13+ Best Documentary Torrent Sites in 2023

Are you a cinephile who loves documentaries over fictional movies? It’s very tough to find the best documentaries for free these days. if you are here looking for the best documentary torrent sites in 2023, you are at the right place.

Unlike movies, documentaries tell you the real story i.e best source of entertainment. They reach a wider audience with a strong message to their viewers. While streaming platforms are not adopting documentaries, don’t worry when documentary torrent sites are here for you.

Disclaimer: At VPNHelpers we do not encourage anyone commiting piracy, this guide is shared for edicational purpose. Torrenting might put you in trouble without knowing your countries policy

How to Safely Visit Comic Book Torrent Sites:

  1. Use a Reliable VPN: NordVPN or ExpressVPN are recommended.
  2. Install VPN App: Download and set up VPN software.
  3. Visit Recommended Sites: Access top comic book torrents.
  4. Stay Secure: Protect your identity with the VPN.
  5. Enjoy Comic Books: Safely read or download your favorites.

📝Top Documentary Torrent Site List

  1. The Pirate Bay– One Stop Shop For Documentaries
  2. 1337x– Best Documentary Torrent Site
  3. Torrent Galaxy– Huge Database Of Documentaries
  4. TorLock – Every Documentary Available
  5. TorrentDay– Latest Indie Documentary
  6. KickAss Torrents – Decent Documentary Collection
  7. Lime Torrents – Newly Added Documentaries
  8. Zooqle – Tons of Documentaries
  9. Elite-Tracker– Dedicated Documentary Torrent Site
  10. Hd4Fans– HD Documentaries

Best Documentary Torrent Sites– Tested & Working in 2023

1. The Pirate Bay (www.thepiratebay.org)

The Pirates Bay

The Pirate Bay is 🏆top documentary torrent site with a huge library of documentary torrents. As the site started in 2003 and is widely popular with more than 20M+ monthly visitors. Also, the site is safe since all documentary torrents are verified and well-seeded.

The Pirate Bay is the best torrent search engine that has torrents in every category. Though the site design looks simple & clean, there will be some redirections & ads that might track your personal information. So, it’s recommended to use NordVPN to protect yourself from all these.

2. 1337x (www.1377x.to)

1337x-Documentary-Torrent-Site (1)

1337x is another 🔥popular documentary torrent site that you must visit, you can see that it has a dedication section for “Documentaries” on the home page. 1337x maintains a list of the Top 100 & Trending torrents in every category and updates them every week. It’s their secret to having 25M+ monthly visitors for new torrents.

While it’s the interface is very pleasing and intuitive, the home page lists all the categories and provide a central search for everything. 1337x has the most active torrent community after Pirate Bay in providing verified torrents.

3. TorrentGalaxy (www.torrentgalaxy.to)

Torrent-Galaxy-Documentary-Torrent-Site (1)

Torrent Galaxy hosts 🔥best documentaries and you’ll find top IMDB-rated torrents in various categories. The site is known for its amazing trackers that attract 4M+ monthly visitors, you can find quality torrents on this site.

While the site home page specified torrent categories, every torrent listed on the site has an active leech/seed ratio. Even you can preview torrents and download the torrents quickly. Though you don’t require an account to download torrents on this site, there are some annoying ads so ensure that you are connected to NordVPN.

4. TORLOCK (www.torlock2.com)

TorLock-Documentary-Torrent-Site (1)

TorLock is another 🔥best documentary torrent site with millions of documentaries and maintain them in a dedicated category. You’ll find all recent & popular documentaries which are well-seeded and verified.

TorLock torrent site has a minimal design showing a torrent list against their basic info along with the uploaded date. But there are no popups or annoying ads on the page which is why the site has 2M+ monthly visitors.

5. TorrentDay (www.torrentday.com)

TorrentDay is an 👌exceptional private torrent site for documentaries that only site members can access the content. We’ve found it has a massive library of indie documentary torrents that grabs 4M+ monthly traffic.

It has a premium design and provide subtitles for every documentary (high quality). Their active community made it possible by uploading recent & popular trackers every day. As the site is completely private you need an invitation or can gain access by donating $15/month.

6. Kickass Torrents (www.kickasstorrents.to)

KickAss-Torrents-Best-Documentary-Torrent-Site (1)

Kickass Torrents is one of the finest & oldest documentary torrent sites with a vast torrent collection in every category. The site has been there since 2008, widely known as KAT, and got a polished design indicating verified torrents and comments about the torrents.

Kickass Torrents has a minimum of 30M+ monthly traffic for the quality torrents it offers, you an find recently added & top documentary torrents on the site. But the only downside is, there are many ad popups and the site is blocked in many regions which is why you need a VPN to bypass geoblocks.

7. Lime Torrents (www.limetorrents.to)

LimeTorrents-Documentary-Torrent-Site (1)

Lime Torrents is ⚡fastest growing torrent site indexing fresh torrents in every category including documentaries. Though this is not a dedicated documentary torrent site, ships with a wide variety of documentaries.

One of the best torrent sites that host old & classic documentaries, though most of them are well seeded & verified. While the site has 🍋lime refreshing design mentioning comments on every torrent indicating any issues with torrents.

The only downside with this is, that there are pop-ups that irritates your browsing on the site.

8. Zooqle (www.zooqle.com)


Zooqle is another popular documentary torrent site with more than 3M+ torrents and the site offers unique documentary torrents that you can’t find anywhere. While the torrent site is a search engine having a similar design to IMDB in describing torrents.

You can find torrents in every category with full health i.e (well seeded) and torrents are of high quality. It has a dedicated section for documentaries provided with subtitles. Their active community refreshes the list with recent & popular torrents every week.

9. TorrentDownloads (www.torrentdownloads.pro)

TorrentDownloads-Documentary-Torrent-Sites (1)

Torrent Downloads is a hotspot for the oldest torrents in every category i.e documentary torrents, it’s huge torrent collection is known by its name. While you can find some decent torrent collections of well-seeded old documentaries.

TorrentDownlaoad has an eye-catching design & hosts verified torrents indicating the size, seeds, and health, etc. Also, the site lists “Today’s & Yesterday’s” torrents are the reason for its monthly traffic.

It’s not completely safe to visit the site without a VPN as the site may contain trackers after your personal information.

10. Elite-Tracker (www.elite-tracker.net)

Elite-Tracker is the best private documentary torrent site i.e only in-house users can access the site. Most of the torrents collection is indie and available in HD quality, while the site has a dedicated section for documentaries.

Elite Tracker offers premium documentary torrents, though the site has a very basic design there are many filtering options. But the downside is you need an invite or need to donate to get access to the site.

11. 01Torrent (www.01torrent.net)

01Torrents-Documentary (1)

01Torrents is relatively new, If you are looking for a new torrent site for downloading documentaries and everything Inc software, games, movies, etc. While the site has an interactive design with a direct download option on the torrent itself.

All the categories are left to the search, though it doesn’t have a dedicated section for documentaries. You can find the newly released documentation with one single search, While every torrent site is verified and uploaded so. they are all virus-free.

01Torrents is mobile-friendly and there are only a few ads in between (not a big deal), most of the documentaries are available in high quality.

12. HD4Fans (www.hd4fans.org)

HD4Fans is another best dedicated private torrent site for TV Shows and documentaries. You can either stream or download the documentary torrents here, but you will need an account to do so. Registration is free (sign-up form) but it will be open occasionally.

HD4Fans is a Chinese tracker that hosts tons of free indie content, started before 2012, and runs with a decent amount of web traffic. While the site offers some quality HD movies, TV shows, and documentaries with some active community members.

The site design is very minimal, but they are very strict with rules. Also, it has forums and an RSS feed to get the content uploaded ASAP when you requested it. Every documentary torrent comes with subtitles and there is a “TOP 10” page to find the best trackers every day.

13. HDBits (www.hdbits.org)

HDBit is another best private torrent site purely dedicated to entertainment including movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, etc in different languages. It has a huge indie library that covers every genre like action, adventure, drama, horror, fantasy, thriller, etc.

While the site has very limited users and is private (not known to everyone), this keeps the trackers healthy to download the torrents faster. Every tracker you found here will be of least in 1080P (no compromise), HDBits interface is very basic with advanced filtering options & features.

Only registered users can access the content. There will be a Top 10 page and subtitles are available for every tracker on the site. Also, you can raise a request for any documentary so it will get uploaded.

14. Riper (www.riperam.org)


Riper is another best Russian torrent sites with a dedicated page for documentaries, you should definitely visit the site if you are more fond of Russian Documentaries. There will be active chats, and discussions on a torrent category with an active community i.e you will be kept posted on new trackers’ information.

While the interface is a bit old, surprisingly there are no ads at all. You don’t need an account to download torrents and every tracker is available in 1080P with subtitles. Its home page is listed with today’s torrents and there is a social network feature available.

Riper also offers torrents in various categories, you can check them on the left menu section. Additionally, there are ample community features available on the site, and you’ll find them very useful.

15. Monova (www.monova.org)

Monova is another best torrent search engine for everything, it has a clean interface minimalistic interface without any pop-ups. Monova indexes indie torrents from various popular torrent sites so you’ll be definitely able to find what you are looking for.

Information about the torrent like size, peers, and health is displayed corresponding to the torrent. Though there is no information about the uploader, still, all of their claim to be verified. Monova allows magnet downloads i.e you don’t require an account to download torrents.

🙌Wrap Up!

With that said, the above torrent sites will get you the best documentary torrents in different genres. Torrent sites might 🚫blocked in your region which is why you will need a VPN (We’ll recommend NordVPN) help to access them. So, no one can track your online activities while you are torrenting.

Check out the top documentary torrents first to get the documentary you are looking for or try using torrent search engines that make your search easy.

What are the best documentary torrent sites?

We’ve compiled the best documentary torrent site list, but The Pirate Bay & TorrentDay are my favorite torrent sites as they possess huge documentary torrent collections. One can get everything on these sites, you can choose other sites over these as per your preference.

Is it safe to download torrent files?

No, it’s not safe to download torrents from the site until your identity is protected with a VPN while you torrent. As most torrent sites have trackers that might put you in trouble in terms of legal issues or losing your personal information. So always use a VPN for safe torrenting.

Will I get caught for torrenting?

No, if you hide the fact that you are torrenting with a VPN no one knows that you are actually torrenting. So, you won’t get caught by the government or by your ISP.

What is the need for a VPN for torrenting?

Your ISP & Government always keeps an eye on you for suspicious activities, so if you get caught while torrenting they will take legal action. But a VPN that encrypts all your data & hides your IP makes it impossible for them to track you i.e they will never know what you’re doing online.

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