Top 21 Free Anime Sites for Streaming and Downloading

Do you want to watch Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Death Note, One Piece, or One Punch Man or any other new or old anime? But can’t find it anywhere?

Then this guide is for you, here we have listed the best free anime sites to stream and download your favorite anime.

21 Best Free Anime Sites

Top All-Time Free Anime Sites (Stream & Download)

Anime has a different definition in everyone’s ❀️heart. As it carries a plethora of emotions some action makes you feel better in every episode. Though Anime is originally created in small episodes keeping the Japanese audience in mind.

Even if you start watching anime now, it’s not lateπŸ˜‰. Let’s start with the anime sites now without wasting more time…

Best Free Anime Sites

1. Crunchyroll: One-Stop-Shop Anime Site


Crunchyroll is the top free anime site with some best anime collections such as One Piece, One Punch Man, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and Dragon Ball with a simple interface. With its minimal interface housing a massive collection of oldest & newest releases, πŸ₯³enjoy premium manga and anime for free.

Also, there is a premium subscription for ad-free streaming along with some additional benefits. The cool thing about Crunchyroll is that you can add anime to the watchlist to keep track of the episodes. Also, you will be notified every time when a new episode is released.

Anime & Manga is available in various languages like English, Dutch, France, Italian, and many other languages. and subtitles are available.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 720P

β›”Ad-Popups:- Very Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Australia, etc

2. Gogoanime– Free Anime Site


Gogoanime offers everything for free. Every anime will be listed here right after it’s get released, a must-visit anime site, and the streaming speeds are ⚑amazing. While the anime website has an elegant design (a black theme with yellow polished) focusing more on the anime titles. It has a separate section showing monthly, weekly, and daily popular anime title names on the right side.

Gogoanime offers a plethora of genres like action, drama, kids, and more along with ongoing series. Also, there is a separate section for dub and Chinese series. You can request your favorite anime in the community and filter the animes within seconds, but the only problem users mention is adware. There is a separate community for Gogoanime followers. Also, it’s available as Kodi Addon try it once.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P

β›”Ad-Popups:- Occasional

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA, Philippines, India, UK, Singapore, Canada, etc.

3. Amazon Anime- 4K Anime Titles

Amazon Anime

Amazon Anime is another best place for anime in different genres (old & new collections). If you have Amazon Prime subscription this comes for free where you can find subbed & dubbed anime titles. Like other streaming services it will show descriptions & information about anime under the title.

Amazon Anime now enables users to rent or buy animated πŸ’Ώdiscs with ease and with a quick search you can have them. Though the anime library isn’t huge the titles are available in HD or in 4K with a wide range of subtitles available in different languages such as English, German, French, Japanese, and Korean.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 4K

β›”Ad-Popups:- No Ads

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide.

4. Funimation– Huge Anime Collection

Demon Slayer image

Funimation is from Sony, offering original premium anime content for a wider audience. Every anime have English subtitles and dubbed version. Funimation stands top for English anime audio πŸ’—lovers. Head to Funimation right away, if you don’t anime on either site. Funimation houses 13K+ hours of original content in high resolution (up to 1080P).

Funimation is an πŸ’‘ idea-free anime site that offers ongoing anime for free with great streaming speeds & well-organized categories. Though there might be a few ads here in middle during your stream or you can take a premium subscription to get rid of ads that cost you 5.99$/month.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P

β›”Ad-Popups:- Very Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc

5. 9Anime– Dubbed/Subbed Anime


9Anime is the best 1080P anime website, its sleek design makes this an ideal place to watch online anime for free. 9Anime organizes everything in place, finding anime is quite easy while its quick filters work seamlessly. Still, some people doubt whether 9Anime is legal & safe?

There are numerous categories including ongoing, upcoming, most-watched, action, comedy, drama, and more. Also, you can request the 9Anime community for any anime, it doesn’t take much time to get the anime on their website. Every anime will be available in Dubbed/Subbed versions in different languages with 1080P quality, which makes this site unique.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, etc

6. KissAnime– New Episodes Everyday

Kiss anime

KissAnime is a huge anime site with more than 1M+ anime titles across all categories like drama, Sci-Fi, horror, action, comedy, sports, and many more. Everything is free at KissAnime, you can either stream/download anime content. New episodes of the anime will be released daily and get listed on the home page. Anime quality is really great ranging from 240P to 1080P (useful for low-end internet users).

Every anime title is available in English Audio along with subtitles, though creating an account isn’t mandatory but really useful to organize saved/watch later anime. There will be no buffering (servers are ⚑lightning fast) but not compatible with all devices(The only downside). Is Kiss Anime legal & safe to stream anime titles?

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P

β›”Ad-Popups:- Very Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide.

7. AnimeDao– Best Free Anime Site


AnimeDao is the best anime site with top offering top streaming quality, loading speeds, and content availability. Most anime lovers land on AnimeDao for a better experience and can watch anime in 1080P (Depending upon your speed). While you can enjoy every anime in English subbed/dubbed versions, AnimeDao has an eye-pleasing πŸŒ‘Dark/😎Light theme for your convenience.

AnimeDao has a sleek and minimal interface with free content. There isn’t anything you will get for free. You have to face annoying ads on the site. But, the best thing is that alternative servers will be there to stream an anime. Also, you can enjoy anime in the Japanese language.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 240P To 1080P

β›”Ad-Popups:- Occasional

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, etc

8. AnimeFreak– Free Anime Streaming


AnimeFreak is another best free anime site brought you all kinds of anime titles absolutely free of cost. Streaming quality is great 1080P HD with a decent collection of ongoing, latest episodes, anime list, HOT anime, popular anime, etc. You can see the sleek design without any distortions on the home page. AnimeFreak is been into auction and got sold, which changes the site link.

AnimeFreak has an announcement section of new anime titles, and releases, their community actively listens to requested anime and uploads them on the home page. You can choose to stream from multiple sources (backup). Don’t worry, we got the latest link for you.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P High Quality

β›”Ad-Popups:- Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide.

9. SoulAnime– Free Anime (Multiple Genres)

Soul Anime

SoulAnime is yet another great free anime streaming platform, with more than 5k+ anime series. Though its interface looks a bit distracting, every anime title will be uploaded soon after the release. With its massive library promising lifetime endless content, you can also find mirror links.

Every anime is available in subbed/dubbed versions with high quality organized into categories for quick navigation. Apply, filters to get alphabetical order to land a blow on your favorite anime. Downloading anime is pretty straightforward with a VPN without any misleading. All the revenue will be generated through annoying ads displayed on the screen.

β›”Ad-Popups:- Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Australia, etc

10. Chia-Anime– Best Free Anime, Manga, etc

Chia Anime

Chia-Anime fills the 🍷thirst of die-hard free anime fans with its mouth-watering anime, manga, and soundtrack list. You can find anything here (old to most recent), Chia-Anime is great not only in terms of quality but also in provides of anime soundtracks. Chia-Anime interface feels very intuitive for the eyes and easy to navigate.

Enjoy every anime title without buffering (great server response). Also, you can download to watch them later, Chia-Anime houses more than 0.5M+ anime titles at present including the most popular anime series (My Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc), and ongoing anime, etc.

⚠️Caution:- Many phishing sites named Chia-Anime exist on the web, and use only official links (avoid 3rd party sites).

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P High Quality

β›”Ad-Popups:- Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- Almost everywhere.

11. Zoro. to– Top Free Anime Site

Zoro is another top free anime streaming site that host’s both dubbed & subbed anime (old to recent collections), best thing is there will be no ads on this site. You can truly enjoy every anime in ultra HD without any interruptions. They also maintain an active user community on Reddit, Telegram, and discord to upload the latest titles on users’ requests.

While the website design & interface is very premium (feels like paid streaming service) and there’s a “Watch2gether” feature to watch anime with your friends and with its “Random” button on the top you can watch anime randomly (useful for newbies). Even you can switch between Japanese/English language. Also, you can download the anime as easily as streaming.

Don’t forget to wear your VPN helmet before getting into any trouble for downloading pirated content. Just look at the interface (eye-pleasing)

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 360P To 1080P HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- No Ads

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide.

12. Anime-Planet – Huge Anime & Manga Titles

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is indexed with paid anime sites to bring out the best anime collection of 49000 anime & manga titles for free. Includes an immersive collection of new anime episodes daily including comedy, adventure, action, etc for free. Without any doubt, Anime-Planet is best the best anime streaming site with an eye-pleasing interactive site design that helps users to consume more anime than usual.

There is an anime community as well to keep in touch with anime fans and you can request your anime (if it’s not available on the site). While there are ads popping on the screen occasionally and there won’t be any (if you register or sign in). Anime-Planet site is compatible with all the device platforms. You can filter top anime. season charts and recommendations.

While the best part about Anime-Planet it will show you the new title recommendations based on the content you consume.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 360P To 1080P HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Very Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide

13. Hulu– 4k Anime Content

Hulu is one of the best anime service providers out there, though it requires a subscription (relatively cheaper). You can play anime seamlessly on any of your devices like an iPhone, Tablet, laptop, or PC. Hulu had a license to its anime titles in Japan, they also included a screen recording feature (offline downloads). There will be no annoying ads on the site or during the stream.

Hulu is way more personalized for anime ❀️️lovers. You can enjoy high-quality 4K anime without. Also, it has a free one-month trial program to taste the service for free. Since the service is not available in your region, check out the best Hulu VPNs to access the service.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 720P To 4K 60fps

β›”Ad-Popups:- No Ads

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide

14. TubiTV– Best Free Anime TV


TubiTV is a Japanese free anime site & TV with a massive library of old classics to the latest anime series, everything is of high quality. You don’t need any subscription “Everything is free“. While the best thing about Tubi can actually sync your devices to continue the stream where you left off.

TubiTV works seamlessly across all the device platforms and you can bookmark movies/ TV Shows to watch later when you are free. You can find different genres from the hamburger icon, being an independent free service it’s supporting itself through ad revenue.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 720P

β›”Ad-Popups:- Every 15 minutes

🌍Availabiltiy:- United States, Canada, Australia, etc

15.AnimixPlay– Dedicated Anime Site

AnimixPlay is the πŸ†best free anime website offering both subbed/dubbed versions of the anime. While the home page is full of new anime episodes and options to switch categories between “Sub“, “Dub“, “All“, “Followed“, “Popular“, etc along with options to filter anime in different genres. AnimixPlay provides a hell lot of customizations and options that please anime lovers.

While the interface of the site is very 😎cool and you can actually look into the upcoming anime titles & episodes by clicking on the Schedule option. New anime kick-starters can find this random button helpful to find the best anime with one click. Though it’s free, there will be some ads here & there (use ad-blocker).

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- Varies based on the streaming player

β›”Ad-Popups:- Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide.

16. (MAL)- Huge Manga & Anime Collection

Myanimelist image

MyAnimeList (MAL) is an all-in-one anime site for manga and anime with a huge collection. There is a top airing and upcoming section on the right. They have an active community fan club where you can find someone of your interest. While this site looks more like a news page because of the community discussion & club culture. MAL conducts contests & challenges to complete the anime first.

MAL is a one-stop for reviews, discussion, streaming, and news. Its anime title detailing sets this site apart from the other sites. There will be some occasional ads in between and a subscription is needed to stay ad-free.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Occasional

🌍Availabiltiy:- Canada, USA, UK, etc.

17. AnimeTake– Anime in High Quality


AnimeTake comes with simplified anime titles categorized into different genres and hosts a comprehensive collection of anime series and movies. Anime lovers find this very easy to access and watch anime as it is well organized with anime collection and descriptions, embedded with the text. Also, you will get notified of every new anime release.

AnimeTake is a free anime site, but there will be annoying ads hitting your screen in between streaming (use ad-blocker). I found that every anime title is available with English subtitles and there’s a play next button to continuously watch anime without any breaks or interruptions.

Due to 😒high ad annoyance on this anime site, we recommend you to use a VPN that can access the site and block the ads well.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Too Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide

18. AnimeLab– Latest Aired Anime (Sub/Dub)


AnimeLab is the mostπŸ”₯popular free anime site where the latest Japanese anime will be aired right after the release. AnimeLab has collaborated with multiple anime sites, so all the servers will work 24/7 in High resolution. Every anime is available in subbed/dubbed versions and supported in almost all of the device platforms with a huge anime collection.

AnimeLab gives a premium feel to streaming with its design and navigation and offers thousands of newly added episodes every day. Though you need to face some annoying ads in the free version or you can take a subscription for the ad-free version. They are offering English subtitles for every anime episode, but the only downside is that dubbed version of anime isn’t available in the free version.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- SD To HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- Australia, New Zealand (Use VPN)

19. AnimeHeaven– Classic Anime Collection


AnimeHeaven is ❣️heaven for anime lovers housing a premium collection of cartoons, anime, etc in High Definition (up to 1080P). The Premium collection isn’t only about the new anime, but also contains old-school classics. All search filters available on the top of the site work hassle-free to filter out the anime you want.

Every listed anime on the site is available in both subbed/dubbed versions (Choose your desired one). Also, you can search for anime depending on genres like drama, action, comedy, mystery, thriller, and more. While there are a few ads here and there disturbing you. Multiple server streaming is enabled on this site, but the only downside is that new episodes are delayed to arrive.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- SD To HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Too Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- Global.

20.– Cartoon Anime


WatchCartoonOnline provides endless anime and cartoon series as the title suggests itself. One of the great cartoon anime entertainers, if you are more fond of cartoon anime you would love this site. While the home page categorizes anime from “A–Z” you can apply custom filters to find the anime you are looking for.

Being a free site, you can expect annoying ads that disturb your streaming. While the site has a decent enough database, the only downside of this site is anime titles are not updated frequently. You can make an account for ad-free streaming.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- 1080P HD

β›”Ad-Popups:- Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- Worldwide.

21. MasterANI– Best HD Free Anime Site


MasterANI is a free anime site that maintains only 1080P HD quality anime. You can find anime series, categories, movies, etc with advanced search filters. You can download/stream anime anytime, UI is very minimal & user-friendly offering a discussion section to request new anime/chat with others for which you require an account.

You can enjoy watching anime for free and discuss it on social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc. Also, you can filter the anime based on rating, comments, etc. Though You will face some ads while streaming your favorite content.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- High Quality

β›”Ad-Popups:- Frequent

🌍Availabiltiy:- Global.

22. CONTV– Limited Premium Content


CONTV is not a dedicated anime site, but a multiplatform streaming site for anime, tv-series, and comics. It’s more like a one-stop shop with a premium user experience to stream high-quality anime (4K). Contv maintains a separate section for kids, novels, comics, etc.

Every anime title isn’t available for the free version (only limited content) but you can access uncut content. This site works across all the device platforms and can add videos to the watch list. There aren’t many ads around the screen, but they are there.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- Upto 4K

β›”Ad-Popups:- Very Rare

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA.

23. Netflix

Netflix Anime

Netflix is a giant streaming site hosting everything (anime, movies, series, TV Shows, etc). Very useful anime site if you own Netflix already to enjoy high-quality 4K streaming with HDR10. Though you will find a plethora of anime series in different languages. Popular animes like Death Note and Kaguya Sama are available in subbed/dubbed versions. Here are the best Netflix anime titles you should watch now.

Netflix has a dedicated app with a feature-rich sleek ad-frees interface. Also, you can download your favorite anime to watch later. Among all the premium sites, nothing is better than Netflix to go with. But, you will need a VPN to access a particular Netflix library where your anime is available.

πŸŽ₯Streaming Quality:- Upto 4K

β›”Ad-Popups:- No ads

🌍Availabiltiy:- USA.

Bonus Free Anime sites

Apart from the above-listed sites, there are some best alternatives to be considered when one site is down for a while.

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy (a free anime site) has a beautiful interface and frequently updated anime titles (πŸ₯‡best free anime streaming site). Gained huge popularity for its cartoons & anime series, you can also chit chat with other friends streaming on this site (chat room feature).

Anime Land

Anime Land

Anime Land is a purely dubbed free anime site, a place to stream or download any of your favorite anime titles here without any registration or account need. Similar to other anime sites, it’s completely free and brings all English dubbed anime shows to enjoy online or offline.

Anime Karma

Anime Karma

Anime Karma is more free anime site similar to Kiss Anime, you can find top IMDB-rated titles on every featured TV Show (all types of anime). Gained huge viewer response even though there are some annoying ads here & there while streaming.

How To Access Anime With A VPN?

If these anime streaming websites/platforms are banned in your country, the only way you’ll be able to access them is by using a VPN. A VPN will help bypass all geoblocks and keep you anonymous at all times so you can enjoy a risk-free anime streaming experience.

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like NordVPN
  2. Download and Log-in to the Client
  3. Connect to any US/UK Server where anime isn’t banned
  4. Enjoy watching anime!

A VPN also keeps you protected from all prying eyes such as the Government, your ISP, hackers, and other ill-intentioned strangers. It is also needed to get you access into the anime streaming platforms and websites above as well, so feel free to check for our top VPNs for streaming anime below.

πŸ™ŒWrap Up!

Above all the mentioned sites are the all-time best free anime sites where you can find your favorite anime. Well, suitable for newbies as well and they allow you to stream & download anime (Upto 4K). Every anime site has something ✨charming users in its way, satisfying your hunger.

Watching anime restores optimism and helps you to 😊relax, it’s the best experience (can’t be described). Some anime lovers are willing to spend even huge amounts on subscriptions. Don’t worry above mentioned sites will cover every anime in both dubbed/subbed versions.

Enjoy…😍!! Watch your favorite anime title today for free.

As the sites are not available in your region (due to copyrights)and contain ads don’t forget to turn on your VPN before you stream.

Is Watching Anime For Free Legal?

It’s completely legal to watch anime from official sites or any legal sources where the uploaders own the copyrights. There is nothing bad in watching free anime online but if they don’t own the rights, use a VPN to avoid any legal issues.

What is the difference between Anime and Manga?

To make this clear and to put an end to the question simply the answer is.
Manga: Japanese comic book graphics
Anime: Japanese Animation

On which devices can I Watch Anime?

There is no such limitation for devices if your device is compatible and capable of streaming content. Then you can use any of them like Android Phones, Apple iPhones, tablets, laptops, PC and TV, etc.

What are the features of a good free anime website?

To recognize a website as a good anime site, you need to know a few things.
1. Anime Website should have numerous categories, genres, etc.
2. New anime should be released quickly.
3. Community section to request an anime.
4. Secure browsing without viruses and not too many ads.

What are the best free anime sites without interruption?

Above all the mentioned sites are the best free anime sites to watch anime online for free. Here are the quick best free anime sites.
1. Crunchyroll
2. Funimation
3. GogoAnime
4. Amazon Anime
5. Soul-Anime
6. Chia-Anime

Why anime is so popular nowadays?

Anime is very popular because of its depth of connecting (grow along with viewers) visuals to the audience with well-suited stories for everyday lifestyles that once dream about.

Crunchyroll vs Funimation which is the best site?

On comparing the anime titles (dubbed) and simulcast releasing time Funimation dominates Crunchyroll. But when it comes to subtitles, the catalog of anime titles Crunchyroll dominates Funimation. So the deciding factor will depend on your choice.

How to Stream Anime on Firetvstick/Fire TV?

These anime sites may have different functionality specific to the platform. But free anime streaming sites work absolutely fine on PC, Amazon Fire TV. Users can jailbreak a firestick using 3rd party apps to stream Movies, Shows, and more.

Where to watch anime in high quality?

Most of the above sites allow you to stream in 1080P and some even in 4K. But it depends on your internet speeds & the streaming server. If your speeds are poor, try using a VPN to unblock your full speeds to stream in high quality without interruptions.

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