How to Watch Oldboy (2003) Movie on Netflix in 2023

Are you also trying to watch Oldboy (2003) on Netflix? And it wasn’t appearing in your search results? This issue has been faced by many people around the globe. But we have come up with a solution to watch Oldboy on Netflix from anywhere.

Oldboy Watch it on Netflix From Anywhere in the World
  • Title: Oldboy (2003)
  • Type: Movie
  • IMDB: 8.4/10
  • Cast: Yu Ji-tae, Choi Min-sik, Kim Byeong-ok, Kang Hye-jung, Lee Dae-yeon, Oh Kwang-rok,
  • Synopsis: With no clue how he came to be imprisoned, drugged, and tortured for 15 years, a desperate businessman seeks revenge on his captors.

Is Oldboy movie on Netflix?

Not being able to find Oldboy on Netflix may lead you to question whether your Netflix is working fine or not. Or whether this movie is actually on Netflix or not? But, Yes Oldboy is on Netflix and you are not able to find it because it is just that it is blocked from streaming in your country.

In Hurry? Here’s a quick guide for you:

  1. Get a VPN to unblock Netflix like NordVPN.
  2. Connect to a South Korea-based server.
  3. Open Netflix and search for Oldboy.
  4. Now click on play and enjoy.

Why I can not Watch Oldboy on Netflix now?

As you now know that Netflix has blocked this movie in your country but that doesn’t mean you cannot watch it on Netflix. Whenever you will try to search for Oldboy on Netflix, the following interface will appear on your screen:

Oldboy (2003): Watch it on Netflix From Anywhere in the World

This movie does not appear in your search results because Netflix doesn’t have the license to stream it in your country. And Netflix is bound by the license for the distribution of content for allowing a specific movie or Tv series to be available in a particular country.

Currently, Oldboy has been restricted to streaming only in South Korea. So, without a VPN you can only watch it in South Korea on Netflix. But a strong and reliable VPN such as NordVPN enables you to watch it from anywhere in the world.

This is so because it helps you to mask your location and be virtually present from South Korea to stream this movie. It also allows you to have a different and anonymous IP address, bypass geo-restriction, and unblock unlimited content for streaming on Netflix.

Steps to watch Oldboy on Netflix

  1. You need to download the most reliable VPN that is NordVPN.NordVPN Server Map (1)
  2. Then you need to connect to a server from South Korea.Connect to South Korean Server
  3. Open your Netflix again and search for “Oldboy“.Watch Oldboy (2003) on Netflix 2
  4. Enjoy the movie from anywhere.Watch Oldboy (2003) on Netflix 3

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Why do I personally use NordVPN?

NordVPN is the best when it comes to streaming unlimited movies and TV series on Netflix and this I am saying from personal experience. I have tried almost every VPN to unblock Netflix but nothing has worked as greatly as NordVPN. This is because Netflix blocks the usage of VPNs and something like this appears on the screen:

Netflix error message fixed


Where to watch Oldboy (2003)?

Oldboy movie is available for streaming only in South Korea currently. But if you are living in countries like the US, Australia, etc., then you can switch to NordVPN, and connect to a server from South Korea to watch this movie.

Will Oldboy (2003) ever come on Netflix in my country?

It may or may not come on Netflix in your country because it totally depends on Netflix as it has to get a license for making it available in any country. So we can neither guess nor predict when it will be doing so.

Does this method work on Smartphones and TV?

This method has been tested and experimented with to work on any smartphone, TV, or PC. This is because NordVPN is compatible with almost all devices and platforms.

Doubts or Problems?

If you are facing any problems while trying to unblock Oldboy on Netflix, then you can contact us on the dedicated page. We will try our best to help you out in every way possible.

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