Best Torrent Sites to Download Games in 2021

You might have observed that in recent years online gaming has become very popular. Have you wondered where and how to download the best games for free?

Well, there are a lot of sources but my favorite one is Torrenting. But while downloading games from torrent sites you may end up on the wrong sites and can get in trouble? But don’t worry we have compiled a list of safe torrent sites to download games.

Best Torrent Sites for Games

Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor VPNHelpers support any kind of downloading copyrighted content.

⏳ Short in time? Here is a quick tip to access torrent sites:

Most of the websites will 🥺not work in your country due to government laws and copyright infringement. So, I suggest using a VPN to unblock all these sites in a secure manner to keep you anonymous online. The VPN we recommend for torrenting is NordVPN, I am personally using this. It has 30 days money-back guarantee so if you don’t find it useful you can get your money back easily.

If you are in a region where torrents are blocked then you need a VPN. A VPN will help you to mask your IP Address and prevent tracking your activities so government and ISP can’t track you are torrenting. It will also help you to block malware. So before going to the torrent sites make sure that you are connected to VPN.

Now we are all set for torrenting games. Here are the best torrent sites to download games.

Best Torrent Sites for Movies and TV Shows Quick Look:

  1. TorrentsGames: Best-curated Torrent game site
  2. The Pirates Bay: Oldest torrent site
  3. FitGirl Repacks: Best known for repacking games for different uses
  4. RARBG: Offering many torrents with great UI
  5. Lime Torrents: Tons of Games
  6. Kickass Torrents: One of the best torrent sites to download Movies & TV Shows
  7. Zooqle: This torrent site is very easy to use
  8. Torlock: Has millions of games spread for different platforms
  9. 1337x: This can help you better when you are not sure about what movies to download 
  10. ISOHUNT: Website to download the latest games
  11. CroTorrents: Easy to find interface
  12. Download Game Torrents: Special Torrent site for games
  13. TorrentSnack Games: Multi-Platform games
  14. RgMechanics: Intense Graphic games
  15. Glo Torrents: Acitve Game Community
  16. ExtraTorrent: Healthy Game Torrent files
  17. TorrentFunk: Multiple Platform Games
  18. Torrentz: Search Engine for Games
  19. Torrent9: Tons of gaming torrents

Now let’s see the best torrent sites to download games in detail.

Best Torrent Sites for Gaming


TorrentsGames Torrent Site for Games

TorrentsGames is the best-curated Torrent game site available out of all the torrent sites. You can check the name of the site itself, while the number of users visiting this site grows every day as well as the popularity.

This torrent site is not the others, you will find some quality torrent files without any malware traces. As this site is curated you will find the latest games.

TorrentsGames make this more fun & easier to search for the games with its linking structure. It’s highly impossible that you won’t get what you need here. The main interesting thing about this site is, this one also offers games to Xbox 260 and PlayStation as well.

There are no redirections, you can start downloading the torrent file without any hops.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Torrent site for games

The Pirate Bay is maintained for so long. So this is like a jackpot for game lovers. You can switch to this torrenting site with a single search you will find the desired games within no time.

This torrent site has been at the top of the torrent list since it offers everything and didn’t disappoint you in the count of games either. After navigating to the game section you can start magnet download.

The main priority of The Pirate Bay is to offer secure and safe torrent files as it supports BitTorrent protocol. But The Private Bay keeps changing its domain to avoid block so you can get the working links from Pirateproxy.

3. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repack Torrent site for games

If you are completely a gaming enthusiast then Fit Girl Repacks is for you. Since this torrent site is best known for repacking games for different uses. This means that the games on this site are heavily compressed and not cracked.

There are 20 different pages will full of game titles, so you will find your game here. Also, the owners will consider a request unless it is a Special “Day of Requests“. So your desired game will be added soon.

There are also game torrent files available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PCs. There is also an m0nthly archive section on the left to find the latest game released on that particular month/year.


RARBG Torrent site for games

If you want to download the latest games without paying a penny then you need to visit this torrent site at least once. Because RARBG torrent site has an extensive game library where you can find the best games you desired.

Also, their simple easy to use interface make the visitors find the desired game under categories. This is one of the reliable torrent sites for games since it has been around for years.

There is a “Game” category located on the left side of the page. There will be no redirections and spam so that you will be able to download the game you want quickly.

There will be no restriction on the content you want to download, unlike in other torrent sites.

5. Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents Torrent site for games

When you are seeking a variety of games, then LimeTorrents will be there to offer tons. Don’t get confused or fooled by looking at the website. Since this torrent site has huge torrent files to offer. The website platform will be great to use in searching.

You will find the newer titles frequently but they will have some low seeds, you need to wait patiently until they get seeded. You can find the best reliable torrent links with just a couple of clicks.

There are more than 10M+ torrent files. This site is very straightforward. This is also known as the best backup source for your games when you want to download and enjoy playing.

The game section will be on the right side of the torrent site.

6. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents A Torrent site for games

We can say Kickass Torrents is the king of all torrents and one of the best torrent sites to download games. This torrent site is now improved to deliver what you need in a few clicks.

With this torrent site, you can know what exactly you want to download. This torrent site is also known as “KAT”. All the games and other content on this site is reliable as it is uploaded by genuine members.

Though there are some Kickass Torrent proxies available, it is always good to go with a VPN. Along with games, there is other content as well. There is a community forum where you can leave a request for the game you couldn’t find on this site.

7. Zooqle

Zooqle Torrent site for games

This torrent site is best known for fetching torrents, where you can easily download the games which are perfect for PC, Laptop, or other devices. There is a separate section for games to download and everything is free here.

This torrent site has more than 3M+ torrents so you can pretty sure to find what you want. Though the database is limited these are some rare playable torrent files that are not likely to be found anywhere in other torrent sites.

You can also download other content on this torrent site. Since this is completely free and verified once.


TorLock Torrent site for games

TorLock is another best game torrent site in the recommendations as this domain has millions of games spread for different platforms. On this site, you can find the latest and working game torrent files.

One of the main reason behind recommending this torrent site is because this is operated and maintained by online gaming communities. So there is no doubt in finding the game you desire here.

This torrent site is offering verified torrents only so that you will get some active and healthy files. There are separate sections for each category like “Games”, “Softwares”, “Movies” etc.

9. 1337x

1337x Torrent site for games

We can say 1337x is another best torrent site after The Pirate Bay where you can download the content you need through a simple interface. You can start magnet download without any redirection hassles.

This torrent site is completely free meaning that you don’t need to pay for the downloads. This site also offers peer to peer file sharing feature with all its content from music to games.

1337x Torrent site managed to keep the service alive with the best Alexa rank. With their highly active users seeding the torrent files you can download the torrent files pretty quickly.


ISOHUNT Torrent site for games

This torrent site is placed on the top torrent site for games being the best peer-to-peer website to download the latest games. It is very easy to download the files with its simple interface.

This torrent site has huge active user traffic and community, which allows you to download the games you desire very quickly as the torrent files are seeded healthy. You can also request the game you want.

This torrent site has been there for years and named after “ISO Image” which typically burned to CD or DVDs. So you can find games for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox as well.

11. CroTorrents

CroTorrents Torrent site for games

This is a special torrent site for games with large thumbnails which helps in finding the game very easily. We will suggest this site if you are new to torrent games as you can download the latest games with specifications.

These torrent files and the website is completely free from virus and is very quick in response. This torrent site has over 100 games on a page with a huge collection and every torrent is reliable.

This torrent site’s main aims for PC games. As you always know that some torrent sites will redirect to some other web pages this is the same case with this torrent site and make sure you are using a VPN.

12. Download Game Torrents

DownloadGameTorrents Torrent site for games

If you are in search of new games, then you should visit this torrent site. This will be very similar to the TorrentsGames but if you couldn’t able to find a game there, then you must check that here.

All the games are classified according to the platf0rm with torrent files readily available to download. There will be user comments to know whether the game is working fine to save your time and effort before downloading the game.

This torrent site mainly focuses on video games with daily updates. While the tricky part is in order to download the torrent file you need to go through the advertisements.

13. TorrentSnack Games

TorrentSnackGames Torrent site for games

If you want a multiplatform game at your fingertips then this torrent site is for you. This torrent site is one for the gaming enthusiasts with different variety taste of games sufficient for every player.

All these games are categorized as platforms so you can filter the game according to your platform. Also, every game has a description summary before you download the actual game you can know the taste of it.

There will be no redirections on this torrent site you can start downloading the game right at the moment you decided to play.


You might have come across the RgMechanics games, more pronounced for their intense graphic games. Gamers love’s their innovation. This repack torrent site is worth giving a shot.

Everything is organized with a block menu and games are classified into categories like Action, Adventure, Horror, Racing, RPG, Shooting, etc. You will find some cool game stuff here though the download links are broken, you can get them by turning your ad-blocker off.

To make your game fairer, they also provide the system specifications on every game title page. So you can have a quick glimpse of whether your system can handle it or not.

15. GloTorrents

If you are an indie gamer, then you will love this site for having an active community for every need. This site has many social and useful features like the torrent health bar, size, seeds. You can find some latest games here while all the torrent files are verified and virus-free.

Though the design of the website is a little goofy & snoopy. Once you are familiar with this site after spending some time then you can handle it very easily.

16. ExtraTorrent

Started back in 2006, Extra Torrents has an ample amount of libraries for everyone. While on other torrent sites games are available for only one particular platform but on this, you can find different platforms like consoles, windows, Xbox etc.

The interface of the website made it very easy to know which torrent file is currently downloadable & verified. This site is a gaming park with tons of seeders for every torrent file. Even though the design might seems old-school for you, try once you will love it.

17. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk has a wide range of torrent file types in which there are millions of verified game torrents available. Also, this number is increasing significantly day by day. This game torrent site design will blow your mind with a “Tick Mark” for verified torrents.

You will get the magnet links quickly without any hectic redirections like other sites. There are many filtering features available to get your desired game torrent file. Beyond the appearance, there is a lot to find on this site, so it’s better to have it in action.

18. Torrentz

This is entirely different from other game torrent sites. Because instead of providing direct torrent file links this one will refer to the torrent links works like “Search Engine”. Instead of looking for a game on other torrent sites, you can search it here.

However sometimes, this site might be down due to some issues, So you can try reaching this site using mirror links. Though you don’t find any sections like games, you have to search for a query to find it out. Torrentz indexes more than 94 torrent websites and offers the best results from 60 million torrent files. There are 10 million monthly users on this search engine.

19. Torrent9

The best thing about Torrent9 is that there will be no mind-boggling ads when you access this site. Also, this game torrent site is mobile friendly while there is an active community of peers to seed the torrent file frequently. So, you don’t need to worry when you want to download a game.

Concerning safety, all the torrent files are verified & safer to download at any moment. If at all you want to get the latest game you can comment down below on their website for a response.

How to Download These Game Torrents 

First of all, you will need a torrent client to start downloading torrents, here are the best torrent clients.

  1. Here we will use uTorrent as Torrent Client and guide you on how to install that and use that for downloading files. Go to the uTorrent Official Website and click on the Download uTorrent Web.uTorrent Installation
  2. Click on Keep if your system detects it as a Harmful file after downloading the file.Downloading uTorrent
  3. Install the file after downloading then run the file. You are now ready to download the torrent files.
  4. Download & Install a VPN, I will prefer using NordVPN.
  5. To download and install NordVPN, check out our guides for AndroidiOSWindows, and Mac.
  6. Connect to those countries mentioned above in the VPNs server list. Here we will connect to France.Connect to France Based Server
  7. Go to any torrent site like The Pirates Bay. Search any game (Resident Evil) you want. Click on the magnet.
  8. A prompt will appear asking you to open the uTorrent app to start downloading the file. Click on open uTorrent.

🥳Enjoy downloading all the games for free🤑. If still the site is unreachable then try to connect to a different server like USA, UK, Spain, etc.

Why Do We Really Need VPN for Torrenting?

There are tons of reasons you should consider using a VPN for torrenting.

  • VPNs Keeps you anonymous while torrenting and bypass the geo-blocks to access the content.
  • VPNs hide your identity on the internet while you are surfing. Also, they will increase the bandwidth for downloading the files from torrent sites by avoiding speed throttling by ISP.
  • VPNs allow you to change location & IP address quickly. So, you can access the content which is blocked in your country.

As the VPN makes downloading easier, it is always recommended to use VPNs before torrenting.

Top VPNs for Torrenting

Top 2 VPNs for Complete privacy and Security Online while torrenting.

1. NordVPN: Best Value VPN for Torrenting

nordvpn logo
  • 5500+ servers in 62+ Countries
  • Unlimited P2P/Torrenting anonymously with dedicated P2P servers
  • CyberSec to avoid malware and block ads
  • Stream International Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO, iPlayer, and other streaming sites
  • Reliable kill switch
  • Strict No-logs policy
  • 30 Days full refund policy

NordVPN is one of the best VPN as it offers high-grade security. There will be no DNS/IPv6 leaks. If you are someone who needs more security this one also offers Onion over VPN. You will also get six simultaneous connections per subscription along with Netflix streaming ability.

NordVPN is considered an all-rounder with fast internet speeds. This VPN has a Simple UI so that even a beginner can understand it easily. This VPN is available at a competitive price. NordVPN is also a good choice for unblocking the geo-blocked content in different platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and other streaming Apps.

Also, they are offering 30 days of the money-back guarantee program. So you can try this without any risk. So, if you don’t like the app then you will get your full refund within 5 days. And if you need a VPN for 1-2 weeks only then can try NordVPN for free using its money-back program.

2. ExpressVPN: Fast VPN with High Security Features

  • ExpressVPN offers full torrenting support along with full security
  • No Log Policy.
  • Contains tons of server locations with class-leading connection speed.
  • Allow Torrenting on all servers but no special servers for P2P
  • Reliable kill switch
  • 30 Days full refund policy

Consider using ExpressVPN if you want high encryption along with security, this would be a great choice. Since this is based on the British Virgin Islands, which has no data retention laws. The company will not keep the data and no third-party users can request them.

ExpressVPN uses OpenVPN, Ikev2, and L2Tp-IPSec protocols, which are known as the most reliable security protocols. This VPN has 3000+ servers across 94 countries offering 100Mb/s internet speed. Even you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and mostly anything in Ultra HD quality.

They offer 30 days risk-free money back program and 24/7 live chat support for all of your problems. If you want then there is a hidden page for low price subscriptions.


After visiting all the torrent sites you will love the experience of downloading the game torrent files. Since all these games are free to download without any virus, these sites are reliable.

These are our top & best pick to download games in 2021. We recommend visiting these websites for favorite games on all platforms.

FAQs Related to Torrent Sites (Games)

What is a magnet link?

These are hyperlink which will establish a connection between your torrent client and seeders. These are better ways to download torrents than direct downloading.

Can I get caught while Torrenting?

Well, you will be caught if you won’t use VPN. If you use VPN then you won’t get caught

Which VPN to use?

Well, use any VPN of your choice. But it’s better to follow some best standard VPNs available. Here are the best VPNs suggested by Reddit Users.

Can I Download Torrent Files Directly?

We will not recommend downloading the torrent files directly. Since they are too large and will not continue once interrupted. Using a Torrent client you can continue your downloading even when they are interrupted.

Is it Safe to Download Torrent Files?

You can download the torrent files from trusted websites not from any other sources. All the above-mentioned torrent websites are reliable and safe for downloading games.

Are These Game for Free?

You can download all these games absolutely free without paying anything. All games are full versions check the seeds/peers ratio before downloading, to download them quck.

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