Watch Knives Out (2019) on Netflix From Anywhere in the World

Are you a fan of films of mystery? Knives Out is also a mystery film that will keep you hooked to your screens. Wait! Are you planning to watch it on Netflix? Then I must tell you that you should make sure to read this guide till the end as it will help you a lot in watching Knives Out on Netflix.

Watch Knives Out (2019) on Netflix From Anywhere in the World

⏳ Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Download and install NordVPN.
  2. Connect to the German or Japan Server
  3. Open Netflix and search for Knives Out and 🥳Enjoy the show

Knives Out: Overview

  • Director: Rian Johnson
  • Producers: Rian Johnson, Ram Bergman, Deborah Del Prete
  • Cinematography: Steve Yedlin
  • Edited by: Bob Ducsay
  • Music by: Nathan Johnson
  • Distributor: Lionsgate
  • Production: TSG Entertainment, Rian Johnson Productions
  • Release Date: November 27, 2019 (United States)
  • Genre: Mystery, comedy, thriller
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 130 Minutes 
  • Budget: $40 million
  • Box Office: $311.4 million

Knives Out: Plot

"Knives Out," a 2019 mystery film directed by Rian Johnson, revolves around the death of wealthy crime novelist Harlan Thrombey. When renowned detective Benoit Blanc is called to investigate, he unravels a web of family secrets and lies. The dysfunctional Thrombey family, each with their own motives, becomes the center of the investigation. As Blanc digs deeper, he discovers unexpected connections and twists that challenge his deductive skills. The film combines elements of comedy, drama, and suspense, offering a modern take on the classic whodunit genre while showcasing an ensemble cast led by Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and Chris Evans.

Why Knives Out is not showing on my Netflix?

Knives Out is not showing on your Netflix simply because it has been geoblocked by them in order to avoid any copyright or ownership issues. Netflix only streams its content in those countries where it has the legal right or license to do.

Watch Knives Out on Netflix 1
Knives Out Not Showing on Netflix

This is what leads to Netflix geo-restricting almost all countries from streaming specific content. But will you believe us, if we tell you that you can still watch Knives Out or your favorite movie on Netflix from anywhere and not even Netflix can stop ✋ you from watching it?

Then go ahead and keep reading to know how you can do that!

Countries where Knives Out is Available

Czech RepublicHungary

Need of VPN to Stream Knives Out on Netflix

VPN is your essential key that is required while unlocking amazing and unlimited geo-restricted content on Netflix. This is because, without a good and reliable VPN such as NordVPN, you won’t be able to do any of that.

As you already know that Netflix geo-restricts content and makes movies and TV series such as Knives Out available for streaming only in limited countries pertaining to the license for the distribution of content.

So, a VPN enables you to watch it from anywhere as it masks your location whenever you connect to a server from the allowed countries and makes you disguise to be streaming from those countries only. As your IP address gets changes, Netflix is fooled and you get to enjoy unlimited content.

📝Note: We recommend connecting to Germany Server for the optimal streaming experience.

Simple Steps to Watch Knives Out on Netflix

Here, we have provided detailed step-by-step details to watch Knives Out on Netflix from anywhere:

1️⃣ Install a VPN

You need to download and install a reliable and Netflix-friendly VPN which is NordVPN. This VPN has been observed to be one of the best options that a user can purchase to watch unlimited content on Netflix. Moreover, it also bypasses the VPN blockage put up by Netflix.

NordVPN Server map
NordVPN Setting

2️⃣Connect to any of the listed Servers

Once you have downloaded and purchased a premium VPN like NordVPN, the next step involves selecting a suitable server. And for watching Knives Out, you need to select a server from Germany or Japan.

Germany Based Server

NordVPN comes with great, high-speed, and fastest servers of all time. These servers make your streaming worthwhile and enjoyable.

📝Note:- Make sure to choose a VPN provider that offers a 30-days money-back guarantee program.

3️⃣Open Netflix and Search For Knives Out

After connecting to a suitable server, you now have to reopen or refresh your Netflix app or account. Go to the search bar and type “Knives Out.”

Now 🔍search for Knives Out in your and see themagic for yourself.

Watch Knives Out on Netflix 2

Video to watch Knives Out:

Why Do I Need A VPN To Watch Knives Out On Netflix?

Like I mentioned earlier, Netflix employs geo-blocking to limit access to specific movies and TV shows due to licensing and copyright agreements. This leads to the availability of “Knives Out” on Netflix being subject to change based on where you are. By utilizing a VPN, you can evade these constraints and explore Netflix’s content library as though you were in another country.

When you use a VPN, it conceals your IP address and assigns you a new one linked to the server you’re connected to. This fools Netflix into assuming you’re accessing the platform from a different place, enabling you to stream “Knives Out” and other geo-restricted content no matter where you are physically located.

Best VPN To Watch Knives Out From Anywhere On Netflix

NordVPN- The Best Streaming VPN

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NordVPN stands out as a top-tier choice for streaming Netflix, offering a seamless and exceptional viewing experience. With its extensive network of servers strategically located around the world, NordVPN ensures a consistent and high-speed connection for uninterrupted streaming. This is crucial for accessing geo-restricted content on Netflix from different regions. 

Whether you’re looking to watch exclusive shows and movies available only in certain countries, or you’re traveling and want to access your home Netflix library, NordVPN’s server network has you covered.

One of the key advantages of NordVPN for streaming Netflix is its dedication to bypassing geo-blocking mechanisms. NordVPN’s SmartPlay feature enables users to effortlessly overcome regional restrictions, making it easy to access Netflix libraries from various countries. This is particularly valuable for users who want to enjoy a broader range of content that may not be available in their home region. 

The seamless integration of SmartPlay into NordVPN’s interface means that users don’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy a vast array of streaming options. Furthermore, NordVPN places a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. Its robust encryption protocols and a strict no-logs policy guarantee that your online activities remain private and anonymous. 

This is especially important when streaming content, as your viewing habits can be sensitive information. With NordVPN, you can stream Netflix with confidence, knowing that your data is shielded from prying eyes and potential cyber threats.

In conclusion, NordVPN’s exceptional server network, specialized features like SmartPlay, and unwavering commitment to user privacy make it the best choice for streaming Netflix. Its ability to seamlessly bypass geo-restrictions, coupled with strong security measures, ensures that you can enjoy a diverse range of content from around the world without compromising your online safety

If you’re an avid Netflix streamer seeking a top-notch viewing experience, NordVPN is undoubtedly the ultimate companion.


  • Wide server network for accessing geo-restricted content.
  • Excellent streaming performance, especially for platforms like Netflix.
  • Strong security features, including encryption and no-logs policy.
  • Specialized servers for different activities like P2P sharing.


  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some competitors.
  • Occasional fluctuations in connection speeds.


Why is my VPN blocked?

Your VPN is blocked because Netflix detects the change in IP address and blocks the usage of some VPNs. But reliable VPNs like NordVPN easily bypass this blockage and enable you to access unlimited content on Netflix.

What is Knives Out all about?

Knives Out is all about Detective Benoit Blanc unraveling the tangled web of secrets and lies surrounding the death of a successful crime novelist Harlan Thrombey and his unsettling, eccentric family. This is one heck of a mystery film that you would love to watch

Is Knives Out Available for every region?

No, so far Knives Out show is available in Germany, Turkey, Japan, etc. But you can connect to any of these region servers using a VPN.

Wrapping Up!

Knives Out is all about Detective Benoit Blanc unraveling the tangled web of secrets and lies surrounding the death of a successful crime novelist Harlan Thrombey and his unsettling, eccentric family. This is one heck of a mystery film that you would love to watch.

And you can only access it on Netflix from anywhere by connecting to a reliable and premium VPN such as NordVPN.

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