21 Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2024 [100% Working]

Are you an anime fan and looking for the best anime torrent sites to watch every episode of your favorite anime? Don’t worry you are at the right place, this guide will share with you the best anime torrent sites available.


Anime fan🔥 base is unbeatable and everyone will watch them. But not every anime is available for free nor listed to one streaming service. We at VPNHelpers tested and listed the best anime torrent sites available on the web that has every anime title “Vinland Saga”, “My Hero Academia”, and “Jujutsu Kaisen” for free.

Anime is not an episode it’s an emotion that is true to life and everyone ❤️️rejoices in them. So, without wasting further time, let’s get started…

Disclaimer: At VPNHelpers we do not encourage anyone commiting piracy, this guide is shared for edicational purpose. Torrenting might put you in trouble without knowing your countries policy

How to Access Anime Torrent Sites Safely:

  1. Ensure Safe Access: Use a reliable VPN to safely access torrent sites.
  2. Install VPN: Download and install the VPN software on your device.
  3. Choose from the List: Select a torrent site from the recommended list to find animes.

📝Top Anime Torrent Sites: Quick Look

  1. Shana Project– Latest Anime Titles in HD
  2. 9Anime-Dedicated Anime Site (Sub/Dub)
  3. Anime Tosho– Best Dub Anime Tracker (Eng/Jap)
  4. Anime Layer– Popular Anime Trackers
  5. SubsPlease– Best Anime Torrent Site
  6. 1337x– High-Quality Anime Trackers
  7. The Pirate Bay– All-Time Anime Torrent Time
  8. Nyaa– Decent Anime Collection
  9. Anidex– Healthy Sub Anime Torrents
  10. Anime Ultime– One-Stop-Shop Anime Tracker
  11. AniRena– Huge Anime P2P Tracker
  12. BakaBT– Best Private Anime Tracker
  13. Tokyo Toshokan– Huge Anime & Manga (Japanese) Trackers
  14. Erai-raws– Best Anime Torrent Site
  15. AnimeTorrents – Top Private Anime Torrent Tracker
  16. LimeTorrents-Torrents come with better trackers
  17. SeedPeer- Old Anime Collections
  18. Doki– Anime/Hentai FanSub
  19. Anime Kaizou– Central Anime Download Hub
  20. AnimeBytes– Largest Private Anime Tracker
  21. TorrentDownloads– Decent Anime Tracker Collection

Best Anime Torrent Sites (Tested & Working)

1. Shana Project- Latest Anime Titles in HD

Shana Project is the 🏆best anime torrent site for anime lovers that boasts every anime episode in HD quality. This torrent site has a massive anime collection offering old classics to new titles. Shana Project is a pure anime site started in the year 2008 to offer anime content for free.

While the site has a very clean & minimal design, with the latest anime torrents listed on the home page. But you can search for your favorite anime and download it right away, best thing about the site is there is an auto-download feature.

The site has a very active community with more than 30M+ monthly visitors as they keep uploading every newly released anime.

2. 9Anime- Anime in Sub/Dub Version

9Anime is 🔥top anime torrent site that has A-Z anime titles in both Sub/Dub versions, the site has a premium design with an anime theme and is a perfect place to stream anime. 9Anime has a hardcore anime community listing top Daily/Weekly/Monthly titles based on popularity.

9Anime has advanced filter options and has a dedicated “ONGOING“, and “NEWEST” anime section. Also, you can check out upcoming anime in the Schedule section. 9Anime draw severe traffic of 45M+ monthly visits due to its ad & buffer-free streaming experience.

You can signup on to the site for a more personalized experience on the site.

3. Anime Tosho– One-Stop Anime Download Site

Anime Tosho is the 👌perfect anime torrent site to download the latest & newly released anime in HD, which offers anime in English and Japanese language. It has a very intuitive interface that is ad-free, listing anime titles on the home page.

While every anime episode title is available in high-quality (360P-1080P) and only hosts verified torrents with more than 30M+ monthly visits. But the only downside is, there is no organized structure except a few filtering options and search.

4. AnimeLayer

Anime Layer is the best Russian anime torrent site that offers anime titles in different languages. It has an impressive design with detailed info about the torrent and an ample number of filtering options.

Anime Layer hosts a wider anime collection that attracts anime lovers and has 15M+ monthly visits. Also, it has Forum for discussion where users can request anime titles.

The only downside is, you’ll need to translate into your regional language unless you are Russian.

5. SubsPlease

SubsPlease is the 👀best anime torrent site for recent anime titles that are hard to find anywhere. The site’s home page lists new anime titles with a “New!” tag and offers subtitles for every anime.

SubsPlease has a minimal & user-friendly interface i.e easy to navigate and download anime. Also, you can check upcoming anime titles on the left or in the schedule section. While the site offers high-quality torrents (480P-1080P).

Every anime lists episodes in chronological order and you can download them directly.

6. 1337x

1337x torrent site for Anime

1337x is a trending anime torrent site that has a wide range of verified anime collections. The site has a well-polished torrent design and maintains a dedicated section for everything, it draws most internet traffic as it offers only verified & quality torrents.

1337x ships with a central search for everything like most other torrent sites and shows you the top 100 torrents if you are unsure what to watch. Also, it’s best to spot to look for other torrents like Software, TV Shows, Music, Games, etc

7. Nyaa

Nyaa is the best torrent site with a huge collection of Sub/Dub anime titles with an organized structure showing recent anime titles on the home page. While most of the titles are available in high quality and can be downloaded directly.

Nyaa has a decent user interface indicating the anime category and has an active community. The site has more than 15M+ monthly visits due to its high-quality torrents and an ad-free experience. Also, you can upload anime directly but make sure that you own the rights before you do.

8. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a must-visit torrent site if you are an anime fanboy & don’t wish to miss any episode. While the site is one of the oldest and is trusted by everyone for offering verified torrents that brings 30M+ monthly visitors.

The Pirate Bay is a more likely torrent Search engine that has a very basic design but quality torrents. Visiting Pirate Bay might put you in trouble as the site is frequently down in many regions due to copyright content. So, make sure that you are using a VPN before you land on the site.

9. AniRena

AniRena is a Japanese anime torrent site with massive anime collections in different categories like “Hentai”, “Drama”, “RAW”, etc. The site has a decent & simple user interface listing torrents directly on the home page along with categories on top.

AniRena primarily hosts anime in English but also has a non-English section for other anime language lovers. Its premium features and free torrents brought 10M+ monthly visits.

10. AnimeUltime

AnimeUltime is a French anime torrent site that you shouldn’t miss if you are a die-hard anime fan as the site boasts anime in a-z alphabetical order in every category and has every anime title available around.

Though the site has a very clean interface, the best part is that you can directly stream/download anime torrents directly. AnimeUltime has the best anime community and frequently uploads every anime title.

AnimeUltime ships with the best filtering options available for genre/year/studio which makes your search easy.

11. AniDex

AniDex is the top anime torrent site with a massive anime collection in different categories. The site lists anime episode torrents region-wise and ships with subtitles, it also offers Light Novels in English & Japanese for novel lovers.

While AniDex has a very minimal interface and gets you the anime torrent with one click search. Every anime title ships in 20 different language subs, a deal-breaking secret for its traffic. Also, the site has torrents in other categories to explore.

12. BakaBT

BakaBT Torrent site for Anime

BakaBT is the best private anime torrent site that has rich anime & premium episodes for free in high quality. Though the site follows strict invites but has a top anime community among other torrent sites with only die-hard anime fans.

BakaBT has a unique theme that makes anime fan dream come true with its collection. Also, you don’t need an account to download torrents from the site once you get an invite. But the only downside is, you will need IRC (application) to gain access.

13. Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is another 🤩best Japanese anime torrent library, with most indie content for those who love anime in its original form. Stay up to date with the latest episode with custom RSS settings. The site ships with a basic torrent design with custom search & filter options.

Tokyo Toshokan offers anime torrents in different categories like anime, hentai, music, video raws, hentai games, etc. Its Japanese media keeps the site at the top bringing 25M+ monthly visitors.

Downloading is very simple, if you click on the tracker file name it will be downloaded & there are no ads disturbing in between.

14. Erai-Raws- Best Anime Torrent Site (Private)

Erai-Raws is a prominent anime torrent site with fresh titles every day in SD-HD quality. While the site looks very organized & clean with an eye-pleasing theme, the best part is that every anime title has subtitles and a special discussion section.

Erai Raws has a “Release Schedule“📆 section to keep track of upcoming anime episodes. The site holds all its categories under the archive section. Private torrent sites are best, but the only downside is you will require an invite to get into the house.

15. AnimeTorrents

AnimeTorrents the torrent site itself depicts its as a dedicated private 🔐anime torrent site and indexes AvistaZ’s anime network. The site only hosts the latest anime torrents in high quality satisfying more comprehensive anime fans and grabs 10M+ monthly traffic.

AnimeTorrents has a simple & acoustic design offering anime in both Sub/Dub versions. But the hardest part is you’ll need the invitation to access the library, which is why everybody bothers when they hear about private torrent sites.

16. Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents Anime Torrent Website

Lime Torrents is another best torrent sites for anime in our list, though it’s not a dedicated anime torrent site it’s worth visiting to find some old healthy classic anime torrents. The site has a dedicated section for anime.

The site has a refreshing design with no place for phishing torrents and lists “Top 100” & “Latest” torrents. Also, a major portion of the traffic comes from it’s verified torrents. As of our visit, the site has 0.6M+ anime trackers.

17. Seedpeer

Seedpeer Torrent Site for Anime

Seedpeer is a perfect anime torrent site that offers only seeded torrents and it has a dedicated section for anime. Meganova turned into Seedpeer after decade and still has those old torrents in place.

While the site has a very simple design and is more like 1337x with central search and categories below, though you don’t require any account to download anime from the site, the only downside is there are many redirections that don’t feel safe.

Make sure that are you prepared with VPN before visiting the site.

18. Doki

Doki is the perfect spot for Anime novels or Hentai torrent fans, the site boasts torrents in a well-organized structure listing categories on left and Doki specials on right. While every torrent has a thumbnail with metadata about the torrent.

Doki offers anime in high quality with subtitles and different categories on top and has a dedicated section for the manga fan base. The site gasps more traffic covering all types of anime and has a chat section to find like-minded people.

19. Anime Kaizoku

Anime Kaizoku is a central hub for anime trackers with the ❤️️premium best design I have ever seen on a torrent site. It shows the latest releases along with airing, completed, and movie releases on the home page with each category on the top. Though it won’t have a massive anime database, it shows every single detail including ratings of the show like IMDb.

There is a detailed schedule of upcoming anime, even you can request the anime you want. It also offers movies, and OVA and maintains a decent anime community on discord. The only 👎 side of the website is, that there are many redirections to download anime from the site.

20. AnimeBytes- Largest Private Anime Tracker

AnimeBytes is well known for its 💪largest anime community presence & 250k+ anime titles. It has very limited accounts (18K) but the community is very active in uploading the newly aired anime trackers. While the home page is full of airing animes this season. You can search anime category-wise or use its advanced filtering options.

Every anime tracker is available in Blu-Ray all the way from 360P. They have 17K users already on the site, Hurry up! and register before they are closed. If you have the chance to join, you are blessed.

21. TorrentDownloads

Torrent Downloads is another torrent site that has a decent anime torrent collection. You can find some old classic anime titles in their dedicated anime section listing 70k+ anime trackers across 28 genres.

While the site has a rich design and RSS feed for every torrent. But the only downside is the site is not up to date with anime torrents.

Steps To Download Anime From Above Torrent Site

  1. First of all, Get a VPN for yourself (We recommend taking NordVPN Subscription).
  2. Install it on your device, here are the installation guides for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  3. Download a Torrent Client, uTorrent is recommended as it a stable & mostly used by many users.Download uTorrent
  4. Install it on your device after downloading, now open any anime torrent site of your choice. I am opening SubsPlease and searching for One Piece anime in the search box, then clicking on the quality 1080P.Downloading-One-Piece-From-SubsPlease-Anime-Torrent-Site (1)
  5. Now it will show a popup asking Open magnet URI or uTorrent click on it and confirm the download location on your uTorrent. Your download will begin shortly…One-Piece-Started-Downloading (1)

🍿Enjoy watching your favorite anime at home. You are all set now to download animes from torrent sites safely from those tested anime torrent sites. Can’t ⏳wait till your anime is downloaded, why download it? Stream it from the best anime streaming sites.

Why Do We Need a VPN For Anime Torrenting?

While you focus on the content on torrent sites, your ISP & Government keep tracking your footprints which put you at risk if they caught you torrenting. Also, torrent sites are not available in your region “blocked due to copyright content“. So, here are the reasons why you need a VPN…

  • Bypass Geoblocks: VPN helps users in bypassing geoblock restrictions so they can freely access any site from anywhere.
  • Privacy & Security: VPNs keep your identity private to torrent anonymously so no one will ever know that you are torrenting.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: VPNs unlock your internet bandwidth, even if ISP is throttling you.

Owing a VPN will benefit you in several ways. Watching anime is 🥳fun. But, it should not put you at risk or harm you. Only a VPN makes torrenting safer & easier, so it’s always recommended to use VPNs before torrenting.

NordVPN does offer 30 days money-back guarantee program, so you can actually use it for free for 30 days. And claim your refund before the trial program ends if you don’t like the service.

FAQs Related to Anime Torrent Sites

What are the best Anime Torrent Sites?

Though we’ve compiled the best anime torrent sites available, it will be your personal choice to pick the desired one keeping features, design, and anime torrents in your mind. If you ask me, I would recommend 9Anime, AniRena, and SubsPlease personally. Also, try the others to find your favorite ones.

Will I get Caught while torrenting?

Yes, you might get caught as most torrent sites contain trackers and your online activities will be monitored by your ISP or surveillance groups. They will instantly know that you are torrenting and will take necessary actions, but visiting torrent sites with VPN will help you in many ways.

Is Torrenting Safe & Legal?

Of course, it’s legal, torrenting is simply file sharing but using it to share copyright material won’t be legal. Also, the sites never assure that you are safe because they will be some ads or trackers that might reveal your identity (personal information) unless if you connect to a VPN.

Where Can I Get Dubbed Anime Torrent?

9Anime & Anime Tosho are the best torrent sites to get Dubbed Anime titles. These let you enjoy anime in your regional language, but don’t forget not every anime title will be dubbed i.e these sites will show titles that are dubbed.

Where Can I download Subbed Anime Torrents?

SubsPlease is the best spot to look for anime with native subtitles, though there are some sites that offer external subtitles to sync to the episode you are watching.

Wrap Up!🙌

With that said, above mentioned ones are the 21 best anime torrent sites hosting every anime title in Dubbed/Subbed. While every site is best in its own style & library it will be your personal preference.

Don’t forget to use a VPN (NordVPN) to access the torrent sites (as they are blocked in your region). Also, make you anonymous and secure to avoid any legal consequences.

Do share your thoughts (which site you like) or any other good anime site you found in our dedicated discussion section.

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