Is it safe to use Psiphon VPN in 2021: Detailed Review and Analysis

Thinking about using a VPN and someone suggested Psiphon, but not sure is it safe and secure to use Psiphon VPN, and does it work for torrenting and Netflix? Then this guide is for you, here I’m going to everything about Psiphon VPN you need to know.

Psiphon Is it safe to use

One of my old-school friends Joe, who wanted to access the Internet privately and without restrictions so searched the whole internet for a free VPN. But, he read online that it is not safe to use free VPNs. He called me and aks “Is it safe for me to use🤔 Psiphon?“. I explained to him everything, will do the same for you as well don’t 🤗worry. But if you are wondering what is this Psiphon? don’t skip the section.

Short in time? Here is a quick review:

Psiphon is free VPN but as you know nothing is free, so it collects user data and sells it to third parties for ads and revenue. This VPN Speed has bandwidth limits like 2 Mbps so very slow and has many limitations in connecting to servers.

Cannot choose servers, unable to unblock Netflix, cannot torrent using this tool. You will be at risk using this tool regarding security and privacy. Also, it will track your online activities and log your data. So, I’ll suggest you to invest some if you want to enjoy full features of a VPN the VPN we use and recommended is NordVPN. You can also it for free using 30 days money-back guarantee.

What is Psiphon?

This section is to know about Psiphon, if you do already know about Psiphon then skip this section.

Psiphon is free VPN tool, started in the year 2006 and users are mostly from Iran and India.

Psiphon offers desktop and mobile apps surpassing proxy technology & VPN Services. Psiphon has more than 1000 servers, while its service is free of cost to use make this more pronounced on the user’s mind.

So far everything seems amazing, right? But in the next lines, we are going to explore everything in detail.

Is it safe to use Pisphone?

The answer is no much safe in short. Confused🤔? why I am saying this is not safe. Well, to know yourself, you need to look at what this VPN is lacking making this unsafe.

1.No Zero-Logging Policy

It is revealed that Psiphon will collect the user data, this is explained in detail below. Listed below are the details that Psiphon will collect.

  • Region codes
  • Timestamps
  • Connection Protocol
  • Session duration and count
  • Total bytes data transferred from a specific domain

Still, it is unaware that what else data will be collected. But it is not good to use a VPN which don’t offer a Zero-logging policy. But, they are saying that we don’t store users IP address and track your activities.

2. Ads Everywhere

Psiphon is fully covered with Ads and shares the statistics with their sponsors, which is not good. They do share information like sites you are visiting from which country further aggregated with other information.

But, they are claiming that they will discard the data after 60 days which is enough time to put you at risk. They didn’t specify anything regarding sharing personal information with third parties. So, I don’t recommend using Psiphon if you care about your privacy.

3. Awful Speeds

Psiphon VPNs isn’t fast enough for your needs. Once you know the speeds of the Psiphon, you will uninstall it right away. It will restrict the app VPN Speeds to 2Mbps which is awful. All these speeds are due to automatic server location.

There is no server choosing option for windows. The majority of the tests are clocked under 5Mbps which is super slow, so you cannot enjoy streaming your favorite content. Instead, you can have a better VPN like NordVPN which I am using personally, offering blazing speeds.

4. Not for Streaming/ Torrenting

Psiphon VPN is not designed for streaming or torrenting. During my test, Netflix content is still blocked but this VPN worked for BBC iPlayer. So, if you are looking for a reliable VPN better to choose other VPNs.

I don’t recommend Psiphon for torrenting due to its speeds and privacy issues. For torrenting one will need a secure VPN to be safe while torrenting. Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, Psiphon is not not safe to be used as VPN.

Try using another alternative VPN mentioned below. If you ask me what to use, I will prefer NordVPN as this is the most secure and fastest VPN will all features.

Best Alternavtive VPNs

1.NordVPN: Best Value VPN for better VPN Speeds

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Unlimited Streaming in HD quality without data caps
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers
  • CyberSec to avoid malware and block ads
  • Stream International Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, and other streaming sites
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPN is one of the best VPN as it offers high-grade security. There will be no DNS/IPv6 leaks. If you are someone who needs more security this one also offers Onion over VPN. You will also get six simultaneous connections per subscription along with Netflix streaming ability.

NordVPN is considered an all-rounder with fast internet speeds. This VPN has a Simple UI so that even a beginner can understand it easily. This VPN is available at a competitive price. NordVPN is also a good choice for unblocking the geo-blocked content in different platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and other streaming Apps.

Also, they are offering 30 days of the money-back guarantee program. So you can try this without any risk. So, if you don’t like the app then you will get your full refund within 5 days. And if you need a VPN for 1-2 weeks only then can try NordVPN for free using its money-back program.

2. ExpressVPN: Fast VPN with High Security Features

  • ExpressVPN offers full torrenting support along with full security
  • Unblocks Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer and more
  • No Log Policy.
  • Contains tons of server locations with class-leading connection speed.
  • Allow Torrenting on all servers but no special servers for P2P
  • Reliable kill switch
  • 30 Days full refund policy

Consider using ExpressVPN if you want high encryption along with security, this would be a great choice. Since this is based on the British Virgin Islands, which has no data retention laws. The company will not keep the data and no third-party users can request them.

ExpressVPN uses OpenVPN, Ikev2, and L2Tp-IPSec protocols, which are known as the most reliable security protocols. This VPN has 3000+ servers across 94 countries offering 100Mb/s internet speed. Even you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and mostly anything in Ultra HD quality.

They offer 30 days risk-free money back program and 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. If you want then there is a hidden page for low price subscriptions.

Why Psiphon is so popular on the internet?

There are several features that making this popular. But, they are just tricks this isn’t real. It should be called an Unblocker rather than a VPN. As this offers services to unblock restricted content.

It is available to Windows and Android, not all the platforms, unfortunately. Psiphon allows all of its users to enjoy social networks, adult sites but can’t stream much because of 2Mbps bandwidth limit.

Here are some features of Psiphon:

1.Ease of Use

There is no doubt, Psiphon have easy to use interface and one of the easiest VPNs to use. Installation is simple as it available on the App Store and Play store and it will search for the fastest and most accurate servers available nearby you.

You can also choose the servers to change your IP address just in few clicks on Android. But, this is not available for Windows.

2. Servers

Being a free VPN, Psiphon maintains 1000 servers distributed across the world. But the information about the servers where they are located is not known completely. There might be at least 20 different locations.

3. Device Compatibility

It supports few platforms Andorid and Windows and do not have apps for iOS and Mac.

Psiphon is only available for Windows and Android this is one of the major drawbacks of this VPN.

4. Free

In the case of paid VPNs, a subscription needs to be taken in order to use their services and the charges might vary depending on time. Psiphon doesn’t charge its users in offering its services.

But there is a quote, “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”. It shows ads and may sell data to a third party which defies the ultimate aim of using a VPN i.e privacy and security.

5. Service Availability

Though the speeds of Psiphon are not up to mark. And only can choose from fewer servers.

6. Support Quality

The Quality of the Psiphon is nice, but not up to the mark. They will respond through email to solve customer issues. You will not have any live chat facility as this VPN is completely free. But, it is experienced that they will reply to your email in less than 16 hours.


Though Psiphon is a free VPN tool to unblock content across the world. But as there is a quote, “If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” Like other Free VPNs, it shows ads and collects user data. Unfortunately, there is no support for Netflix and you cannot do torrenting with this VPN service.

Psiphon speeds are slow and not good when it comes to security and privacy. It is always recommended & advised to use a good VPN if you need a VPN for long term.

FAQs Related to Psiphon

Is Psiphon fast?

The speeds are very low compared to other free VPNs and underwhelming. It seems that this VPN service has speed restrictions and limited to server locations. Try some fast VPNs like NordVPN.

Can I use Psiphon for Torrenting?

Unfortunately no, this VPN doesn’t have a kill switch and not reliable either. Look at some best VPNs for Torrenting.

Can I use Psiphon to unblock Netflix?

No, This is VPN is not designed to unblock streaming sites. Sad to hear, but you have to accept it. This isn’t a good VPN. Check NordVPN which can unblock everything at fingertips.

Does Psiphon Works in China?

Yes, it works in China but not as VPN service but as proxy service that works in unblocking censorship in countries like China, Iran and Turkey.

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