27 Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2022-100% Working

Looking for the best anime torrent sites? couldn’t find the torrent sites that offer the anime you are looking for. Don’t worry, I can understand you as my anime peer. You are at the right place & we got you covered, in today’s guide, you will know the best anime torrent sites that offer everything.

I can assure you that you will find the anime you are looking for…


Anime is not only an episode it’s an emotion-filled with entertainment. Everyone ❤️️loves them. once you start watching them trust me you will get addicted to it. Have you watched popular anime series like Dragonball Z, One Piece, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note? Even if you are not, don’t worry it’s not too late to start. Let’s begin the anime show…

⚠️Caution-Procced With VPN Only

Torrenting seems to be fun, but risky too. Everything for free may sound pleasing but praying eyes’ (hackers) are always on torrent sites for user IP Addresses. But with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can safely access torrent sites, no one knows your IP or identity.

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Top Anime Torrent Sites: Quick Look

  1. Shanan Project – Latest Anime Titles in HD
  2. The Pirate Bay– All Time Anime Torrent Time
  3. SubsPlease– Best Anime Torrent Site
  4. 9Anime-Dedicated Anime Site (Sub/Dub)
  5. Nyaa– Decent Anime Collection
  6. Anime Layer– Popular Anime Trackers
  7. Anidex– Healthy Sub Anime Torrents
  8. Anime Ultime– One-Stop-Shop Anime Tracker
  9. AniRena– Huge Anime P2P Tracker
  10. Anime Tosho– Best Dub Anime Tracker (Eng/Jap)
  11. BakaBT– Best Private Anime Tracker
  12. Tokyo Toshokan– Huge Anime & Manga (Japanese) Trackers
  13. Erai-raws– Best Anime Torrent Site
  14. AnimeTorrents – Top Private Anime Torrent Tracker
  15. LimeTorrents-Torrents come with better trackers
  16. 1337x– High-Quality Anime Trackers
  17. TorLock-Verified Anime Torrents
  18. iDope- Popular Anime Torrent Tracker
  19. SeedPeer- Old Anime Collections
  20. TorrentDownloads– Decent Anime Tracker Collection
  21. Doki– Anime/Hentai FanSub
  22. Anime Kaizou– Central Anime Download Hub
  23. AnimeBytes– Largest Private Anime Tracker
  24. More torrent sites

⚠️Disclaimer: This guide is just for educational purposes only. Neither do I nor VPN Helpers support any kind of downloading illegal content from the Internet.

Best Anime Torrent Sites (Tested & Working)

1. Shanan Project- Latest Anime Titles in HD

Shanan Project is one of the 🔥top anime torrent sites for newbies & anime lovers, this torrent site boats massive anime titles (old & new) both in HD & SD quality. While the site home page is filled with anime lists and upon clicking the Green Download button, you can directly download the anime torrents without any redirections & there are no ads on the site.

While the best part is you can automate downloading the latest episodes of the anime. Also, there is a 🔎search option to find your favorite anime. They have a sustainable anime community who seed the torrents after downloading them, make sure you seed the titles as well.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
NAAnime 700,000+Not Required

2. The Pirate Bay– All Time Anime Torrent Time

The PiratesBay is a 🏴‍☠️treasury of endless torrents and the world’s most trusted & reliable torrent site for everything. it indexes every torrent site available on Google, also called as Torrent Search engine⚙️. Everyone knows The Pirate Bay for its service since 2003, not only anime you can find everything here.

You can count on this torrent site to download virus-free anime titles (Trusted user tag indication)without any doubt in your mind. All the torrents are well seeded and can be downloaded through 🧲magnet links. Due to copyright issues, the site is down in major regions and keeps changing its domain main to service users. The Pirates Bay is a double-edged sword that may harm you, make sure that you turned on your VPN before visiting this torrent site.

Mirror Site:– The Pirates Bay (TPB) proxies.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Changes Domain FrequentlyEverything14.9M+Not Required

3. SubsPlease– Best Anime Torrent Site

SubsPlease is a 💪dedicated anime torrent site that lists every latest anime episode before all other sites. This SubsPlease will remind you of the HorribleSubs if you are following anime for a long time. While the interface of the site is very pleasing & simple showing all the latest episodes on top. On the left, you can see the upcoming anime titles.

While every episode is available in different quality ranging from 480P-1080P. Also, you can look up the scheduled releases of anime episodes. Hovering on the name will show you the anime cover page and clicking on the quality it will redirect you to your torrent client & start downloading the anime.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Only Latest AnimeAnime5.3M+Not Required

4. 9Anime- Dedicated Anime Site (Sub/Dub)

9Anime is not a torrent site, but it deserves a stand to be a free anime torrent site. It has an enormous anime collection both in Sub/Dub versions, nowhere you can find them. While the top anime of the Day/Week/Month is listed on the right with 👁‍🗨views & likes❤️️.

It will take forever to complete all the anime titles available on this site, this site allows you to download/stream anime online. As the site doesn’t own the content (copyright), many people doubt whether it’s safe & legal?. 9Anime hosts content in 41 genres and the site can be switched between 42 themes based on your liking.

Also, you can keep track of upcoming anime episodes in the scheduled section like in the SubsPlease torrent site.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
LegalityTV Series, Movies
OVAs, ONAs & Specials
47.3M+Not Required

5. Nyaa– Decent Anime Collection

Nyaa stands as the best anime torrent site with some rare anime title collections, though it’s not a dedicated anime site but has a huge anime collection. Some of the titles are not even available on Paid services, come with a clean user interface with a magnet or torrent download option. In fact one of the best torrent sites for everything.

Once you open the site and choose the Anime category, you will see an organized torrents list mentioning seeds/leechers. You don’t need an account to download torrents and there will be no ads interrupting your experience on this site. Also, you can filter only trusted torrents to avoid risking yourself downloading unverified torrents.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Not Every Title ListedAnime, Music
Drama & Manga
45.5M+Not Required

6 AnimeLayer– Popular Anime Trackers

Anime Layer is a Russian anime torrent site that comes with plenty of filtering options you see on the screen. After you click on the Torrents section on the top, you will find a 🔎search option. I like Anime Layer listing every anime title with a detailed description mentioning everything on the page itself.

The website’s design is eye-pleasing and loads up very quickly and offers anime, manga, music along with drama content. Every torrent is detailed with P2P details specifying the number of leechers/seeds it has, so you can know which torrent is worth downloading.

While there are no ads on the site, you will need an account to download anime torrents from the site (registrations are open). Also, don’t forget to auto-translate the site as shows everything in Russia by default.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Requires RegistrationAnime, Music
Drama & Manga

7 Anidex- Healthy Sub Anime Torrents

Anidex is another popular anime torrent site with a massive anime collection of healthy seeded torrents. While most of the torrents are Sub, they have a dedicated section for anime & manga in the top categories section. Every torrent is well seeded to be downloaded right after clicking on the link. Not only anime, but Anidex also offers plenty of other things too like Games, Software, Applications, Pictures, etc.

The good thing is no registration is required to download anime torrents. Try Anidex once you will love it, as it is equipped with some advanced 🔎search filters that enable the users to search more torrents in different categories. This will provide over 20 languages subbed anime with the latest episodes and good seeds supporting Peer 2 Peer sharing.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in Many RegionsAnime & Manga 0.7M+Not Required

8 Anime Ultime- One-Stop-Shop Anime Tracker

Anime Ultime is the 🏆best anime torrent site that offers content only related to anime (Anime, Drama, OST, and Tokusatsu). Though it’s a French site and the home page looks a little annoying (everything goes small), when you click on the categories on left “MultiMedia‘ section you will be 🤩amazed.

Every anime title is listed here from A-Z. It showed me every anime title I have searched, And the best part is that you can directly stream🎥/ Download the torrent files. Anime Ultime has the best P2P anime community seeding the torrents 24/7 and you can discuss everything in their discord community.

Also, it has some filtering options based on genre/year/studio which makes it very simple to search for anime. It shows the rating of the anime on the page itself.

Make sure that you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. While most of the anime will be in French, this site will consume more than other sites. This is one of the torrent sites which is available worldwide.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
NAAnime, OST
Drama, & Tokusatsu
5M+ Not Required

9. AniRena– Huge Anime Tracker

AniRena is a Japanese complete anime torrent site offering anime shows, manga, anime games, and what not?. You will see a huge list of latest anime on the home page. Though this site has been down for a while and came back now, all the necessary description (Seeds/Leechers/Downloads) is specified on the torrent.

AniRena’s design lures anime lovers with its anime background and straightforward downloading without any ads or redirections. While every torrent is seeded enough to download quickly. Also, there are different categories on the top “RAW“, “Hentai“, “Anime“, “Drama“, “Manga“, “Music“, etc.

AniRena has a decent UI with impressive loading speeds without ads. Indeed there is a separate section for non-English animes. You can find the oldest anime & classic collections in high-quality.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your regionAnime, Movie,
TV Shows & Manga
0.5M+ Not Required

10. Anime Tosho– Best Ad-Free Anime Tracker

Anime Tosho feels more like Anime Ultime (even in the design) but, brings you dub anime in English and Japanese language 🔥exclusively. On observing closely I found that most of the trackers listed here are from Nyaa and you can download torrents through different means. Though there are no ads on the side, UI takes you into a new world of the anime culture.

Every anime title is available in standard quality 360P to High Definition 1080P. One of the best anime torrent sites to consider when you want Dub/Sub anime titles. Also, you can change the timezone to a different location to know the anime titles in that country. Though this site has a massive collection of reliable torrent files, everything is scattered.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Limited ContentAnime, Movies &
TV Shows
1.5M+Not Required

11. BakaBT– Best Anime Private Tracker

BakaBT Torrent site for Anime

Unlike other anime torrent sites, BakaBT is a private torrent site that requires an account to access the torrent site. The best advantage with the private community is you will always get the latest anime trackers (well seeded) and you can discuss with the members. Either you need to be invited or registered but I couldn’t find any registration or signup page anywhere.

This Torrent website is only for ❤️️true anime followers. While the Torrent site has more than 90,000 animes fans and is available in every region as it’s a private torrent. Developers of this site made this to be used by only anime fans where you need IRC to join.

This site has two channels #BakaBT and #bakabt-support. Once you are familiar with these groups then everything will sail smoothly. But someone is offering free accounts (not sure whether they really work or not).

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Private Torrent SiteAnime, Manga,
TV Shows

12. Tokyo Toshokan- Huge Anime & Manga (Japanese) Trackers

Tokyo Toshokan is another 🤩best Japanese anime torrent site, a dream torrent site for the latest anime lovers known as “Weeds”. With its custom RSS feed settings you can always get notified about new episodes’ releases. While the home page list every anime tracker (most recent ones). there are custom search & filter options to find the anime you are looking for.

Tokyo Toshokan maintains a huge tracker database of anime, hentai, music, video raws, hentai games, etc. And new anime torrents get uploaded every minute. Stands 🥇top if you are looking for Japanese media. Downloading is very simple, if you click on the tracker file name it will be downloaded & there are no ads disturbing in between.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your regionAnime, Manga
& Hentai
3.6M+Not Required

13. Erai-Raws- Best Anime Torrent Site (Private)

Erai-Raws is one of the promising anime torrent sites to offer the latest anime torrents every day like a fresh breeze🌬. This is also a private torrent site like BakaBT, but your access can be granted by contacting them through IRC. So, you can download any anime straight away.

While the site’s design gives a more premium feel without any ads and there is a “Release Schedule” section to know the upcoming episodes (Including country). You can find different categories like Anime, News, Final, and Episodes. Subtitles and Raws in the archive section.

Private torrents are the best anime 🍺hideouts if you can get access to download everything for free & stay updated. Erai-Raws shares its anime releases will be shared to Nyaa, Tokyo Tosho, Anirena, and Anidex.  

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Private Torrent TrackerAnime, Raws0.5M+Required

14. AnimeTorrents- Private Anime Tracker

AnimeTorrents is another 🔥best private anime torrent site in our list that offers purely anime. This site is worth mentioning as it is deeply indexed with AvistaZ’s private anime network (the best anime community in the world). You will get every newly released anime title in high-quality and this site covers anime fans of all genres.

It has a massive 30M+ anime collection of both Sub/Dub versions, you won’t find them till you login to their site. Registrations are opening frequently and get updated on their discord channel. If you could manage to get the account, then you can download the anime (Not Available on other sites) straight away.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Private TrackerAnime10M+Required

15. Lime Torrents- Old Anime Collection

LimeTorrents Anime Torrent Website

Limetorrens is another best all-time torrent site for everything, it’s worth mentioning as it indexes trackers from different domains. You can find some classic old anime collections with seeded trackers. While its the interface is most pleasing to the eyes mentioning everything right in one place.

Limetorrents maintains a separate section for anime where new Anime Episodes are uploaded. Torrent users might aware of this site already for its service. You don’t require an account & there will be no ads. Most of the torrents are verified & viruses free. The only downside of the site is, that you have to adjust to what you find (Community is not very active in anime).

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Hard to Find Recent Anime Trackers Anime, Applications
Games, Movies, Music
TV Shows
20M+Not Required

16. 1337x– High-Quality Anime Trackers

1337x torrent site for Anime

1337x is the most visited torrent site, even though I do visit it most frequently because it has the 🤩rich torrent library in every section. This site has been there since 2007 and indexing anime torrents, so you can find some high-quality anime torrents here. Also, you can download games, music, applications, documentaries, etc.

1337x comes with a crisp and polished design and shows the categories on the home page with a 🔎search bar in the middle. Sometimes, the side redirects & shows popup ads (use an ad-blocker). While there is a dedicated section for anime.

It will show you the popular trackers of the Day/Week/Month in every section and indexes trackers from the most popular torrent sites like The Pirates Bay, Torrentz, etc. So, it’s worth trying to find your anime in high quality.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your region Anime, Music, Games
Documentaries, Movies
Applications, Others
71M+Not Required

17. TorLock– Verified Anime Torrents

TorLock torrent site for Anime

TorLock is another best anime torrent site on the list offering verified P2P trackers (virus-free). You can find an anime section under categories listing huge anime trackers list. Every tracker is well seeded & verified, you don’t require an account to download anime torrents.

You can find every detail such as size, seeds, and peers along with the health of the files are mentioned next to the name of the anime. Though this is not a dedicated anime torrent site, all are quality trackers, and this site indexes torrents from other sites. But the only downside of the site is too many redirections & ads interrupting your search & download.

📝Note: Official site is down for maintenance for some time, till then use Mirror Link.

It’s not recommended to visit a torrent site without a VPN. You can download the files from here without hassling about viruses in those files.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your region Anime, Music, Games
Documentaries, Movies
Applications, Others
3M+Not Required

18. iDope– Popular Anime Torrent Tracker

iDope is another best to find the latest & popular anime titles, everything will be 🐱‍💻hidden on the home page with a search box. Click on the recent torrents and then choose the anime section to find the popular anime titles. Surprising is that every anime torrent will be available in different quality/language.

iDope indexes torrents from SubsPlease, Erai-Raws, etc reason behind mentioning this site. Though it’s not a dedicated anime site. So you will find all quality anime titles in both Dub/Sub, keep it as a backup. Unlike other torrent sites, iDope is a torrent search engine.

Downloading anime trackers is straightforward without any ads or redirections, you click on the 🧲magnet link it will redirect you to the torrent client & starts downloading. While you don’t require an account to download things from this site.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your regionAnime, Movies, TV
Games, Apps, Books, etc
449k+Not Required

19. Seedpeer– Old Anime Collections

Seedpeer Torrent Site for Anime

Seedpeer is another best anime torrent site that maintains a dedicated section of anime titles along with all other categories. Seedpeer is also known as Meganova a decade ago (the oldest torrent site) comes with a clean & friendly user interface. It hosts a massive anime library, while every torrent tracker is well seeded to be downloaded quickly.

Now it got updated to have a dedicated section and description about the size and age of every torrent. Not only anime you can download other things like Software, music, Apps, Games, etc. There will be no ads or redirections on the site, due to some copyright issues the official site has been down in many regions. Don’t worry mirror sites are still working

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Official Domain is ClosedAnime. Movies
Apps, Games, TV Shows, etc
3.3M+Not Required

20. TorrentDownloads- Decent Anime Tracker Collection

TorrentDownloads is the best torrent niche for everything & everyone gets overwhelmed by looking at the torrent trackers in different categories. They have a dedicated anime section that has more than 70k+ anime trackers in 28 genres. It has an RSS feed for every category to stay updated with the latest releases.

While the website design feels pleasing & indexes millions of trackers in other categories. There is plenty of download options like magnet link, Download Torrent, Direct Download, etc. You don’t require an account to download torrents & there are no ads on the site.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your regionAnime, Music. Movies,
Games, TV Shows, etc
1M+Not Required

21. Doki- Anime/Hentai FanSub

Doki is the best place for Anime/Hentai fans where everything is the latest and well organized. The latest anime releases are organized in the Archive section month-wise and categories on the left side. The design fills utilizes every single space with information (News/Torrents) and they have projects in 3 categories.

I like the representation thumbnails with brief info & the date the tracker uploaded along with seeds/leeches. Though it doesn’t offer 🧲magnet links, you can download torrents directly. Every anime episode is on 720P and there is a chat section to share your feeling/opinions/request new titles.

Manga readers ❤️️love this site as it has a dedicated section for them. You don’t require an account to download anime torrents and there are no ads on the site. Do definitely try this site once…

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your regionAnime, Hentai
& Manga
5M+Not Required

22. Anime Kaizoku- Central Anime Download Hub

Anime Kaizoku is a central hub for anime trackers with the ❤️️premium best design I have ever seen on a torrent site. It shows the latest releases along with airing, completed, and movie releases on the home page with each category on the top. Though it won’t have a massive anime database, it shows every single detail including ratings of the show like IMDb.

There is a detailed schedule of upcoming anime, even you can request the anime you want. It also offers movies, and OVA and maintains a decent anime community on discord. The only 👎 side of the website is, that there are many redirections to download anime from the site.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Download After Many RedirectionsAnime, Movies, OVA50k+Not Required

23. AnimeBytes- Largest Private Anime Tracker

AnimeBytes is well known for its 💪largest anime community presence & 250k+ anime titles. It has very limited accounts (18K) but the community is very active in uploading the newly aired anime trackers. While the home page is full of airing animes this season. You can search anime category-wise or use its advanced filtering options.

Every anime tracker is available in Blu-Ray all the way from 360P. They have 17K users already on the site, Hurry up! and register before they are closed. If you have the chance to join, you are blessed.

LimitationsContentMonthly VisitorsAccount Access
Blocked in your region &
Maximum Users-18K
Anime 100k+ Required

👛Bonus: Other Torrent Sites


  • RARBG will be on the top torrent site that offers many anime torrents with great UI.
  • Consists of a huge volume of old and new anime torrents with the active community seeding every torrent.
  • Best for high-quality torrents with new uploads regularly. But this sit blocked in many countries.

This Torrent Website has been serving users for over a decade and has been shut down due to some legal issues. But still running with a different domain name.


Torrentz2 Torrent site for Anime
  • A powerful torrent search engine for everything, like Google. This can also offer anime torrents.
  • This torrent has over 17 million users per month and contains a vast library index. But, Not allowed in many countries.
  • With a minimalistic interface of the only a search box and fetches torrents from all other torrent sites.

You can find some old anime collections here with every anime tracker having at least 20+ seeders.


  • TorrentGalaxy indexes millions of torrents in a wide range of categories including anime is one.
  • Every torrent is verified & well seeded, while the site is a public torrent site (no account required).
  • Torrent Galaxy has more than 2M+ visitors monthly, downloading their favorite torrents here (straightforward).

Offers more than 35+ categories, but there will be some ads & redirections so step in with an ad-blocker.


  • IsoHunt is also a decent search engine like The Pirates Bay that can index the torrent you are looking for.
  • Maintains active anime community for the latest anime titles & episodes (verified torrent trackers).
  • There will be a few ads & redirections here and there.

There are more than 40M+ searches on IsoHunt monthly and it has a subscription offering premium features.

Steps To Download Anime From Above Torrent Site

New to Torrenting? Here are the quick steps on how to download anime from the torrent site. Skip this section if you already knew.

  1. First of all, Get a VPN for yourself (We recommend taking ExpressVPN Subscription).
  2. Install it on your device, here are the installation guides for iOSAndroidWindows, and Mac.
  3. Download a Torrent Client, uTorrent is recommended as it a stable & mostly used by many users.Download uTorrent
  4. Install it on your device after downloading, now open any anime torrent site of your choice. I am opening SubsPlease and searching for One Piece anime in the search box, then click on the quality 1080P.Downloading-One-Piece-From-SubsPlease-Anime-Torrent-Site (1)
  5. Now it will show a popup asking Open magnet URI or uTorrent click on it and confirm the download location on your uTorrent. Your download will begin shortly…One-Piece-Started-Downloading (1)

🍿Enjoy watching your favorite anime at home. You are all set now to download animes from torrent sites safely from those tested anime torrent sites. Can’t ⏳wait till your anime is downloaded, why download it? stream it from the best anime streaming sites.

Why Do We Really Need VPN for Torrenting?

Torrenting sites focus more on keeping their site live & seeding trackers, not on the user’s safety & security. This is why hackers & attackers eagerly wait to get visitors’ IP Addresses in order to steal their personal information and cash it out.

This is not only the reason, here is some other reason why you need a VPN?

  • VPNs unblock official torrent sites quickly, as every torrent site is geoblocked for hosting pirated content.
  • VPNs make you anonymous by masking your IP Address. So, you can explore the web with full freedom.
  • VPNs set your bandwidth free if your ISP is throttling your internet speeds on finding that you are torrenting.
  • VPNs encrypt your data so that no one can actually understand what you are doing online.

Owing a VPN will benefit you in several ways. Watching anime is 🥳fun. But, it should not put you at risk or harm you. Only a VPN makes torrenting safer & easier, so it’s always recommended to use VPNs before torrenting.

ExpressVPN does offer 30 days money-back guarantee program, so you can actually use it for free 30 days. And claim your refund before the trial program ends if you don’t like the service.

You Are Not Safe

IP Address:-


Internet Provider




Wrap Up!🙌

With that said, above all the mentioned torrent sites are the 🔥best ones you can ever find anywhere. You might not find every anime in one place so, we mentioned what the anime torrent site offers right to its title. Choose as per your preference. But I can assure you that you will find the anime on any one of the sites.

Anime is open to everyone (kids, adults, etc). Don’t miss them out as they get you into a new 🌍world where you will find yourself new. Also, make sure that you are using a VPN (ExpressVPN) before visiting torrent sites as the sites host copyright content & might be blocked in your region.

Also, Check out👇

FAQs Related to Anime Torrent Sites

Best Torrenting Site for Downloading Anime?

While every anime torrent site mentioned allows you to download anime titles. But some of them offer Subversion and some do Dub version. Every anime torrent site offers anime trackers of different quality ranging from 360P To 1080P. Check out based on what you want to download.

Where can I torrent Old Anime? 

Most Torrent sites keep updating their anime trackers frequently. But still, you can find some old anime collections from the sites like,
Shanan Project
Anime Ultime
The Pirate Bay

Do I need a VPN for Downloading Anime Torrents?

Definitely. you should proceed with VPN only in order to access the torrent sites first (as they are blocked). Torrent sites are prone to hackers, and attackers actively looking for user IP Addresses. Only a VPN can helps in keeping you anonymous by IP Masking. So that no one can track your online activities while you are torrenting. Check out the best torrenting VPNs.

To What Extent it is Safe to Download Torrents Directly?

P2P is simply file sharing, completely legal. But because of copyright issues and malicious content on some torrenting websites, it has got a bad name. That’s why it’s treated as illegal in some countries. But with a VPN you are 💯% safe and make sure that you download torrents from official verified sources. Also, we recommend downloading them through Torrent Client.

Is HorribleSubs Anime Site Down?

HorribleSubs anime site is currently down and the owners mentioned it’s very difficult to manage the balance between the project & other things. It’s one of the most visited private anime sites ever. But things need to move on & you too, so find the anime you are looking for from the alternative sources.

How To stream Anime Directly without downloading?

The majority of the anime torrent sites don’t provide an option to stream your favorite anime. You have to download them in order to watch it. If you can’t hold that yourself that long, check out our best free anime streaming sites online.

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