How to Install Gogoanime Addon on Kodi [Working in 2024]

Great News! for anime lovers who wish to stream any anime free for their lifetime. Getting Excited, yes you heard it right? VPHelpers is back once again with one more Kodi Addon “Gogoanime“. In today’s guide, we’ll be sharing how to install Kodi Addon Gogoanime on your device and stream anime step-by-step.

Kodi Gogoanime Addon Installation

Everyone loves anime as they depict real emotions with jaw-dropping storylines that take you to another dimension while you keep enjoying the anime. But, not everyone will get a chance to watch every anime title. If you ever felt the same, don’t worry. Gogoanime will get you every anime for free.

⏳Short in time? Here is a quick guide on how to install Gogoanime:

  1. Firstly Install Kodi on your device If you haven’t yet (Installation Guide)
  2. Get a VPN (We suggest NordVPN #🥇1 Kodi VPN for safe streaming)
  3. Add Gogoanime Media Source to your Kodi and Install Zip from Addons.
  4. Now you are good to go, search for anime titles and start streaming…
Pro Tip: Make sure that you are connected to VPN before you start streaming anime on Gogoanime Kodi Addon to avoid legal or copyright issues

What is Gogoanime Addon?

Gogoanime is a super exciting Kodi Addon that allows you to watch anime in the Native Japanese language with English subs. If you are a Japanese anime lover then this Gogoanime is purely for you.

This new Gogoanime Addon offers high-quality content from different servers. So you will have more probability of accessing the content without the content being offline. While there is a huge variety of anime movies, TV Shows, and many more. As the name pronounces it purely offers anime.

This Addon is completely developed by keeping children in mind. So, you enjoy the ease of using this interface with simple navigations. While the sections in the addon include recently viewed, recently released, popular, view by genres, search, etc.

Steps To Install Gogoanime Kodi Addon in 2024

  1. Open Kodi Application installed on your device (check out the installation guide)
  2. Now Click on the Settings Gear⚙️ icon on the left menu.
Kodi Dramacool Addon Installation Steps

2. Now Select File Manager Folder showing on menu.

Kodi Dramacool Addon Installation Steps

3. Now Click on Add Source option in File Manager

Kodi Dramacool Addon Installation Steps

4. Either enter this URL path “” in the prompt and click ok.

5. Now give any name to the Media source you added like Gogoanime or anything, here i am naming it against the source repository “Cywteow“.

6. Navigate to the Home screen by pressing the “Esc” key and clicking on the Add-ons section.

7. Now click on the Addon Package Installer icon showing in the top left corner.

8. Now Choose install from the zip option from the available list of options.

9. Now choose the Media source you just added earlier in the prompt which is Cwteow and click on ok.

10. Now choose the zip file “” from the list shown in the prompt and click on ok.

11. Wait for a while to see a pop-up on the right side of the screen saying cywteow Addon updated.

12. Now click on the Install from Repository option on the screen.

13. Now it will display all the repositories you have in your machine choose cywteow Add-on Repository from the list.

14. You might know that add-ons will be categorized as Video, Game, Music, etc. Here in cywteow Repository, we have only a video addon, so click on that.

15. Now choose Gogoanime Addon from the list and click on it.

16. Click on Install

17. A prompt will display asking you to install some additional things along with Gogoanime Addon. Click ok to proceed.

18. Wait till the installation is completed. All Set🥳, Gogoanime Addon will show on the home screen.

How to stream anime on Gogoanime

Navigate to the Addons tab on the home page and click on Gogoanime Addon. Now you will land on this screen shown below.

You will recent titles and anime filter options or click on the search option to find your favorite title.


Search the title and hit ok. here you will let the list of popular anime in Japanese, with each one having a poster on its title and description about it which is a handy feature to help people. Also, there is an English subtitle available as well.

Why Do You Need VPN While Using Gogoanime Kodi Addon?

It’s better you know what the importance of a VPN is while you stream on Kodi using Gogoanime, some of the anime titles available on this anime are subjected to copyright content. Streaming them without proper measures like hiding your personal identity might put you at 🦠risk.

While VPNs are meant to make you anonymous (changing your IP) and encrypt your internet traffic so no one can trace your online activities. Also, Gogoanime is a third-party Addon they might have trackers just to avoid all these things, it’s better you stay private with a VPN. It’s better you know the benefits of using a VPN, rather than recommend it.

Here’s the VPN role when you use Kodi Gogoanime Addon

1. Hides Your Gogoanime Streaming Activity

While Kodi is an open-source media streaming player that supports Addons but does not stream copyrighted content. On combining Kodi with VPN, you will have no limits on what anime title you stream on the platform. There will be no trace or footprints of your activities.

2. Unblocks International Anime Titles

Internet content will have barriers, not every title you watch might not be available in other regions and vice versa. But VPN can actually break this barrier and bypass geoblocks to get the content you wish to watch anywhere on any device.

3. Resolves ISP Throttling

Your ISP can throttle (reduce bandwidth) based on your activity, but with a VPN all your activities will be hidden. So, your ISP will think that you are just browsing the web and never limit your bandwidth.

🙌Wrap Up!

Gogoanime Addon is must have Kodi Addon for Japanese anime lovers and English anime. This Addon boasts a massive anime collection in HD quality that isn’t even available on anime torrent sites. I hope you found your favorite anime title and started streaming it.

Keep in mind streaming copyrighted anime content might put you at risk, make sure that is connected to VPN before using Kodi. Also, reach out to us if you face any issues or have any doubts regarding the Gogoanime Kodi Addon installation.

FAQs Related To Gogoanime Kodi Addon

Is Gogoanime Addon Working?

Yes, Gogoanime Kodi Addon is working and we’ve already shown how to use it after installation. But if the Addon doesn’t work in your region ie. you need a VPN connection to either their native country japan or somewhere else where this addon is accessible.

Couldn’t Install GogoAnime Kodi Addon?

We have mentioned everything in detail in a step-by-step manner, please follow the steps. If you are still facing any issues in the installation then check your Kodi software version and the link from where you are downloading the repository.

Is it Safe to use Gogoanime?

Gogoanime Kodi Addon is completely safe from any potential threats and viruses, avoid unwanted links or other unreliable sources to download Gogoanime, we’ve mentioned the official link above keep yourself safe.

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