What is Geoblocking and How to bypass Netflix Geoblocks?

You might have come across the term geoblocking and may be wondering what it means.

If you just remember the prompt “This Content is not available in your country ” or “site can’t be reached“?

That means you are geoblocked. Sounds weird? Not sure what’s happening or Is this happening only for you? Let’s find out what’s Geoblocking & the different ways you can bypass it in today’s guide.

What is geoblocking and how to bypass it

⏳ Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Geoblocks prevent you from accessing websites or some content in a certain geographical location.
  2. A good VPN (like NordVPN) can help you to quickly bypass any kind of geoblocks
  3. It’s a tough geoblock 💪jaw-breaker. So, you can 🥳enjoy watching universal content on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Hotstar, Disney+, or access any website anywhere.

Geoblocking is an interesting concept.

It’s actually something that happened to me a few years ago. I was on holiday in my friend’s hometown (China). We walked down the street to a local cafe and decided we’d check out what was going on online while we enjoyed our drinks. There was no Google…no Youtube…no Facebook…no Twitter…no nothing!

Geo-blocks will disturb you by blocking access & ruin your entertainment. Don’t🤗worry while we are here. Go through this guide to know everything about Geoblocks, why they exist, and what you should do if you run into them.

What is Geoblocking?

What is Geoblocking

Geoblock, geoblocking, geo-restrictions. Whatever you want to call it is a business practice that limits your access based on your region. It can be more frustrating😠.

It means not allowing users to watch or access the content they intend to access. Let me simply explain “Geo-blocking“, Geo means 📌location (IP Address), and ⛔blocking means restricting. In simple words, Geoblocking is a way of blocking users from viewing your website depending on where they live.

For example- If you are not in the US you can’t 😢enjoy watching American Netflix content. This applies to every online service. So, even if you have the internet but you don’t have the freedom to watch or do anything you want online.

In the above example, being unable to access US Netflix is the geoblock for you. It’s very annoying for online users, geoblocks are everywhere. Every online service will knows your location and use this technology (Geoblock) to make sure that the user can see only region-specific content.

There are lots of reasons why companies are starting to use these geo-blocking tools, will discuss them in a later section. So everyone’s 👀eye is on Geoblocks, let’s continue our journey with How these online services get to know your location.

How do Online Services Know Your Location?

Everyone knows that your location is important on the internet. Have you ever wondered how web services know where you’re based? You may have 🤔noticed that online services will show you different prices or products depending on your location.

How Online Services Get Your Location

Like humans have different names for identification & communication, every device that connects to the internet will have IP Addresses assigned by your ISP to communicate. Whenever you visit online services or any streaming applications, your IP Address is visible to the service.

With your device’s IP Address service can know your approximate location in which city & country you live (if not the exact location). This is more than sufficient for web services to apply these geoblocks. Since most web services & content restrictions will be applied to the country.

Nowadays, there is a lot of data spying on you as a user with just your IP Address. So, it’s more important to conceal your IP Address like you safeguard your money in a 🔐locker.

Why do Geoblocks Really Exist?

Have you ever wondered why countries place geo-restrictions on Internet users? There are many reasons for different countries to create geoblock, continue reading to get a clear picture.

Any website or streaming service hosting content will be subjected to copyright. So that particular service imposes Geo-blocks for that content (as per content owner rights). They are called the best way to sell internationally because it allows you to 🤑charge different prices for your products or services based on the geographic location of your customers.

Service Unavailable (2) (1)

Due to the benefits, geoblocking is complete ✔️legal, when you get the above message “Service Unavailable” i.e Geoblocks are active for the service.

Also, a site may be geoblocked if they don’t follow data protection laws in that region. Here is the list of restricted American websites in Europe.

Netflix Geoblocks

Netflix Geoblocks

Don’t get😨 scared! Most of the Netflix Originals are available on Netflix all over the world where the streaming service is working. But there are some exceptions for a few contents like Orange Is the New Black or Lilyhammer are not 🚫accessible to all-region.

While Netflix tells a 🤔reason that these shows came out When the Netflix service is not available worldwide. It seems they are using Geoblocks, let’s find out the truth.

  1. At that time Netflix Streaming is available in only a few countries. So Netflix sold the licensing rights to third parties in the countries where the service is not present. Which comes under Geoblocking.
  2. But Still, this will be unclear because despite having a global presence Netflix can’t stream Originals to the countries where they don’t have rights anymore.

So they have to wait for the License to get expired or they have to buy the license from them again. As there are possibilities that they will ask for higher prices or Netflix don’t have interest in buying them as there are many other ways to stream.

Netflix has been one of the 🥇best streaming platforms for widespread users in the world. Offering TV shows, movies, anime, and content owned by other vendors along with their Netflix Originals. As this content has Copyrights and licenses. These factors will make the content to be watched by only particular region people.

But sometimes Netflix offers the content to other locations as well either by modifying the content or making it limited for a particular time. This forces Netflix to maintain its sites in different regional libraries with different content in different regions.

If you are just curious🤔 to check is it real? Then use unogs.com and you will believe your 👀eyes. But, the question here is: You have been charged with same subscription price as others? Then why you are unable to watch the shows.

Why Netflix uses Geoblocking to maintain different libraries

  1. To avoid these copyright violations, Netflix started using Geoblocking to offer sensitive content to its users.
  2. Because the content creators or the companies cannot get the global license and Netflix cannot make this content be streamed globally.
  3. Another reason is that the copyright holders might sell this content for other countries to stream on different sites and TV Networks.
  4. So if Netflix has the rights to stream one thing in one country it might don’t have to in another country. Ok, so far it is clear that they will use Geoblocking for the content they don’t own as they don’t have the rights.

Amazon Prime

In addition to other streaming services, Amazon Prime uses geoblocks depending upon your region.

Suppose, if you want to enjoy Iron Man 2 on prime video, it’s only available in a US location. When you try to search, you will see the above message or no such title exists.

📝Note:- Keep in mind that 🎮Games, ebooks, software, audiobooks along other digital content are subject to the same licensing terms.


Content owners on youtube can also set region restrictions (geoblocks) for the viewers.

This proves that geoblock is very common and can be used for any online service, when you try to access the content you will see the “Video Unavailable” message.

⚠️caution:- Content owners can claim copyright for their content if someone tries to use it.

Need for VPN to bypass geo-blocks

Generally, VPNs are well-known tools to protect your online privacy and security. But did you know that they can also be used to unblock content? That’s right, by using a VPN, you can bypass geoblocks. Wondering How? Since these geoblocks revolve around your IP Address, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can change it.

Yes, a VPN will mask your IP provided by ISP & assign you an IP based on the selected VPN server. So, the sites you visit will see a VPN IP instead of your original IP, and access to the content will be ✔️granted. It not only changes your IP, but VPN will also encrypt your internet traffic which hides your online activities (browsing history) from your ISP & surveillance groups.

A VPN will protect you from unsecured Wi-Fi connections around you, with their gigantic server network you can quickly teleport to any location of your choice breaking these geoblock barriers. Now let’s see How to bypass geoblocks quickly.

🎯Tip:- Grab more benefits by owning a VPN apart from bypassing geoblocks.

Steps To Quickly Bypass Any Geoblocks With VPN

This approach is effective across all devices, be it iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows, and functions seamlessly in any location or on any device you choose.

  1. Select a reliable VPN service; my personal choice is NordVPN, and I’ll continue to use it throughout this guide.
  2. Download & Install NordVPN, check out our guides for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac Installations.
  3. Open the NordVPN app on your device and log in or sign up for your account.
  4. Click on the “” available on the selected location server section to search & select your preferred location.NordVPN Server map
  5. For demonstration purposes here I am connecting to a United States server to bypass geo-blocking. Connected to NordVPN USA Server
  6. Open Netflix or any other streaming service, you will find the content in the US. Netflix-US-Library-with-NordVPN

🥳Kudos! you are now able to watch whatever you want on Netflix by simply changing the geolocation in your VPN. You can use this technique to quickly change your Netflix Region to unblock different Netflix regions like the USA, Canada, Spain, and Italy, or unblock any other website.

Alternative Methods to unblock Geoblocks

Geoblocks can be avoided in different ways, in which using a VPN is the best & 🔥effective one. But to mention, here are the other ways. Since it’s all about changing your IP (Location) which can be done by Proxy Servers, Smart DNS, and Tor browser.


A proxy server is a “Man in the Middle” that serves your request through a proxy server located in a different country. So the web services will see the proxy server IP (not your original IP), but there will be no encryption, security, or online privacy. They are simply redirections.


A SmartDNS can bypass geo-blocks masking your IP Address (ISP provided) rerouting your request’s coming from your DNS to another DNS that let you access geoblocked content. NordVPN exclusively offers this SmartDNS called as MediaStreamer.

Tor browser

It’s another way to avoid geoblocks, Tor browser is specially designed to route your internet traffic through a series of nodes that hides all your internet activities hidden between your connection and your destination.

🧅Onion routing might slow down your internet connection as it takes more time to pass the data through several nodes.

Prefer using VPN over other methods, as it also keeps your identity hidden and encrypted. Also, it will ✋stop your ISP throttling to get your maximum internet ⚡speeds.

Why Prefer NordVPN

So, A Question should come to your mind🧠? Why NordVPN while there are many VPNs available out there in the market. Here we will mention some of the unique and best features of NordVPN which make it stand out of the way from other VPNs available on the internet.

NordVPN- The Best Streaming VPN

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🌐Based in:Panama
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NordVPN has consistently earned its reputation as one of the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) services available today. With an impressive track record of providing top-notch security and privacy features, it has become a favorite among both tech-savvy individuals and businesses alike. 

One of its standout features is its robust encryption, which ensures that your online activities remain private and secure. NordVPN uses state-of-the-art encryption protocols to safeguard your data from prying eyes, making it an excellent choice for anyone concerned about online privacy.

Another factor that sets NordVPN apart is its extensive server network. With thousands of servers in various locations worldwide, users can easily access content from different regions and bypass geo-restrictions. Whether you’re looking to stream content from a different country or simply protect your data while browsing the web, NordVPN’s server network offers flexibility and reliability.

Moreover, NordVPN is known for its user-friendly interface and easy setup process. Even if you’re not a tech expert, you can quickly install and configure the VPN on your devices. The user-friendly apps for various platforms make it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced users who want to customize their settings.

In summary, NordVPN’s combination of robust security, a vast server network, and user-friendly features make it a top choice for those seeking the best VPN service. It’s a reliable and trusted option for safeguarding your online activities and accessing content from around the world while maintaining your privacy and security.


  • Strong security features.
  • Extensive server network.
  • User-friendly apps.
  • Effective at bypassing geo-restrictions.
  • Generally high connection speeds.


  • Occasional server congestion.
  • Limited P2P server options.

Wrap Up!

Finally🤗, now you can able enjoy watching your favorite content or accessing a service from anywhere in the world. Bypassing these geoblocks is completely legal and Geoblocking makes it valid in terms of rights and License. But according to the user’s point of view, this is not a justification as we are paying the same streaming prices. Why we should be restricted in content streaming.

It’s not an ideal solution to wait for the content to get released in your country or till the service is available. As you will end up 😥getting disappointed.

Though they might take a different fee for the content in different regions. while our intention is “Users should have online freedom” and get the contents that they want to access without hesitation.🤩Luckily, there is a way to bypass them with a VPN.

If you have any doubts, suggestions, or any issues in bypassing Geoblocks. Please let us know in the 👇comment section below.

FAQs Related to Geo-blocking

Is Geoblocking legal?

Geo-blocking is legal as the content might have copyright, streaming services, or websites have nothing to do about it. It’s not only used implemented to comply with licensing things, but also for business reasons (to gain profits).

Is it safe to use VPN to bypass Geoblocking?

Yes, it’s completely safe for a VPN like NordVPN to bypass geoblocks. No one will know that you are using a VPN (not even surveillance groups) as all your internet activities are hidden and your IP will be changed.

How to Know Whether I Got Geo-Restricted?

When you are unable to access other region content or get the above message “Service is unavailable”. Check unogs.com for Netflix, to verify whether other region content is available for you or not.

Can I bypass Any Geoblocks with a VPN?

No doubt, you can quickly bypass geoblocks of streaming services, torrenting sites, or surfing sites. Sometimes, if the services blacklist the IP of the VPN server, then you might experience a VPN block. Check out, how to quickly unblock your VPN again.

What other services are geoblocked in my region?

Well, it depends on the copyright and data protection laws. Here is the list of sites that are blocked in your region. Yet there might be more than in records as new online services emerge every single day.

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