NordLynx: Everything you need to know in 2022

Everyone talking about NordLynx & its significance in the VPN industry brought by NordVPN. Hearing it for the first time? Will it deliver the fastest speeds & security? Want to know what it can do? Hold your curiosity, you will be shocked with the results knowing that it is built based on WireGuard protocol. Without wasting further more time let’s jump in…

Our team at VPNHelpers thoroughly tested the speeds and security of NordLynx protocol whether it can deliver as claiming it’s 🪶lightest, 🛡️secure, and ⚡fastest. Also, we did a comparison with other best protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2 (most trusted & used).

What is NordLynx?

NordLynx is a new generation VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocol developed by NordVPN. It is redefined version WireGuard protocol to make your VPN connection more secure & faster (lightning-fast speeds). With NordVPN subscription it’s available for Windows, iOS, Android, macOS.

A VPN protocol is a set of rules that establish a secure tunnel between the VPN client and the VPN Server. There are many well-known VPN protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, etc. These protocols 🤷‍♂️differ in their functions while some are secure and some are fast.

Out of all OpenVPN & WireGuard are the most 🔥popular ones, you can check out our WireGuard vs OpenVPN comparison guide. But NordVPN built the NordLynx protocol based on WireGuard by overcoming its limitations.

While other protocols are very specific to devices like IKEv2 can quickly reconnect to a server (handy to switch between Wi-Fi & mobile network), NordLynx will deliver the same speeds & security in every device making it the best of VPN protocols.

How NordLynx Protocol works

Since NordLynx is based on WireGuard, you can understand it better on the side-by-side explanation. What makes WireGuard so 🪄special? It’s very lightweight consisting of only 4000 lines of code (whereas OpenVPN has 70,000 lines of code). This optimization delivers better speeds & connectivity, also extends your device 🔋battery life.

Less code makes auditing very easy, therefore fewer vulnerabilities. But the main 🔓security issue with WireGuard is you can see in the image that it stores your original IP in the servers in order to provide you a static IP. If someone manages to compromise the servers then your data is 📢public (No 🙇Privacy).

NordVPN address this issue in WireGuard by introducing double NAT (Network Address Translation) identifies users with dynamic temporary identity(external database) instead of their IP Address. If you are worrying about NordVPN external database, worry not it’s 🥇one of the true no-log VPNs in the market.

Why NordLynx is Worthy Using

While every VPN protocol has its own advantages & disadvantages, there is no exception for NordLynx. But I found NordLynx has more advantages over cons during my 🔬test. So, let’s have a look at what makes it’s worth trying out.

High Speeds

NordLynx is well known for its 🚀rocket speeds preventing ISP throttling to get your maximum internet speeds even on connecting to VPN. With its lightweight nature, you can instantly connect to any of the NordVPN servers. Try checking your speeds once after connecting to NordLynx you will be shocked.

High Security

You can 🤗rest assured about your online privacy & browsing history being tracked by your ISP or surveillance groups. NordLynx revolves around security & keeping your identity hidden from praying eyes. Also, all the WireGuard flaws are addressed by the NordVPN double NAT system implementation.

NordVPN runs on Disk-less RAM Servers & it’s frequently audited by third-party companies. Paired with a zero-log policy, you can 🥳happily enjoy the services without any doubts in your mind.


NordLynx is a very light weighted code protocol with 4,000 lines making it more battery efficient & faster connectivity compared to other protocols available in the market. Once you use the protocol, you will definitely appreciate its speed.

Compatible for every device

Other major protocols are very specific & limited to the device itself. While NordLynx protocol is compatible with almost all the operating system platforms regardless of your devices. This ensures you enjoy the same desktop internet speed on your mobile device.

Free for NordVPN Users

If you are a NordVPN user, you can directly enjoy NordLynx services without any additional charges or subscriptions needed. It’s available on every subscription plan regardless of price. Also, you can enjoy amazing benefits with this protocol including Cybersec & Kill Switch.

Connect to 5500+ servers to unblock any website or streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Enjoy all these benefits on all your six devices simultaneously with a single subscription.

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NordVLynx vs OpenVPN vs IKEv2

US63 Mbps60 Mbps51 Mbps
UK61.80 Mbps52.9 Mbps55 Mbps
Japan56 Mbps45 Mbps47 Mbps
Germany60 Mbps53 Mbps56 Mbps
Australia58 Mbps40.9 Mbps52 Mbps
Protocols Speed Test

NordVPN claims that NordLynx is the only ⚡lightning-fast protocol, we want to test it out with other fastest protocols. As you can see the “NordLynx is definitely a 🔥beast” delivers the best in class VPN speeds along with standard encryption security.

In comparison with other well-established protocols like OpenVPN (most secure option) & IKEv2 (fastest speed). You can look at the speed test results obtained, NordLynx beats all other protocols in terms of speed. Also, there are no leaks found during our NordVPN leak test.

With NordLynx protocol connecting to every server is almost instant. NordVPN ensures faster connection no matter which protocol you use- if you want to get 😎benefit with simultaneous connections 🏆NordLynx is the best option.

Steps to enable NordLynx Protocol

If you are a NordVPN subscriber, then you can enjoy NordLynx services directly. If not take a subscription. Now I am going to explain to you in detail how to enable the NordLynx protocol.


  1. Once you have downloaded & installed NordVPN for your Android device.
  2. Open NordVPN app and click on ⚙️settings option & choose VPN protocols.Enable NordLynx Protocol in Android
  3. You will see protocol option in the dropdown, choose it and select NordLynx protocol.Select NordLynx protocol in Android


  1. Download & install NordVPN for your iOS device.
  2. Open NordVPN app installed on your iOS device and click on ⚙️settings menu on right corner.NordVPN settings on IOS App
  3. Now tap “VPN protocol” and choose NordLynx protocol mentioned.NordLynx protocol option in iOS device


  1. After downloading & installing NordVPN for your Windows.
  2. To change VPN protocol to NordLynx, click ⚙️ settings.NordVPN Settings
  3. Now choose Auto Connect section and choose NordLynx protocol from the drop down. NordVPN NordLynx Protocol


  1. Download and install NordVPN for macOS.
  2. Now open the application and navigate to the app settings on thr right corner.
  3. Click on General tab & tap on VPN protocol to choose NordLynx protocol.


  1. Download & install NordVPN on your Linux device.
  2. Enable Wireguard protocol & connect to NordVPN.
  3. Type the following commands in your terminal “nordvpn set technology nordlynx” and “nordvpn c“.

Quick fix- NordLynx Not Working

If NordLynx protocol is not working on your devices, here are the quick DIY solution to sort them out.

Connect to another NordVPN Server

If your IP Address is not changed or unable to access streaming services or websites. Then that IP of the VPN might be blocked. Don’t panic😅, it’s quite common for VPNs. You can connect to another server in that region and continue enjoying the service.

Disable your firewall

Your system firewall might interfere with the NordVPN NordLynx connection. So, make sure that you provide all the necessary permissions to establish a connection & stop your firewall blocking NordVPN service by adding NordVPN to your firewall list.

Relaunch your NordVPN Service

If your issue can be undetected, then relaunching NordVPN will be a quick fix. Just close your NordVPN application from the background process & try to reopen it back again. So, you can continue using the service (if not Restart your device once).

Try other protocols

If everything is good with NordVPN except NordLynx protocol😥, then try to connect with other protocols once. If other protocols are working well, then there might be a technical issue, try contacting NordVPN customer care.

Similar redefined VPN protocols

NordLynx is not only the new protocol to the VPN industry. Many VPN service providers are constantly polishing existing protocols and bringing them with their custom flavors. Here are a couple of similar custom VPN protocols.

Chameleon by VyprVPN

VyprVPN developed the Chameleon protocol so that all your VPN internet traffic will be seen as regular traffic. It widens the chance to unblock websites & restrictions in countries like China, Russia with great Firewalls by constantly changing its IP Address (Smart IP).

Catapult Hydra by Hotspot Shield

Catapult is another custom-made protocol by Hotspot Shield been implemented in many other applications like BitDefender, McAfee, and Cheetah Mobile. It helps to access any sort of blocked content with a high-speed secure connection.

StealthVPN by Astrill

StealthVPN is another improvement of the OpenVPN protocol that keeps your internet traffic obfuscated (undetected). This is very stable compared to other TCP & UDP modes.


Now, you have a clear picture of NordLyx in your 🧠mind witnessing its speed & security with a quick comparison. It simply 💪outperforms every other protocol available right now. But this only comes with NordVPN. Also, you can 🥳enjoy NordVPN benefits Onion Over VPN & VPN changing for enhanced privacy, It’s like a 💰jackpot with one shot.

You might have seen other blogs showing stick to other protocols as NordLynx is in an earlier development stage. But it’s ❌not, you can take more advantage of this protocol over others. You can directly use it with NordVPN suggestions to experience better security & speed.

FAQs Related to NordLynx

Does NordLynx available & works with every device?

Yes, the NordLynx protocol is available for every device like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android & Linux. You can seamlessly enjoy the protocol in every device, to enable the protocol you can check the steps mentioned above.

Will NordLynx slow down my internet connection?

Never, you can notice a boost in your internet speed if you are being throttled by your ISP or you can see a slight drop in your internet speed (used for encryption & tunneling). If you notice too much drop boost it with these tips.

Why it’s showing no internet access- NordLynx?

It’s because when you use the NordLynx protocol NordVPN uses some virtual network components to make it work only when you are connected to a VPN Server. When the component is available but not connected to the internet you will see this status. Nothing to worry about you can use the internet as usual.

Which is the best VPN protocol?

NordLynx is the fastest & best VPN protocol, also you can refer to the comparison section in this article. If NordLynx protocol is not available, you can check which one is best among OpenVPN vs WireGuard here.

Is NordLynx protocol safe to use?

NordLynx is the safest VPN protocol, though it is based on WireGuard. NordVPN redefined WireGuard flaws by implementing a double NAT system to ensure better privacy & speed.

Which VPN Services offer NordLynx protocol?

NordLynx is specially developed by NordVPN

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