MultiHop in VPN: What it is and how and when you really need it

Does your data contain too sensitive content? Are you worried that someone is spying on your online activities? Then here is the MultiHop feature for you which will secure your data two times more than a normal VPN. Here I will tell you what it is and what are its advantages and disadvantages and when you should use it.

If you are already using a Virtual Private Network or VPN then you surely know what a VPN is and how it works. But if you don’t, then a VPN is a service that works as a tunnel between your device and ISP and provides you with an encrypted connection to make your online activities secure.

But here the question is, what is MultiHop feature in VPN and why do people with sensitive jobs use it? In the next lines, I’ll try to clear your each and every doubt related to it. Let’s have a look:

MultiHop in VPN: What it is and how and when to use it

What is the MultiHop feature in VPN and how does it work?

MultiHop feature in VPN is almost the same as normal VPN but the difference is just that, it passes your data via two different servers located at different locations before reaching the final destination.

In other words, you can say, MultiHop VPN encrypts your data twice and thus secure your data even more than a normal VPN do.

Now you know what it is and how it works. Now, it’s time to know when you should use it and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see:

When should you use MultiHop in VPN?

Well you can use it if you are too concerned about your privacy and you doubt your internet data is under surveillance which happens mostly with journalists, politicians and highly sensitive jobs and you can’t take any risk of leaking it then it is highly advisable to use MultiHop VPN for your internet connection.

How to use MultiHop VPN

There are two ways to use MultiHop VPN:

  1. Use two different VPNs to secure your network: This is a very simple method to use a MultiHop VPN. Here we use VPN services of two different providers for encrypting our data so none of VPN Provider can have complete information of whatever we are doing and it reaches to its destination without any worry. But using it comes with a few main disadvantages:
    • Expensive: Obviously, if you want to use two VPNs for your internet connection then you’ll have to buy subscriptions of two different VPNs which will cost you almost twice. But if your data is so important then it deserves a try.
    • Slow Internet: When you are using two VPNs then it passes your data via two different servers which cause slow internet and it is not advisable if you are using an already slow internet connection.
    • Makes the device slower: When you use two VPNs at the same time in the same devices then it consumes a lot of memory which makes your device slower. I’ll suggest you use it only when your device has good RAM.
    • Compatibility issue: The main issue when I faced when I was using two VPNs at the same time was the compatibility issue. There are a few VPNs which doesn’t work with another VPNs when we use both at the same time in a single device. But when I used the combination of SurfShark and IPVanish and enabled both one after another, they worked completely fine. Unfortunately, the combination of other VPNs didn’t work out well for me.
  2. Use a VPN with MultiHop VPN feature: There are so few VPNs available in the market which gives provides double VPN or Multi-hop features such as NordVPN and SurfShark. But here my choice goes to SurfShark, which is comparatively newer than its competitors but has become the first choice among VPN users because of its extraordinary features and vast no. of servers and their speed and reliability. Surfshark has 1700+ servers located in 63 countries and is comparatively affordable than other VPNs.

Disadvantages of using MultiHop VPN:

  • Makes connection slower.
  • Makes Device slower.

Advantages of using MultiHop VPN:

  • Encrypts your data twice thus almost impossible to decipher by hackers and prying eyes.
  • Your location and personal information are much safer than normal VPN.

How to setup MultiHop in VPN:

To use the MuliHop feature you will have to download and install NordVPN on your device. Here’s how:

How to download and install NordVPN

  1. Go to SurfShark’s official website.
  2. Signup for an account.
  3. Subscribe to one of its plans which best suits you (don’t worry even if you regret your decision you can ask for money-back within 30 Days)
  4. Once made the payment, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard, Here go to Apps and choose your platform.
  5. Now download will start automatically.
  6. From here you can install SurfShark App as you install other apps, depends on your platform.

How to use SurfShark MultiHop Feature:

  • Open the SurfShark app which you just installed.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • In the top left, you’ll see the MultiHop tab, Now click on it and choose servers of your interests.

Congrats! Now your data is encrypted twice.

Final Words:

If you still have any doubts or suggestions related to “SurfShark VPN’s MultiHop feature” then feel free to contact us via our dedicated page. Our team will try to reach you as soon as possible.

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