Watch All Seasons of Blindspot on Netflix [Stream Now]

Are you wondering who that mysterious tattooed woman was in the travel bag? Well, why don’t you watch Blindspot on Netflix and solve this mystery? We know that Blindspot might not have been visible on your Netflix but here we have provided you with a guide on watching all seasons of Blindspot on Netflix.

Watch Blindspot Season 5 on Netflix From Anywhere in the World

Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Download and Install NordVPN (30 Days Money Back Guarantee).
  2. Connect to servers from Mexico, Brazil, etc.
  3. Open Netflix and search for Blindspot!
  4. Enjoy watching Blindspot on your Netflix.
Watch All Seasons of Blindspot on Netflix [Stream Now]

📝Note: This method is tested and working flawlessly to date to stream the Blindspot series on any of your streaming devices (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, etc)

Blindspot: Overview

  • Created by: Martin Gero
  • Composer: Sherri Chung and Blake Neely
  • Producers: Howard Griffith, Harvey Waldman, Ryan Lindenberg, Ryan Johnson, Peter Lalayanis, and Chad McQuay
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  • Production: Berlanti Productions, Quinn’s House, and Warner Bros. Television
  • Language: English, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, and French
  • Release date: September 21, 2015 – July 23, 2020
  • Running time: 42–43 minutes
  • Genre: Crime Drama, Action, Thriller, and Mystery
  • Number of Episodes: 100
  • Number of Seasons: 5

Blindspot: Plot

A bit of crime, drama, action, mystery, and thriller is mixed and a genius called Blindspot is created, becoming an American crime drama television series. This series was initially released in 2015 and went up to producing 5 seasons and 100 episodes till 2020. The series opens up with a girl called Jane Doe, all tattooed up and completely naked being found in a travel bag. Apparently, she has no memory of who she is and where she comes from so that is where the FBI comes in and investigates her and her mysterious tattoos.

Is Blindspot on Netflix?

Of course, Blindspot is available on Netflix but if you are not able to find it in the search results then you are right it is not on your Netflix and that is why you find something like this:

Watch Blindspot on Netflix 1
You won’t find it there!

So, this issue is there because Blindspot is not available for streaming in your country. And the countries where you can easily find all the seasons of Blindspot on Netflix are:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil

Don’t lose hope if you see this series being available only in the 7 countries mentioned above because we will be helping you to watch it from anywhere!

How To Watch Blindspot On Netflix? [With Images]

  1. Download and install a secure and reliable VPN like NordVPN.
  2. Connect to a high-speed server from Mexico, etc. Mexico Based Server
  3. Search for Blindspot on Netflix and enjoy watching it.Watch Blindspot on Netflix 2

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Why Is A VPN Necessary To Watch Blindspot On Netflix?

As you now know that you can legally watch Blindspot on Netflix only in 7 countries so what to do if you are living outside these 7 countries? That is why you badly need a VPN to watch Blindspot from any corner of the world.

So, Netflix streams its content only in those countries where it has the copyright to do so and this is mentioned in the license for the distribution of content that Netflix has to strictly adhere to. That is any movie or TV series is made legally available in a very limited number of countries.

This automatically leads Netflix to hide or geo-restrict the movie or series in countries where it does not have permission to stream it. And that is where a VPN comes in handy because a premium and strong VPN such as NordVPN will enable you to watch your favorite movie on Netflix from anywhere because:

  • It disguises your location when you connect to different servers.
  • It makes you virtually present from the country where the movie is legally available.
  • It bypasses geo-restriction
  • It protects your identity and privacy.

Best VPN To Watch Blindspot on Netflix


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Blindspot: Trailer & IMDb Rating

The official trailer of Blindspot (2015)
  • IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
  • IMDb User Reviews: 74,458
  • Awards: 2
  • Nominations: 9 including 3 Primetime Emmys

Blindspot: Cast & Characters

CharacterPlayed by
Kurt WellerSullivan Stapleton
Edgar ReadeRob Brown
Remi “Jane Doe” Briggs (born Alice Kruger)Jamie Alexander
PattersonAshley Johnson
Natasha “Tasha” ZapataAudrey Esparza
Bethany MayfairMarianne Jean
Robert BordenUkweli Roach
Roman BriggsLuke Mitchell
Nas KamalArchie Panjabi
Rich DotcomEnis Esmer
Madeline BurkeMary Elizabeth
Ellen “Shepherd” BriggsMichelle Hurd

FAQs Related To Watchin Blindspot On Netflix

Where Can I Watch All Seasons of Blindspot On Netflix?

Blindspot is legally restricted for streaming in a limited number of countries where you can watch it easily without a VPN.

How Many Seasons Of Blindspot Are On Netflix?

All five seasons of Blindspot are available on Netflix but only in 7 countries which include Mexico, Brazil, etc. To watch it outside these countries on Netflix, you need a VPN such as NordVPN.

What’s the story of Blindspot?

Blindspot series opens up with a girl called Jane Doe, all tattooed up and completely naked being found in a travel bag. Apparently, she has no memory of who she is and where she comes from so that is where the FBI comes in and investigates her and her mysterious tattoos.


Blindspot is about a girl called Jane Doe, all tattooed up and completely naked being found in a travel bag. Apparently, she has no memory of who she is and where she comes from so that is where the FBI comes in and investigates her and her mysterious tattoos.

This series is on Netflix but you can stream it in a limited number of countries such as Mexico, Brazil, etc. But to enjoy it from any corner of the world you require NordVPN.

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