Watch Green Book on Netflix in 2023 from Anywhere

Are you eager to immerse yourself in the compelling narrative of “Green Book” (2018) on Netflix, but find yourself geographically limited? Fear not! 

In this article, we’ll unveil the steps to effortlessly stream “Green Book” from anywhere, allowing you to relish its poignant storytelling and remarkable performances without boundaries. Let’s embark on this cinematic journey together and unlock the world of “Green Book” no matter where you are.

Watch Green Book on Netflix in 2023 from Anywhere

Limited on time? Use this Quick Guide to Stream Green Book on Netflix:

  1. Get NordVPN subscription.
  2. Install NordVPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to the Japan/South Korea server.
  4. Open Netflix, search for “Green Book,” and enjoy the movie!

Green Book: Overview

  • Director: Peter Farrelly
  • Producers: Jim Burke, Charles B. Wessler, Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga
  • Screenplay: Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly
  • Cinematography: Sean Porter
  • Music by: Kris Bowers
  • Production Companies: Participant Media, DreamWorks Pictures, Innisfree Pictures
  • Release Date: November 16, 2018
  • Genre: Comedy-drama, Biography
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 130 minutes
  • Budget: $23 million
  • Box Office: $322.1 million

Green Book: Plot

"Green Book" is a heartwarming 2018 film directed by Peter Farrelly. Set in the 1960s, it follows the unlikely friendship between Tony Vallelonga (played by Viggo Mortensen), an Italian-American bouncer, and Dr. Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali), a talented African-American pianist. Tony becomes Dr. Shirley's chauffeur and protector during a concert tour through the racially segregated Southern United States. The film explores themes of racial tension, prejudice, and personal growth as the two men overcome their differences and form a deep bond while navigating the challenges of their journey.

Is Green Book available on Netflix?

Indeed, “Green Book” is available within Netflix’s extensive movie catalog. Nevertheless, apprehensions have arisen due to Netflix’s utilization of geo-blocking for specific content, a measure undertaken to adhere to copyright and licensing obligations. Consequently, if you attempt to view “Green Book” from a region where access is limited, a notification will appear on your screen, indicating the movie’s unavailability in your current area:

Watch Green Book (2018) on Netflix

For watching “Green Book” on Netflix, a reliable VPN service like NordVPN can be employed. Through NordVPN, you can establish a virtual connection to a country where access to this movie remains unrestricted on Netflix. This enables you to circumvent geo-blocking and relish the film through streaming, irrespective of your location. Below is a list of countries where “Green Book” can be streamed on Netflix:

  • Philippines
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • South Korea

Simple Steps to Watch Green Book on Netflix From Anywhere

Step 1: Subscribe to NordVPN and Install the App

Start by subscribing to NordVPN if you haven’t already. You can visit their official website and choose a suitable subscription plan. After signing up, download and install the NordVPN app on your device. It’s compatible with various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Step 2: Connect to a Japan or South Korea Server

Launch the NordVPN app and log in using your credentials. Once logged in, you’ll see a world map with pins representing different server locations. To access “Green Book” on Netflix from either Japan or South Korea, select a server in either of these countries. Click on the pin or name of the server to establish a connection.Japan Based Server

Step 3: Access Netflix and Watch “Green Book”

After successfully connecting to the Japan or South Korea server, open the Netflix website or the Netflix app on your device. Log in to your Netflix account, and you should now have access to the content available in that region. Search for “Green Book” (2018) in the Netflix search bar, and you should be able to start watching the movie.Watch Green Book (2018) on Netflix From Anywhere in the World

Why Do I Need A VPN To Watch Green Book On Netflix?

As previously mentioned, Netflix has implemented geographical restrictions on certain movies like “Green Book” as a response to licensing and copyright limitations. This has led to a situation where access to these movies is restricted in specific regions. In light of this challenge, many users have turned to NordVPN, recognizing it as an indispensable solution.

By utilizing NordVPN’s capabilities and connecting to authorized countries like Japan, users ingeniously trick Netflix’s system into perceiving their streaming location as within that particular country. Consequently, they unlock the gateway to geo-locked content such as “Green Book,” vastly enriching their selection of streaming options.

NordVPN’s proficiency in circumventing these geographical barriers bestows users with the power to embrace a more extensive repertoire of content on the Netflix platform. This, in turn, elevates their overall streaming journey. With the impediment of geo-restriction effectively surmounted, users are now free to delve into and savor a broader spectrum of movies and TV shows, significantly enhancing their entertainment alternatives on the platform.

Best VPN To Watch Green Book From Anywhere On Netflix

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By strategically optimizing its servers for streaming, NordVPN bypasses geo-restrictions and VPN blocks, granting users access to a vast library of content from different Netflix regions. This feature is a game-changer for movie enthusiasts who crave variety.

One of the most remarkable features of NordVPN is its lightning-fast connection speeds, which are vital for uninterrupted streaming. Whether you’re indulging in a binge-watching session or catching up on the latest series, NordVPN’s superior speed guarantees smooth playback without any lag. 

Furthermore, NordVPN’s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to connect to the most suitable server for streaming Netflix. Its dedicated apps for various devices ensure compatibility and ease of use across different platforms.

NordVPN’s commitment to online security and privacy is an added advantage. While providing unhindered access to global Netflix content, NordVPN employs top-notch encryption protocols to safeguard users’ data from potential threats. 

This means you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies with the assurance that your online presence remains anonymous and protected. In the realm of streaming Netflix, NordVPN reigns supreme, redefining how we access and enjoy our favorite entertainment content.


  • Excellent for streaming and bypassing geo-restrictions
  • High-speed performance for smooth browsing
  • Strong security measures and encryption protocols


  • Speed variability on certain servers
  • Relatively higher cost for short-term plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Book available on Netflix in my country?

Green Book is not available on Netflix in all countries. As of August 2023, it is available on Netflix in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico and Australia. You can check the availability of Green Book on Netflix in your country by visiting the Netflix website and searching for the movie.

How can I watch Green Book on Netflix if it is not available in my country?

You can use a VPN to watch Green Book on Netflix if it is not available in your country. A VPN will allow you to change your IP address to a country where Green Book is available on Netflix. This will trick Netflix into thinking that you are located in that country and allow you to watch the movie.

What are some good VPNs to use to watch Green Book on Netflix?

There are many good VPNs that you can use to watch Green Book on Netflix. Some popular options include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. These VPNs are all reliable and have a good track record of unblocking Netflix content.

Final Words

In conclusion, enjoying the cinematic masterpiece “Green Book” (2018) on Netflix from anywhere is now possible with the methods outlined above. By utilizing a reliable VPN service and following the steps provided, movie enthusiasts can transcend geographical restrictions and immerse themselves in this captivating story of friendship and understanding. Whether you’re traveling or residing in a region where the film isn’t available, these strategies empower you to unlock the magic of “Green Book” and appreciate its powerful message no matter where you are in the world. Happy watching!

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