Get Easier Lobbies in Warzone-Endless Fun with Warzone VPN in 2024

Players are frequently reporting that they cannot get bot lobbies in Warzone. As we all know Bot Lobbies will boost your confidence before facing the high skilled players.

If you are not getting into any bot lobby & bored getting killed by high-ranking and sneaky players? You are missing real fun.

Don’t worry, you are at the right place. In this article, I will show you how to enter bot lobbies every 9/10 matches. Let’s roll in without wasting time…

Call of Duty Warzone Bot Lobbies

Even many of my friends are frustrated and got killed by another team packed with delay 🔫powerful weapons. They called me, I told them a method trick which put them in Bot Lobbies then they had “Real Fun‘. Now I am going to share the same with you. Get your equipment 🪂packed & ready to land with me into Bot Lobbies…

 Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Get a VPN Subscription, we prefer using ExpressVPN (⚡ Fastest servers for low PING).
  2. Connect to a country Server having Morning Time Zone.
  3. Open Call of Duty Warzone Game and Start a Match
  4. You will be automatically matched with Bots.

Top 3 VPNs For for Warzone Bot Lobbies

  1. ExpressVPN: Best All-rounder VPN for Warzone
  2. NordVPN: Best For Unblocking Websites
  3. SurfsharkVPN: Best for Streaming and Downloading

Call of Duty Warzone matching algorithm (SBMM) has gone crazy matching low-skilled players with high-ranked players. But It’s really easy to get bot lobbies in Warzone. There’s nothing more 🤩fun than killing bots & getting high kills improving your skills in parallel. All you need is a Call of Duty Warzone VPN that can connect you to the country with a few ranking players [Bot Lobbies]. Connect to a country server having Morning Timezone, we have tested it & working perfectly. Forget about players and have full fun…

Need of Warzone VPN for Bot Lobbies

Generally, in games players are matched together with more bots (if there are fewer players available). Thinking what’s the point of VPN in it🤔? But before it understands how the call of duty game works to get easier lobbies.

RPG Games like Call of Duty Warzone use SBMM (Skill based match-making) algorithm to match other players when you hit the “Play Button“. Most of the Streamer, Players join the game in the afternoon and play the game till mid-night (as per the Reddit community)

In simple terms, Warzone lobbies are less crowded in morning times (where you are likely to compete against less skilled players or bots). But does this mean you have to wake up early morning to get Bot Lobbies in Warzone🤗?, All you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that gets your work done.

Using a VPN you can change your 📌location and 🕢timezone and connect to a country with fewer players. So, you will end up with more Bots in the match rather than pro players. With this you can get bot lobbies anytime you want to play.

So it’s worth using a Warzone VPN that will change your IP Address (Location) to Find out the country where it’s morning with the help of worldwide country timings and connect to that country (early morning) server and 🎮play the game.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most 🔥popular multiplayer games with 100Million+ players, but everyone is unhappy with its matchmaking algorithm. Even their own community is 😢obsessed with the SBMM (Skill based matchmaking) where players being matched randomly connect high-ranked persons with newbies.

While this mysterious algorithm works fine in games like PUBG, engaging you with skilled players (when you are skilled enough). Everyone out there is looking for bot lobbies in Warzone. Using this method, I got 11 bot lobbies in 10 minutes. You heard it right, but it took me 20 minutes to get my first lobby without bots. By this, you can know how 🔥effective is the trick. Here’s the trick that gets you into your first lobby filled with bots.

  1. Get a VPN subscription, we prefer using ExpressVPN [Super fast speeds for gaming].
  2. Here are our installation guides for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
  3. Open the ExpressVPN app and connect to a server where it’s morning (compared to your timezone).ExpressVPN US Server (1)
  4. Now open Call of Duty Warzone and Start Match to automatically matched with Bots [Bot Lobby].Call of Duty Warzone Bot Lobby
  5. Enjoy the game🎮 killing Bots and make highest kill, have fun.

📝Note:- It’s recommended to connect to the morning timezone as the warzone server will be busy with highly 💪ranked players in the evening times.

Tips to choose a Best Warzone VPN Bot Lobbies

Internet speeds are very essential for gaming & smooth experience as well (Low PING). So, you should be very careful while choosing a VPN for gaming. First of all, say 🚫no to free VPNs first as they limit your bandwidth (throttling), low speed & high PING.

A Warzone VPN should deliver ⚡excellent speeds with huge server network for bot lobbies, ExpressVPN is the 🏆best VPN service with power packed features & speeds. With it’s server you can go up to 2 Ms PING to enjoy the game seamlessly with it’s Lightway protocol.

Also, it will protect your device from all sorts of attacks (*Inc DDOS attacks). Its kill switch ensures that you are connected to the server all the time without any leaks. Premium VPNs like NordVPN will offer unlimited bandwidth to take your experience to next level.

If you want to play Warzone on your PS/Xbox, make sure that your VPN supports router installation. Good customer support will help you out in any situation.

📝Note:- Try these settings for superior internet speed🔥boost.

How to Add Bots in Warzone Private Matches?

If you want to play with bots dedicatedly, you can try the Warzone private matches that put you under training with bots. You can customize the map, difficulty level, how many bots etc. Here are the steps follow them…

  1. Open Call Of Duty Warzone and you will find “Private Match” option available on lobby screen. COD Warzone Private
  2. Now you will get a new window and choose “Custom Game“.
  3. It will bring you into new lobby with options to setup your game hit “Game Setup“.
  4. Choose whatever map you want & tweak settings as you like and click on “Bot Setup“.COD Bot Setup
  5. Now a new menu shows up to configure the Bot Settings, choose your own settings
  6. Come back to Game Setup menu and start the “Game” with your settings.

Alternative Ways to Get Warzone Bot Lobbies

While the Warzone VPN method will definitely put you into Bot lobbies, also there are some other ways you can know or try them. Here I am sharing them…

To start a bot lobby all you need is at least 🤞two people. So, what you can do is create another new account on another device and team up with your primary account. Though this requires two devices & not an 😢effective one as the matching algorithm got cracked, there are 30-40% chances that you can end up entering the bot lobby.

Since there are more than 8 Million daily active players, we can’t guarantee whether you can enter a bot lobby or not with this method. But keep this as backup (if another player is your friend), then this might be handy. Also, To join a bot lobby all you need to do is go to the multiplayer main map screen, select the “Custom” game type, then turn on the “Warzone AI-Enabled” option, input your team color in the “team color” field, and finally click on the “Search Now” button.

📝Note:- Owing a VPN will also benefit you in several ways.

Are Warzone Servers Down?

Though players frequently face the issue, servers are being down frequently due to DDOS attacks. But now all the servers are online, but it affects multiple titles on the server-side. But everything will be over after the DDOS attack.

Now the call of duty Warzone pacific caldera is back with a few issues (lags & disconnects) however, this issue is short-term. They are enhancing the first-person shooter experience (you will be updated in the community tab regularly).


I hope you got the tricks😉, this way you can play against bots with fewer players, it’s 100% guarantee to get into a bot match with VPN. Now you can play Call of Duty fruitfully 🥳in bot Lobbies & improve your gaming skills match by match. They are tweaking the game auto-matching algorithm (isn’t working great now), but a VPN can put you into the bot lobby with one click anytime.

🎯Tip: Some players pretend to play like bots 🤖(don’t get fooled), keep an eye on them & play safe.

FAQs Related to Warzone

Will I get banned for using a VPN for Warzone?

According to COD warzone, security systems using a VPN are completely safe and legal to play the play (to reduce lags), though this might not the correct reason to use a VPN.

Will a VPN helps to get low PING in Warzone?

In General, VPN will drop your internet speed up to 10%. But if your ISP is throttling your speed, then you will get full speed and ultra-low PING (<=30ms). So, check only use some fastest VPNs like ExpressVPN.

Which is the best Warzone VPN?

Though there are thousands of VPNs available in the market. ExpressVPN is the top VPN among all the VPN providers recommended by Reddit users. So, you can try the VPN as they also offer 30 days money-back guarantee program so that you can claim your refund anytime (if you don’t like the service).

How to know if it’s a bot or not?

You can easily identify bots in Call of Duty Warzone by their moments & firing patterns. Don’t get fooled by players who act as bots, try sneaking into the spot & hit them from the back.

What is a reverse boosting method in Warzone?

This is another method to get easier lobbies in Warzone but it requires two accounts. One main account and a new fresh account, you will use a new account to host a lobby and join in that lobby with the second (main) account. Once you are in the lobby, quit the match running on a new account.

How Many Player Needed to Start Private Match?

You need a minimum of 50 players in order to start private match in Call of Duty Warzone in Battle Royal mode. While this number is different for other modes like 30 players for Plunder & 24 players for mini BR.

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