9Anime – A Perfect Anime Site in 2024: Is It Legal & Safe?

Finding a decent anime streaming website is hard, especially in 2024. Most websites end up being blocked or filled with ads, but is 9anime any different? Is it safe to use, or will it get you in trouble with the law? Let’s find out everything there is to know about 9anime.

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⚠️Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither I nor VPNHelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

When looking for online anime streaming websites, you’ll find out that only a few of them actually work. Among them is one called 9anime. This anime streaming website is quite popular and is recommended by many anime lovers. However, many people have been unable to access it due to georestrictions.

⏳ Short on time? Here’s a summary! ⏳

  1. 9Anime is completely safe and legal to watch English dubbed or subbed anime in high quality. It does offer free anime, but the site may not be available in your region due to geoblocking.
  2. In order to access 9anime, you will have to use a reliable VPN that is capable of streaming. We recommend NordVPN as it is currently the best VPN on the market.

What is 9Anime?

9Anime is the 💪best free anime site till-date, in fact, an ideal one offers a wide range of anime content covering ongoing, upcoming, and most-watched animes. 9Anime has a sleek and eye-catching interface with its home page, well organized in alphabetical order i.e you can find an extensive catalog of English subbed/dubbed versions easily.

While 9Anime keeps the user engaged with the latest collection and every anime title is available in 1080P. Also, you can download/stream anime from the website with one click. Though the site may pop up some ads this is how free anime streaming sites survive online. While other premium anime sites require subscriptions before you start anime streaming.

When you have 🛑ad-blocker installed, ads don’t bother you. Even though it’s a Japanese anime site, you will find every anime title, movie, and TV Show in English (Dubbed/Subbed) both in HD/SD. And they provide 🔎 quick search filter with a handful of filtering features.

The surprising thing is that they maintain active Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram communities i.e you can have a discussion on anime you’ve watched or request your favorite anime that you would like to watch, so they will upload it on the site real quick.

Is 9Anime a Legit & Real Website?

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9Anime exists and it’s a real website, but there are many phishing sites around with the same name. While the official site is named after “9Anime.to“. Follow its official Twitter page for more information and the latest updates.

Whenever the site is down for a while due to copyright content or some technical issues, they mention it on the Twitter page. Also, they alert you about the fake websites around you with its name. You can check their Reddit page to find some important information about official links.

Apart from the official links, it also has a proxy website that routes you to official websites.

⚠️Caution: Beware of fake 9anime websites, only stream anime from the official website.

Is 9Anime a Free Anime Website?

9Anime is one of the 🏆best free anime sites that don’t require an account to stream/download anime. Keeping everything organized and hosting all the latest anime (recently aired), you don’t need to pay even a single penny for your lifetime.

Every newly released anime title will be uploaded very sooner in 1080P and available in both Subbed/Dubbed versions.

Is 9Anime Safe?

9Anime anime site is completely virus-free (0% risk) to stream & download anime online. This free anime site maintenance cost is revenue is ⚖️generated by ads i.e why you will see ads here & there (😅bit annoying). Some of the ads are inappropriate, using an ad-blocker will fix everything for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Don’t click on ads or download anything from the redirected links as they might download some unwanted files that harm your device. But the 9Anime site purely focuses on anime and is 100% 🤗safe to visit. 9Anime site might be blocked in your region (due to copyright or geoblocks).

It’s recommended to use a VPN to access the 9Anime safely as it keeps your identity private & safe even if you accidentally landed on a fake site. 9Anime is one of the most 💪stable anime websites, not unlike other malicious or dangerous sites.

📝Note: Don’t fall for phishing sites with their name, use a VPN for your safety & online privacy.

9Anime doesn’t hold the license for the content it hosts on the website i.e watching copyrighted content becomes illegal. While the site owners don’t own any permissions, but still you can enjoy the anime for free without anyone noticing that you actually visited the 9Anime site and you know it.

Most anime lovers lean toward free anime streaming sites like 9Anime, KissAnime, and GogoAnime, even if it’s not legal to stream on this site (since it’s 😋free). But If there is no ✋violation or restriction in accessing a torrent site in your country, then this site is completely legal.

But license-wise, 9Anime doesn’t hold the license on the hosted anime content (everything is managed by third parties). Streaming 9Anime is treated as illegal in many countries😢 (offer some copyright content for free).

Also, there is a high chance that you might likely be 🦠attacked by hackers as they prey on high-traffic sites. So if you want to stream 9Anime anonymously, use a VPN like NordVPN #1 streaming VPN (bypass any geoblocks) that let you access anime with your full internet speeds for hassle-free streaming.

📝Note:- This site shows a disclaimer about the content rights, content is provided by third parties.

Steps to Access 9Anime Safely

As this site is blocked/illegal in most countries, you will need a VPN as it assigns you a new IP which helps you in accessing the site from anywhere in the world. Also, a VPN encrypts your online traffic i.e no one knows that you are watching 9Anime on the web. This way you will be 100% safe to stream any content on the web. Also, there are many other additional benefits of owning a VPN.

  1. Get a VPN (I prefer using NordVPN and in this guide also I’ll be using the same).
  2. Download & Install a VPN on the device you want to access the 9Anime site.
  3. Now Connect to UK Server in the VPN app, here I’m connecting to London Server.Connect to UK Server
  4. Visit the official 9Anime site on the browser, either it may be chrome or the internet.
  5. Hurray…🤑!! you will land on the site’s home page (Animes world).9Anime-Home-Screen (1)
  6. Now I will show you how to stream with an example, click on The Hidden Dungeon Only I can enter.9Anime-Watch-Anime (1)
  7. Now, 9Anime will take you to the episode and you can stream the anime with Subs in HD.9Anime-stream-anime (1)
  8. Enjoy🥳 streaming your favorite anime in HD quality in both subbed/dubbed versions.

NordVPN – Best VPN To Unblock 9Anime

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For more information, check out our detailed NordVPN Review.

🙌Wrap Up!

9Anime is a 🥇top anime streaming site that most users 🎁prefer. Site availability shouldn’t be a barrier to entertainment. While there is no other anime site that offers this High-quality extensive library in both versions (Subbed/Dubbed).

It’s recommended to use a VPN service like NordVPN that bypasses geoblocks from anywhere in the world. Also, it ensures hassle-free streaming (without buffering) as it supports Lightway protocol delivering blazing-fast Speeds.

Don’t fall for fake websites on the internet claiming that they are 9Anime sites. Use only an official link after connecting to a VPN to access the website safely, Though there is always another choice if you feel uncomfortable streaming 9Anime.

📝Note: Here are the best torrent site for anime for die-hard anime 💖lovers.

Do I Need an account for 9Anime?

You don’t need an account to stream anime on this site. It’s completely free, you can directly visit the website follow the steps for your safety and start streaming. Also, you can talk to their active community members and ask them to upload your favorite anime on the site.

Is 9Anime safe?

9Anime is completely safe, legit and offers everything for free, it’s not a fake website. To maintain the site, it runs ads on the home page, during streaming. Unless you don’t click on the ads or download something from the redirected page (malicious files), you are 100% safe. Use a VPN to access the site and an ad-blocker to avoid bothering about ads.

Can I use Free VPNs?

Yes, of course by if you found any reliable one as free VPNs are claiming that they will capture user data. So be careful before using them. Also, know the best VPNs available in 2024. If you ask I will recommend using a paid VPN.

Will I get into Trouble visiting 9Anime?

No, you won’t get into trouble if you use VPN. As this site is considered illegal in most countries due to copyright content. You will need VPN help to defend yourself, to hide your IP, Privacy, and Data.

What are 9Anime alternatives?

It’s really disappointing to hear about the shutdown of Kissanime, that’s why you should always need a backup plan with you. We curated the 21 best all-time anime sites for all your needs.

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