How to Know If You’ve Been Hacked in 2023?

You rarely concern yourself with the prospect of being hacked. You’re a decent person after all, why would bad things happen to you? But have you ever wondered what happens if you ever get hacked? Especially when most users today don’t know whether they have been hacked or not? In this article, I will help you to know if you’ve been hacked and how to avoid that situation.

You ha've been hacked
You have been hacked

In this article, I will cover

  1. How to know if you have been hacked
  2. How many cyberattacks happened per day in recent times
  3. Cyber security attack statistics
  4. What precautions you can take to not be hacked
  5. FAQs
  6. Wrap up

How to Know If You’ve Been Hacked

There are so many instances when you get hacked but either you ignore that or you don’t know that you have been hacked. so, you don’t have to be worried Because I will cover when you should be aware that your account has been hacked.

1. Unwanted& unexpected Software is installed without your Knowledge

When you see some unexpected & unwanted software installed randomly then you should be worried that your device has been hacked & you should take precautionary measures to avoid this can happen when sharing your details or going to unsecured links.

Unwanted& unexpected Software are installed without your Knowledge
Unwanted& unexpected Software are installed without your Knowledge

2. Fake protection alerts

This is one of the common threats you may come across, When you see Fake protection alerts from your antivirus software it means you have done and you have to do something to nullify the situation. It generally happens when hackers hack your outdated tools which are not upgraded that is why it is recommended you should update.

Fake protection alerts
Fake protection alerts

3. Redirect to unwanted websites

In your busy schedule when you are working on your device on a routine basis and immediately you redirect to some other random websites which are not even close to what you searched in your search engine. In that situation, you have to be cautious that why is happening because maybe your device access has been shared.

This is the most common thing which you are not aware of it, so in the future, if it happens to you you have to be smart and cautious to deal with it.

4 Social Media messages that you have not to send

It is a very easy scam that you can notice, I don’t think I have to explain it further in detail because this generation is smart enough to know these scams, In that situation, you have been hacked because every credential is with you, your cellphone is with you and when you see someone from your behalf sends the message then you have to take a smart action by changing your Gmail id or password.

Social Media message that you have not send
Social Media message that you have not sent

5 Randomly Moving Mouse cursor

My friends when you feel that your mouse cursor is randomly moving for a long period of time then you can consider yourself that your device has been hacked. Although there are two scenarios it can also be a technical issue when your mouse cursor indefinitely moving in no direction.

6 Passwords changed without your knowledge

When you set a password of some of your credentials just before a day and when you log in to that account and it shows you have entered a wrong password that means someone is using your credentials for their greedy purpose to avoid this situation you should verify your number and Gmail id, so that whenever uses you will get a notification from this.

Passwords changed without your knowledge
Passwords changed without your knowledge

How many cyberattacks happened per day in recent times?

Due to the usage of the Internet, hackers always have the opportunity to catch you and you always to be smart enough to deal with that otherwise you may be in the News Headlines!

cyber attacks happened per day
cyber-attacks happened per day

How many cyber attacks happened per day

Let’s get into statistics about cyberattacks that happened per day.

  • Almost 31000 websites are hacked daily.
  • Every 40 seconds hackers hack the account across the world.
  • In the UK almost 85% of the company suffered data breaches.
  • According to statistics 20M breach records were recorded on March 20.

Cyber security attack statistics

As I already covered due to the usage of the Internet Cybercrimes are increased rapidly and that costs huge losses to the company & the people who are unluckily caught by hackers.

1. Emails cause 91% of all Cyberattacks

Email is one of the most common tools which was used by hackers, when a target opens the attached link usually hackers attached the malware also & when a target opens the links then it can steal your information & sometimes company information also.

(Source: Delloite)

2. 30000 websites hacked daily

Yes, you read it right! Almost 30000 websites are hacked daily and why it happens is because of No SSL certificate or they buy a hosting or domain from a generic platform. so recommend you to choose WordPress and their security plugins will do a good job for you.

(Source: Web Arx Security)

3. Every 40 seconds hackers hack the account across the world

According to that, 2140 cyber-attacks happened per day & which is a huge number and most people don’t even earn 2000 bucks per day so you can imagine how big is that the data.

4. 3,00,000 malware websites are created daily

( Source: Web Arx Security)

Again scary statistics that need to be cautious about, basically these are created to trap you and take your important information like personal details, financial details, etc. These are huge numbers because almost 300,000 websites are created daily and you can imagine if you are not smart then you will be in big trouble!

5. In 2021, 21% of the small company faced Cybercrimes

It is a very easy target for hackers because generally small companies don’t spend on their security because they are struggling to get profits and their busy generating profits and they don’t realize there is almost thing they have to consider & that is security.

What precautions you can take to not be hacked?

1. Don’t save payment details

There are so many websites we use for payments and whenever we make payments through our credit cards or debit cards then they ask for the saved auto-fill option or deny option.

But if you select the saved option that means whenever you make the next payment you don’t have to fill in the card details again, you just have to give the CVV or OTP, it becomes easy as it saves time but it will affect your privacy if the payment is not made in the secured website and no surprise that says You have been hacked.

Don’t save payment details
Don’t save payment details

2. Change Your passwords Frequently

Password is like the locker key of a treasure, so you must take all the possible efforts to protect your privacy from being leaked, use two-factor authentication, it not only helps in managing but also helps in securing passwords in both ways like if you fill up your username.

Then the next step will be that verify your account by entering the OTP received via message another thing you can don’t use the same passwords in all your accounts and keep changing them and always use strong passwords unlike 1234.

Must be a strong password
Must be a strong password

3. Use VPN

Public networks are very risky to use especially when you are sharing your financial data or some important data. because most of the hackers hack personal data through public networks.

So I recommend when you use the system in cafes or in the library always use the VPN because VPN gives you a separate Ip address and location where hackers can not leak your data.

Download & Install ExpressVPN

4. Change Your search engine

Google Chrome has so many features in its bucket and It is very user-friendly but chrome tends to grab your privacy use it as a google ad or will receive some marketing copyrights in your mail ids.

I suggest you should go for a safari or Mozilla firefox because safari is owned by apple and it’s very professional in securing users’ privacy Mozilla’s tagline is the Internet for people, not profit which means they don’t use your data for their business.

Change your Search engine
Change your Search engine


What is Cyber Crime?

Cybercrime is a crime that is situated on the internet by hackers on the users, It becomes so common these days because of the usage of the Internet.

Why do people hack our accounts?

People hack our accounts because they wanted to take some benefit out of it & then use it for their purpose either they hack your data or company data or financial data which can lead to loss.

What to do when you get hacked?

In that situation you have to be smart enough, I recommend you to change your password immediately and link your account to your Gmail id and also try to change that password too.

Is VPN can avoid hacking?

Yes, VPN can absolutely avoid hacking as it hides your IP address, Location, Identity, etc, if those things are different then it is very difficult for hackers to hack because there is no single causality by Users if they use a Good VPN.

Wrap up!

Did you know the time you took to read this article almost 1000 people are hacked by the time across the world and that is how it is common these days, To avoid this situation you have to be a little cautious and smart. I recommend you to use VPN, ExpressVPN will do wonders as it not only hides the location but also hides your Ip address too.

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