How to Download and Install NordVPN on macOS

In this quick guide we will see step-by-step procedure to download and Install NordVPN on macOS quickly.

nordvpn macos install

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs available in the market. Works smoothly with Netflix, Hulu, Prime Videos, and other streaming sites. Also, this is the best VPN to access and download torrents safely and securely.

It has easy-to-use apps not only for macOS but also for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux, for firestick and other devices. And simultaneously you can use one account on 6 devices.

It uses OpenVPN and NordLynx Protocols which gives us fast and stable connection encrypted via 256-bit encryption, also know as military-grade encryption. Make it the best VPN for security and privacy.

Also, NordVPN provides P2P specialized servers, which makes it a good choice for torrent lovers also.

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  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers
  • 6 Device Support Simultaneously
  • Easy to use apps for macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux
  • CyberSec to avoid malware and block ads
  • Stream International Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, and other streaming sites
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

And I guess these are the reasons you decided to go with NordVPN, and if you have not yet then you can get up to 68% discount on NordVPN using this link. Also, you will get 30 days money-back guarantee, in case you don’t find NordVPN worthy for your hard-earned then you can claim the refund anytime. So, I will say you must give it a try.

Now without wasting more time let’s find out how to Install NordVPN on Windows. This method works for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7.

Steps to Download and Install NordVPN in macOS

To download NordVPN on your macOS follow the steps below:

  1. Get the subscription if you have not already from NordVPN website
  2. Now do to Download Page and download the app for macOSNordVPN mac Download
  3. Install the application, once installed, it will ask for login, enter your login id and password enter the details.
  4. Now here you will see dots on each country and a list of countries on left sidenordvpn mac countries list
  5. Click on any dot or pick from the list on the left side to connect to any country
  6. Let’s connect to Japan in this case. You’ll see a green circle on Japan, and it’s connected.nordvpn mac japan connect
  7. Now VPN is successfully connected enjoy anything privately and securely.

FAQs realted to NordVPN for Windows

Can I unblock Netflix Using NordVPN?

For sure, Not only Netflix this VPN will work for other popular streaming platforms as well like Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, and many more. You can easily tweak the location and start enjoying the content you desired. If you want to know what other VPNs can unblock Netflix here is the guide.

Can I Get NordVPN for Free?

Probably No, but there is 30 days money-back guarantee program which will let you experience their service. If you don’t like it then you will get a refund.

Can we use NordVPN for Torrenting?

Yes, without any doubt in your mind. Since this VPN allows P2P file-sharing you can download your desired torrent files anonymously.

Is it Good to use NordVPN while streaming?

Yes, you can use NordVPN while streaming since this VPN will slightly lower your speed which is not noticeable. If your internet connection speed is enough for streaming then you can use NordVPN.

Are you facing any problem in following the steps mentioned above? Don’t worry here is the video tutorial for you:

Some interesting features of NordVPN in the iOS App:

1. P2P Speciality Servers

If you like downloading torrents on your phone then P2P servers can be really helpful. NordVPN provides you with the functionality of connecting via their P2P specialized servers.

Steps to connect to P2P servers:

  1. Under the browse section, go to Specialty servers
  2. Now select P2P and choose a location to connect
  3. Now enjoy fast speed torrenting without any worries

2. Obfuscated Servers

These servers are made to hide the fact that you are using a VPN or Tor and make it pretend as regular internet browsing activity. These servers become really important when you are visiting a country like China which has implicated the Great Firewall Of China to restrict its citizens from surfing popular websites such as Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

Steps to connect to Obfuscated servers:

  1. Under the browse section, go to Specialty servers
  2. Now select Obfuscated and choose a location to connect
  3. Now you can unblock any website in China too

3. Onion over VPN

If you want to use Tor VPN with a VPN then Onion over VPN is a good option for you.

Steps to connect to Onion over VPN servers:

  1. Under the browse section, go to Onion over VPN
  2. Now select Onion over VPN and choose a location to connect
  3. Now enjoy high security and privacy

4. CyberSec

This feature of NordVPN is the most advanced feature which any VPN can have for your online security and privacy. Once you enabled this feature it will block and warn you whenever you’ll visit a website hosting malware or phishing attacks.

NordVPN Cybersec feature also blocks annoying flashy ads and speed up your browsing.

Steps to enable CyberSec feature:

  1. Click on the settings icon at the top left
  2. In the general section, you will find CyberSec, just enable it
  3. Now you can enjoy Internet without ads and malware

4. Split Tunneling

Sometimes you may need to use some apps without VPN protection, for example, Google Maps.

Steps to use Split Tunneling feature:

  1. Click on the settings icon at the top left
  2. In the general section, you will find Split Tunneling, just click on it
  3. Now it will show list of apps you want disable VPN for, select the apps


Using the steps mentioned above you can easily download and install NordVPN on your iPhones or other Apple devices.

If you still are still thinking if you should get NordVPN or not then I’ll say go for it and get up to 70% from this link. Also if you find it is not worthy of your hard-earned money then ask for the refund in chat within 30 days and you’ll get your refund Instantly without any questions being asked.

Final Words:

If you still have any doubts or suggestions related to “Download and Install NordVPN on macOS” then feel free to contact us via our dedicated page. Our team will try to short out your concerns as soon as possible.

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