Top 7 Tinder Scams of 2021 & how to avoid them

She demanded 3000$ dollars or she will share the screenshots. From this line, you can sense this is blackmailing and this is what is happening in dating sites like Tinder. Tinder scams rose to 25% in 2023 which causes lots of problems to people who are paying premium subscriptions to find love, Is it worth it? 🤔😐

Survey About scams In Top Social media Platforms

Data collected from FBI & FTC. 780 responses from people speaking up about their responses to scams. These are the Top 10 platforms ranked in descending order by no of reported scams.

Online dating dcams in Social Media
Online dating dcams in Social Media

Top 7 Tinder Scams of 2021 & how to avoid them

Tinder scams
Tinder scams of 2021

Fair to say, Tinder has given so much happiness to single people who are looking for soulmates but somehow there is always a flaw in every aspect and same as with tinder as there are so many cases you heard from people that they are cheated or they are caught and facing blackmails, etc, Let’s know in detail without wasting your time.

1. Tinder Verification code Scam

In Tinder, there is a scam where a match asks you to verify your profile and gives you the link to verify your account but when you click the link you come to the third party where website where you will not see any tinder application instead of verifying your account It asks your personal information and some of the users get trapped by giving their personal information.

Tinder Verification Code Scam
Tinder Verification Code Scam

Users think it is the process of tinder but they don’t know they are getting trapped and end up buying the adult sites subscription which costs More than 100$ per month and you will be shocked to know the whole process which you think is a person is linked with you, no you are wrong, It’s the bot where you are interacting with.

2. Catfish On tinder

Catfishing is the most common scam you may or can be victimized by Tinder scams. In this fraudster of the team prepare their team members in which one of them makes a fake account and tries to engage with one of the users in tinder and later on the fraudster continues making fake relations via calling and playing with the hearts of the user, which ultimately becomes a source of funding money from User to fraudster.

This is one of the common scams you will ever come across, you just have to be cautious enough & don’t get connected too much that you are sending your hard-earned money just because the fraudster is speaking gently with you without even meeting that person.


3. Tinder Blackmailing Scam

One of the most common scams in Tinder is blackmailing scams, It’s basically a trap by fraudsters to Users where the fraudster interact with users in such a way that users sometimes send nude photos because they think they you and later on they blackmailed them and demand for whatever they can to not disclose that photo.

Tinder Blackmailing Scam
Tinder Blackmailing Scam

4. Photos scam

Tactically one of the most old-fashioned scams methods found in these dating sites is Photo scams. Most of the Users

( Mostly He) get trapped while seeing a Beautiful picture of a girl and ended up giving his all-important information like credit card details, debit card details, personal information, etc. because he thinks she is in love with him and that becomes a trap!

Photos scam
Photos scam

5. Tinder dating Arrangement scams

Fair to say, when you do not meet each other you don’t know in detail especially if you only have interaction merely on virtual chats then there is a high possibility one of you will be a scammer, Generally on tinder, your matching will ask you to meet on that particular location. when you go for s meeting at that location.

It generally happens is that the one which you used to interact with is not the same in meetings and you ended up paying the bill of your match and afterward you will not see that face again in your life.

Tinder dating Arrangement scams
Tinder dating Arrangement scams

6. Tinder Bots Profile

In the era of technology, You will face so many scams around here, scammers are so smart that you will find it difficult that you are sometimes talking with a bot on tinder, why I saying this is difficult is because they chat with you like a normal person asks you to go to that link and convinced you to avail that services or let’s chat in that particular message app and do some adult stuff there and in that situation you get trapped.

Tinder Bots Scams
Tinder Bots Scams

7. Malware Scams

These online sites are basically risky if you blindly trust that person just because you’re talking virtually, It’s like waiting for a ship at an airport. Generally on tinder when you and your match communicate frequently then you tend to share more information with each other. At that point, scammers give you the link of their Facebook profile

That will be a fake Facebook profile that consists of a Malware website that will take your all information and you will be the new victim of the Tinder scam.

Malware Scams
Malware Scams

How to avoid the Tinder scams

How to avoid Tinder scams
How to avoid Tinder scams

1. Dont trust Too much

The most important point is You should not trust so much virtually without meeting each other and sharing your personal information which can, later on, backfire on you, so be smart & cautious while dating on tinder.

Want to save yourself from scams? Folks just do one thing don’t click on Suspicious links while chatting or when your matching shares you the link you are smart enough to know which link is genuine and vice-versa. suspicious links will always refer to another platform.

3. Don’t give personal information

The most common reason for getting scammed is that you’re sharing too much information about yourself with strangers which professional scammers will use for their own benefit and that can prove to be a big setback for you.

4. Dont share your compromised photographs

You will be in big trouble if you shared your nude photographs with someone which you never met. He/she will exploit this in a way that your reputation or career can be destroyed and in that situation, scammed blackmail you to get money from yours.

5. Don’t match with someone whose profile is not connected to social media

You have to be smart enough especially on dating sites that which person you want to make a connection with before going to the next process you should check whether the person’s profile is connected with Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc.

Faqs Related to Tinder Scams

Is Tinder safe to use?

Yes, Tinder absolutely safe to use but you just have to be cautious enough to use that application, should be smart enough about what is right or wrong, and don’t share your personal information.

How to detect scams in Tinder?

It is not rocket science to detect scams in Tinder, you just have to consider certain points
1. Suspicious links
2, Incomplete profile
3. Profile not connected to Social media
4. Robotic conversation
5. Asks too many personal questions

What is catfishing?

Catfishing is a manipulative way in social platforms to make fake ids and to gain victims’ trust to get financial assistance, or to upset Victims, to blackmail the victim for their greedy needs.

Wrap up!

Tinder is a good dating site for finding a soulmate or to know a stranger in no time but it has incurred risks which you need to consider while using this because there are a lot of scammers are there to do frauds and make the best use of your personal information. so, while using this you need to be smart enough to detect scams.

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