13 Best Music Torrent Sites: Download Music Safely in 2024

Couldn’t find your favorite music album online? want to download it for free? Music is an emotion that couldn’t be explained in words, only feel it. If you are here, then you must be a music enthusiast. You are at the right place to know some best music torrent sites that are working in 2024

Best Music Torrent Sites in 2023

Some people badly love music and I’m one of them, but finding the best music torrent isn’t that easy these days. Also, not everyone can afford the subscription prices of Apple Music, Gaana, Spotify, etc. Don’t worry, we have tested 100+ torrent sites and filtered the best ones that can get the music you want and I’m going to share my findings. So, let’s get started…

Disclaimer: Many of torrent sites provide pirated content. We do not encourage the download of such content. You should only download content that is legal in your country.

Below is the list of top 5 working music torrent sites:

  1. The Pirates Bay- One Stop Shop for Music Torrents
  2. 1337x- Best Music Torrent Site
  3. LimeTorrents- High-Quality Music
  4. RARBG– Best for Latest Music Torrents
  5. TorrentDownloads– Verified Music Trackers

Best Working Music Torrent Sites- Tested

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirates Bay (

The Pirates Bay is a one-stop shop for everything including music torrents, one of the oldest torrent sites on the internet that indexes more than 20M+ trackers in every category. Hosts high-quality 256 Kbps music files, albums, and collections in different formats.

Though the interface is a bit old-school, uploads only verified torrents and they are seeded well. You can find all languages music albums and live concert videos as well. Also, there’s a separate section for music with numerous filtering options to find your favorite music.

While they list the Top 100 torrent site on the home page that keeps you posted with the latest music torrents every week, they are well seeded. Plus these sites support VIP and Trusted tags to identify verified torrents so that you will be free from any kind of malware or viruses. Make sure that you enable ad-blocker before visiting this site as their main source of revenue is from ads.

1- Huge selection of music torrents
2- User-friendly interface
1- Copyright infringement and piracy can get you in trouble
2- Poor site security can lead to malware infections

2. 1337x


1337x is another 🔥popular music torrent site that has some decent music collections and fastest growing torrent site out there. It has a dedicated section for music lovers to find their lovable music in high quality and are available in different formats like MP3, FLAC, etc. While the site design is eye pleasing with minimal ads and redirections.

Its home page lists popular torrents across categories and hosts a massive music collection. Furthermore, there will be weekly, and monthly Top music albums on the top every day. 1337x community is very active and keeps every tracker alive for years by seeding them thoroughly.

Almost all the torrents are verified, if the tracker ain’t working or has the poor quality you can know that from the comment section. This torrent site is of the top 5 best torrent sites on Reddit because of its large library of databases. You can download pretty much everything like rap, hip-hop, melody, rock, etc.

1- Large selection of torrents
2- User-friendly interface
3- Active community
1- Susceptible to malware and viruses
2- Limited selection of new releases
3- Some users have reported poor customer service

3. Lime Torrents


Lime Torrents is another best music torrent site on the list that has 8M+ music trackers in different formats. While it has a clean interface without any ads or redirection, music torrents can be downloaded with one single click. Also, it has a dedicated music page mentioning all the music, albums, etc.

Lime Torrents mentions the size along with seeds/leeches and uploads only verified trackers to the site. There are tons of playlists getting uploaded every day in different languages. It has minimal filtering options, so you just need to rely on the 🔎search.

It’s one of the best torrent sites that offers everything including Movies, Games, Anime, Software, etc.

1- Easy to find what you’re looking for
2- Large selection of content
1- Illegal content can be found while torrenting



If you are looking for recent music torrents, RARBG is the site you should be visiting. One of the well-reputed torrent sites serving visitors since 2008 with more than 30M+ monthly traffic. You can find a wide variety of recently added music torrents, thanks to their community with active uploaders in every genre.

RARBG host only verified & well-seeded trackers mentioning size/seeds/leechers/uploader-name. It offers Rap, pop, rock, metal, bass, acid, and others and all the music is of high quality IN 320kbps (FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc). Also, there is a dedicated music tab on this torrent site to filter by name, and upload date for songs, and albums.

While its interface highlights the links in bold makes things easier to download with a minimal interface and the ads are very rare. But this site is only available in a few regions due to geoblocks, so make sure that you have a VPN turned on to access the site.

1- A huge range of content
2- Well organized
3- Regularly updated
1- May be difficult to find newer content
2- Ads can be intrusive

5. TorrentDownloads


TorrentDownloads is the best torrent site across Asia to download music with its eye-pleasing simple to navigate interface that lets you to downloads music trackers without any interruption. While the home page shows popular torrents across categories and it has a dedicated music section for all kinds of fans.

It has a subsection in music like Anime, Asian, Folk, Gothic, etc hosting more than 20M+ music torrent files. This place is quite popular for Japanese & Bollywood music. Though this is not a dedicated music torrent site but indexes a massive database of verified torrents to be downloaded.

Though most of the trackers are verified there are some un-verified too, so you need to be conscious while downloading them. Also, you can download other trackers like software, Audiobooks, ebooks, etc.

1- Extensive library of music torrents
2- Fast download speeds
1- Pop-up ads
2- Site design

6. SoundPark

Sound-Park music torrent site

SoundPark is a dedicated music torrent site with a polished interface, that feels like using a premium music application. This is a Russian music torrent site with a huge library of albums, tracks, tapes, etc to download your favorite tracks with one click. Also, this is solely maintained by music community enthusiasts with all the essential features

You can find everything right from old classics to heavy rhythms, pops, melodies, raps, and metal. Downloading music requires an account (free registration). SoundPark is a place where you enjoy just the music and never forget once you visit this site like go-to-music.

This torrent site has a built search engine so that you can download your desired track with just your name or by any other means. And you can access the latest albums and it requires a torrent client. Also, there is a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly top pick list on music to let you know about popular music.

1- User-friendly site
2- Extensive library
1- Limited to music downloads
2- Advertising

7. Kickass Torrents (Kactr)

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a well-known torrent search engine that indexes every torrent tracker out there including Music torrents. While the old school is now refined to a new design that simplified the search with minimal ads & redirections. There is a dedicated section for music with recent tracks and titles.

Started back in 2008, and has been the 👑king of torrents (defeated The Pirates Bay). Its fame, service, and everything is down when its owner is arrested in 2016. Their team revived this site in mid-2016. Also, their community verifies every torrent file, uploader, and listen. Right after the incident, it is constantly shifting domain names to keep the service alive, keep an eye 👁️on the proxy list.

Though their community is filtering malicious torrent files, it’s better to be conscious yourself while downloading torrent files by reading reviews and checking whether they are verified users not.

1- Largest music collection in torrenting
2- Constantly updated with new content
1- Low download speeds
2- Too many ads

8. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is another best music torrent site to look in for the latest music torrents, while it only uploads verified torrents i.e virus-free files. It has a dedicated music page and some filter options by first letter, top torrents, etc. Every torrent indicated with✔️ is verified and the site also shows the size, seeds, and leechers along with health corresponding to the torrent.

TorrentFunk has millions of high-quality music files in its library available in different formats like FLAC, MP3, and WAV. The best thing is that all the music trackers are organized with their first letter so you can quickly find the one you are looking for.

This site has been blocked in many regions and you will need a VPN to access it, be careful & avoid clicking on ads.

1- Good site for hard-to-find music
2- Strong library of software
1- Invasive advertising
2- Geo-blocked in many areas

9. Rutracker


Rutrackers is the user’s favorite music torrent site hosting the latest and most popular music. This torrent site claims to have 13.6 million registered users currently as it hosts a wide variety of music like pop songs. It has a separate section for music, but the design is a bit old-school (everything is in the drop-down).

Rutrackers is a Russian torrent site that shows a wide variety of music categories on the site regardless of your preference. While the built-in search engine helps you in filtering the music you want. It hosts only high-quality music (Lossless).

The only downside of this website is that not available for all regions. So you need a VPN in order to grant your access to start downloading.

1- Efficient searches that save time
2- User-friendly site, interface
1- Older torrents have fewer seeders
2- Invasive advertising

10. Mixtape Torrent

Mixtape Torrent

If you are fond of Dj music & Mixtapes, this Mixtape torrent site is for you, one of the best music torrent site that hosts all the recent, best, and most popular DJ tracks. Every music torrent listed on Mixtape is free to download without any login or signup.

You won’t find the tracks offered by this site anywhere else, this torrent site can offer wide extensive collections of remixed tracks uploaded by creators worldwide that will rock your ears and change your mood. Also, there is a premium pass you can available by creating an account.

You can start downloading the music tracks for free in absolute clutter-free curated music catalogs. But the downside is that music is more specific to remix only.

1- Regular updates
2- Decent seeds/peers
1- A lot of advertising
2- Low seeding

11. Music Torrent

Music Torrent is the site you should visit to look after recently released music torrents. This torrent site has a dedicated page for every music category like Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Electronic, etc so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

Music Torrent interface is eye-pleasing with premium experience & design. Numerous Reddit users suggest Music Torrent find great albums and consider this a safe place to download music torrent files. Many users mention that the speeds are incredible while downloading.

1- Lots of categories
2- Clean layout
1- Invasive advertising

12. Torlock

Torlock is the next best music torrent in the list hosting only verified torrents i.e you can safely download any music you found with a piece of mind. While this torrent site offers a dedicated section for music mentioning everything about the tracker they uploaded.

Torlock offers 5 million high-quality music torrent files from all categories, while most music torrents are Japanese with a musical group page featuring the most recent albums. There will be some annoying ads, it’s recommended to use an ad-blocker to keep yourself safe from redirections.

1- Good download speeds
2- Site updated often
1- Pop-up ads
2- Site design

13. RockBox

RockBox is a dedicated music torrent site, all about rock music. It has an active community uploading music frequently. While most of the music torrents are well seeded and can be downloaded with a single click without any ads or redirections.

Its interface seems a bit scary depicting the music gonna be rocky and there are plenty of filtering options like Bit-rate, Genre, status, etc to find your favorite music. Also, it has a decent library of other music categories and every music torrent is available in different languages & quality.

While there are no ads on the site, every tracker has brief information about genre, quality, launch, etc. Also, you can create an account for free for additional benefits of accessing the community & put a request to upload your favorite music.

1- User-friendly interface
2- Largest music collection in torrenting
1- Low download speeds
2- Invasive advertising

🙌Wrap Up!

With that said, the above-mentioned music torrent sites will get you the music you are looking for and host only high-quality music. But they are blocked in your region which is why you will need a VPN (We’ll recommend NordVPN) help to access them. Also, it keeps your browsing history private so that no one can know that you are torrenting online.

Almost every torrent site is trusted & uploads only verified torrents. So it’s up to you to decide which music torrent site best suits your tastes.

FAQs Related to Music Torrent Sites

Where can I get High-Quality Music Torrents?

All these sites host only high-quality (320 kbps) music torrents in different formats like WAV, FLAC, and AIFF. You can find almost every album you are looking for without any delay. Have some patience and search the torrent sites mentioned above.

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