Top Whatsapp Scams & How to avoid in 2023?

Whatsapp Message got from Unknown number ” Hi” and you replied “Who”. From this conversation, you think this is normal, but if I tell you this is just the first process of WhatsApp scam you will be shocked but that is what happening around the world. Whatsapp scams increased by 2000% and this is a scary number, to say the least!

Before Going to Whatsapp Scam, let’s Know more about the Social Media scams that happened in 2023

Frauds reported in Social Media Platform in 2023

As per the Reports, romance scams tops the list on social media platform was about 37% of scams reported. Rest you will more understand with this Image.

Social Media Frauds
Social Media Frauds

Top Whatsapp Scams which happened on Daily Basis

Whatsapp has billions of users, almost every country use this application except China. As the number of users increases, hackers’ opportunities also has increased. You just have to be cautious enough while talking to strangers Like “Angel Priya”. Let’s get deeper into that.

Whatsapp scams
Top Whatsapp Scams

1. Verification Code Links

Folks, In United Arab, Verification code links scams happened on a daily basis and this is also precautionary advice to you people who don’t ever click the link while verifying your phone number in the process of Installing Whatsapp otherwise hackers are waiting for your small mistake to hack your data.

This is what happened in United Arabs many people had sud=ffered huge losses from that.

Whatsapp Verification Code
Whatsapp Verification Code

2. Whatsapp Email Virus

Whatsapp Email Virus from the name itself suggests that this scam is situated on Email, Many of us check our emails daily but if you ever see a mail that You have missed a call, Tap to view. My friend don’t you ever click on this link otherwise you will be trapped, because Whatsapp doesn’t send their notification on emails or other platforms.

E-mail Whatsapp Fake
E-mail Whatsapp Fake

3. Whatsapp is closing down

This is the very common scam you will ever come across you will see the warning message that Whatsapp is shutting down if you don’t send this message to 10 people then your Whatsapp account will be shut down and afterward if you want to reopen then you have to pay for this. Be aware of committing that action otherwise, you will not also harm yourself you will also cause problems to the network also because that message includes Malware links.

Whatsapp is closing down
Whatsapp is closing down

4. Romance Scams

Romance scams in Social media are so popular that almost one of us encounters that thing. It is started with Facebook & Instagram then scammers ask for the number as the connection becomes closer more you find yourself close to being scammed. Once you send your Nude photos on Whatsapp which are so private then scammers will blackmail you for that compromising photos.

Romance Scams
Romance Scams

5. Dodgy Whatsapp attachments

A recent Scam comes into the picture that you may receive excel looking file into your Whatsapp message and actually when you open this, you get trapped because the file includes Malware and when you open it your data can be leaked.

Whatsapp Dodgy Scams
Whatsapp Dodgy Scam

How Whatsapp scams happened?

Whatsapp scams can be avoided if you are smart enough to predict the tactics of the strangers, if you’re not smart you can be scammed like this guy which I tried to show you through this below picture.

Whatsapp scams
Whatsapp scams

Tips to avoid Whatsapp scams

1. Presence of Mind

You must be good enough to analyze if someone claims that he is your friend and asks for money from an unknown number. You have to consider that you will not ask for money from an unknown number either he will call you or meet you.

2. Notice the conversation style

You are from the new generation as you can sense easily from the style of message that what intentions people have, is that want something or they asking too many personal questions from that indication you can sense this.

3. Try to connect from a different number

Mostly Scammers will call you from Whatsapp voice call, Most often they do not recharge their incoming calls from that you assume this is a scam.

4. Don’t click on suspicious links

Whenever you got a link on WhatsApp from an unknown number that you won the lottery and click to claim that prize, Don’t ever click the link because malware can be there and your data can be leaked.

5. Don’t give too many personal Information

One of the most important things you shouldn’t ignore that do not to share any personal information on WhatsApp, especially with strangers because by sharing important information you are yourself inviting the hackers to hack your data


Can someone hack my phone by texting on Whatsapp?

Usually, WhatsApp is very conscious about the user’s privacy as its deals with end-to-end encryption, so it becomes near to impossible that you can be hacked while texting on Whatsapp.

Is it safe to send bank details on Whatsapp?

Yes, It is absolutely safe to send Bank details on Whatsapp as it is encrypted on all chats but still try to avoid sending personal details on Whatsapp.

What is Whazzak Whatsapp?

Whazzak was created in 2017, Its primary purpose was to hack someone’s Whatsapp without knowing them. it was also used by Youth to have a prank on their friends.

Is Whatsapp safe in 2023?

Yes, it is absolutely safe on Whatsapp but as Whatsapp is owned by Facebook now as Facebook is known for using the personal information of the users. So according to me, you shouldn’t trust 100%.

Wrap up!

Whatapp is one of the most used apps in the world but every locker has the key that scammers used so well that it can end up in huge losses which you may face or your data can be leaked if you are not cautious enough. so use it safely and prefer to be smart enough and don’t commit stupid mistakes which I mentioned above.

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