Smartproxy Review 2021: All You Need To Know About before using

Need a solid proxy to access a service in a different country? Well, a smartproxy can do this job for you. Thinking about using Smartproxy?. Then you should know what it can do for you. So that you can explore its features right after you own it.

Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy Quick Review

  • Over 40 million real IPs in every location around the globe. 
  • Their know-how is as good as it gets. 
  • The all-in-one API and continuous improvements, such as the latest 50 new geo-location targeting. 
  • Unlimited instantaneous connection requests. 
  • Multiple awards from Proxyway, including the editor’s choice award.
  • Free IP rotation, browser extensions, and sticky sessions up to 30min.
  • Unrivaled 24/7 live customer service crew. 

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Smartproxy Detailed Review

Smartproxy is one of the new proxy services to the world trying to cope up with the name with well-crafted new features to be the best value for money proxy in the market. Also, this is a premium proxy provider offering quick connections to the services located across the world.

Easy to use

Smartproxy has great resources for new clients: it shows you a slick dashboard where clients can track how much traffic they’ve used, and easily take care of each proxy setup setting. In case you need IP addresses from a particular country, you can find everything you need in the setup instructions or the Quick Start guide that you get after a client orders a proxy plan.

Smartproxy manages a pool of 10 million IP Addresses for your anonymity. Also, you need to worry about any IP ban or blacklisting.

Types of Proxies Offered by Smartproxy

Residential Proxies

If you want to be anonymous completely like being under the👁 radar. Shouldn’t be detected or banned then you will need these residential proxies. Which will assign you the general 💻computer or 📱mobile IP Address.

These proxies won’t share any subnet so you cannot be banned. Here is the price listing of residential proxies.

Per Month (USD+VAT)75200400600100020003000
Traffic Limit (GB)520501002005001000
Unit Price (USD/GB)151086543
Extra Traffic (USD/GB)151086543
Proxy user limit135102050100
Whitelist Limit2102050100200500

Most users get Smartproxy to use rotating residential proxies for web scrapers. These are real IPs that are the hardest for webmasters and their software to spot and ban. If static sessions don’t interest you, the sticky ones have just been lengthened to 30 minutes. Choose the one that suits you best, and enjoy data with zero restrictions.

Smartproxy servers are located in more than 195 geo-locations offering 10 million IP Addresses to vanish your trace on the world for your online activities or to access a service. No matter which plans you take these residential proxies provides excellent quality over top including security and anonymity.

Data Center Proxies

Smartproxy service offers both data center proxies and residential proxies. While their data center proxies are located in the US and EU. These data center proxies do not limit your connection or there will be no IP limits.

There will be 40k+ IP Address to be rotated as your need. Here are the plans that they are offering for the data center IPs.

Per Month (USD + VAT)50100200500
Traffic Limit (GB)1002004001000
Unit Price (USD/GB)
Extra Traffic (USD/GB)1
Proxy User Limit13510

These data center proxies will be there when you need them. With an ample number of subnets, you don’t need to bother about getting blocked or cloaked. When you own the smartproxy you can request as much concurrent connections as you need.


If you can configure everything in a correct manner, there will be no other tool than a proxy to significantly improve your online anonymity. You can rest assure with the smartproxy that you are completely anonymous.

Smartproxy users can have access to millions of premium IPV4 Addresses to access any website or online service. These proxies won’t send any information to the HTTP header to protect user anonymity. Smartproxy supports both HTTP & HTTPS protocols for data transfer to target servers.

😎Never ever need to worry about IP Addresses or leaks.

Smartproxy Smart Feature

Smartproxy comes with a new API that can enable you to manage your account without login into their website. You can check details about your subscription, create & update user accounts.

You can do almost anything you want that you will do normally do by logging in.

Proxy Rotation

Resetting proxies manually🥵? or maintaining proxies to avoid bans is really tedious process. So smartproxy has automatic IP rotation or keeps the same IP Address if you want. On every connection.

Geoblocking has been a fashion in recent years, restricting user’s freedom to a particular locaton. But smartproxy has its servers on 195 locations so that you can hop to any location anytime you want.

When you want to scarp the data, you can have unlimited simultaneous connections quickly as per your needs.

24/7 Live Support

While many proxy providers lack this service, but not smartproxy. Being with the customers always for their needs is the key to service success. Their customer service will be there 24/7 if you run into any issue or doubt.

You can reach them out through email or live chat (24 hours a day).

Money-Back Guarantee Program

Though there is no free trial available right now. But smartproxy is offering 3 days money-back guarantee program means that you can try their services free for the first 3 days. Then you can apply for their hassle-free refund.

Pricing Plans

There are multiple plans for both residential and data center proxies mentioned above. While the residential proxies start at 75$/month provide 5GB of traffic i.e $15/GB. To get value for money you should be choosing a regular plan that makes only $8/GB.

These plans will fulfill the needs of the regular proxy user, but if you want beyond limits (Heavy-duty) you can get $4000/month that saves you few more bucks making $4/GB.

The best thing about smartproxy is that when you ran out of traffic limit then you can purchase additional GB mentioned on their pricing respectively for the plans you have taken.

Smartproxy Use Cases

While there are different scenarios where you can use smartproxy services including both data center & residential proxies. I am mentioning some situations where it’s useful.

1. Scraping & Crawling

When it comes to web scraping as it’s the best way to collect a huge amount of data from online resources. Only a few sites hosted by certain platforms will allow you to collect the data through API. This won’t be the case always.

Also, there are some social media platforms that do have an API but fence their data from the public to prevent crawling & scraping. If you want to scrap & crawl data for your business? then smartproxy will be an ideal one.

With the help of residential proxies, you can ensure that every connection request will be of different IPs associated with different devices. So you can prevent bans & get your data. Also, you can take advantage of data center proxies to take an edge for lightning-fast crawling & scraping quickly.

2. Social Media

It’s impossible to create & manage multiple social medial accounts with a single IP as platforms will detect that leads to a ban. Smartproxy residential proxies make it possible for you. Even if anyone of the IP gets banned, you can start rotating for a new one.

Whatever reason it might be for you to maintain multiple accounts, smartproxy will help you. But no one knows how you are doing this. While their services work for Facebook & Instagram and can be coupled with automation tools to manage all those accounts.

3 Craiglist

You can also use this smartproxy service to post a listing from multiple individual locations to another location. As an example, if you want to advertise something for sale which is valuable but don’t want to give a real location.

Using this smartproxy you can be virtually present on different locations and posts. Since the smartproxy is compatible with Craigslist. Even if your IP got banned you can take it from the pool by rotating.


Smartproxy gives everyone access to several apps for desktop devices. Things to look out for: the Chrome and Firefox extensions, and the proxy address generator besides other various tools that will help you start using proxies in an instant.

Getting Started With Smartproxy

Getting Started with smartproxy

In order to use smartproxy first, you need to register for an account to access the dashboard. Choose a plan that suits you well and create an account. Enter dashboard to manage your account, information, subscription, etc.

Once you are done tweaking your settings as per your needs.

Sub Users

You can also assign sub-users from the dashboard once your are done with plan. For each project you can create individual users to work on that enables you to set traffic limits on task by task to use resources effectively.

Again each Sub Users will have their own login and password with them.


You will be able to configure the connections from the dashboard after login. Then the first thing you need to decide is whether to use a sticky or rotating proxy. A rotation proxy will change your IP Address for each connection request.

While a sticky proxy will retain an IP for 10 mins. Smartproxy speciality is that you can choose whether to get a random IP or specific IP from a specific country. You can find these options under endpoint menu.

Their servers located all around the world including territories like Kosovo, while the majority of proxies located in the US. Don’t worry plenty of proxies also located outside the US.


You have to complete your authentication before connecting to a proxy. While there is two way for that. Either you can use login credentials or set up a whitelisted IP to connect automatically.


Smartproxy with all these features making this a 🔥 fantastic value for money proxy service no matter which subscription plan you are on. While the charges for other proxies lie in the same margin, this one has the advantage of getting extra add-on traffic at the same rates.

If you are using this for enterprise purposes, often when your business grows then you can move to higher plans. Smartproxy is a powerhouse for power users with intuitive UI to take advantage of the APIs available.

FAQs related to Steam unlocked

In Which Scenarios this Smartproxy will be useful?

Smartprxoy can be used to bypass government censorship in countries like China or Iraq where users are blacklisted to visit some service. You can also use this in Advertisement verification, Retail intelligence, and brand protection.

When can I get my refund?

When you request their customer care to issue a refund under 3 days money-back guarantee, then you will get into your account.

Can smartproxy bear heavy traffic?

Yes, of course, results after our test amazed us with a 95% success rate in handling more than 500 requests per second. But the proxy servers didn’t overwhelm.

What is the size of Proxy Pool?

There are more than 40K+ IP Addresses in all. These IP Addresses are available for you anytime not unlike residential IPs.

What is Chrome Smartproxy?

When you wish to enable proxy for a specific website then this will help you. When you visit that site then all of your data will be sent through proxy automatically.

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