11 VPN Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Do you want to know the hidden facts of VPN? That you’ve never heard before. Then this article is for you.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the 11 best VPN facts you probably didn’t know before. By knowing these hidden facts you can keep your privacy more secure and you can avail other benefits of VPN. So continue reading !!

11 VPN Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Are you looking for a way to circumvent censorship, add security to your online communications, and ensure that your data is encrypted while you browse the web? The best way to accomplish that goal is to use a VPN.

If you’re a data protection specialist, a network engineer or a developer then you probably know that a VPN is a great solution to a number of problems. 

But what a lot of people don’t know is that a VPN can also offer a lot of benefits for content marketers. Here, we have collected 11 facts you probably didn’t know about VPNs before. So let’s begin without delay !!

11 Facts Of VPN You Must Know About It

1. VPN can save you money on subscriptions

Subscriptions to streaming services and other websites such as Eurosport often adjust the price based on your location. The big change is that you pay more in Amsterdam than in Twente. Since a VPN changes your IP address, it can have a positive impact on your online subscription costs.

2. VPN gives you access to blocked content

VPN Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Before

Some providers, websites, or governments block certain Internet content from users based on your location. A VPN can help you circumvent these restrictions and give you full access to this content, as well as allow you to download it freely.

3. A VPN lets you buy local products at a lower price

Do you want to buy a product online from a Dutch website, but find the same product at a low price from a foreign competitor? Some foreign online shops will block you. 

With a VPN service, it’s easy to give the impression that you’re from the same country as the web store and then shop at each other’s online stores. In this way you can buy cheap products from overseas stores.

4. VPN Location Matters

Every country has its own laws and practices, and depending on those laws, it might or might not make sense to use a VPN from that region. When choosing your VPN, make sure to do your research about privacy laws in the country. 

Logs are what is able to expose you if a VPN company stores any on you. Sweden has some of the tightest privacy laws and laws overall out there, and even if we wanted to store logs on your usage, we can’t.

5. VPN can increase your internet speed

When you watch HD videos or Netflix, your internet speed can slow down considerably. A VPN guarantees that you won’t have any problems with these restrictions. With a VPN provider, you cannot split your internet traffic on high and low speeds because you cannot be tracked as the same user.

6. VPN providers keep your data private

It is a common misconception that VPN providers keep customer logs for submission to government agencies. It’s fake! The data is used to identify possible network problems or to improve your service. However, there are countries where the government can require suppliers to provide this log.

7. With a VPN connection, you pay less for hotels and airline tickets.

Just like now, a VPN can save you a lot of money on hotels and airline tickets. How does it work? Airlines and hotels often adjust prices based on the user’s location. If the VPN changes your virtual location, the airline will not be able to track your search history and therefore you will see lower ticket prices.

pay less for hotels and airline tickets

8. VPN Services Aren’t Supported on a Lot of Platforms

This is one of those surprising facts about VPN services that you probably didn’t know and that left most people disappointed.

The VPN service works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Fire TV, macOS, Linux, and Windows devices, but doesn’t work on PS4, Xbox, or other consoles, or Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and most Smart TVs. Why? Because this platform does not support VPN service at all.

The solution? To install a VPN with your router, Search internet for more information.

9. Asian countries use VPNs more often than Europe and America

55% of users in Indonesia, 43% in India, and 38% in Thailand have used a VPN in the past month. 

In Europe, only 21% of people in the same region use a VPN, compared to only 21% in the United States, and data shows that people in Asia are more likely to seek VPN services than in Europe and America. The data take into account that not every person on the planet counts, so this can vary a lot in reality.

10. You can still be hacked with a VPN

Just hacking is hard. A VPN changes your IP address, hides your data from third parties, and encrypts your data with encryption. There is a chance that I will hack you, but the chances of success are much lower. You are much safer with a VPN than without a VPN.

11. VPN looks like a firewall – but can’t be traced

VPNs use encryption to securely transfer your information between servers and to prevent viruses from infecting your network and computers. The strength of a VPN is that you are untraceable. Since your IP address and location cannot be changed, the information cannot be sent back to you.

Top 5 Best VPNs in 2023

Top 5 Best VPNs in 2023

1. NordVPN: Best Choice

NordVPN is one of the premium VPN in the industry with a completely verified background, based in Panama, and the best choice to protect your privacy. Military-grade encryption with no DNS/IPv6 leaks protecting you from your ISP or any government surveillance. 

NordLynx will double your streaming speeds. You can simultaneously use NordVPN on 6 device connections per subscription. They are offering 30 days of the money-back guarantee program. So, if you don’t like the app then you will get your full refund within 5 days.

2. ExpressVPN: Recommended

ExpressVPN supports best-in-class VPN protocols like OpenVPN and L2Tp-IPSec. This VPN is based in the UK and has no data retention laws. The company also offers 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. 

It also has a no-log policy and is available to all of its customers. The service is available in the U.S. and is free to all users. It is also available in Canada and the UK, with prices starting at $20 ($30)

3. Surfshark: Universal VPN

Surfshark is a very easy-to-use No Log VPN with a comprehensive interface and is well suited for new users. While everything runs on RAM servers there is no logging. Its vast server network can unblock any trading platform for you and the best part is that you can pay in crypto (BTC, ETH, etc) while taking a subscription. 

While there are no independent audits run by this VPN, they offer a 45 days risk-free money-back guarantee program. There are no IP or DNS leaks found, you can check out on full review.

4. IPVanish: Unlimited Connections (No log)

You can enjoy unblocking streaming services and grab crazy deals by spoofing your location with 1500+ servers in more than 75 locations across the world (Dynamic IPs) IPVanish works well in real-time with decent internet speeds. 

They have also included leak protection along with standard 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN protocol. They offer a 30 days risk-free money-back program and 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. If you want then there is a hidden page for low price subscriptions.

5. Hotspot Shield: Simple & Effective

Hotspot Shield packs military-grade security with a user-friendly interface for beginners. One among unique VPNs for Android having Catapult Hydra to improve streaming speeds. 

This VPN has managed to deliver 400Mbps without any 5G. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast and Chromecast. The speed will be decent enough to stream content. 

They are providing a 45 days money-back guarantee program so you can definitely know what makes this one special among all the VPNs.


So here we examine the best VPN facts that you must remember. Hope you enjoyed this article and I’m thinking that now you have enough knowledge about VPN by reading this article. Do you have questions related to the VPN? Then let me know in the comments section below !!


How does SSL VPN Work?

SSL VPN allows users to remotely access restricted network resources over a secure and authenticated path, encrypting all network traffic and making it appear as if the user is on the local network, regardless of geographic location.

What are 3 types of VPN tunnels?

PPTP. You can thank Microsoft for PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol). 

How does IPSec VPN Work?

An IPsec VPN that works in tunnel mode encrypts all outgoing packets and wraps old packets with new ones, protected by the new packet title and ESP snippet. IPsec VPN tunnel mode is usually applied to a secure gateway such as a firewall or router port which acts as a proxy for both communication locations.

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