Is Dailymotion safe & legal to watch videos in 2023? Here’s the answer

Dailymotion is one of the best free streaming services and is widely used by everyone, but not everyone is sure whether Dailymotion is safe to watch videos.? Is it really Legal to use? If the same question running through your mind. You are at the right place to get the answers. Today’s guide will answer the question you are up with and landed here. Let’s get started…

Is Dailymotion Safe

Streaming services replaced Cable TVs with seamless uninterrupted streaming of movies, TV Shows, etc. Coming to video content Dailymotion stands top free streaming service offering mature original content and all its unique distinctive features made others worry about their safety.

Disclaimer: At VPNHelpers we do not encourage anyone commiting piracy, this guide is shared only for edicational purpose. Streaming copyright conent might put you in trouble without knowing your countries policy

What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is another largest video sharing platform like YouTube, started in the year 2005 by Vivendi everything on the platform is free which excites everyone, and their content is categorized into Movies, News, Music, Sports, etc. All top content creators and premium media houses like HBO, Blazeway, and YouTube creators host their videos on Dailymotion engaging audiences so the site has more than 270M+ monthly visitors.

Dailymotion is available across the globe and allows users to upload videos on their platform, it has 200M+ video libraries as per estimations as of today which makes it a big giant in the media market. Dailymotion is constantly gaining popularity ever since its origin.

Despite all the free content it offers, there are some cons for the uploader on this platform.

Policies Starters (Free Version)Advanced
Video Size2 GB per file64 GB
File Duration60 minutes per fileunlimited
Upload volume10 videos per day96 videos per day
Upload Policies

Is Dailymotion Safe?

No wonder, when you have free-to-watch content a question remains in everyone’s mind “Is Dailymotion safe to browse or to watch online videos?”. It’s quite obvious that you think about your safety before you visit any site on the web as more & more cyber attacks are on the rise.

Dailymotion is completely safe to visit to browse or stream videos and it follows very strict rules verifying every uploader account along with their videos before they are hosted on the platform. But you can’t avoid the malicious ads on the site which doubt the safety.

No site ever is safe on the web and no one can give assurance too. As Dailymotion is open to everyone, you should always protect your personal information in the first place which can be achievable with a VPN.

🎯Tip: Don’t provide your personal information while signing up.

Mature Content (Children Safety)

Mature Content is inevitable on video streaming platforms in the meantime It’s really important to protect your children from inappropriate content. Dailymotion does its best by offering “Age Gate” and enabling it by default. So, when children stream the site it will only show the content for their age.

Steps to activate Age Gate setting on your Dailymotion account:

  1. Open the Dailymotion website in your web browser.
  2. Log in to your Dailymotion account, then scroll down on the Dailymotion homepage.
  3. You’ll then see the family filter feature at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click to activate the family filter.

Content creators can also add an age limit to the content they upload. However, videos with age restrictions are not eligible for monetization.

  1. Visit Dailymotion and go to the affiliate headquarters.
  2. Navigate to Media > Videos.
  3. In the Videos section, you can click on the video for which you want to add an age limit.
  4. On the Basic tab, select the Age-restricted content check box.
  5. Then click Save to apply the changes.

Viruses & Malware

Heavy traffic sites are the hideouts for hackers and Dailymotion being one of the top active site with 300M monthly traffic, it’s more prone to attacks or hackers induce viruses into your device right after you click any pop-up links or ads displayed on your screen.

All ad popups on the site might redirect you to some malicious sites or can affect your devices with malware. It’s not new, many Dailymotion users were infected by malware in 2012. So, avoid clicking any popups.

If you use any ad-blocker Dailymotion detects it and doesn’t allow you to browse the site but ensuring your privacy with a VPN you can safely browse & watch the videos on Dailymotion.

Is Dailymotion legal?

Dailymotion is entirely legal in many countries unless it’s blocked or restricted in your region. Though most of the videos are entirely free, some of them might be copyrighted content that is uploaded without the content owner permission. On watching such content you might pursue legal action against users who encourage these activities.

As you might not be aware whether it’s legal or copyright content? Some people blindly upload the video without reading the uploading terms & conditions. In order to avoid these legal consequences hide your IP Address with a VPN.

Dailymotion is a global video streaming platform, still, it has geoblocks which means the content you watch will be visible to your region itself. But with the help of a VPN, you can protect your identity and be able to watch international content from anywhere.

Steps to upload videos on Dailymotion? 

You can upload videos on Dailymotion by becoming a partner on this platform. Here is the process to upload videos on Dailymotion.

  1. Go to your partner’s space and open the media area.
  2. Select the Upload button in the upper left corner.
  3. Then Select the Video File button in the lower right corner.
  4. Choose up to 10 video files to upload from your computer.
  5. Your video will be uploaded. During the upload, you must fill in the required information (title, language, and category).
  6. Select the Publish/Save button.

Once the video is published, it will be readily available for everyone (in your region). If you add an inappropriate tag or it detects it as adult content. Then it is not shown for your Age gate audience.

Top Alternatives for Dailymotion in 2023

If you haven’t made up your mind to use Dailymotion, here are the best Dailymotion alternatives that you shouldn’t miss to get the content for free.

1. YouTube (

YouTube▶️ is the world’s top (#1 Alexa Rak) dedicated video streaming platform for creating & sharing videos for free, this comes pre-installed on every device. Though there will be some ads before your video starts, offers a wide range of content like videos, movies, songs, dramas, documentaries, and more for free. 

YouTube has everything for all ages, is powered by Google search to show up relevant content, and does have parental control. Also, it is a source of income for many video creators as they can run sponsored ads, memberships, super chats, etc


JustWatch is another best site that lists where your favorite content is available & you can get notified when it’s available for free. It’s a one-stop shop for every Movie or Tv Show, and it doesn’t require any account to stream its content online. Also, it offers an app for every device to ensure that you just find the content you want to watch quickly.

JustWatch has a better-personalized experience filtering the content on the streaming services you choose.

3. Viemo (

4. MetaCafe (

5. Twitch (


We are concluding that Dailymotion is safe and legal to watch online videos as long as you comply with its policies. But it’s recommended to use a VPN that can block the ads displayed on the site. So, you can stay safe all the time and earn some money by uploading videos on the site. Also, there is an “Age Gate” feature to filter out inappropriate content for children.


Is Dailymotion safe to watch videos?

Yes, Dailymotion is completely safe (virus & malware) and free to watch online videos but there will be some malicious ads on the screen that will redirect you into some malicious or insecure domains. So, we strongly recommend using an ad-blocker and VPN to completely safeguard your identity to avoid losing your personal information.

Is Dailymotion illegal in any country?

Dailymotion is treated as illegal in highly restricted areas like Russia and even in other regions like the UK as Dailymotion offers videos for free that might contain some copyright content. But to access the content legally with a VPN without getting noticed by anyone.

Is Dailymotion Free?

Dailymotion is a free video streaming service platform and you don’t require any subscription to watch videos on the platform. But you can sign up for a personalized playlist (news, albums, etc).

Is Dailymotion better than other free streaming services?

Definitely, Dailymotion is a free video-sharing platform but not as popular as YouTube as it’s been a default app used by millions. While YouTube asks you to rent some content in order to watch them, Dailymotion offers everything for free.

What are Dailymotion Alternatives?

There are many other Dailymotion alternatives available on the web, but here are the best ones among them i) YouTube ii) Viemo iii)MetaCafe, etc.

What is the difference between YouTube and Dailymotion?

While both streaming platforms are a lot alike in providing free video content, there are some features that YouTube possesses like a download option, 3D capability, sharing revenue, etc. Also, YouTube has a larger video base and visitors compared to Dailymotion.

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