Best Sports Torrent sites of 2021 [Tested and Working]

Are you a sports enthusiast? Missed any live sports? Looking for the best torrent site to enjoy your favorite sport? Don’t worry today there are dedicated torrent sites for everything or anything you are looking to download. While we mention some of the best sports torrent sites which can offer a free archive of classic games among your favorite sport.

Best Sports Torrent Sites 2021

While the sports torrent sites are specific to a single sport like tennis, Wrestling, racing, etc. We got you covered with your best sports torrent site here. You can never miss your favorite sports Live Now & 🤩enjoy them in High quality eating 🍿popcorn on your couch.

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor VPNHelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

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What is a Torrent Site?

A Torrent site looks more similar to a normal site offering various contents like Software, Videos, Games, etc. While these sites allow you to download data or pieces of information from various sources (on combining them to get your data).

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Best Sports Torrent Sites

1. Sport Video


Sports Video torrent shines at the content it offers, being a public sports torrent site you are allowed to access a huge variety of sports games like football, soccer, wrestling, hockey, racing, tennis, etc.

This sports torrent site offers a high-quality torrent file if you are a person who enjoys the game rather than watching the latest matches. While this torrent site grants you access to archives of classic historic games that are hard to find anywhere else.

Each torrent file in Sports Video has a screenshot as a thumbnail so you can identify them easily. Sports Video desktop experience is very good when we have tested this site, so you can have a try.

2. RacingForMe

RacingForMe is a private sports torrent site that is only registered users will have the access to enter. You would need some torrenting experience to get effective results, while there will be a bar showing the seeds (health) of the torrent file.

All the torrent files in this sports torrent site are of high quality to please your eyes. With tons of sports, torrents will be like a fresh breeze. The community plays the role in keeping all the torrent files healthy.

The title of the torrent site suggests that this site is for racing sport like Formula 1, Moto GP, Moto, drag race, dirt racing, etc.

3. MMA Tracker

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts which is a popular sport. Everyone will be waiting for this Marsal Arts but this is a private sports torrent site, so you need to have an account to access this.

But, this sport has no taboo you can enjoy it like other sport, it is quite common that everyone will look at china when someone speaks about Martial Arts. While this MMA Tracker has a plain design that one would love.

MMA Tracker site maintains some serious fan-based community to offer classic torrent files seeded healthy.

4. XtremeWrestlingTorrents

Very few sports will give real entertainment, Wrestling is one of such kind. You can’t even breathe for a while during intense matches. XtremeWrestlingTorrents is another private sports torrent site on our list.

This sports torrent site offers the newly occurred matches between wrestlers and indexes more than a torrent site, which makes this stand out from the crowd. While the torrent site offers a wide range of classic royal wrestling matches.

XtremeWrestlingTorrents offers a chat feature to put your request for the match you would like to watch, all the torrent files are seeded well to download quickly and this site is mobile friendly.


T3nnis is one of the best sports torrent sites offering massive royalty-free matches again. Includes classics, interviews, and documentaries along with the top/best old torrent matches.

Fortunately, T3nnis is also a private sports torrent site that contains your favorite torrents. Design-wise, this torrent site maintains some decent push in fulfilling the user’s needs.

There is an active tennis user community to clear your doubts about files, matches, etc. While this torrent site is mobile friendly.

6. TC-Boxing

if you are struggling in search of rare boxing content. TC Boxing is there to offer the rarest boxing content. Being a private sports torrent site, you need to get access first to enjoy the content.

TC Boxing has one of the most active communities for boxing to share files with fans. If you are a boxing lover then this sports torrent site will suit well for you. When it comes to design TC boxing nails the user experience with its immersive design.

TC Boxing has a community with more than 4k+ registered users who keep the torrent alive for its users to fascinate them with matches, future fights, and many more.

7. CyclingTorrents

Cycling is also the best athlete sport. CyclingTorrents sports torrent site offers all forms of cycling from classic races to bikes. The interesting point for the users who love cycling is that this torrent site has an active community with 74k+ members.

CyclingTorrents is a private sports torrent site there is no excuse for that. With its old fascinating design, you might even wonder that this site even exists. All the cycling torrents are of high quality from classic, cross races, track races, etc.

While all the users claiming that this sports torrent site has great download speeds with a wide variety of cycling collections. But, the downside is that you need someone to let you in as there is no open registration process for this.

8. Racing4Everyone

This is one of the best two racing torrent sites. if you can manage an invitation from Racing4Everyone, then you will have access to thousands of excellent racing torrents. Like the other sports torrent sites, this is also a private torrent site.

Racing4Everyone will be fantastic design-wise with its dynamic graphical design.  While all other sports torrent sites keep their UI in old-school style this one pleases your eyes.

Nevertheless, all the torrents available here are of high quality so that you can enjoy a decent visual experience in BTCC, Formula 1, Formula 2, Moto GP, etc.

9. Aussierul

Have you ever watched an Australian football match, if you would love it more than traditional normal matches? Aussierul is a football sports torrent site exciting matches in torrents combining American Football with traditional football & rugby.

Aussierul is also a private torrent site that requires a user account to access the content, this torrent site rules football offering a wide range of classic content in high quality. They have an active community of 14k+ members.

Along with classic matches, this torrent site also offers documentaries, interviews, state, and international matches.

How to get Access to Private Torrent Sites

Due to restrictions in your country, these torrents sites might be blocked. So, you need to get a VPN on your device first and then open the torrent site.

Some of these private torrent sites have a registration/enrollment period once a month (follow their communities online to know the dates). You have to register at that time to be a user of that site. But, the only way to know whether the enrollment started or not is to be regular to the private torrent site.

Sometimes, if you want to be part of the private torrent site, you should know someone already a user. So, that you can get an invite unless he believes that you are a good seeder

Maintaining Torrent Site Account 

It is commonly known that with great power comes great 🤠responsibilities, here is the same. The difficult part of being a user of a private torrent site, you are expected to maintain a certain level of performance.

While the torrents trackers are ratio based you need to maintain the ratio healthy by seeding the torrent files. So you should seed better than you download else your 🤧account will get deactivated.


As most of the sports torrent sites are completely private you need to be a user to gain the access to watch your favorite sport. We have mentioned how to get a user account for a private torrent site and the things you need to do to maintain your account active.

As every sports torrent site offers different content, it’s up to your liking🤗 which one you will watch. But make sure that you are using a VPN to keep your online activities safe.

Sports Torrent Site FAQs

Using a VPN is Legal?

The answer to this question lies in the country where you reside. Because in some countries it is legal to use VPN. In some countries like Iran or Iraq, it is considered illegal. If you want to check is it legal in your country here is the list.

Can I Download Sports Torrents?

Yes of course you can, All the above-mentioned sports torrent sites offer only verified torrents and have a dedicated comment section to know about the torrent file before downloading. As these torrent sites won’t work in your region it is recommended to use a VPN for safety.

Are these Sports Torrents available in High quality?

Most of these sports torrent sites offer high-quality torrents only, so don’t worry about that.

Downloading Sports Torrents is legal?

It is completely legal unless you download any copyright track, but if you still insist on downloading that then you need to use a VPN to mask your IP. So, that your online activities will not be recorded.

Using Horatio-based, is Legal in my Country?

In some countries torrenting is legal. But downloading the content protected by copyright issues will be treated as illegal. But you can connect to a country where torrenting is legal using a VPN and then download or visit the site.

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