Tested: Surfshark work with these Netflix Libraries in 2024

Surfshark claims to unblock most Netflix libraries including the US, UK, Singapore, South Korea, India, etc. But still, some people have a question in their mind “Can Surfshark unblock this Netflix library? “. You are at the right place to get the answer, to confirm whether Surfshark can unblock we have tested several servers and the results are shocking.

If you are trying to enjoy every Netflix library content, you can rest assured that Surfshark does its job for you. With your existing Netflix account, you can unblock Netflix India, Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Netherlands, etc.

Short in time? Here is a quick guide for you:

  1. Download and install Surfshark.
  2. Connect to any Netflix server that Surfshark can unblock.
  3. Open Netflix and search your favorite show or movie.
  4. Start streaming and 🥳enjoy the show.

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Access 14+ Netflix Libraries with Surfshark

Netflix Library Netflix Library
RussiaUnited Kingdom
NetherlandsUnited States
South KoreaJapan
List of Netflix Libraries Surfshark can Unblock

Every Netflix Library has its own special content & culture. Whether it might be the US, UK, Canadian, Japan, Germany, etc Surfshark can help you to change your Netflix Library. If you own a Netflix subscription, you might already notice that the content is not the same in every country.

Netflix does this because of licensing issues (restricts users accessing the content based on IP). But this news breaks the 💔heart of equality (Avengers are available on Netflix Canada). So, in order to access all the content users looked after VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services.

You can see the below map with ✔️ marks mentioning that particular Netflix library is unblocked.

Surfshark Netflix Server Map

Let’s test these servers to check whether Surfshark is really able to unblock Netflix Libraries. Also, you can test yourself to find out country-specific content with the help of ungos.com. I was unable to find the content directly without a VPN on Netflix. So I started testing out with the US first.

United States

Surfshark quickly unblocked Netflix US (without any proxy or error message). You can see the Top 10 in the U.S today signifies that you are in the US now. Now you can start streaming your favorite content without any interruptions.

United Kingdom

For the very first attempt with the London server, it still showed up my home region content. But when I connect to the manchester server, Netflix UK is unblocked “Top 10 in the UK Today“. It’s very simple to switch between servers, just click on it and refresh your Netflix on the browser.


I didn’t see any error message coming when I connect to Netflix Canda. Surfshark did a great job that Netflix couldn’t tell that I am using a VPN Service, you can see yourself “Top 10 in Canada Today“. While the speeds are dropped a bit but they are decent enough to stream in HD quality.


There are many servers in Japan, but on my first try with one server. I got Netflix Error Prompt, I guess that IP is blocked by Netflix. Immediately I shifted to another server and did a quick refresh, 💥boom Netflix Japan is unblocked.

South Korea

There are no issues in accessing Netflix Korea, even though there is a single server showing in the Surfshark list (it unblocked well). So I was able to enjoy the best Korean Movies, while the speeds throttled a bit for some time and then everything goes smooth.

Other Libraries

Surfshark is able to unblock other Netflix libraries like India, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Singapore. Though it struggles at every first attempt for some libraries, later on, it was able to catch up with the service. While the connection speeds are quite impressive to stream in HD quality.

If you do feel that your ISP is throttling your speed, put an end to throttling now.

Surfshark Netflix Library Speeds
Surfshark Netflix Library server speed


I have tested out all the Netflix Library Server speeds, here are the results. During my stream, Surfshark gave me a smooth experience without any buffering, so I was able to enjoy the content in HD (Sometimes Ultra HD).

You don’t need to wait to look at the loading bar, stream at a fast pace without any compromises. But the upload speeds are not more than 20Mbps in every test.

Never mind about upload speeds, they will be low for every VPN Service (it won’t affect your streaming).

📝Note: Keep in mind that my base internet speed is 100Mbps.

Security & Encryption

Surfshark never compromised on security, uses AES 256-GCM encryption (latest & fastest & safest). You will be completely anonymous under this security coupled with WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols to enjoy the fastest speeds.

Surfshark also cares about the leaks, there are no leaks found during our leak test & stands as the best no-log VPN

Device Compatibility

Both Surfshark and Netflix are compatible with almost every device including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. While you can enjoy the Surfshark service on any number of devices (Netflix has a limit), also you can install Surfshark on your router or as a plugin to your browser.

Surfshark works perfectly with Netflix even on your Smart TV or Firestcik’s. Also, you can utilize its SmartDNS feature to enjoy streaming Netflix on your Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

Netflix Uninterrupted Streaming

Surfshark maintains 3200+ servers in more than 65 countries and its NoBorders features enable you to bypass any blocks even in countries like China, Russia, etc. With its server network, you can quickly change IP Addresses. While the camouflage mode (Obfuscation) makes your VPN traffic as regular internet traffic.

It will get enabled automatically when you connect to the OpenVPN protocol.

Enable Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a really essential feature that makes sure your identity is still hidden by cutting the internet connection when your VPN connection is down.

You can 🥳enjoy a seamless Netflix streaming experience by enabling this feature to avoid any interference in between your stream.

You can find this feature on, ⚙️ settings–>Advanced–>Connectivity–>Kill Switch.

Smart DNS

If you want to enjoy other countries’ Netflix libraries in 📺big-screens (TVs) without installing VPN. You can make use of SmartDNS or TrustDNS feature, this will change your DNS (Not IP). Though it is designed for streaming “Effectively Spoof your location“. So you can enjoy other Netflix libraries on your devices.

Just one single click to Enable Smart DNS

Netflix Speed Recomendations

SpeedStreaming Quality
10 Megabits/SecUltra HD Quality
5 Megabits/SecHD Quality
2.5 Megabits/SecSD Quality
1 Megabits/SecRecommended speed to stream

Surfshark Not Working With Netflix?- Quick Fix

Sometimes you can see the belowerror while streaming some Netflix Libraries. In case if your VPN is Blocked no matter how many times you try streaming the content, you will get the same message. Netflix is constantly working on new ways to ⛔block VPN. While most of the Netflix errors can be simply resolved, try the following fixes to continue your streaming.

Netflix Blocked
Netflix detects your VPN

Connect to Different VPN Server

Streaming services will block some VPN IP Addresses, so if you connect to the blocked IP address you will encounter this issue. This is why VPN Services maintains multiple servers in the same region or launch new servers (shut downing old ones).

Netflix can only block a few IPs at a time or intentionally block some IP that seems like a proxy. So all you need to do is simply switch to another VPN Server in that region.

Try Different Encryption Protocol

Sometimes, you will be able to unblock the Netflix Library but when you click on any content displayed. You will get the message “VPN Detected”. To quickly resolve this issue & start streaming the content you need to change your VPN Encryption protocol.

  1. Open Surfshark ⚙️Settings.
  2. Click on Advance and change protocol (OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, etc)

Update your Surfshark Version

In some cases, when you are running on the old version (lack updated bypassing feature) then also you will encounter this issue. Make sure that you are running on the latest version,

  1. Open Surfshark ⚙️Settings.
  2. Click on My Account and check your App Version.

Contact Customer Support Team

Surfshark has an active 24/7 customer support team to help you out with any issue (if you don’t want a DIY solution). If you can’t access Netflix by yourself, try contacting them with the error message displayed on your screen. I found their support team is very responsive and 🤗helpful in guiding even novice users.

Alternative Netflix VPN Services

If you still face 😢issues and don’t like the Surfshark VPN Service, you can request a refund (under 30 days) and move on to another best Netflix VPN.

Netflix Unblocked by NordVPN


NordVPN is the 👑king of streaming services unblockers, with its gigantic VPN Servers & NordLynx protocol. You can stream at your 🔥maximum speeds (No Buffering), it supports various protocols that perfectly sneak through Netflix algorithms & bypass them.

NordVPN can bypass any geoblocks, security-wise it is a nutshell. Even surveillance groups struggle to find NordVPN IPs due to their military-grade encryption. Its servers never suffered from slow speeds so you can imagine how effective it will work for Netflix.


ExpressVPN is also one of the top services providers that can unblock many streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer along Netflix. This can unblock many Netflix regions (check it in the full review). ExpressVPN is a true no-log VPN, considered to offer the best streaming experience (a great alternative for Surfshark).


Don’t keep any doubts in your mind. Surfshark works fine with Netflix. Though might not be the best Netflix unblocker, still it delivers the best service for its customers. Starters might not know it in the first place, but yes Surfhskar is one of the few VPNs that can consistently unblock Netflix.

With its wide server network (🌍Worldwide), maintains a bunch of servers in every region, which makes this a perfect choice to unblock Netflix US, UK, Singapore, and all above-mentioned countries. But I can’t assure you about streaming speeds, if you want uninterrupted (0% Buffering) experience try NordVPN, ExpressVPN.

🎯Tip: To enhance your streaming experience try using these 😎cool Netflix tricks.

💪Want to know what more Surfhskar offers? Check out Surfshark full Review (get this premium VPN Service for 🤯free).

FAQs Related to Neflix

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a software tool that hides your identity and keeps you away from ISP or government tracking (Surveillance groups) by changing your device IP Address. So, you can surf the internet without any limitations or restrictions. Stream, torrent, unblock websites.

Can Surfshark Unblock Netflix?

Yes, it can unblock Netflix like a piece of cake along with that it can unblock BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime too. We have a detailed guide on how to change the Netflix region, Amazon Prime Region.

How many simultaneous device connections?

You can connect any number of devices you can with one account subscription. Keep in mind that connecting & using VPN-connected devices simultaneously will slow down your internet speed.

How good is Surfshark for streaming?

Surfshark is one of the best VPN for streaming. though using a VPN will slightly slower your speeds or can boost your speeds. You can use some best streaming tops to enhance your experience.

Can I get Surfshark VPN for free?

Yes!, you can get this premium VPN for free. For that you need to refer a friend who will use this VPN for 30 days, then both of you will get this VPN for free for 2 Years. Also, you can try their 30 days money-back guarantee program to taste their service. If you don’t like the service then you can get an instant refund.

How to unblock my blocked VPN?

When streaming services detects your IP (using VPN), they will immediately block your IP along with VPN. You should know how to unblock VPN to continue your streaming.

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