NordVPN: 7 Best Features that I Love

NordVPN, released in 2012, has now become the Best VPN Service Provider. But why is it so, and how different it is from its competitors, what are the features which make it the best among VPN Providers available in the market?

Here, I’m gonna introduce you to the 7 features of NordVPN which makes it the best and can not be seen in other top-notch VPN providers. Let’s have a look:

7 Features Of NordVPN Which Make It The Best

1. Obfuscated Servers:

Do you travel often but still want to enjoy sites which are available in just your country? Or worst do you travel even to the countries where there is no internet freedom and each and everything on Internet is controlled by the govt. such as China and you can’t use even VPN there? Then here NordVPN is the best choice for you.

NordVPN has a huge list of servers that are specially designed for this purpose. Once you enabled the obfuscated server settings your data will reach the final destination as a regular HTTPS and will hide the fact that you are using a VPN. Here is the video which explains this feature better:

2. CyberSec:

This feature of NordVPN is the most advanced feature which any VPN can have for your online security and privacy. Once you enabled this feature it will block and warn you whenever you’ll visit a website hosting malware or phishing attacks.

NordVPN Cybersec feature also blocks annoying flashy ads and speed up your browsing. In the video below we have described how to use this feature:

3. DoubleVPN:

Too concerned about your data? Can’t take even a little bit of risk of your data being leaked? Then this feature is made for you.

NordVPN’s Double VPN transmits your data through two servers located in different countries before reaching its final destination. Whenever you use this feature, your data encrypt twice and thus increase its security even more.

If you are a journalist, political activities, lawyer, or do something which is highly sensitive and there are chances that you are under surveillance then the Double VPN feature is specially designed for you.

Here is the detailed video on this feature:

4. Onion Over VPN:

Do you want to explore Internet but anonymously? Do you know even when you use the onion browser your Internet Service Provider knows that you are using onion? And because of these little flaws, your privacy is always at risk? And even if you are using a normal VPN to hide your identity and after that, you connect to onion by yourself your connection becomes too slow?

But this is not an issue about which you should be worried anymore. By using NordVPN Onion Over VPN feature you can directly browse Onion Network even without Onion Router(Tor) Browser. Once you enabled this setting in NordVPN your internet traffic will automatically reach first to one of NordVPN’s servers and then to the Onion Network, then will only reach its final destination.

5. Dedicated Servers:

Are you on public wifi or connected to a network that you don’t trust and that’s why you are using a VPN? Is it becoming troublesome when you are connecting to a highly sensitive website such as Banking but you are getting tired of filling captcha again and again?

Generally, what happens; whenever you connect to a VPN, it shares the same IP with many users which makes a website to think that you are a robot and find your activities malicious. To get rid of it, NordVPN gives you a dedicated server, which will provide you with an IP address that will be assigned just to you. And in this way, you can browse even the highly sensitive websites normally.

Here is the detailed video explaining this feature:

6. Kill Switch:

Just imagine a situation where you are doing something which is highly sensitive and you want to keep your identity completely secret but somehow your internet restarts, then what will happen in such a situation? Isn’t it scary just even in imagining? Right?

To solve this trouble NordVPN has introduced the “Kill Switch” function which blocks your whole internet as soon as your Internet disconnents and keeps your data totally protected.

7. Auto Connect:

Don’t you want to activate VPN every time or just want to use it only when needed? And most of the time we forget to connect to a VPN even when we are doing something important and we are using public wifi. Well, I don’t know about others but it used to happen to me most of the time.

But NordVPN’s Autoconnect feature really solves my problem. Once activated from settings just leave everything on it. NordVPN will be automatically connected whenever you’ll be using an untrusted network. Here is the detailed video on NordVPN Auto Connect feature:

Final Words:

Do you also think that these are the features which you might also like? is any of the NordVPN features mentioned is of your liking? Don’t forget to mention it in the comment box below. If you still have any doubts or problems related to NordVPN then feel free to contact us via our dedicated page. Our team will try to reach you as soon as possible.

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