What is Geoblocking and How to bypass Netflix Geoblocks?

Do you want to access a title on Netflix or Prime and then encounter a message “This Content is not available in your country“? This is common and you’ll notice the same with many sites.  This is mainly due to Geoblocking. Here in this blog, we will discuss, what is Geo-blocking and how to bypass this for Netflix and other sites.

What is Geoblocking and how to avoid it

If you want to avoid geoblocks then read this quick guide, and I assure you, you’ll never face geo-blocks issues again.

So before you bypass the Netflix Geo-block, let’s find out what Geo-blocking actually is.

What is Geoblocking?

Understanding this concept is very simple as the name suggests that Geo in the title “Geo-blocking” signifies the geographical location where the user device resides. While the second term Blocking in the “Block” simply strikes an idea in your mind.

Yes, this refers to a technology that is used to restrict the user to access the content that is available on the internet bases on your location(geographical). You might already be faced that you are unable to access some content in your region. Like accessing some Netflix content or content from other sites. To make a clear picture, let’s find out how your location is identified.

How they identify your Geolocation?

Your device location is identified using the user’s IP address against the sites which are blacklisted or whitelisted in your region along with the network delay which makes a physical location of your device. While this results in accessing the content that you are eligible to watch or not. This will be very helpful in showing the results like currency in your region and entities near your location.

Why Netflix and other streaming services like Prime Video, Crunchyroll using Restrictions?

To answer this question, we need some discussion here.

1. Netflix has been one of the best streaming platforms for widespread users in the world. Offering TV shows, movies, anime, and content owned by other vendors along with their Netflix Originals.

2. As this content has Copyrights and licenses. These factors will make the content to be watched by only particular region people.

3. But sometimes Netflix offers the content to other locations as well either by modifying the content or making it limited for a particular time.

This forces Netflix to maintain its sites in different regional libraries with different content in different regions. If you just curious to check is it real? Then use unogs and you will believe your eyes. But, the question here is you are paying the same as others?

So, after the discussion here are some points why Netflix uses Geoblocking to maintain different libraries:

  1. To avoid these copyright violations, Netflix started using Geoblocking to offer sensitive content to its users.
  2. Because the content creators or the companies cannot get the global license and Netflix cannot make this content be streamed globally.
  3. Another reason is that the copyright holders might sell this content for other countries to stream on different sites and TV Networks.
  4. So if Netflix has the rights to stream one thing in one country it might don’t have to in another country. Ok, so far it is clear that they will use Geoblocking for the content they don’t own as they don’t have the rights.

Why Netflix Uses Geo Restrictions for Netflix Originals?

Don’t get scared!. Most of the Netflix Originals are available on Netflix all over the world where the streaming service is working. But there are some exceptions for a few contents like Orange Is the New Black or Lilyhammer are not accessible to all-region. Netflix tells a reason that these shows came out When the Netflix service is not available worldwide.

  1. At that time Netflix Streaming is available in only a few countries. So Netflix sold the licensing rights to third parties in the countries where the service is not present. Which comes under Geoblocking.
  2. But Still, this will be unclear because despite having a global presence Netflix can’t stream Originals to the countries where they don’t have rights anymore.

So they have to wait for the License to get expired or they have to buy the license from them again. As there are possibilities that they will ask for higher prices or Netflix don’t have interest in buying them as there are many other ways to stream.

How to Avoid or Bypass Geoblocking in Netflix and other services?

So far Netflix mentions many reasons behind its Geoblokcing against the content to be streamed in different countries. Waiting for the content to get released in your country isn’t a good option where you might get ended for so long. So, there are different ways where you can bypass or avoid Geoblocking to watch your favorite content on Netflix. There are currently three ways listed below.



3.Smart DNS.

The best and tested way that I prefer is using a VPN as it is most safe and secure. And in this article, we will discuss how to use a VPN to Bypass Netflix geoblocks.

What is VPN and How to use it to bypass geo-blocks?

How to Install NordVPN in iOS Devices

Before using VPN first know how VPN will work and why should we need it. VPN’s are Simply Virtual Private Network which will create a private network and give you privacy from the public internet connection. These VPNs will mask your IP provided from ISP which makes your online actions untraceable. Good VPN services will establish secure and encrypted connections to provides better privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. And allow you to change your IP and location to anywhere in the world and bypass geoblocks easily. Now let’s see steps quickly to bypass geoblocks.

Steps to bypass geoblocks 

This method works for all devices including iOS, Android, macOS and Windows, and also in all the countries. So doesn’t matter where you are and which device you’re using.

  1. Pick a good VPN, I prefer using NordVPN and in this guide also I’ll be using same.
  2. Download & Install the VPN App, to download and install NordVPN, check out our guides for AndroidiOSWindows and macOS.

                                                                                    Step 1 Installing NordVPN to bypass Geoblocking Netflix

  1. Open the NordVPN app on your device and Sign-in if you do not have an account already then can get NordVPN from this link.

                                                                                    Step 2 login or sign in option for Geoblocking Netflix  

  1. If you will click on the Quick Connect option it will quickly connect to the fastest server available. Opening NordVPN app
  2. And it will also create a VPN connection, which will act as a middle layer between Netflix and your device IP. This will forward the requests to Netflix through VPN.
  3. If you swipe up in NordVPN, will show servers that are located across the world. And change your location to anywhere in the world. Due to this, Netflix will think that this request is coming from another country location. Since they will see changed IP. Swipe to select the Servers available
  4. You can connect to a specific server using the Search option available in the app. Here we will show the United States. Kudos! you are now able to watch whatever you want to Netflix by simply changing the geolocation in your VPN. You can also search the Specific server    Final Step in Geoblocking bypass for Netflix

Using this procedure you can also unblock the content in different regions like the USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, and UK. And unblock other geo-blocked websites and services.

Why use NordVPN only?

So, A Question should come to your mind? Why NordVPN while there are many VPNs available in the play stores and websites.

Here we will mention some of the unique and best features of NordVPN which makes it to stand out of the way from other VPNs available on the internet.

  • Security: With NordVPN your internet surfing will be secure
  • Ultra-fast Connection: While with some VPNs you need to sacrifice the internet connection speed. But, with NordVPN you need to sacrifice it.
  • Privacy: As NordVPN won’t share or track the user data
  • Servers: Their VPN Servers are everywhere with more than 5400+ all over the world
  • Platforms support: With NordVPN you can log in to multiple devices along with many features like Dedicated IP. Even share large files across systems with easy to use interface.


As we have discussed Geoblocking makes it valid in terms of rights and License. But according to the user’s point of view, this is not a justification as we are paying the same streaming prices. Why we should be restricted in content streaming. Though they might take a different fee for the content in different regions.

Users should get the contents that they want to access without hesitation.

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