points in mind before downloading a torrent file.

  •  Seeder: Signifies the other users who have the file readily available with them to share.
  • Leechers: This number count signifies the activeness of the community towards new content.

But, if you want to know in detail. Check our article about What is torrenting in detail? Let’s end this and take a look at the torrent sites.

1. RARBG (www.rarbg.to)


RARBG is one of the leading torrent sites for downloading software. If you want to download the latest software for free then you need to visit this torrent site at least once.

This torrent site has a dedicated page for each category, where you can download “Software”, “Movies”, “Games”, “TV Shows” etc. This is one of the most reliable torrent sites for software since it has been around for years.

You can find the “Software” category. One good thing about this torrent is that though there will be ads, you can download the torrent files quickly and all are seeded well.

Their community makes sure that every torrent file is verified and healthy. While the software’s are available for “Desktop”, “Laptops”, ” Moblies” etc.

1- User-friendly interface
2- The largest collection in torrenting
1- Low download speeds
2- Invasive advertising

2. The Pirate Bay (www.thepiratebay.org)

The Pirates Bay (

The Pirate Bay is the king of all torrents. This makes this a hotspot to offer tons of software torrent files for all platforms. We can say confidently that this torrent site is the best for software.

This torrent site is well known for its flexibility so that you easily identify verified torrent files with the help of “Trusted” & “VIP” tags. You can start downloading them right away with the help of magnet links.

Since everyone is after this torrent site, they are changing the domain to avoid blocking frequently. If the primary link won’t work then you can have a try on this Pirateproxy.

1- Good download speeds
2- The site is updated often
1- Pop-up ads
2- Site design

3. Kickass Torrents (www.kickass.com)

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is the king of all torrents to offer everything. So we mentioned this below if you find any difficulty in finding the software torrent for your device on any other torrent website you can try this.

The site’s official domain is blocked in your region, so use a VPN to access it. There is a description of each torrent to know whether the software is working fine or any issues with that torrent file.

Direct magnet links are available with an active community to maintain healthy torrent files.

1- Lots of categories
2- Clean layout
1- Invasive advertising

4. Lime Torrents (www.limetorrents.cc)


LimeTorrents offers a wide variety of torrent links in different categories across different platforms. There is a separate section for each category on the home page itself like “Software”, “Movies”, “TV Shows”, “Anime” and others.

LimeTorrents has another huge library of software torrent files that you can download for either “Desktop”, “Laptop”, “Android” or for any other device.

This torrent site is very straightforward for downloading torrent files. Though the files are not directly hosted here, all the links to those files are here. Which makes this place called Jackpot.

1- Regular updates
2- Decent seeds/peers
1- A lot of advertising
2- Low seeding

5. ExtraTorrent (www.extratorrent.com)


ExtraTorrent offers an eye-catching design that makes it seamless in finding the software torrents needed for the user. While this torrent site has millions of torrents as this is founded in the year 2006.

Well, with their active user community, the majority of the torrents are seeded. The home page layout separates the categories with the top torrent files for that month. They are also offering free indie content.

There is a well-curated description of a torrent with size and when it is added along with the health of that file so that one can always get the verified torrent files.

1- Efficient searches that save time
2- User-friendly site, interface
1- Older torrents have fewer seeders
2- Invasive advertising

6. TorrentDB (www.torrentdb.li)


TorrentDB is an excellent site for software.

This torrent site has joined the list recently with its huge library of torrent files. You can find the category of files on the top like Movies, Games, Music, Software, and others.

TorrentDB got a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to download torrent files with metadata about them like Size, Age, Seeds, and Leechers. When you place the cursor on the software field then you will find a list of different platforms as well.

1- Strong library of software1- Invasive advertising
2- Geo-blocked in many areas

7.  Zooqle (www.zooqle.com)


Zooqle is a torrent index offering a huge database of verified torrents, where you can easily download software for PC, Mac, Unix, Android, or other devices. One the top, you will find the different sections of torrent files. You can check software torrents.

This is a public torrent site so that you can download software torrent files without any registration process. You will also find metadata about the torrent files like size and uploaded time along with seeds/leecher ratio.

You can also find other content on this torrent site like Movies, TV Shows, Apps, etc.

1- Largest software collection
2- Constantly updated with new content
1- Low download speeds
2- Too many ads

8. TorrentGalaxy (www.torrentgalaxy.to)


TorrentGalaxy is one of the biggest torrent tracking sites. You can also check the preview of what software is it by placing the cursor on the link name. This torrent site has ample filtering features.

TorrentGalaxy is a public torrent site which means you can start downloading the torrent right away without any registration process.

All the torrents are verified and there is an active community that keeps all these torrents alive till you need them.  But, there will be ads on the sides of the page which is a little bit annoying.

1- User-friendly site
2- Extensive library
1- Limited to software downloads
2- Advertising

9. 1337x (www.1337x.to)


1337x torrent site has a minimal user interface with simple navigations. There is an intuitive search bar to find what you need in seconds. On the home screen itself, you can get deviated to the category you want like “Software”, “Games”, “Movies”, “Anime” etc.

There will be the top 10 of this month, trending torrents along with recently added. This torrent site is recommended when you don’t find the required software anywhere else.

This torrent site has been highly active with the user community with a lot of seeders. So check this before checking any other torrent site.

1- Extensive library of Softwares
2- Fast download speeds
1- Pop-up ads
2- Site design

10. TorrentDownloads (www.torrentdownloads.com)


TorrentDownloads torrent site is growing to be the best torrents sites. Even when the other torrent sites are down this will still survive the storm. So we will recommend this torrent site to download your favorite software.

TorrentDownloads has some visually appealing UI which keeps the torrents in different categories like “Software”, “Music”, “Movies” etc. You can also track the torrent health & seeders.

Here you can find the most active torrents with magnet links, but there are some annoying ads and pop-ups while you browse torrents.

1- A huge range of content
2- Well organized
3- Regularly updated
1- May be difficult to find newer content
2- Ads can be intrusive

11. 01Torrent (www.01torrent.net)


01Torrent is primarily focused on Software torrent files, we will recommend this torrent site If you are looking for a new torrent to download software. All the torrents are verified so if you are conscious about healthy files then do visit this torrent site.

While there is a description of the torrent when you click on the link which is very useful to what’s inside the torrent file. Also, there are no ads and this is also mobile-friendly so you can start using this torrent site on mobile as well.

You can find the Software Torrent files for “PC”, “Mac”, “Android”, “Unix” and other platforms as well.

1- Large selection of torrents
2- User-friendly interface
3- Active community
1- Susceptible to malware and viruses
2- Limited selection of new releases
3- Some users have reported poor customer service

Some Other Torrent Sites for software

12. ExtraTorrent

13. iBit

14. TorrentFunk

15. Toros.co

16. Anidex

17. Torrent9

Do I really Need A VPN for Torrenting?

Of course, you will need a VPN while torrenting. Why? There are many reasons and let me brief you on why you need one.

  • Stay Anonymous: If you are unsure whether you are downloading copyright content or not, it’s always better you stay anonymous to save yourself while torrenting.
  • Access Torrent Sites: Torrent sites became the mainstream for copyright content so governments decided to block them in most regions. But using a VPN that can locate you to regions where torrent sites are accessible.
  •  Internet Speeds: ISP don’t encourage torrenting as a result they will put a cap on your bandwidth, but a VPN can break those cap limits to bring your full internet speeds back.

FAQs Related To Torrent Sites for Software

What are the best torrent sites for software?

While we have a plethora of torrent sites available to download any software for free, I personally recommend The Pirate Bay & 1337x for reliable software torrents (verified & virus-free). Also, the other sites are doing great in offering recent software torrents so it’s your personal choice which one you like.

Why choose torrent sites for software?

Torrent sites are open treasures (file sharing), when you get every premium software for free why wouldn’t you download software from torrent sites. If one seeks any licensed software for free, one can get it from torrent sites from anywhere.

Is it Legal & Safe to Download Software Torrents?

We cannot assure you 100% on this as the legal rights will change from region to region. So, it’s better you know whether torrenting is legal in your country or not before you torrents. But still, you can rest assured that are undetectable using a VPN and avoiding legal issues.

Are these Software Torrent files Verified?

Most of the profound torrent sites will verify the torrent as soon as they are uploaded, so make sure that you download torrents from those sites. They indicate verified torrents with ✅ or you can read the torrent comments to know whether anything is suspicious.

Is it safe to Install Software from Torrent Sites?

Though the torrent is verified, make sure that you scan the software with an antivirus right after you download it from the torrent site to avoid malware or virus attacks.

🙌Warp Up!

With that said, above all torrent sites are best for downloading software for free. We suggest you visit only the official torrent domain if they aren’t available in your region try connecting to a VPN. There are many phishing sites on the web with the same torrent site name.

If you fall for their pitfall trap, you will lose your personal information and suffer. Rather, use a VPN to stay safe & protected while surfing the web.

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